Finally, the moment of truth had arrived. It was our second competition and we were at Pell City, in Birmingham, Alabama. The announcer clicked on the microphone. " East Limestone, Class AAA. Drum Major.ONE. Majorette.ONE. Dance Line.ONE." I crossed my fingers. Five other Color Guards had gotten two's. Nervousness had overcome me. "Color Guard.ONE." I screamed and yelled, jumping up and down. My best friend Samantha grabbing my shoulders and screaming with me. "Percussion.ONE. Band: ONE, ONE, ONE, FOR AN OVERALL ONE!!!" Ms. Sam, our director, was crying. I really didn't know what to think about that. The announcer finished announcing the other bands score's. "And now, we will give the Best-In-Class awards." The announcer's voice was pounding in my ears. "Best-in-class Drum Major: EAST LIMESTONE!!!" The crowd goes wild, we go wild, and we all go home happy. Heehee. "Best-in-class Dance Line: Carver." Boo's filled the stadium. Flashes of someone's "We love East's Band!!!" sign was all that I could see. Our dance line always gets best in class.if they didn't get it.then the color guard never will. "Best in Class Color Guard:" I hung my head and started to cry. Damn those long pauses!!! "EAST LIMESTONE, with a score of a whopping 99!!!" I cried. I was so happy! The tears actually hurt because it was so cold. Our flag sponsor had latched herself onto a "rookie" and was kissing them and telling them that she loved them. I was sure that I was dreaming now. There was no way this was happening. Not now, not to me, not to us. "Best in class Percussion: EAST LIMESTONE AND CARVER." WHAT!??!?!?! What the crap is up with that. We tied!!! WTF!!! This is no dream it's a nightmare!!! ::ack cough. Die:: "Best in Class Band: CARVER." was definitely a nightmare. They played classical music. That slow crappy S!@# !!! Not that there's anything wrong with it, I'm just used to "funk" music. I mean our show is: ICE ICE BABY AUSTIN POWERS JAWS VEHICLE POP GOES THE WEASLE PICTURES AT AN EXHIBITION TEAR THE ROOF OFF THA SUCKA SPINNING WHEEL STEPPIN WEASLE And last years was: YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME CHORALE PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC WHITE BOY LIVE AND LET DIE ALIEN ANT FARM (SMOOTHE CRIMINAL)/RUGRATS HAWAII 5-0 And some other stuff that I can't remember.anywayz. We got ::scratches head:: MOST ENTERTAINING BAND and BEST IN COMPETITION COLOR GUARD and that's all we wanted. Well no I take that back, all we wanted was to go, do our best, feel good about what we did when we got off the field, get butts out of the seats and kick some.brASS. (As ms. Sam says it).

AN: I know this was crappy. It's after 2 in the morning and we just got back from the competition. I got somewhere around 3 to four hours of sleep last night, due to the fact that the whole band had to stay in a hotel and I roomed with CeCe, Harrison and Mary so.I don't know where I'm going with this. Never mind. I have one thing to say.or well actually a few.:


That is all.