Summary: In which a cat adopts Elsa upon her return to the castle and, despite rather disliking "the loud girl," consistently puts his master's well being ahead of his own.

The chapters get progressively longer, so bear with me. This is absolutely Elsanna and Icest and Arencest and if you don't like that you should hit the back button now, okay bye, enjoy.

Sighing softly after saying goodnight to Anna, Elsa pushed the door to her room open. The queen sat heavily on her bed, feeling the last bits of adrenaline drain from her body. It had been such a long day. A long few days, and now she was home again. The gates were open, Anna was okay, Elsa was okay, and Arendelle could resume life as usual with summer returned to the small nation.

Flopping back, Elsa let her eyes close, only to open them again when a small mewl sounded from next to her head. Glancing to the side, the blonde sorceress found herself staring into the eyes of a small grey cat.

The cat mewled again, whiskers twitching, as it reached a small paw up and batted Elsa's nose.

"Hello there," Elsa chuckled, sitting up and turning, bringing her legs up on the bed as the cat padded closer. Elsa allowed the cat, barely big enough to not be called a kitten, to crawl up into her lap, smiling as it sniffed at her ice dress. "How did you get in here little one?"

Purring, the cat rubbed its head against Elsa's hands, seemingly unfazed by the natural chill of her skin.

Elsa frowned, feeling a roughness against her palms, and picked the cat up for a closer look. "Oh, little one, some of your whiskers are singed. Did you get too close to a candle or a fireplace?"

The cat licked Elsa's nose and wriggled to be let down.

Sighing, Elsa put the cat back in her lap. "You should be in the stables with the other critters," she yawned, suddenly remembering how tired she was, "I'll take you back in the morning." Elsa spent a few quiet minutes petting the small animal, silently admiring its grayscale fur and how funny the shortened whiskers made the cat look.

"Time for," the queen yawned again, "for bed, cat." Elsa stood, gently setting the cat down on the floor and turning to her wardrobe. With a wave of one hand, her ice dress disappeared, quickly replaced with a thin summer nightgown. As she walked back and settled into bed, Elsa couldn't help a sleepy chuckle as the cat struggled to pull itself back up the blankets.

"Oh, fine, c'mere you," Elsa giggled, scooping the cat up as it got halfway, leaving small tears in the queen's blanket with its tiny claws.

The cat purred happily and curled up in the queen's arms, licking her nose again.

Smiling, Elsa let herself relax. Tomorrow she would take the cat to the stables, but for tonight, after everything, at least she wasn't alone.