The Tardis was crashing down to Earth...again.

The Doctor was at the Tardis console, desperately trying to regain control of his time machine.

He knew there should have been a better escape plan before blowing up the Cybermen`s flagship containing highly dangerous Neutrino-Z energy with the Tardis still inside, although it was too late now.

"Please, old girl," the Doctor begged to the Tardis as the cloister bell started to ring, "Keep calm, everything will be fine...I think."

The old time machine abruptly turned upside-down in response and the madman ended up smashing his head against the overhead workings. While falling unconscious, the Doctor heard the sound of the Tardis`s inner machinery shutting down and then a wheezing dematerialization.

Everything went black.

The Doctor opened his eyes.

"Ouch..." he picked himself from the floor and staggered over to the Tardis console to run a system diagnostic. "I`m fine, thanks for asking..."

He frowned at the console monitor.

"My dear old girl...after giving my head a little bang, you appeared to take a little spin in the time vortex and landed safely at...somewhere, despite suffering damage from the flagship`s explosion. Oh, when I mentioned safely, you have multiple temporal system failures, massive damage to your inner mechanisms, several glitches in your new multiversal time-travel mainframe, and burnt down half the library. Why would you do that to the poor library? I mean, think of all those books I`ll have to fix up! You can still travel across space in a day, although we have to wait about...ah...eight-and-a-half days before any time-traveling or use your multiversal-travel abilities..."

The Tardis beeped in response.

"Oh, we are in a parallel universe again?" the Doctor began shutting off non-critical Tardis systems like the perception filter to save the machine`s energy reserves.

There was another beep.

I know, dear..." the alien shut off the monitor and headed towards the Tardis doors. "Non-interference in other universes, unless absolutely necessary. I never broke that rule, haven`t I?"

The Tardis was silent, waiting for him to answer his own question.

"Okay, fine." the Doctor admitted, "I have intervened before, only almost never in any significant way that would affect other universes` timelines. Anyway, shouldn`t you be starting to repair yourself while I take a look around to see where we are?"

The Doctor opened the Tardis doors, stepped out, and took a look around.

"Ah..." the Doctor muttered, a little worriedly. " somewhat bad."

Ruby Rose and the rest of Team RWBY were taking an evening walk at the main front avenue of Beacon Academy.

There was a calm, yet joyful atmosphere in the air; the Vytal Festival was almost upon Beacon. It will be a time of celebration as the four kingdoms unite in this memorable moment at the end of the year.

Ruby looked over at her entire team. Weiss Schnee was talking quietly to Blake Belladonna and her older sister, Yang Xiao Long was walking a little bit slowly behind while secretly glancing at some handsome boys passing by. Ruby smiled to herself...then she saw something hidden by the trees near a long cliffside.

Something blue.

A blue box.

Ruby stopped in her tracks. " anyone else seeing the blue box?"

The rest of Team RWBY stopped and looked at her strangely.

"What blue box?" Weiss asked.

"There." Ruby pointed.

"I...don`t see anything." Blake said quietly.

Ruby started running towards the cliffside.

"Ruby, where are you going?" Yang called.

The rest of Team RWBY ran after her.

Ruby stared at the blue box in front of her. The memory of an eccentric man in a blue scarf from a long time ago slowly came to her mind.

"Ruby!" She turned around to see her teammates standing in front of her.

"Ruby, I don`t see the blue box you`re talking about." Blake said, in a slightly worried tone.

"What? It`s over there!" Ruby exclaimed, pointing at the blue box.

"I only see the cliffside!" Weiss snapped. "Have you banged your head or something?"

"Hey, be nice, " Yang frowned at Weiss, then looked at Ruby. "Sis, are you okay?"

"You guys can`t see it? I`ve seen it before when I met..." Ruby hesitated.

"When you met...who?" Blake asked.

"I...promised I won`t tell anyone about him..." Ruby muttered quietly.

"Who in the world are you talking about!?" Weiss demanded.

"I - " Ruby started, then her teammates backed away in surprise; to them, the air suddenly shimmered and the blue box suddenly became 'visible'.

"Quick, hide!"

Ruby pushed her teammates behind a the trees and peeked out. She instinctively started to reach behind her for her Crescent Rose before halting. She glanced at her teammates, who were peeking out of the trees too. The members of Team RWBY, except for Ruby herself, quietly took out their weapons and prepared to attack.

The doors of the blue box slowly opened and a familiar man stepped out. Ruby heard all of her teammates gasp at the same time.

The man looked around and muttered to himself, "Ah...this is somewhat bad."