Chapter One

Rose and her Doctor were walking around the parallel London holding hands. They normally were traveling space and time with their own TARDIS the real Doctor and Donna gave them to grow. Yet today they visited Rose's mum and Pete. After the visit they were felt like simply walking around not yet ready to return to the TARDIS or at least Rose was not.

"Come on, a new universe to explore and all you want to do is tour London." The Doctor complained.

Rose rolled her eyes "Ten more minutes," she replied.

The Doctor smiled and kissed her on the cheek. They continued walking along.


He suddenly sat up; he was in a chair in some café. IT looked like twenty first century Earth but somehow different. There were zip lines in the air and few other differences.

How could he have gotten there? The last thing he remembered was dying, again. He looked down at his hands. Had he regenerated, no he felt the same. What happened? He remembered the Time-Lords returning and how he gave up what little life he had to make sure they never came back again. He should be dead.

The drums pounded. He was determined not to waste this life. He needed to take over, to have power, to make pain, and so much more.

He felt Time-Lord; it was weak but defiantly there. The Doctor was there he knew it but it was slightly different, not completely Time-Lord. It was very strange and he wanted to get a closer look but did not want to be seen. He decided to follow it.

After a few minutes he saw the Doctor holding hands with some blond female. The girl was human but the Doctor also seemed slightly human. How could the Doctor be both Time-Lord and human? The Master needed to know what the heck was going on. He defiantly could not go up and ask him so he needed to get to this blond companion.

He needed help. He saw a few large bikers and walked toward them. With a couple minutes and some hypnotizing he had them within his power. He told him his plan.


The Doctor felt something strange. He could not explain it but it was not normal. He ignored it, he could look later and was perfectly happy holding Rose's hand. He may be slightly different but he loved Rose to death. Now he had her forever.

A huge boom caused them both to stop in their tracks. He knew that sound anywhere; a gun shot. He glanced a look at Rose who nodded. They both ran to the sound of the shot.


As Rose ran slightly behind the Doctor, a man stepped in front of her. The man was blond and slightly handsome. He smiled at her then said" May I read the fortune of such a pretty lady?"

She began to protest but the man put his hands to her temples like she has seen the Doctor do many times. She tried to pull away but two huge men grabbed her both her arms and kept her in place.

"Doctor!" she screamed

"Oh, so you are his precious Rose. I have heard wonders about." He said


He scanned her memories. "So this is a copy of the Doctor. Proves how much he cares for you."

"Let go of me. Doctor!" the blond girl, Rose was her name, screamed. She struggled but it was no use ageist his newly found body guards. He continued to scan her memories.

Soon he knew almost everything about her and a few other helpful things. He found out that they were in a parallel world, a TARDIS was near, and that she meant the world to the Doctor.

She could be very helpful to the Master. He could use her in many ways. Including a way to break the copy of the Doctor. It may not be exactly the Doctor but it would have to do for now.

"I am the Master by the way but do not worry. I am sure you will know me well enough soon. Or at least you will think you do."


What was he planning to do to her? She felt him in her mind; he seemed to be able to play with minds as the Doctor could. The Doctor only ever did it for good, but could someone else do it for another reason?

She struggled but could not get out of the two men's grip. Wait, why was she struggling; the Master only wanted to help and was the good guy. She should just let him do what he needed to do. She relaxed. Everything was going to be fine; he was going to protect her. She realized that the thoughts were not her own. He was making her think these things. She began struggling again.

"You are quite clever." He told her sweetly "but you do not need to worry about anything."

She tried to fight whatever he was putting into her mind, but it was so strong. The things he put were so sweet, so nice, and so comforting. She could not help but to begin to trust him even though she knew she shouldn't. He could not really be all that bad. Soon she knew that she was completely under his influence but she was happy about it. She knew in his hands she would be safe.


He heard Rose screaming his name. She sounded scared, and not much scared her. Forgetting the gun shot he ran to the sound of her voice. When he got there he saw something imposable. He saw the Master, alive, doing something to Roses mind. Two men held her in place. She looked dazed and had a thin smile across her lips.

"Rose!' he called and tried to run to her, but another two men caught him in place. One held a gun to his head.

The Master turned and saw the Doctor. He grinned wickedly at the Doctor. Rose then collapsed into the Masters arms. He gave her unconscious body to one of the men. The Doctor watched as the Master pulled the key of her neck and handed it to the man.

"Go to Hopper Street Park. In the middle of the playground you will find a large yellow slide but it is not a slide. If you touch the latter you will realize there is a door. Use the key to open it and enter it. You will leave the key and the girl in the room then leave. Then you will walk away and forget you ever met me." The Master told them.

"NO!" the Doctor screamed but the men simply nodded and carried her away.

The Master turned and walked toward the Doctor. "I have to admit" The Master said" I am slightly disappointed. That was wayyyyyyyyy to easy but I guess that's what I can expect from hybrid. I mean half human that's a new low even for you."

"What did you do to her" The Doctor yelled. He heard the man click the gun.

The Master laughed" I would be careful if I were you. My friends here are not too nice."

"What did you do to her" The Doctor repeated looking straight into the Master's eyes.

"Oh Rose, sweet girl. I can see why you like her. Anyway I simply just calmed her down for now; she put up quite a fight for an ape. You taught her well." The Master replied "I hope you won't mind if I stole her and make her my own."

"She would never-"

"What do you think I mean by steal." The Master interrupted "It's not like I am going to go up and simply ask her."

"Then what are you planning to do to her" The Doctor asked. He would protect Rose with his life.

"First of all I am going to make her forget you completely. I am going to make you mean nothing to her." The Master said"But that's not really enough is it. So just to break you even more I am going to take your place in her mind. I will be her hero, and she will trust me completely. She will be MY loyal companion."

The Doctor felt anger swelling up and tears forming in the corners of his eyes. After all they went through, he was losing her again. He fought ageist the men but that just caused them to dig the gun point into his head.

"Oh don't worry Hybrid. I will take good care of her." The Master said as he stared to walk away. "Do it boys"

The men hit the Doctor in the head with the gun and everything went black.