Title: Miracles: Chapter One
Author: Cassiopeia
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Disclaimer: These characters and names of things don't belong to me. J.K. Rowling throught them up and she's so talanted and if you haven't read the Harry Potter books yet there is something wrong with you. So go do so. And see the movies while you're at it. These fictiosn are in no way trying to disrespectful to either WB or to Ms. Rowling and I want to thank her for writing such great works of Fiction for me to do fanfictions from.
Warning : eventually this will be NC-17. Probably in Chapter 4 or 5. Since FF.net doesn't do that anymore they'll be R there, with a link to the unedited versions.
SUMMERY: This will take you through the school years of James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and Pete Pettigrew. There will be slight alterations, but mostly the facts that Ms. Rowling tossed us I tried to keep the same. It'll go up until present day, and perhaps beyond mostly hitting on the points ot Rumus's & Sirius's Romance. But something will happen towards the end that will forever change their relationship and perhaps their lives forever (Read: One Nights Mistake for a glimps)

A Secret to be Discovered

            The corridor was packed as students filed into the Great Hall at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This had always been Sirius's favorite time of year, even if it did mean the start of school. Even though it meant he would soon be swamped with papers to write and tests to take, he still loved this time of year. It meant seeing his friends: James Potter, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. Of course, being with his friends meant causing much trouble for a certain house, but then, with trouble came fun, so it all evened out in the end… or at least it did in the mind of the new third year student, Sirius Black.

            Sirius, like the rest of the Hogwarts students, was dressed in black robes with the Hogwarts symbol on the breast pocket. His long jet-black hair was pulled back, as best he could, at the nape of his neck and he wore green tennis shoes that Remus swore could glow in the dark. He grabbed his friend, Remus Lupin, who just happened to be closest to him, and ran to the table designed for his house. "Come on you slow pokes," he yelled over the sounds of the other students in the Great Hall, "Lets get to our seats!"

            James Potter looked at his friend over the rim of his glasses and pushes his messy black hair away from his face. He shook his head and slid into the seat across from his two best friends. "Don't tell me they don't feed you at the Black house, Sirius," James said laughing at his companion. "You always act starved when you come back here."

            "That," Sirius replied looking around for their other friend who seemed to be MIA at the moment, "is because I am starved!" James rolled his eyes and shook his head again.

            "Sirius doesn't eat all day so that he can stuff himself full of food when he gets here," Remus said to James who just looked amused. Remus was dressed in the same robes, of course, and he wore plain white tennis shoes. His sandy brown hair that he was trying to get to a length he liked but at the moment was uneven and hung just shy of shoulder length, was pulled back at the nape of his neck. Remus's eyes were an interesting mix of honey and amber, with silver sparkling at the center. Sirius always found Remus's eyes interesting and at many times Remus would catch his friend staring at him. Remus always felt warmth spread through him at the look in his friend's eyes, it wasn't like any look anyone else had ever given him, but he didn't know what it was. He only knew he got a funny little flutter every time he would catch his longhaired friend staring at him.       

"Well… yeah!" Sirius agreed. "Look at all the great stuff they serve us! Of course I don't eat, I wouldn't have room for anything else!" Sirius looked around the hall again before turning back to his friends. "You guys see where Peter got off to? He seems to be MIA."

            The other two boys did a sweep of the hall but neither found what they were looking for. "Maybe he went to the bathroom," Remus suggested, turning back to the table.

            "Yeah… I guess," Sirius answered with a shrug. "He'll miss all the great food and the sorting if he doesn't hur-" He was interrupted by a very energetic Peter sliding into a seat next to James.

            "This school is going to be PACKED with first years!" Peter exclaimed, bouncing some as he spoke. Peter, like the others, wore the Hogwarts robe and a pair of dark blue and white tennis shoes. He was a bit shorter than James, who was shorter than both Remus and Sirius (which made him the great Seeker he was) and he didn't do very good in his classes, but he did try. He also had a great deal of fun causing trouble along with the other three boys, which was why the four had become instant friends. Even though Peter seemed, to other students and the teachers, like he followed the others around hopelessly, he was just as much a member of the team as Remus, Sirius and James.

           "Good!" James said putting a hand on top of Peter's head to keep him from bouncing, "maybe we'll get some great new Griffendors and win the House Cup this year." The first years were beginning to file into the hall to be sorted and everyone turned their attention to watch.

            Remus leaned across the table so he could be heard while keeping his voice down, "Having a lot of new Griffendors could be a bad thing, too." He looked at Sirius and raised an eyebrow. "They might all be like Sirius, then we'd be so negative we'd never have a prayer at winning the cup." The other two hid their laughter behind their hands and pointedly didn't look at Sirius.

           "I'm sure, Remus," Sirius began, speaking in his snootiest tone and batting his eyelashes, "that I have no idea what you are referring too. Are you indicating that I cause trouble?!" He put a hand to his chest, fingers splayed like he was having a hard time breathing, slipping into his damsel in distress act. Remus just rolled his eyes and turned to watch the sorting begin. Sirius laughed and did the same. Soon they would be eating that wonderful food that always made him love this time of year.


Sirius ran up the stairs and literally slid to a halt inside their dorm room. The other three looked up from their beds where they were doing homework and shook their heads. Sirius always had a tendency to be a little … over excited about things. "TOMORROW!" he yelled throwing his hands up and falling backwards onto his bed. "And I need it, too! These last two months have been HELL! Pure hell!" The last two words were muffled as he rolled over and pressed his face into his pillow.

Remus looked at his friend with a sad smile. Unfortunately, he wouldn't be able to go tomorrow. The first trip to Hogsmead and he wouldn't be able to go because of some damned curse that wasn't even his fault.  Remus hated the night. "I can't go tomorrow," he finally said quietly, not looking up from his book.

The three boys looked up immediately and looked over at Remus. It wasn't the first time that Remus had missed out on something fun, but this was Hogsmead! Surly whatever it was that he had to do each month could wait. Peter spoke first, "It's our first visit. Don't you need a break from school too?" When Remus didn't answer and continued to look down at his notebook Peter continued, "Maybe whatever it is you do each month could wait another day?"

"No," Remus said a bit more bitterly than he intended, "It can't." He looked up and smiled slightly. "I'm sorry."

Sirius looked at his friend, brows drawing together at the look in his friend's eyes… Longing Sirius thought. A pang of… something welled up in his chest and for a brief moment he thought about going over to his friends bed and gathering the boy in his arms.  Of course he wouldn't, but that didn't stop him from staring at his friend whose eyes seemed to be a bit more silver than normal. They always did around the time when Remus would disappear for two days.  Beautiful, Sirius breathed, not realizing he had said that out loud until the other three turned to stare at him. Sirius pulled his gaze away from the beautiful honey eyes and grinned. "That's okay," he said slipping back into his cheery, hyper self to cover up what he'd been thinking, "We'll bring ya something back." Sirius winked and got up from the bed, making his way to the door before turning, "I'm getting something from the kitchen, I'm starved, you guys want somethin'?" James and Peter nodded, but Remus continued to stare at his pillow, not daring to look up at Sirius. That little flutter was in his chest again and he knew if he looked up he would have to admit what the flutter meant…

He was in love… with Sirius.


           Sirius paced back and forth for, according to James, two days straight while Remus was missing. "I hate this!" he yelled, flopping onto his bed and giving the hole he paced into the floor a break. "Where does he go?! Why won't he just tell us?!"

           Peter sighed. It was very hard to study with Sirius's outbursts every five minutes and he was already behind enough in Potions without his friend's help. He slammed his book closed and huffed out of the room, slamming the door as he went and being totally un-Peter-like. James sighed and turned to his friend, asking, "You okay, Sirius?" He slipped off his bed and walked over to the other boy. "It's not like he hasn't done it before. Why's now getting you so worked up?"

           Sirius looked at James before opening his mouth to answer then deciding against it and closing his mouth. He did that several more times before he finally huffed, "I dunno! It's just buggin me." He flopped back into his bed and covered his head with his pillow just before the door opened and a very pale Remus stepped into the room. Sirius was to the door faster than James could blink. "Are you okay?! Do you want me to get you something?! You look like shit! What happened?!" Sirius was cut off by the look in his friend's eyes and simply helped the boy to his bed.

           "Thanks, Sirius." Remus said softly, curling onto his side and falling asleep. Sirius sat on his friend's bed all night, not falling asleep once. He would wake Remus up on the occasion the other started thrashing about on the bed obviously having a nightmare. It tore at Sirius's heart to see him like this and not know why or how to help. He was determined to find out what Remus did on those two days and to somehow help his friend out any way he could.

           Remus slept most of the next day. Sirius missed his Monday classes and, not listening to anyone, stayed by Remus's side the entire time. At one point Professor McGonigall ordered him to class, then took ten points from Gryffendor house for each class he missed, when Sirius pointedly refused to go to class until Remus was better. He hadn't a clue why he stayed in Remus's bed for the eighteen hours his friend was asleep, or why he'd rather get a detention and have points taken away then leave there. All he knew was every time he left, a feeling of dread would wash over him, causing him to run back and throw the curtains aside to see that Remus was sleeping safely. James and Peter at this point had completely given up talking reason into their roommate.

           "I think he's completely off his rocker," James said to Peter as they made their way to lunch.

           "He's worried."

           "Yeah, well I'm worried too but I'm not getting points taken away because I've decided suddenly I'm Remus's personal bodyguard." James knew there wasn't really a reason, other than the points, for him to be angry, but he was. He didn't understand how his friend could just stop caring about everything except Remus. Sure the two seemed closer lately, but James had known Sirius for fourteen years and it worried him how he was acting. To top it all off, he hadn't had a conversation with Sirius in nearly four days. It was just frustrating!

           "Maybe he's in love," Peter said quietly sliding into a seat across from James. "Him helping Remus might just be a way to keep his mind off it… or something."

           James stopped dead and looked up at his friend. "Love?"

The blond-haired third year looked up at his friend and shrugged. "People do weird things when they're in love." He reached across the table and grabbed James's notebook, flipping it open. "Or when they have a crush on someone," he continued, holding the notebook up for James to see the "James 'heart' Lily" written all over the inside cover.

           James snatched the book back and closed it quickly glaring at the smaller boy. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!" he said huffily, "….shuddup." Peter laughed but decided not the press the issue any farther. It was obvious to anyone with eyes that James had a thing for the pretty Lily Evens, even if James was too much of a weenie to do anything about it. "You don't think-" James trailed off and shrugged when Peter looked at his questioningly. "Ah, never mind. Just a stupid thought."

           "You mean James Potter has a thought?!" one of the Slytherin students called as he walked past the table with James and Peter. "Quick! Put that down in writing! The great chaser has a thought." The other Slytherin's all sniggered as they walked by. "And here I thought jocks didn't know how to think."

           "Ah, stuff your hole!" The two boys glared at each other before the Slytherin turned and made his way to his own house table. "Git," James said under his breath turning back to Peter.

           The rest of the week went somewhat the same. Sirius wouldn't leave Remus's side for more than five minutes at a time and usually that was only so one of them could relieve themselves. Eventually, as Halloween approached, Sirius fell back into his usual routine of flirting and pulling pranks. James was very relieved his friend was starting to act normal again… or what was normal for Sirius. The longhaired student always got strange around Halloween. He would decorate the dorms and run around wearing silly little pins.  James never understand how this person who, most of the time wore tight jeans and form-fitting shirts, flirted with half the school, male or female, and had a reputation of being a "bad boy," could run around with a little smiling ghost on his robes… the weirdo.

           Sirius opened the door to the dorm, walked over to Remus's bed and plopped down.  "I hate divination," Sirius said, taking out his astronomy books to study for the test tomorrow. "Professor Trelawny is a quack." Remus just nodded, not even seeming to notice that Sirius was now sprawled across his bed. Of course, he did notice; in fact, he noticed everything the other boy did right down to the way he chewed his pencil when frustrated and actually paying attention in class. Remus noticed everything. He thought at one point that perhaps he should just tell Sirius the truth and get it over with, but when he tried all he could think about was being rejected. It wasn't something he thought he could live through, so instead he would admire Sirius from afar and try not to let his personality change too much when around the other boy. "I mean… really, I don't think a close friend is going to kill me. That's just so stupid it's laughable." Remus visibly paled. A close friend killing Sirius… that couldn't mean him. Trelawny was never right about anything, so this, like all the others, must just be a false prediction… he hoped. Sirius putting a hand on Remus's arm drew the boy out of his thought. "You okay, Remus? You… seem a little pale."

           Remus shook his head and tried his best to smile. "I'm all right." He smiled up at his friend and opened the book to the chapter they were studying. "We should start at the beginning, okay?"

           Sirius nodded, not really sure Remus was telling the truth about him being okay, but let the matter go. "Yep." He opened the book and flipped through until he came to the page he was looking for. "Oh, I forgot! I looked on a calendar, " Sirius started practically beaming, "Halloween falls on a full moon! How kick ass is that?!" He grinned hugely, eyes sparkling with something that usually meant he was forming a plot. "The next one isn't until 2001. This is going to be great. Do you know of all the scary stories that fall around the full moon? And it'll be Halloween!"

           "That's awesome!" James yelled beaming just as brightly as Sirius. "We should hold a scary story party around the common room fire. Maybe the house elves can cook us something."

            "Exactly what I was thinking," Sirius said bouncing off the bed. "So, I know what James and Peter are going to be, what about you?" He asked Remus, still beaming hugely at the idea of a party.

           Remus looked up at him sadly before turning to look back at his book. "I can't go," he said very softly, Sirius wasn't sure he heard right so he asked. "I said I can't go… on Halloween… I mean. I can't go." Remus looked up at his friends and smiled slightly. "I'm sorry." Sirius couldn't believe what he was hearing. He missed Hogsmead and now Halloween on a full moon?! That was just wrong in itself. He started to say something then thought better of it and stomped out of the dorm room, slamming the door as he went. The others just stared after him.

            "I'm sure he's not mad at you," Peter said quietly, "he's just… mad that you can't go." He smiled weakly at his other friend.

           Remus shrugged. "That's the same thing as being mad at me," he sighed and turned to his task of studying. He lay awake that night until Sirius returned… late. It was about two in the morning before Sirius snuck back into the dorm. Remus could tell when Sirius stopped by his bed, his breathing was a bit heavy like he'd just been running.

           "Remus," Sirius whispered after a moment of just staring at the closed curtains. "Remus, are you awake?" Sirius moved closer but didn't want to draw back the curtain in case his friend was asleep.

           "No, Sirius," Remus responded pulling back the curtain and sitting up, "I'm not asleep."

           "Good. I just… I mean…" Sirius looked down. He felt terribly guilty about yelling at his friend, but he wasn't so great at apologies. "I'm sorry for getting upset." He offered a weak smile that got bigger when he saw the other boy smile back. "We'll have to have a party some other time when you can come." Remus just nodded and Sirius turned back to his bed to sleep. Soon both boys were sleeping peacefully.


           It was Friday. Remus was sitting by the window staring out at the sun that would soon set to reveal a full moon. In another four hours he would be in the Shrieking Shake changing into a wolf.  He knew at some point he should tell his friend the truth, he just didn't want to lose the only good things in his life. He also knew that not telling them might make him lose them. Remus sighed and turned away from the window. He supposed he should get some sleep, but he knew no matter how he tried he wouldn't be able to nap. Instead, he went down to the common room where his other friends were. "Where's Sirius?" He asked Peter, who was writing his paper for Potions.

            "He's at the library. Something about having to figure out if a theory is true." Peter didn't even look up from the book he was reading.  Remus, deciding not to bother him any further, flopped into a chair and stared at the fire with a sigh.

            Sirius was flipping through the books in the Restricted Section when James tapped him on the shoulder, causing him to jump about twelve feet in the air. "Shit! James, you scared me!" he yelled, glaring at his friend.

           "Sorry," he apologized, but Sirius knew he wasn't really sorry by the huge grin on his face. "I was just wondering what you were doing in the restricted section, and how you got in."

           "I'm doing research, and I got in cause I told one on the profs that I needed to get a book out that was in here, and he signed the paper," Sirius said, turning back to the books. "It wasn't all that hard."

           "Uh huh. So what are you looking for?"

            "Nothin… well… somethin," Sirius started, voice low, "but nothin' until I know for certain." Sirius turned to look at his friend, who he knew wouldn't leave it at that. "Please, just gimmie a few days, then I'll let you know."

           "Yeah… Okay. I've got to go help Peter finish that paper, anyway." He turned to leave then turned back, "See you at the party." With a smile, James turned and left Sirius to his research.

           It was almost night time by the time Sirius finished what he was working on. He returned the books he'd been looking at and raced through the castle to get back to the common room before Remus left. Sirius made it up the stairs just as his friend was walking down them. "Hey Remus," he said casually and slowed his walk as he passed his friend. Remus smiled and returned the greeting before heading back down. Sirius waited a few more moments then followed behind his friend, careful that no one caught him. Tonight he was going to find out what it was that Remus had to do every month. He already thought he had the answer, but wanted to be sure before confronting Remus about it. If it was true, if what he'd found out was true about Remus, he knew he wouldn't stop being the boy's friend.

           Remus reached the Womping Willow at sunset with another half-hour before the moon would rise. Madam Pomphrey, the nurse at school, was waiting for him with her arms crossed. "It's a little later than usual, Remus," she said as she took the boy by the arm and led him into a secret tunnel just under the tree. Sirius watched what she did, making certain he would be able to follow.

            "Yeah, I'm sorry. I got caught up."

           "Just be careful. We can't afford you to-" And the two slipped into the tunnel and out of Sirius's eye and ear shot. The boy followed, doing exactly what he saw the nurse do moments ago and almost yelled with triumph when the tree allowed him to enter the tunnel. He made sure to follow a few feet behind and hide in the shadows when Madam Pomphrey returned back to the school. Then, once he was sure she was out of earshot, he climbed carefully out of the tunnel and into the shack.

Sirius wasn't sure where Remus was, so he stealthily made his way through the house until he came to the last room. Carefully, he pushed the door open and stepped inside gasping as his friend whirled to stare him.