Rain fell heavily on the other side of the window, like a sort of lullaby that kept Sirius in a deep sleep. Though it was true that Remus could fall asleep ever so easily to the sound of rain, he was deprived of slumber that night. His nightmares danced beneath his eyelids, and he was afraid to retreat there. So he retreated to the only place he would rather be than in an unconscious state; to Sirius.

Remus crept across the cold floor, over to Sirius's bed. As carefully as he could manage in the darkness, he crawled under the covers.

Sirius's back was towards Remus, so Remus simply pressed his face between Sirius's shoulder blades and closed his eyes. Sirius's skin was warm against Remus's forehead. Yet at the touch of cold, Sirius's eyes flickered open. He let out a little groan, and turned over enough to see who was there. Remus was barely visible in the light of the single candle burning by Peter's bed (the boy couldn't sleep in entire darkness), but even if Remus had been entirely invisible, Sirius would have still known it was him. Sirius took a deep breath through his nose, smelling Remus's distinctive smell of tea, books, and chocolate.

"You alright?" Sirius asked quietly, and Remus shrugged his small, surprisingly feminine shoulders. Sirius would often blame his attraction to his friend on his girlish figure and long lashes, but that wasn't entirely the case.

"I can't sleep… I don't want to have a nightmare." Remus mumbled, almost embarrassed at his own words. Sirius turned over some more, pulling Remus close against his chest and holding him. Remus closed his eyes, relaxing in Sirius's arms. There was something about the way that Sirius held him that could silence Remus's howling demons in the blink of an eye. Remus would be lying terribly to himself if he said that he wasn't attracted to Sirius. It wasn't just that Sirius was probably the most eligible bachelor in Hogwarts, but he was a loyal friend who would go to any means to make sure his friends are alright. After all, his friends were a family he never really had.

"Feeling better yet?" Enquired Sirius in a whisper, and Remus nodded.

He thought he felt a kiss pressed to his head, but he was probably just letting his imagination run loose.