Bellamy glowered at Clarke, his hands working dangerously fast as he sharpened his blade. What was it about her that he found so enticing? Was it that she didn't listen to him and deliberately ignored his commands, doing as she pleased? Or was it that she was one of the few people Octavia actually trusted?

He scowled, watching Finn and Wells lavish her with their attentions, each trying to best the other without her knowing in a secret game of My horse is bigger than your horse. Clarke would glance at him now and then and he couldn't help but become happy to be getting her attention, even when she had two guys right in front of her. From this distance he knew they were talking about Jasper, and seeing as he had gotten up to walk for a bit with his friend, he figured he'd be okay. Bellamy continued to watch Finn interact with Clarke and he didn't like it. His jaw clenched and his pulse began to race. Finn even touched her, raising his hand and placing it on her shoulder. His anger exploded and a sharp pain came from his right hand. His side cut from his previous fight a few days ago began to sting too. He let out a quick shout of pain and surprise.

"Bellamy, what did you do?" Clarke rushed over to him.

She helped him up, ignoring the curious stares of her friends and helping Bellamy to the pod. He gave a grunt and she laughed at him.

"Are you really that stupid to cut yourself with your own knife?"

He growled at her, then meekly looked away. "I was distracted okay?"

She chuckled, gripping his wrist and quickly the laughter died away. "You should be more careful next time."

Gently she pressed a cloth against the cut and he hissed. "Sorry."

Bellamy watched as she cleaned his cut, loving how adorable she looked with her eyes scrunched in concentration. She glanced up at him. "What?"

He shook his head and gave her a small smile. She watched him curiously before returning to her work. She pulled away with a satisfied grin and then glanced down.

"Dammit Bellamy!"

"What?" His eyes followed to the direction of her gaze and widened at the redness seeping though his shirt. He grinned weakly. "Oops."

Clarke scowled at him. "I'm going to need you to take off your shirt."

There was a stirring in his pants that couldn't be prevented. He didn't know whether it was the idea of him stripping for her or the tone of her voice when she said it but it turned him on in ways he never knew he could be turned on before. Slowly, he reached for the hem of the shirt, making sure to keep eye contact with her the entire time. Her eyes trailed a heated path down his chest, caressing his abdomen with her look, before composing herself and moving her eyes to the opening cut on his side. She grabbed more strips of cloth and dipped them in a green liquid beside him. Her fingers brushed against his warm skin, burning him with unmasked desire. She pressed the cloth to his side.

"If we had needle and thread I would be able to stitch it up, but..."

The air shifted, his head spinning with the idea of her playing his nurse, attending to him as he laid in bed. She would straddle him and he would slide inside of her. She would ride him, bringing him to an explosive release...

His eyes met hers as she worked on his cut. "Clarke." The guttural tone of his voice had her eyes glazing over with desire. Slowly, their faces inched together, her sweet breath fanning his face. Impatiently, he used his good hand to clasp her waist dragging her close and their lips met. She responded hesitantly, lips moving against his in sweet torment. His tongue worked past her lips, causing her to open up and release a quiet moan. Her hands moved up his chest, towards his hair, entangling there and keeping him pressed against her. His heart leapt. She was responding, she was liking it. He moved away slowly, resting his forehead against hers for a moment before continuing a path down her neck. He nibbled at the delicate skin beneath her earlobe, sucking on it and leaving a mark. He grinned impishly. He moved lower, towards the center of her neck, leaving little marks on her skin. Her fingers tugged at his hair. God, it felt so good.

"Bellamy..."his name left her lips in a moan and he smiled. He pulled away slightly to look at her, pressing a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose, moving up to press another to her forehead. Clarke's eyes were drifted shut in pleasure, her chest heaving, breathing ragged. Her lids drifted open and she watched him tenderly. "What...the hell...was that?"

Bellamy smirked at her. "That, love, was me marking you as mine."

Clarke's haze lifted and she lifted a hand to her neck. "Bellamy! What the hell?!"

His lashes lowered and he gazed at her through them. "Well, I wasn't going to let anyone else touch you now was I?"

Her face looked so adorable he wanted to grab her, hold her tight and never let her go. She was so red, her fists clenched at her sides. "Asshole!"

He grinned, hiding his hurt behind it. "Well you weren't complaining a couple moments ago."

She scowled, but her features softened. "I didn't think I'd be parading hickeys around camp."

He smiled genuinely this time, the hurt fading slightly. He raised his hand to her cheek, caressing it. She sighed, closing her eyes and leaning into his touch. Suddenly she pulled away, and her mask was back. "Clarke?"

"Clarke!" Finn's voice echoed through the panels of the pod, and Clarke backed further away from Bellamy. His possessiveness swept in. "Clarke..." Bellamy warned.

Finn broke through the curtains that separated them from the rest of the pod. "Hey, I was looking for you."

"What's up?"

Finn grinned. "I want to show you something."

I want to punch you in the face. Bellamy scowled, warning her with his glare at the consequences if she agreed to go with Finn. Clarke deliberately met his gaze and replied, "Alright. Just finished patching up Bellamy anyway."

Bellamy's scowl darkened. Finn strode out, and Bellamy gripped Clarke's wrist in a final attempt to prevent Finn's death. "Clarke."

She didn't meet his eyes.

"You should rest." She responded finally, gently tugging her hand from his grip. And then she left.