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~Harry Potter and the Wishes Within~

Lightning struck. A bright flash made its way to the window of Harry's room, enough to cause his awakening. He released a small groan as he groggily reached over to his nightstand, accidentally knocking his glasses onto the floor.

"Gah...Stupid..." said Harry, his voice cracking a bit. Rubbing his eyes, he heard another bolt of lightning strike, and he tried not to jump. Turning slightly, he set his feet upon the ground. As he stood up, he wobbled a bit before making a complete stop. Leaning down, he reached down toward the floor, feeling for his glasses. Grasping them, he stood up, setting the eye wear upon his nose. He looked to the clock on his bedside. Four thirty in the morning.

Who's up this early...? He thought to himself, crossing the carpeted floor toward Hedwig's cage. She was fast asleep, her head nestled underneath her wing. Harry pondered how it was possible for the sound not to wake up her up...

Noticing it was the day before his birthday, Harry felt a small smile curl onto his face. He had never received much from the Dursleys, but the past few years at Hogwarts he had made some very caring friends. Last year, he found himself buried under all the presents, and for that one time, he knew what it was like to have a good birthday. He still felt a little sick after eating all those cakes Hagrid had sent him, but he knew it was worth it, they were delicious.

Another flash of lightning struck and Harry jumped a bit, his gaze falling on the window. The rain had began, and it was torrential in Harry's opinion. He slowly walked back over to his bed, crawling back into its soft grasp, a sigh escaping him. He heard Dudley's horse-of-a-snore noises from the other room. As he closed his eyes, he found himself falling quickly back to sleep, the commotion apparently wasn't enough to keep him awake.


The gentle sound of the birds outside made Harry's eyes open, and he groaned a tad, rolling over to look at his clock again. It was about time for breakfast to be served, so he got up, dressed himself, and then walked down the stairs, turning into the kitchen.

Usual scene...There was Aunt Petunia cooking some sausage for Dudley and Uncle Vernon. Apparently Dudley had fallen out of his diet during the school year. Too bad, he could've used it a little longer...Harry though to himself, fighting back a smile and a snicker as he sat down in his seat, reaching for a piece of toast.

There was a long string of silence, discluding Uncle Vernon's ruffling of the newspaper and Dudley's snorts between breaths. As Harry nibbled on his toast, Aunt Petunia set another large plate of the blood sausage on the table, both Dudley and Uncle Vernon diving for them. Harry fought the urge to sigh in repulse as Dudley shoved one of the pieces into his mouth, grease and bits of the sausage falling down his shirt.

"Dudley! Get a napkin dear, you're going to get really dirty!" Aunt Petunia's whine made its way across the kitchen as she saw her little boy's shirt, covered in grease and sausage bits.

Dudley released some sort of grunt and then dropped the sausage onto his plate, grabbing at Harry's napkin simply because he had already dirtied his up. With a small snicker, Harry watched as poor Dudley tried to remove all the grease soaking into his shirt. Aunt Petunia made a small squealing noise as she tugged on the paper towel roll, grasping about five or six sheets. Walking over to Dudley, she began to take, one by one, each of the sheets, hoping to remove all of the grease.

"Oh dear...Dudley, go to your room and change your shirt...Bring it down and I'll wash it tomorrow afternoon..." said Aunt Petunia, a bit of a peeved tone to her voice.

Dudley nodded slightly, then stood up, a bit of a shake to the table coming visible. Once he was out of the room, Uncle Vernon set his paper down, looking to Harry.

"We're going out for the day Harry, and we're not going to take you along. We've set a list of chores for you to do while we're gone and I expect them to all be finished when we get back. If they aren't, expect something bad to happen."

Harry stared into Uncle Vernon's eyes, half listening, half daydreaming out what he'd look like with a giant nose...Quickly shaking that thought out of his head, Harry nodded, setting down his toast.

"Where are you going?"

"We're going to into town, that's all," said Uncle Vernon, picking up his paper again.

"Oh, alright...Where's the list?" said Harry, peering over at the counter.

"It's in the living room...You can start once we leave...As soon as Dudley is finished changing."

As if on cue, Dudley came bounding down the stairs, a thud coming from the hallway as he walked into the kitchen. He was about to head toward his plate again, but Aunt Petunia stopped him with a hand on his shoulder.

"Dudley, go get your jacket, we're going out for the day."

He whined a bit, looking to Harry. "He's not coming is he?"

Harry shook his head gratefully, standing up. "No, I've got some things to get done anyway, no time to go out."

Uncle Vernon glared a bit at Harry, setting the paper down and standing up. He waddled over to the counter, picking up the keys nearby. He shot Harry a look, and it was one he'd never seen before.

"Come on, let's go to the car," said Aunt Petunia, looking to Uncle Vernon.

After the three left, Harry walked into the living room and sighed softly to himself. He picked up the list, finding it was nearing a page before he finished reading it.

"He expects me to do all this?" Harry exclaimed a bit, dropping the list to his side. "I suppose I'll get started then..."

Reading over the list one more time, he decided to start with the easiest: Taking out the trash. Before Harry knew it, he found he had completed over half the list. He had just one or two things left to do until he could be finished. After Harry swept up the dirt into the dustpan, he threw it into the garbage, setting the broom beside the refrigerator where it belonged.

Now noticing he was finished and had an ample amount of time left before the Dursleys would return, he remembered his holiday homework from Hogwarts.

"My transfiguration paper!" Harry exclaimed, turning toward the stairs. At the moment his hand touched the handrail, he phone rang.

He looked into the kitchen, and he walked into it. Reaching without thinking, he picked up the phone and brought it to his ear. "...Hello? Dursley residence..."

A sweet voice came from the other side of the line. "Is Harry Potter there?"

Harry felt a small rise in his heart. Someone was calling for him. The last time that happened, Ron yelled so loudly that Harry thought he was going to be deaf...

"This is him."

"Harry?" The voice seemed to rise a bit. "It's Hermione!"

"Hermione? How are you?" Harry's voice cracked a tad, but he felt a smile curl onto his lips. He hadn't had contact with any of his friends since the last day of school at Hogwarts.

"I've been doing great Harry, I got to go to France again this summer, it was quite fun...I called to wish you a happy birthday tomorrow, and I also wanted to ask you about your Transfiguration paper...What did you write about?"

Harry felt a small lump in his chest. The paper...He hadn't even started. "Sounds like it would've been, and thanks...As for the paper, I wrote about how the way..." He paused, " the way a person acts affects what kind of Animagus form they obtain."

Hermione paused for a moment herself. "Really? That's a good topic...How many parchments did yours take?"

Harry didn't want to lie, but he didn't want to sound stupid either, simply because he hadn't started...

"I'm not completely sure, I think two or so...I'd have to check later."

Hermione nodded, though Harry couldn't see it. "Since it was a free choice assignment, I wrote about the same thing - the Animagus idea I mean. I wrote about the laws and how they came to be."

Harry chuckled softly to himself, sitting down in one of the newly clean kitchen chairs. "I bet half the people in the class wrote about Animagi...But it's what Professor McGonagall gets for letting us have our way...She probably figured we'd write about changing tables into rabbits or something.."

Hermione laughed a little in agreement. "Probably, but knowing her, she'll let it slide just once, not admitting what she did was dumb."

Harry and Hermione talked and caught up for what didn't seem too long, but when Harry heard a car pull up, he ignored it, believing it must've been a neighbors or such, the Dursleys wouldn't have come back so early. When Harry heard the front door's lock click open, he felt his heart stop. He wasn't supposed to be caught on the phone...He was going to be in so much trouble.

"...Harry? You still there? Harry? Harry!" Hermione's exclamations stopped once she heard another voice on the other side.


"I-I...I was finished with my-"

"Don't say a word Harry! You're in a lot of trouble!" said Aunt Petunia, walking over to the phone, picking it up and slamming it down onto the receiver. Hermione gasped, then clutched the phone for a minute. "Stupid...Stupid! I got Harry in trouble..."


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