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This is a Naruto fanfiction that up until now has been a role-play between myself and my good friend and role-play partner. When we started this, there was no intention of a pairing or ship within in it at first but we naturally migrated towards the idea. That being said there will be some adult themes with in this including m/m sex.

Because of the nature of this fanfic, each chapter will be a change in POV. I hope you enjoy and that it's not too confusing. Please note also that we started this before the war in the manga.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or it's characters. Hana country is a made up place however.

Naruto thinks cloaks are for squares.

Today, however, he will gladly be one.

Tsunade told him he might need to bring a jacket. He finds that this is quite the understatement of the year. Naruto surmises Hana Country to be a cousin of Ame. Where Ame can rain for months, Hana can have downpours for a straight week, only to clear up the next, allowing flowers to bloom. In other words, it rains only in patches.

He recalls chatting with Ino, shortly after he got his assignment. Her wistful voice brings back the memory.

"I wouldn't want to live there." Her hair falls to the front of her shoulder, as she leans forward on the counter separating them. " But I'd definitely want to make trips there. Hana births some of the most exquisite types of flowers. I've never seen anything like them. We do get shipments every now and then, but they run very high in prices."

He thinks she may have said something about a few flowers being particularly poisonous, but so far, he's seen not a single blossom on his miserable trip. Being blinded by sheets of rain may have something to do with it. Fully covered feet land in a puddle that is much deeper than he thought. Cursing, he pulls his soaked shoe out from the muddy water. The sulking blonde shakes his foot, flicking sludge away from him, when something catches his eye.

He's seen nothing but greys, browns, and muted greens today. However, nestled nearby in the root of a tree, is one lone flower. Naruto's no angiosperm connoisseur, but he can appreciate plant life. Walking up to it, careful to avoid more puddles, he leans down to pluck it from the ground. It'll drown from flooding anyhow, so why not snag it?

Maybe if he brings back this flower pressed in notebook paper, Ino'll buy him some food. His sensitive noise picks up it's sweet smell. While it is a pleasant change from mud, it's scent is also a bit funny. He picks up a hint of a curious twang. It's not enough to really alarm him, though.

He stuffs it in his inner cloak pocket and moves on.

Twenty minutes pass, before he starts to feel it.

His throat is thick and aching. The sudden and now constant need to clear his throat should have been warning enough. But him being so intent on getting out of the rain and in a hotel lead him to ignore obvious signs. Slowing to a staggering walk, he claws at his cloak, trying to find what he knows is the problem.

The rain is falling harder now, in heavy drops that get in his eyes and nose, as he searches for the culprit of his illness. All he can smell is that flower. It drowns his senses and makes his head pulse into a white-hot pain that makes him lurch forward with a gurgled moan.

Everything is swirling and nothing makes sense. He can't seem to remember where he was going or what for. He is tired, however.

Naruto fancies the soft ground under him a lovely bed and his shivering body falls unconscious.