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Chapter 18: Afterwards

"Hm~~ I can't wait to get to the guild. Not even Mira-san's competition can wreck it for me." Lucy said as she sat up and stretched. She then felt something next to her and turned to see Natsu sleeping next to her. 'So I guess he did take my invitation last night. But he didn't have to come into my bed!' She thought with a sigh as she maneuvered her way around him.

"You're up too early, Lushy~~" Happy mumbled from the floor.

'I didn't even notice he was there.' She thought. "It's fine. You can go back to sleep. I'm just going to take a quick shower then head to the guild. You and Natsu can go when you feel like, but try not to wreck my stuff." She said as she got all her stuff.

"Okay." The exceed said as he went back to sleep.

'They probably came in after I went to sleep.' She thought as she got in her bathroom.

'Does that mean you're my girlfriend!?'

'Hm. That's doesn't sound so bad after all.' She thought as the water hit her skin. 'But I do need to get him back for embarressing me last night. And I think I know just the way.'

"I told you guys you could stay at my place until you woke up." Lucy said as she walked to the guild with Happy and Natsu.

"I know, but you wouldn't be there so it wouldn't be any fun." Natsu said with his hands behind his head.

"You liiiiiiiiiiike her~~~!" Happy said as he flew next to Natsu.

"Yup!" Natsu said, shocking Happy. The poor cat just in such a shock that his accedentally stopped his magic and fell to the ground. Lucy just giggled as she picked him up in her arms. "Oh, yeah. So what do I have to do to make you my girlfriend?" Natsu asked, looking at Lucy.

"First, we definetly have to go on a date. The only other thing is you have to first survive today without dying." She said with a smirk as they got to the guild. Natsu just gave her a confused look as they opened the door. "Oi, mina! I'm pregnant with Natsu's child!" The whole guild went silent and stared at her in shock. There was suddenly a dark aura around the while guild and an army of girls with Erza leading them all. Natsu turned around to try and escape, but there was suddenly an army of guys behind them.

"GET HIM!" Natsu started running around the guild until he was able to get out of the hall with almost the whole guild after him.

"WHAT THE HELL!? LUCY! SAVE MEEEEEE!" Natsu yelled as he ran faster.

"Please tell me you're were kidding, Lu-chan!" Levy exclaimed as she ran up and hugged her blond friend.

"Hai, hai. I just wanted revenge for embarressing me last night." Lucy said as she patted her friend on the head.

"Thank goodness." The blunette said as they sat down at a table with Wendy going to join them. "So how'd it go last night?"

"Oh, you mean after you four just left me like that?" She asked as the other two just laughed nervously. "It went great. I found out that the girl he liked was me and I told him that I liked him too. He wants me to be his girlfriend, but I told him at he has to survive today and we have to go on a date."

"Really? That's great!" Levy exclaimed with Wendy nodding her head.

"Now we just have to get Gajeel-san to admit he likes Levy-san." Wendy said, making Levy blush and Lucy laugh.

"...Since when did we start taking after Mira-san?" Lucy asked, shocking the other two. After a moment of silence they all shook their heads with a sigh. "So did Mira-san say what the next challange was?"

"Nope. She said that she would tell us today, but she kinda fainted after your big announcement." Levy said as they all saw Lisanna fanning her fallen sister. That's when there was a poof and Loke and Virgo appeared.

"Please tell me that was a lie!" Loke yelled with anime tears running down his face. He got confused looks. "Virgo just told me that you were pregnant with Natsu being the dad! Please tell me that wasn't true!"

"Calmed down, Loke. It isn't true." Lucy said. "Wait, couldn't you just hear what we just said?"

"Well I was busy on a date, so I wasn't really paying attention on what was going on out here." The lion spirit said.

'Poor Aries.' The girls thought.

"Virgo, why didn't you tell him hat I was just joking?" Lucy asked, looking at the other spirit.

"I thought it would be humorous to see nii-san's reaction." She said, getting sweat-drops from all of them.

'They're all crazy.'

"Hehehe. Sorry Natsu, but next time don't come to my place and started yelling stuff like that." Lucy said as Natsu sat next to her with Wendy healing him.

"Okay. Got it. I'm sorry." He said with a groan.

"Well I am glad that you were joking, but you shouldn't joke like that." Erza said as she ate her cake next to Wendy.

"But it was funny to see flame-brain get his ass kicked by all those people." Gray said with a grin.

"Shut up, ice-prick." Natsu said with no energy in his voice.

"Well you made it through that, so now we just need the date and we'll see what happens from there." Lucy said with a smile.

"Alright. So when are we going?" Natsu asked as Wendy finished.

"Going where?" Lucy asked with a fake questioning look.

"On our date?"

"What date? I wasn't asked out on a date by anyone." Hearing this, Erza grinned, Gray laughed, Wendy sweat-dropped and Natsu looked shocked. "The only thing I need to get ready for is the next round for the competition." Finally getting what she meant, Natsu sighed.



"Will you...go on a date with me?" Natsu asked with red covering his face. Gray just laughed harder while Erza let out a little chuckle.

"I don't know. I mean I do have other stuff to do. Plus I was planning on asking Levy-chan if she wanted to go shopping." Lucy said, looking up in thought. She glanced at the others and saw that Gray was dying from laughter on the floor, Erza looked very amused, Wendy was dragged away by Carla and Natsu looked to be in complete shock. "I'm just kidding. Sure. I'd live to go on a date with you." She said with a smile.

"Great! I'll set everything up!" Mirajane said popping up behind their seats, scaring Natsu and Lucy.

"No, Mira. Leave them be." Erza said as she took a bite of her cake.

"Oh poo. Fine, but I want all the detail when you come back!" Mirajane said. "Oh yeah. Since all of this has happened I think I'll postpone the competition for a while." She said as she walked away.

"I have a very bad feeling." Lucy said with Natsu nodding his head. The whole table went quiet with two being scared, another eating her cake and the last being unconscious and being dragged away by a rain woman with a wicked smile.


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