Written for the Tolkien_weekly "Riddle" challenge on Livejournal.

"Our riddles are much like those of the Shirefolk," Eowyn said.

"Indeed your languages are closely akin." On the scroll, Faramir wrote Ancient Riddles of Rohan by Eowyn daughter of Eomund.

"This one is easy," his young wife began. "'A wondrous creature am I. Women adore me, though oft I make them weep. Tall and firm with hair below, I stand erect in my bed.' Faramir, no one could read that handwriting."

Laughing, he set down the pen. "An onion?"

"Of course, my love. What else could it be?"

At the sight of her smile, he sent the servants away.

Note: Eowyn's riddle is loosely adapted from an Anglo-Saxon riddle in the Exeter Book manuscript. It is about an onion...or is it? :)