Hi! QOS here. Uh, I was bored...

So this came out of my boredom. I should be bored more often.

This is only a short one-shot in Aki's POV about a certain somebody. I will not tell you who the certain somebody is, but it should be really, really obvious. I mean, his name is the only name I didn't mention.

But here's some hints anyway.

It is not Bruno, Kiryu, Crow, Jack, or Divine. :3 (That pretty much gave it away.)

I love this shipping! And not just because the shipping is based on my name either...

Anyway, enjoy!

...I hope...

My eyes closed. My mouth took a breath. My face being delicately slapped in the face with the air. My hair was flowing back. My hands by my side. My brain trying to stop my hands from coming out in front of me instinctively. My feet leaning. My body swaying. My heart beating... fast.

My entire being was falling.

It felt good, though. Finally letting my feelings roam free. Making my own decisions and not being dependent of anyone else. I liked being independent. And I was only because of him.

If he didn't save me from the enemy. If he didn't change my mind about people and this world called Earth. If he didn't insist on being my friend and saving me.

I would have never fallen.

You know what? I'm glad I fell. I'm glad I was the Black Rose Witch back then. You know why? It's simple. If I was never the Black Rose Witch, I would have never left home. I would have never entered the Grand Prix. I would have never hid behind a mask. I would have never found the evil in my heart. I would have never detested being a signer. I would have never had to put up with Crow and Jack's stupid, meaningless arguments. I would have never had to see Rua being hurt by Divine, and Ruka watching this in worry. I would have never tried to hurt him.

But I would never have made friends. I would never have found a group of people who respect me for who I am. I would have never ran away from the darkness in my heart. I would never have run out of Divine's grasp only to be pulled into another. I would have never contributed into saving the world. I would have never been loved. I would have never fallen in love. I would have never found the real me. I would never have seen the way Jack and Crow express their friendship. I would have never seen how protective Ruka and Rua are for each other.

But, worst of all, I would have never met him.

I may have never had to hurt if I was never the Black Rose Witch. But, if I was never the Black Rose Witch, I would have never felt safe in his arms.

I'm still falling.

I can't stop. No matter how much I try. No matter how much I try to stop from hitting the ground, no matter how much I try not to get my heart broken once again. I could not stop falling.

This turned out into a good thing. It turned out I was falling for the right man.

I felt his arms wrap around my body carefully, it felt as if he was afraid to crush me by holding me too tight. I felt my arms go around his waist, too. My face buried into his shoulder. I was smiling...

I stopped falling.

But I did not stop myself. He did. He caught me. He was the one who stole my heart.

And I never wanted him to give it back.