Chapter 8

Harry grumbled to himself as he carved another piece off of the bloody steak he had finally managed to convince the house elves not to cook. Almost the entire hall was staring at him, and had been for the entire dinner. Even the headmaster was staring at him in the brief moments that he wasn't yelling at professor Snape. He didn't know what was wrong. He had seen plenty of young wizards strutting around Diagon with leather articles of clothing and various accessories, and the man who had sold him the piercing had many himself. So why was everyone staring at him like he had just wrangled a herd of hippogriffs in front of the wizengamot? Humans were most definitely strange. Idly noticing Ron Weasley sneaking out of the hall, no doubt off to do something idiotic, and Draco following, harry took another large bite of his steak and sighed. It looked as if the day wasn't over yet.

Draco glared at the blood traitor all throughout dinner. Something was going on. The way his eyes shifted from side to side, his fingers tapping against the table and his nervous twitching, the weasel might as well have screamed that he was up to no good. He didn't know how no one else could see it. Vaguely nauseous at watching the second youngest Weasley stuff himself like a pig, every second spoonful being smeared either upon his face or the floor, the Malfoy heir sniffed in disgust. One would think that the Weasley's could have at the very least afforded manners but then again for all of her coddling instincts, molly Weasley was obviously not the greatest mother in the world. what with one child a savage living amongst hordes of dragons, the next a money grubbing future ministry lackey scraping and scheming for a small time position in a corrupt government, the next two hopeless bums useless for anything other than juvenile pranks and the newest Weasley attending Hogwarts a rude, loudmouthed moron incapable of anything resembling cognitive thought. The future wasn't looking too good either, being that the only daughter of the bunch was as close to a gold digging tease as a ten year old could get. Not even having hit puberty and she was already stalking potters every move, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the dragon boy but who knows, with what he's displayed of his temperament so far, next year they might be having roasted she-weasel on a stick! Granted that the first two of the Weasley's weren't so bad, it was just that Draco couldn't respect someone that would forgo bathing for months at a time in favour of shoveling dragon dung and Draco wasn't about to settle for a position at anywhere less than the top of the ministry. Besides a Malfoy does not scrape nor bow to anyone. It was really just the youngest two that grated on his nerves, such stupidity! Such utter lack of ambition! A Hogwarts education was wasted on the likes of them. Draco was cut off from his thoughts as the weasel snuck out of the great hall, rather badly of course, he wouldn't have lasted a second in Slytherin, but as it was no one cared much to look for him except for his little followers, Dean and Seamus, and even then it would be a good few minutes before they noticed. Interest piqued, Draco excused himself to follow, quietly edging out of the great hall, remaining just far enough away that the bumbling Weasley would not notice him. Draco's sense of foreboding increased as they traveled further and further down into the school. Traversing the length of the dungeons, Draco's nerves reached an all time high as the red head stopped in front of a familiar door. The Slytherin princes room. The room of harry potter, boy-who-lived and dragon extraordinaire. Surely he couldn't be that stupid? He was just looking to leave a few of his brothers pranks in the Slytherin common room surely? But to Draco's everlasting horror, he opened the door and slipped inside. Harry must have forgotten how to lock it. Draco took this time to let his mind wander. It was ironic, he decided. Tonight the Slytherin dorm would be painted Griffindor red with Weasley's blood. Realizing he had to get Weasley out before irreparable damage was done, Draco approached the door, opening it a crack, just in time to hear the Weasley's mumblings

"Stupid dragon, won't notice a few missing galleons, now for the wands..." Shocked it was at least a minute before Draco's mind caught up with what he was hearing.

'Idiot weasel! How much more suicidal can you get than stealing from a dragon?! I thought his brother worked with the bloody things!'

Draco burst into the room, adamant in getting the moron out before the damage couldn't be undone, catching the thief with his pockets weighed down by gold and a wand far above the quality he would have been able to afford in hand. Draco could feel the power of the instrument from where he stood at the door, and no doubt something painful would come of Weasley using it.

"Weasley, drop the wand and get out of here, don't you know the wand chooses the wizard? You won't get a broken vase from waving that thing around, you could collapse the entire room!" Draco warned loudly, approaching the blood traitor slowly. Ron backed away, cradling the stolen wand close to his chest, giving an ugly sneer

"That doesn't matter, it's mine now! You're just afraid cause you know that you're no match for me with my new wand!" Draco scoffed at the notion but quickly became serious again

"Harry will be back any minute! Just drop the gold and wand while you can, i won't tell him anything! Do you really want a dragon out for your blood for the next seven years?" The freckled boy actually looked as if he were considering this for a moment before he broke out in an arrogant grin.

"He won't be able to touch me with this little beauty by my side! By the time i'm through with him, i'll be getting a bucket of gold every week!" Draco looked as though he was about to protest again when they were both interrupted by a purring growl

"Is that so..." Harry smirked, stalking into the room predatorily, baring his teeth at the boy who was soon to loose the use of his legs, snickering as he backed away putting the wand between them.

"Stay back, or I'll-"

"What will you do little Ronald?" Harry interrupted smoothly, taking in the smell of fear that drifted around the room

"Will you cast the jelly legs jinx at the big nasty dragon?" The demidragon asked with faux innocence, striding ever closer as the intruder backed himself into a corner. Ron was about to respond but harry suddenly lunged, pinning him to the wall by his throat. It looked as if Draco's prediction was about to come true when they were suddenly interrupted.

"What is going on here?!" Snape yelled, bursting into the room, Dumbledore not far behind. Harry dropped Ron to the ground, pale and shaking, easily snatching the wand from his grasp.

"A certain little Griffindor saw fit to steal from me, headmaster. Now if you don't mind I'll get on with the disemboweling and you can-"

"There will be no such thing my boy!" Dumbledore cut in as Snape sneered at the young Weasley in disgust

"We do not partake in these sorts of punishments at Hogwarts. I will assign him a weeks worth of detention and that will be that." The old wizard said sternly, moving forward to usher the one Griffindor from the room before Harry's growl stopped him in his tracks

"This ...boy" the half dragon began, clearly wanting another word to describe the creature in front of him "tried to take from me. He tried to steal from my horde and you want to assign him A WEEKS WORTH OF DETENTION?!" Harry roared making the occupants of the room cringe back slightly

"Are you blind to his pockets filled with my hard won wealth?!" He spoke with a bitingly cold edge, out turning the young boys pockets, letting the others in the room see the stolen jewels and coins scatter across the ground, soon blending in amongst his other riches.

"W-well my boy it seems as though this is not quite as simple as-" Dumbledore tried again, this time immediately falling silent as harry interrupted

"Oh but it is simple" Harry hissed, making the others shiver "I'll tell you exactly how simple it is. Either i will decide the method of the boys punishment or i will use my rights as a registered wizard of magical Britain to demand an duel of honor!" The four humans in the room gasped in shock.

"Now there's no need to take it so far..." The professor stalled, thinking desperately of anything that could appease the vengeful dragons temper

"Yes. There is." Harry said, leaving absolutely no room for argument.

"Well little weasel?" Harry cooed in fearsome amusement, dragging the shaking child to his feet and holding him tethered by his hair

"How well do you think you would fair against a dragon in mortal combat?" He asked as if it were only idle curiosity. The boy seemed just about to lose control of his bowels when the headmaster finally gave in.

"Fine. What punishment do you suggest?" Dumbledore gritted out, hoping it would be something that wasn't lethal. Appallingly enough, he got his wish. Harry gave a slow mocking smile that seemed to showcase every fang-like tooth in his mouth.

"You have the Mirror of Erised within the school correct?" Dumbledore gave a tense nod.

"I demand headmaster, that Ronald Billius Weasley, spend exactly one week looking into the Mirror of Erised, being that he is not in classes and allowing him six hours sleep every night. I demand that he look into that mirror for hours on end, watching his every desire in the world being fulfilled, so that when he is ripped from the mirror in a weeks time he will long for nothing other than those few sweet memories of perfect contentedness, spending the rest of his life suffering under the fulfilling drudgery of reality should he not overcome the addiction. But given his weak will and spineless nature, i doubt it." There was absolute silence of two different varieties in the room. On Dumbledore and Ron's end, the silence was of a horrified nature, as if they couldn't believe what they had heard and didn't want to. In contrast to this, Severus and Draco's silence was of the impressed yet wary sort, communicating a deep respect for his thoroughness but also a slight trepidation at the thought of being his enemy themselves. Dumbledore sighed.

"It shall be done." Harry gave a satisfied nod, seeming to lose interest, not even attentive enough to watch Ron scramble out of the room, tripping over his own feet, with the headmaster watching sedately behind him. The two other Slytherins were just about to leave the room themselves when they were stopped by Harry's voice. Turning back, they saw that he was watching them appraisingly as if determining value or taking measurements.

"As two of those i have found worthy in this place, you may expect of me a gift in the future. And Draco... do not expect what you have done to be without its own rewards." Unsure if this was meant in a threatening way. At this point harry turned back into his dragon form and reclined on his horde, yawning contently at the two Slytherins knew they were dismissed.

Hardly anyone saw harry for the next few days. When he wasn't eating in the great hall or in classes, he was in his forge. Great clashing sounds ringing throughout the castle all throughout the day and night, no one dared to say a word. It had eventually gotten out, what had happened between Ron and harry, and needless to say, no one was eager to cross the demidragon. Ronald was a shadow of his former self, as unappealing as he might have been. He was in front of the mirror all of the time now, hardly ever letting himself to be dragged away for classes, or to eat or sleep. It had been easy to ignore at first, but now he was lost among visions of wealth, power and prestige, each desire stronger and more captivating than the last. Luckily there were several experts, including Severus Snape, working on a way to ease the addiction for when he would have to be reintroduced into society, but anyone could see it would likely be the hardest time of the young mans life. The student body was almost equally divided, with the Griffindors and Hufflepuffs feeling pity for the young lion, and the Slytherins and Ravenclaws feeling that he had gotten what was coming to him, even if the lesson was a bit harsh. Eventually a week passed and Ron was dragged away from the mirror, kicking and screaming, to be confined to the infirmary until further notice. By the second week an addiction soothing brew was developed courtesy of Snape and by the third week, just in time for yule break, Ronald Weasley was mostly back to his old self, only this time with a healthy fear of one Harry James Potter. It was on this third week, the day before winter break that harry finally came out of his forge, dirty and soot stained, with him two cylindrical bundles of silk, one black, one silver. Washing the grime from his skin, harry went off in search of a certain potions master and his godson, knowing it wouldn't be long before Draco would be back at Malfoy manor and wanting to catch him before he went. Entering the great hall, ignoring how everyone turned from their lunches to stare at his slightly sweat shined form, as per usual, harry could see that Draco was next to the staff table, talking to his godfather about something and smiled slightly. How convenient. Eyes turned to watch as harry made his way to the staff table, beads in his hair clacking as he went, widening when harry gave a small bow to the surprised figures of Draco and Severus. Seeing that the headmaster was already about to make a fuss, harry spoke before the other man could

"Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, i have found you worthy. Will you accept my gift to you and yours?" Draco looked at his equally uncertain godfather, though the older man hid it well, and at a small nod from him chose to accept. Reading into the ritualistic formality of the situation, they chose an equally formal response to the inquiry

"I Draco Malfoy of the most ancient and noble house of Malfoy, do accept your gift" the sixth year stated, Severus mirroring the reply

"I Severus Snape of the most ancient and noble house of prince, do accept your gift" harry gave an eager smile, and the pair began to have some small doubts as harry presented to Severus the black bundle of silk. As Snape unwrapped the expensive packaging, his doubts were quickly washed away as he gaped in awe over the wand gently nestled in his fingers. The creation was oddly long and pointed, a solid slate grey colour that faded to a wine red at the very end. Where normally would be a grip at the end of the wand, was a red lily in full bloom, exquisitely crafted with a small emerald peeking out from between the petals. Seeing that Severus, and most of the staff were speechless, harry continued

"I forged this wand in the hours of twilight, so that it may be used towards great change. She was crafted from the bone of a chameleon ghoul, to help you draw attention to places other than yourself as you need, with the core being a powdered oracle bone from a centaur. This will increase your intuition to a degree and your wand may warn you before something is about to happen. She is good for curses both dark and light, and defensive wards. Her name is Drystan 'the one who is filled with sadness' , and she will serve you and your bloodline faithfully." Seeing that he was too stunned to respond, harry moved up to Draco, unwrapping the bundle of silver silk and laying his creation in the boys hand. This wand was very different from the other, being slightly shorter and thicker, of a silver colour that shimmered faintly in the light. At the end of the instrument was a dragon, snake like in its grace and rendered in painful detail as it curled itself about the handle of the wand, looking as though it were carved of solid mercury.

"This wand was forged during the hours of midnight, when the sky was darkest and at early hours of dawn so that it may help you retain your inner light in the coming darkness. She was crafted from the bone of a mooncalf, for aid in ritual, and has the powdered wisdom teeth of a luck dragon as a core. She is good for ritual and healing, and will grace you with luck in any ritual you perform and in your daily life. Her name is Cathal 'the one who is invincible in combat'. She will serve you and your bloodline faithfully and protect you against those that would manipulate you. With that said, harry exited the room as quickly as he has left it. Severus and Draco had yet to regain speech and the students erupted into a frenzy of greed and speculation, the waves of power causing many of the more magic sensitive people in the room to shiver before it settled.

"Severus" Dumbledore said softly as the two Slytherin tucked the new wands into their holsters reverently

"Yes?" The still slightly stunned potions master asked breathless,

"Come to my office after lunch"

"Yes sir."

Quirinus Quirell, hummed in an off tune manner as he walked contemplatively into the empty defense classroom, to set things up for his next class. His master was gleeful and yet unhappy. Gleeful that one of his most loyal death eaters and a soon to be death eater now had wands that could nearly rival the power of Dumbledore's own, and unhappy because there were now two people who's wands may even be able to challenge the power of his own. Naturally his master realized that he would win regardless of the power of their wands due to his superior level of skill and experience, but still it was a reason for caution. This potter boy was intriguing. Not only a dragon, but also neutral, resistant to Dumbledore's manipulation and capable to forging wands beyond the scope of anything he had ever seen. He shuddered to think of what the boy might be able to create of a real weapon. Perhaps he might be useful as an ally? Undoubtedly, but dragons were notoriously independent creatures. Unlike that fool of an old man, he knew that if he were to have any chance at all of having the young man as a follower, he would have to give him some degree of freedom. By trying to control and restrict his movements Dumbledore was actually driving him further away. Voldemort was abruptly startled from his thoughts as someone cleared their throat behind him. Quirell jumped and spun around, reaching for his wand but freezing as he realized who it was.

"M-Mr. Potter, w-what are you d-doing h-here?" The defense teacher asked in a stutter that was for once, real.

"Hello Janus, i am here to speak to your twin" potter said conversationally, moving from his position in front of the defense teacher to sit on a desk. Voldemort was amused. Had the boy figured it out so early in the game?

"M-my t-twin, Mr. P-potter? I'm afraid i-i d-don't know w-what y-you're..." Quirinus tried to bluff, and rather badly at that. The demidragon scoffed.

"Do not play games with me. You are Janus, the god of twin faces, mortality and immortality, truth and lie, chaos and order, fool in the light and snake in the shadows..." Quirell was just about to reach for his wand again when Voldemort spoke

'Let me ssspeak to the boyyy' Quirell froze immediately and apologized

"I-I'm s-sorry master, right a-away!" The defence professor said, unwrapping the turban as he spoke, until facing harry was a macabre rendition of human facial features

'Well boyyy? Do you wisssh to die? Or you wissh to warn your preciousss Dumbledore? Will you offer me a gift asss you did Ssseverusss and the Malfoy child?' Voldemort said mockingly, studying the creatures reactions to the questions though all he received in return was a knowing smile.

"yes actually, how did you know?" Voldemort was completely thrown. He had assumed the boy would rush to Dumbledore to share his discoveries or at the very least have something resembling survival instincts!

'Do not lie to me boyyy' Voldemort hissed, convinced the child was mocking him

"Did you think that there were only two worthy of my attentions in the entire school? Many who have the potential to receive my gifts yes, particularly among the Griffindors, but as of now only three who are truly worthy. Draco, Severus... And you" harry said bringing out a familiar bundle from the storage rune on his wrist, this time swathed in silk the colour of blood. Voldemort eyed the bundle greedily yet was still suspicious, but before he could object or unwrap the object, harry continued

"Your wand is very powerful to be truthful. Extremely powerful even. For a man-made wand. You will find, dear Marvolo, that human made wands, regardless of their power, have human limitations. My wands have no such limitations." At that harry brushed aside the silk and Voldemort caught his breath. Swaddled in the bloody silk was the most beautiful wand he had ever seen. A black of the deepest ebony, long and sharpened to a deadly point, one couldn't imagine this being an instrument of anything other than torture and mindless slaughter. Seeming to hold a presence of malevolence even without being held, the handle was made of several intertwining snakes, each twisting over each other in a deadly, spiraling pattern that only ended at the serpents gleaming emerald eyes. The dark lord was just about to reach out for it when harry folded the cloth back over it. Voldemort nearly growled as he lost sight of the instrument he instinctively knew was his and his alone, when harry again spoke.

"If you touch it as you are you will die. You first need to regain your own body." Voldemort reluctantly agreed to this finding logic in the answer, restraining himself though he wished for nothing more than to hold his new wand to listen to the boys description of the instrument.

"She was forged in the darkest time of the month, the moonless night and is no doubt the darkest wand i have ever created." Voldemort nodded in satisfaction at this

"I crafted her from the last piece of fossilized wood from the tree of Morgana. This was the oldest yew tree in the world and one of the darkest materials in existence, fed from the dark magic of Lady Lefay herself, and used to make her very own wand. The core is of the feather of a shadow phoenix, one of a kind and once again one of the darkest creatures i have ever had the fortune to meet, and a kiss from the first dementor. The wood is soaked in basilisk venom and has a poisoning and petrifying effect on anyone that touches it that isn't you. She is spectacular at really every kind of magic, the darker the better, and will absorb the corrosive effect of dark curses into herself so that should you regain your life and looks through the philosophers stone, you will not return to your snake visage. The dark lord had never even thought of this but had to admit to himself it would be much easier to charm followers if he had his old face again. Besides that he was eager to get his hands on his wand. He had to get potter as a follower! He just wouldn't be able to abide having to snuff out such talent should harry oppose him, and to have such a gift wasted on the light was unthinkable! Somehow it didn't even surprise Voldemort that he knew so much. About the philosophers stone, his real name, much less his hatred of said name. It seemed oddly natural. He would even be able to abide the disrespect shown by calling him Marvolo if he continued making such wonderous creations. Harry cleared his throat, awakening him from his thoughts.

"Now for the issue of her name..."

'Yesss? Voldemort said, wanting to hear the name of his wand, knowing that only the most powerful of magical weapons were given names.

"Her name is Sephtis 'the eternal death'. She will serve you faithfully should you remain dark to your dying day, and serve none other than yourself" Voldemort smirked

"I will hold onto this for the moment. Should you regain your body you will have to come pick it up yourself. Do not send anyone in your stead, Sephtis is very temperamental and will take it as a great insult." The dark lord nodded seriously, and returning the bundle to my tattoo i smiled.

"Good luck with the stone, Marvolo" and i walked out of the room, leaving a shocked and covetous dark lord behind me. Though whether the covetousness concerned myself or the wand was the real question.