This is another fanfiction I've been doing to pass the time while getting inspiration for 'High School Havoc'. I'm just taking a short break.

Two kats with opposing phobias. One swims, the other flies. Neither can exist in each other's world, yet we watch as they make it work.

"Doctor Marley! We can't make it! The tripus is gonna drag us under!"

"Hold fast lad! The day is not yet over!" The sound of a crashing wave erupted through the tv speakers, followed by a scream.

In front of the tv, watching intently sat Baylee Bruin.

"Doctor! He's..dead!"

"What was his name?"

"I...don't know sir." The roar of the three-legged octopus sounded and there was another scream.

"We're losing too many men! Fall back! Fall back! To the life boats! Ahhhh!"

A life-like voice beside Baylee tore her attention away.

"How can you stand this show?" It was Chance.

Baylee shushed him, "This is the best part! Kaptain Koru's gonna bash the tripus against the rocks and crush it!"

From the tv a man said boldly, "Abandon ship!"

"Kaptain Koru! There's room in our boat! Come on, quickly!"

"Go on without me men! I must tame this sea-monster!"



The roar of the tripus sounded again, and was washed out with the roar of the waves. A man screamed as he was washed over board into the murky blue depths. Chance covered his eyes with a hand, parting his fingers to peek through in spite of the fact he didn't want to see it. The drowning Kaptain cried out in terror and Chance closed his fingers together again.

The voice of the narrator spoke, "The sea took all of their lives that day, but Kaptain Koru's legend of the tripus' treasure lives on!" The program ended.

"How can you like someth'n like that?" Chance asked after the tv was safely turned off. Baylee ejected the VHS tape from the machine and slid it back into it's box.

"I used to watch that show as a kitten, Chance. I've always had a thing for the ocean, water in general really. 'Really wish I'd joined the Coast Gaurd instead of the Enforcers, but I guess I can't change that now. -Oh! Speaking of water, Callie invited all three of us over to her apartment. They have an indoor pool. You wanna come?"


"-Come on! It'll be fun!" Before Chance could resist Baylee had him by the arm and was leading him up the stairs of the auto shop.

"Jake! We have five minutes to get everything thrown together. You about ready?" Baylee asked, poking her head into the bedroom.

Jake nodded, "Just about done, Baylee. I doubt Chance will want to come though."

"Why?" Baylee asked, arching a brow.

"Tell ya later. Come on, let's go. I'll drive if ya want." Jake replied, hussling out through the door.

"Hey guys, I was hoping all of you would be able to make it." Callie greeted them.

"Hey Callie." Jake replied, raising a hand. Callie closed the door behind them as they walked into her apartment.

"Make yourselves at home. The pool is downstairs. I'll get changed and we'll go when you're ready." she said curtiously. Jake blushed. He loved the way Callie clasped her hands together when she was excitedly making plans for something. Chance seemed to be enjoying it too, when Baylee gave him a nudge in the side and motioned to the bathrooms. There were two.

"You two go first." Jake offered to the she-kats with a chivalrous bow. Chance, not willing to be outdone by his buddy darted ahead to open the door for Callie.

Callie walked through the doorway with a toss of her blonde hair, "Thanks Chance."

Chance grinned, bumping Jake in the shoulder lightly with a fist, "Didn't I tell ya? Every time."

"What are you talking about, Chance?" Jake asked, masaging his shoulder. There'd be a nice bruise there by tomorrow for sure.

"The way she gets that look in her eye. She likes me Jake. I can feel it." Chance replied, blushing.

"Nah, that's just the out-of-date sardines from lunch, Chance." That was the last of the conversation that Baylee heard as she walked into the other bathroom shaking her head.

"Cannonball!" Jake announced loudly as he took a plunge off the diving board. With a perfect splash he landed in the clear water and resurfaced, flinging the water from his fur with a flick of his head.

"Coming gals?" He asked over his shoulder.

"Aces!" Baylee exclaimed, running more boldly than naught to the edge and diving in like a knife. With far more graceful ladylike poise than that of Baylee, Callie sprung from the diving board, doing a perfect somersault in mid-air. As she came down she landed squarely on Jake's waiting arms. Callie blushed as red as her swimsuit.

"Good catch Jake!" Baylee congratulated him from the other side of the pool.

"Ready? Three, two, one...!" Callie let out a playful squeal as Jake tossed her into the water. Baylee pirrhouetted in the water and came to a calm float on her back.

"Chance! Come on you drongo! What are you waiting for?" She called with a wave of her hand. Chance hesitated, swaying on his feet. If he stayed in the shallow end where he could stand, maybe he'd be alright. Stiffly he stepped a foot down into the water. A chill rang through his body. It had nothing to do with cold. The water was invitingly warm. Chance shivered regardless. Slowly he stepped down into the water. Gradually...ever so slowly the water rose up around his body. It came about as high as his lower chest. He was visibly trembling as Baylee swam up to him.

"Chance, what's the matter with you, mate?" Baylee asked, coming alongside him. She took him by the arm and led him deeper into the water. A cold chill rang up Chance's spine. He scrambled backwards.

"No! Wait!" He yelped. His fur stood on end fearfully. Baylee stood in the water, utterly bewildered. She'd never seen Chance act like this.

"What's wrong with you, mate?" She asked, trying to pull him into the water.

"It's just a little water. It's bloody safe." She insisted. She could feel Chance trembling as she held his arm. Chance stood his ground. His brown eyes were wide as saucers. Baylee sighed. She splashed a little water on him.

"Come on, what's your deal, Chance?" She inquired. Willfully she pulled him into the water. Chance struggled frantically.

"Baylee, no! Don't! Stop it! Let go!" He shouted as the water came up to his neck now. He couldn't move like normal in the restricting water. Baylee, much more at ease in the water, was dragging him out. As Chance tried to put his foot down on the pool floor to pull back he discovered only empty water. Now panic set in. He wrenched himself free of Baylee's grasp and scrambled back into the shallow water. He didn't dare stop until he'd reached the pool ladder and was clinging to it for dear life with both hands, claws unsheathed and digging into the metal. He was trembling violently now, unable to stop. To Baylee, Callie, and Jake, he looked scared to death. He was.

"Chance, buddy. You alright?" Jake asked worriedly, swimming up to him. Chance nodded, still trembling violently. He climbed the ladder and wrung the water from his tail as he tried to calm down. Callie swam alongside Jake and gazed in bewilderment at Chance. Chance couldn't meet her eyes. He started off around the pool. Getting out of there was all he could think of at the moment. Jake called after him. Chance broke into a run, retreating out of the room and letting the glass door swing slowly around behind him as he fled.

Several levels above in Callie's apartment Chance slumped down onto the brown leather sofa. He couldn't tell her. She'd think he was a wimp, or worse. He shuddered. He seemed so close to getting her to like him. No way was he going to let some stupid water prevent that. He slipped into the blue tube shirt he'd worn earlier and made up his mind to just stay in the apartment. Then another thought stopped him in his tracks. What would Callie think if he stayed here the whole time like a scared kitten in a thunderstorm?

He didn't need to wonder. At that moment the apartment door unlocked and opened. Callie, in a beach-towel and sandals entered the apartment.

"Chance, what is wrong with you? Why did you run off like that?" She inquired with a tone that demanded an immediate and satisfactory answer. Chance's voice abandoned him. All he could do was stammer.

"I-I was just...I...uh..." He wasn't making much sense. Callie obviously didn't get her desired answer. She sighed, sweeping her wet hair over her shoulder.

"Are you afraid of water or something?" She asked, putting her hands on her hips. Chance's breath caught in his throat. So she was onto him, but it was probably too easy to figure him out anyway.

"No!...I mean, yes...I mean...! Uh..." He sounded as nervous as a convicted murderer at his own trial.

"I-I'm fine..." He lied. "I'll be right down."

Callie gave a nod and turned to go. With a click of the apartment door she was gone. Chance gave a furious groan that turned into a growl and whipped off the tube-shirt and chucked it against the wall. How was he supposed to hide the fact he couldn't swim when the possibility that he could drown hung over him like the surface of the water?

Like I said, this doesn't mean 'High School Havoc' has been put aside. Just a break.