Reading: Sun's Heir, Death's Guardian II: A Hero's Peril


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In the Olympians' council chambers, the Olympians, the seven heroes, Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace the lieutenant of Artemis' Hunters eagerly awaited the Goddess of the Hearth to begin reading the long awaited sequel. Hestia cleared her throat, once more and the screen showed the image of the scene she read.

"I'm sick of you lying to me, Whiskers! Can't you just trust me?" Thalia asked as they stood in a dark corridor,

"Trouble in paradise?" Leo asked.

the area lit by a torch. She was wearing his white and red flame covered jacket, a black shirt and black jeans underneath it. Around her neck was a chord with her tree adorned with the Golden Fleece, representing her 'first' year at Camp Half-Blood.

Thalia gave a light smile to that; she still had the bead with her pack.

"I do, Thalia-chan!" Naruto retorted. He wore his usual carpenter jeans with two kunai pouches on either thigh, and a plain orange shirt with a black arrow pointing up. Around his neck was the same chord a different pendant hanging from it, one of a silver arrow representing his first quest to save his aunt. It wasn't a camp pendant, but a custom one made by his aunt in gratitude, as a way to show that he had her support.

"Aw, how sweet." Aphrodite said with a touch of her cheek. Artemis seemed to smile upon that as well.

The blond Guardian continued; "I couldn't tell you about him then because it wasn't safe to! We were on a quest!"

"Then why didn't you tell me afterwards?" Thalia shot back, her eyes filling with tears as she looked at him. "I had a right to know!"

"Uh-oh," said Annabeth, getting a feeling of what this was about. It was someone who had blond hair and blue eyes, and was seated not too far from her.

"You don't think I know that?" Naruto said to her with as much anger at himself that he had with the situation he was now in. "There was no safe time for me to tell you! Rai-Jiji might have killed me on the spot if I did!"

Zeus seemed unsure about that.

"Well maybe you should have anyway!" Thalia cried out. "He's my brother, Naruto, and you've known he was alive this whole time!"

"There it is." Thalia grunted and her eyes narrowed while fists clinched.

Jason frowned slightly, unsure what to think of the situation.

"And it's been tearing me up inside that I couldn't tell you, Thalia-chan!" Naruto tiredly explained, grabbing her shoulders as he spoke to her. His words became muffled and unintelligible, but they resulted in the girl opening and closing her mouth before embracing him in a hug, burrowing her head in his chest.

"Well, it seems like you'll make through it." Apollo smiled brightly.

Thalia still looked upset.

They stayed like that before the ground shook around them.


"Oh be quiet Leo," said Piper as she frowned at the son of Hephaestus. It was kind of touching. Thus no need to ruin it.

Naruto's eyes snapped open and he shot upwards in his bed within Camp Half-Blood's 13th Cabin. His chest heaved lightly with each pant and he put his left hand to his head. Groaning, he squeezed his eyes shut and plopped back down on his bed. That was the fifth time since April that he's had that dream and like the four times before, he was going to go mad all the upcoming day trying to figure out what the Hell it meant.

"That I'm pissed and your balls are going to fry?"

"Thalia." Artemis frowned at the crude language.


He sat up once again, this time stretching and yawning as he did so, his own path down insanity could be put aside for now. There was some shuffling at the foot of his bed and Naruto smiled down at his pet and what some of the campers were referring to as his symbolic animal.

"Foreshadowing." Athena claimed.

Reaching down, the blond guardian scratched the large dog-sized Smilodon cat behind his left ear, earning himself a deep rumbling purr in thanks. According to some of Annabeth's books she had acquired from her father's library, Ranger and his siblings were still in their youths and would grow to stand at a good four feet in height and about ten feet in length with about one ton of muscle spread throughout their body.

"Lucky." Annabeth cooed to the picture, she wanted one now dammit it! Percy looked at his girlfriend warily.

The only downside to this information was that Ranger loved to cuddle, and Naruto wasn't one hundred percent positive, but he was pretty sure his legs wouldn't be able to handle a two thousand pound cat lying across them. Soon he'd have to start pushing the dog-like cat off of his bed and convince Ranger to sleep on the floor.

"Still want one?" Percy asked.


"Morning, Range," Naruto greeted the now yawning prehistoric animal before slipping out of the bed and grabbing his clothes. He then went to the Cabin's bathroom, and after double-checking, entered when he was sure the younger of the di Angelo siblings wasn't using it. After his quick shower, Naruto exited the bathroom while pulling his Camp Half-Blood shirt on, pulling his camp necklace out and looking at the silver arrow that dangled from it.

What does it mean, Auntie Arte? Wondered the reincarnated God as he slipped his combat sandals on. He walked to the bedroom of his charges, knocking twice lightly before entering with Ranger in tow. The room was slate gray, similar to the throne room of Hades when said God wasn't trying to be intimidating with his obsidian throne and pillars. Nico was already up, sitting at his sister's bedside with a worried look on his face.

"What's going on?" Nico asked quietly with a frown.

After their trip to the Underworld over the winter to meet their father and stepmother (and Naruto's own mother who absolutely adored them,

"Aw, ain't that sweet?" said Thalia as she smirked at Nico.

"Not now." The death boy said with a frown. He was worried about what was going on with his other's sister.

considering her company without children), Bianca had come down with an unrecognizable disease that Naruto, for the life of him, couldn't make heads or tails of.

"No," Nico said, slowly shaking his head in disbelief. "No, no-no-no." His other got his sister back, and now he was going to lose her to some disease.

"Nico, relax." Hazel said to him, but it did very little.

One day she'd have a fever, the next she'd be as cold as the dead. The day before she was puking up black sludge, and the day before that she walked around drunker than a centaur after the annual Party Pony Get Together.

Hades held a face of grim while Nico looked to be in a panic.

Don't ask how Naruto knew what that was like, because that was a really weird summer.

"So he went with the Party Ponies huh." Percy mused, geez, what hadn't this guy done?

"How're you feeling today, Be-chan?" Naruto asked softly as he knelt down next to her, placing a hand on her arm and trying to once more get an accurate reading on what the hell was wrong with his charge. Since he was young, Naruto had been blessed with the ability to accurately determine an injury or illness to keep himself alive. It was a very rare ability ingrained in the core of every descendant of Apollo.

The demigods blinked, they had never heard of that before.

When he asked why none of his other siblings had gotten this perk yet, Apollo explained that they hadn't earned it, which Naruto sadly understood. Apollo, despite loving all his children, had an ego the size of (if not larger than) Olympus and only the most impressive of his children would unlock the ability.

"Meh, we all do that with the most impressive of our kids." Ares shrugged, he wasn't going to lie. He liked some of his brats more than others.

Naruto has had to brave loneliness and discrimination for the earliest years of his life, both of which were challenges no child of Apollo had yet to face. Sure, some of them had Mom's who could care less, but at least they knew who their parents were.

"This is very true," said Apollo as he nodded.

"Like crap," the now pale girl said honestly with a small smile before lifting her arm to cough into it. Naruto smiled back at her gently while Ranger sat next to the girl's brother, nudging at the boy's arm with his head and trying to snap him out of the funk the empathic prehistoric cat could sense. Nico started scratching the giant cat behind the ears and frowned when Bianca's coughing didn't stop until after a good fifteen minutes.

The demigods held grimaces at the sight.

Naruto formed his favorite hand seal and summoned a Kage Bunshin, looking at it and ordering, "Take care of her."

"No duh, Oyabun," the clone replied with a roll of his eyes.

"I mean it, no slacking off," sternly instructed the castor. The clone saluted. Looking himself in the eye for any sign of insubordination - since you just couldn't tell with clones half the time

"There's a reason to not having them Annabeth," said Percy with a smirk.

"Still want them." His girlfriend grumbled back.

- Naruto then turned to Nico. "Alright, let's let Bianca get some rest Nico."

"Later Bianca," Nico quietly said as he and Ranger stood up to leave the room. "Feel better."

"Thanks Nico," the girl weakly replied before smiling at Naruto. "You too, Naruto."

"Just rest, Be-chan," softly replied her Guardian as he ruffled her hair lightly, getting swatted away for the action. Chuckling he turned and left after his other charge, who looked too depressed to actually leave his sister behind. Naruto gently guided the younger boy out of the cabin and they both walked towards the dining pavilion.

"Naruto," Nico's voice broke their silence, making the tall blond look down to him. "Is...Is Bianca going to die?"

Nico's stomach was churning at the very thought.

"Nico, how could you ask that?" Naruto asked as they came to a stop. He put a hand on the boy's shoulder and smiled at him reassuringly. "Bianca will be back on her feet before you know it. She's a strong girl. Gets it from her Father...and so do you."

Hades let a small smile out while Nico had his own tired one at the information.

Nico smiled lightly at that before he glanced back at the cabin. "But...she's been sick for so long...Are you sure your Dad can't do anything?"

"I've asked him for all the help he could give me but as I've said before, not even Athena knows all," answered the blond, patting his young charge's shoulder reassuringly. "I'll find a way to help her."

"You think so?" Nico replied.

"I'd bet my life on it, 'ttebayo," Naruto said before looking to the side and cursing. "I thought I got rid of that."

Nico stared at him in confusion but smiled as he thought about his Guardian's words. If anyone could help his sister, Naruto could. He was the strongest person, aside from Mr. D., in the Camp.

"Well, reincarnated god and all . . ." Apollo bragged smugly. He got some eye rolls from the other gods, but none could really refute him.

The demigods nodded in agreement.

"I'll hold you to that, Naruto," Nico said before grinning. "And Bianca wouldn't want me to worry. Like you said, she's strong!"

Naruto beamed at the younger boy's positive attitude and ruffled his hair. "There ya go, kiddo! Let's go get some grub, eh?"

After a healthy breakfast courtesy of the wood nymphs and satyrs of Camp Half-Blood - seriously, how did they make Canadian bacon so good? - Naruto parted ways with Nico as the younger demigod had to go practice beginner's archery with Lee and the other members of Cabin Seven. He had a free day, so to speak, and how else would he spend it but with the girl he's been dreaming about...literally.

"Well, he is." Thalia admitted with a frown.

So Naruto found himself standing outside of Zeus' Cabin, looking at the door and wondering if he should just tell her about Jason now while she was still drowsy.

"I'd do it." Leo admitted shamelessly. If it saved him an ass kicking, well just why not?

It would be the perfect time to do so, wouldn't it? Would it change anything that he saw? Would she understand now if he explained it to her? Would the dreams stop?

"So many questions, but he really should just let things play out." Apollo stated, "Visions are funny things like that."

Hard to say, seeing as his past life had not been talking to him lately. The day after he had the first dream was the last time he spoke with Helios. The once Faded God had said he would try to find out what the dream had meant and then poof! He was gone. No words, not even a snigger at any jokes he made, there was nothing.

"And that is something he should be thankful for." Hestia sniffed before resuming reading. She missed the amused smirk her younger siblings sent her.

And right now, Naruto hated that he had to figure this out on his own. He looked up at the inscription of the eagle above Zeus' Cabin. Taking a deep breath, Naruto raised his arm to knock on the Cabin door when he heard the clattering of bronze against bronze. Turning around, he found the new beginner's swordsmanship trainer, Quintus standing in front of his Hellhound Mrs. O'Leary, who appeared as a large tank-sized black mastiff, against Percy's blade Riptide with a blade of his own. Quintus was a man in his fifties, somewhat wearing a bronze chest plate over his camp T-shirt, black mountain climbing cargos and boots.

Annabeth just had a sad smile on her face while Athena held a look of disappointment.

"So the daughter of Athena did go and retrieve her boyfriend," Kyu commented from his place around Naruto's wrist. The spirit manifested itself next to the blond as he felt some chakra filter into the bracelet. He nodded to the fight ahead of them, "Jackson's been practicing his swordplay...with a stick apparently."

Percy scowled at the dig at his practice ethics. The stupid fox didn't need to bring it up. Ass.

"At least he's practicing," Naruto murmured before he teleported from his place outside of Zeus' Cabin and reappeared between the two swordsmen. His eyes burst into gold orbs of light with two blue suns and he caught the edges of the swords with his now glowing hands before they could collide once more. Pushing the weapons down, the blond then fell out of his God Mode as he dubbed it. Narrowing his normal unique eyes at the new teacher, Naruto spoke with disapproval, "I don't know if you know this, Quintus, but we try not to fight Campers outside of activities."

"Ah, sorry about that, Naruto," the older man apologized, lowering his blade and then gesturing to the Hellhound, "but it seems this young man tried to kill Mrs. O'Leary."

"How cruel Percy."

"Hey," Percy said with frown to Nico. "If you just saw a random hellhound in the camp, you'd react, too." Besides, he got up close and personal to one his first summer. He honestly acted on instinct.

"I see," Naruto nodded before looking to the still amazed Percy. "Water Boy, what have I told you about diving headfirst into something?"

"Wait," Thalia stopped the story, "he had a talk about that with Percy?" she asked questioningly, getting some nods of agreement.

Percy just crossed his arms, pouting.

"Uh...make sure you have all the information before you do?" Percy sheepishly answered as he recapped Riptide. "Sorry, guess I jumped the gun."

"Don't be too hard on yourself," Naruto admonished the teen. "You saw a Hellhound and reacted appropriately, you just had the one millionth of a chance of running into the one Hellhound that Camp Half-Blood welcomes."

"Only Percy."

"Oh stuff it, Nico." The water boy grumbled.

"Right...So what's been new for you?" Percy asked as Quintus and Mrs. O'Leary walked away. The raven-haired teen shoved Riptide's pen form back into his pocket and gave a wry grin to the older demigod. "Haven't seen or heard from you since Christmas."

Naruto arched a brow and crossed his arms over his chest. "I've been well."

"Ha! That's an understatement if I've ever heard one," Kyu mocked as he rematerialized next to Naruto and making Percy jump. "If by 'well' you meant fighting off that Daughter of Aphrodite's affections,

"Oh! Which one decided to step up?" Aphrodite asked as she leaned in eagerly.

trying to figure out what your dreams mean without your past life's help,

Thalia looked grumpy at the reminder.

being in a relationship with a feisty demigoddess

There were snickers all around from that, except from the pink-cheeked hunter.

and trying to keep one of your charges alive, then yeah, you're doing fantastic, Kit."

Nico just had a large frown on his face at the reminder of his now somewhat dying sister. Great, stupid fox.

"'Daughter of Aphrodite's affections'?" Percy repeated in confusion. Naruto looked away, his cheeks tinting pink lightly as his spirit companion roared with laughter.

"Oh yes! This girl, Drew Tan-something,

"I should've known." Piper said as she scowled. Thalia didn't seem happy about that tidbit either. In fact, only Aphrodite seemed really happy about it.

"Well you can't blame her dear." Her mother said as she smiled brightly.

has been trying to use her mother's gift on the Kit any chance she gets," snorted the once monster as his massive arms crossed.

"Oh come on! Even going as far as charmspeak, talk about desperate." Piper spat out. Aphrodite said nothing, a small smile on her face.

He was elbowed in the gut by Naruto, whose eyes had shut in an effort to calm himself down.

"Stuff it, Fuzzball!" growled the blond Guardian before glaring at Percy. "This doesn't leave us, got it?"

"S-Sure...I'm just trying to wrap my head around the fact that someone's trying to steal you away from Thalia," Percy said,

"Note how he says that he belongs to her," said Aphrodite as she grinned at the Hunter, who just grumbled in return. Seriously, pink was somewhat a permanent color on her cheeks now.

making his increased awareness of the world around him known to the two. The raven-haired demigod watched as Naruto nervously shifted from one foot to the other while Kyu gained a twinkle in his eye. Having heard of this sort of thing from television, Percy's mouth slightly became ajar and he stuttered out, "Y-You haven't told Thalia yet, have you?"

"What?" Thalia said flatly with her eyes narrowed.

Naruto looked away once more and shoved his hands into his pockets, mumbling sheepishly. "It's not a big deal."

"Yeah, it kind of is."

"Oh look at you, all jealous like," said Piper through her snickers at the now pouting Hunter.

Percy opened and closed his mouth before thinking about it. Maybe he was just putting too much thought into it. Perhaps he shouldn't have spent that whole day watching his Mom's soaps with her. His opinions on relationships were screwy enough as it is with his Dad's situation.

"Too true," Percy quipped, getting Poseidon to brood a bit at the jab. From his own son, even!

"Ah, Percy! And Naruto, this is perfect!" Chiron said as he trotted up to the two demigods. He then nodded uneasily in the spirit's direction. "Kyubi."

"Hello Pony," Kyu greeted with an obvious smile beneath his mask.

"Oh, he did not." Percy chuckled, poor Chiron.

Naruto quirked a smile and Percy coughed to cover up a chuckle while Chiron harrumphed.

"Pony indeed," huffed the centaur before he looked at the two Demigods. "You both need to come with me."

"Is something wrong with that guy Clarice brought back?" Naruto asked as he followed the centaur.

Percy and Annabeth let out snickers at the slip up while Ares scowled.

"Clarisse," Chiron corrected. "And no. It has to do with Grover."

"Damn," said Percy with a frown, Annabeth's giggling died out with the news of that event.

"Grover?!" Percy parroted in concern for his friend. "What's wrong with Grover?"

"Grover's fine, he's a bit of trouble with the Council of Cloven Elders," Chiron explained. "He needs some friends to give him support."

"What are we waiting for?" asked the Son of Poseidon before running off in a random direction.

"Percy wait you don't..." Chiron sighed as the teen ran out of sight before he lamely finished. "Know where we're going."

"Kid's got heart, you have to give him that," Naruto said with a smile as he and his snickering spirit followed the centaur to recover the teen.

"Not much brains though." Annabeth teased.


Annabeth just kissed his cheek, "Well, I guess I'll have to be the brain for both of us." She smiled coyly at him, getting her boyfriend to blush. Athena pursed her lips at the byplay.

Once they had managed to rescue Percy from his misguided sense of direction, the two demigods were dropped off in a glade deep in the forests of Camp Half-Blood. Kyu dissipated back into his bracelet and Chiron left to resume other duties, aware that his presence wouldn't help Grover, but may hinder his argument.

Percy and Naruto walked over to Annabeth and Clarisse's side, the eldest demigod nodding to the two girls while Percy opened his mouth to speak, only to be shushed by Annabeth who was comforting a petite elfish girl crying green tears. Percy stared at the amber haired girl, trying to make heads or tails of where he had seen her before. Taking pity on the younger teen, Naruto leaned over and whispered. "That's Juniper, Grover's girlfriend. She's a dryad."

"Grover has a girlfriend?!" Percy hissed in surprise, only to be silenced as one of the older Satyrs banged a gavel. The four demigods hushed while Juniper tried to stifle her tears.

"As it is, Grover Underwood, we cannot pass this off as evidence to a lead," one of the Satyrs said. "But since you believe so strongly in it-"

"Petitioning five times to have a whole group of searchers to unite," interjected another with a disapproving snort. "A waste of resources."

"Regardless, seeing as you find it to be so important we agreed on a decision," the first Satyr started again after glaring at the one who interrupted him. "We will give you one week to find Pan, and if you fail, you must sacrifice your Searcher's License."

Naruto's fists clenched and he glared at the three Satyrs. He knew damn well that his cousin was still alive, if only just, and that Grover had a strong connection to the God of the Wild.

"Then say something!" Percy scowled at the blond.

"Knowing Pan, he probably had the kid sworn to secrecy," said a weakly smiling Hermes.

He wasn't sure how deep it was, but based on some of the conversations they used to have when using Sage Mode, Pan assured him it was a pretty deep connection. One that almost reminded him of something he had felt before, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"This meeting is adjourned," The Cloven Elders said as one before they left the glade. Naruto followed the others to Grover's side, his anger at the limit. Seriously, one more thing happens today and he might just explode.

"Oh Grover!" Juniper cried out as she hugged the shell-shocked satyr, "Grover, speak to me."

"I got this," Percy said with a hint of glee before he slapped the satyr upside the head. Grover yelped and glared at the innocent smile his friend gave him before he recalled what had caused him to go into shock.

"Karma, ain't it a bitch?" Percy said mockingly, remembering how Grover up slapped him in the last book.

Immediately he went into panic mode. "Oh Pan! How am I supposed to find Pan in a week when no one's found him in centuries!? I'm never going to find him! I might as well give up!"

"Percy, once more," Naruto sighed as he tried to not be too irritated at his friend. He had a very good reason to freak out after all, considering his dream was on the line.

"Gladly," chirped the son of Poseidon as he whacked his friend once more upside the head, snapping him from his negative thoughts.

"You are taking far too much joy in that." Annabeth pointed out to him, but the sea child just shrugged.

Annabeth slapped Percy on the arm and glared at him, making the boy wither under her glare.

"Like he should." The blonde child of wisdom nodded.

"What?! Naruto said I should!"

"So easy to jump blame, typical." Athena rolled her eyes, ignoring the way Poseidon glowered at her.

"Only because I might accidently smack his head off," grumbled the blond before he took a deep breath. Placing a hand on Grover's shoulder, Naruto smiled at one of his first friends in the real world. "You've got this, G. Whose the one that got Thalia-chan and Annie back to camp?"

"You!" Annabeth and Thalia cheered.

"Me?" Grover asked. Naruto grinned and patted the relatively young satyr's shoulder.

"Right," the blond then opened his mouth to say something else when he froze. The five stared at him as his smile suddenly faded away and his face settled into a scowl. Due to their close proximity, Grover started to baa fearfully as the blond released a large wave of KI. Juniper had already bolted for the trees, and the three demigods were struggling with their own fight-or-flight instincts.

"Ooo, someone's pissed." Ares grinned.

"...Shit!" swore the eldest demigod before he vanished in a flash of light. A few seconds after he vanished, a yawning Thalia walked into the clearing wearing black jeans and an AC/DC shirt.

"Sorry I'm late," she apologized as she walked up to the group. "Chiron said it was an emergency and Whiskers never showed up for the wake-up call he us-er, promised to give me."

"Subtle," said Jason as he smiled at his sister, who blushed at the insinuation of it all. With the valentine special clear in her mind, her blush grew somewhat brighter.

The daughter of Zeus' electric blue eyes blinked before she waved her hands in front of Grover's face and then turned to the three frozen demigods. "Hello? Guys?...Did I miss something?"

"Well yeah, kind of, but no big deal." Percy waved off jokingly. Thalia just scowled at him.

Naruto reappeared in the di Angelo siblings bedroom, just at the foot of Bianca's bed. His clone was kneeling at her side, cleaning away some dark green liquid that was coming out of the corner of her mouth, nose, ears and eyes.

Nico's heart was clenching in a vice grip, gods, what was happening to his sister?!

Appearing at his clone's side, the blond placed his hand over the groaning Bianca's.

Naruto frowned when he couldn't determine what was wrong, just as before. This was getting really bad. He might have to do more than just pray to his father for help...he might have to go to (insert slight shudder here) the Oracle of Delphi. Moving to the other side of the bed, Naruto placed a hand on Bianca's head, frowning when her forehead didn't burn him, but gave him a few chills.

"Interesting," said Apollo. His fingers interlaced as he leaned forward with intrigue.

Removing his hand didn't stop the chills, but now the room started to spin and the reincarnated God stumbled back before falling onto Nico's bed. His head collided with the wall behind Nico's bed and he grunted before passing out.

"Contagious?" Hermes questioned.

"Nah, probably a vision moment. You know my kid, just keeping the awesome on the up and up." Apollo smiled wolfishly.

He awoke in a world of darkness before he heard a familiar throat-clearing sound. Turning around, the glowing form of Helios sat in a meditative position, his eyes shut. Slowly they opened to reveal two solid white orbs and the world around him returned to the bright white room he knew so well. Before Naruto could ask what was going on, Helios' mouth opened and the God spoke in a mixture of voices, both female and male.

"Hey, he's giving a prophecy. That's my shtick now Hel, it was agreed on!" Apollo ranted with a pout. He still pulled out a notepad to write it down, though displeasure was obvious on his face.

A life risked for the Ghost King's precious one,

"That's me and Bianca." Nico frowned making Hazel grab his hand in support.

The family reunites after the Roman attacks the Sun.

"That's us," said Jason with a bright smile to his sister, he would get to meet her sooner. And, he was slightly jealous of his other. Thalia didn't become a Hunter, thus they could probably be together more often then he and his own sister were.

"But which Roman attacks the sun? I mean, it clearly means Naruto, but wouldn't that start a war?" Piper asked nervously. She was also frowning at not being able to see her boyfriend as soon…or not at all.

"Who knows?" Leo grimaced. He did not want to see a war happen between the camps in that universe like one was happening here.

Three take the Fire Steed neither West nor East,

"Probably Zephyr." Annabeth pointed out. She cupped her chin in thought. "But where to? North or south?"

The Pinwheel's Spiral Blade revives the Leaf's dreaded Beast.

"Well, that doesn't sound good," said Percy with a frown.

Rescue comes from the power of Lightning and Thunder,

"Guess we have to save the day, eh Jay?" Thalia asked as she smirked to her brother. He gave the same grin back and their sire sat up a bit taller.

The Shadow Slug defeats death with a gift of wonder.

"Oh? And who is this slug?" Hades mused in interest.

After the Guardian's past returns twice more,

Two brothers shall fall during the Labyrinth's War.

"Well, that's not ominous at all." Percy frowned. Lee and Castor had died, they were brothers…but this was about brothers to Naruto. Was this Lee going to die too and someone else from Apollo?

Apollo's mind was on the same track as he mulled over the possibilities Of that last line's meaning.

Helios' glowing eyes faded away back into their normal blue and sun filled orbs. He blinked several times before groaning, putting his hands to his head. "Ugh...My head is pounding worse than the time I drank Dionysius' mixed batch of wine..."

The god in question sighed. "Good times," he said with a lick of his lips in remembrance.

Blinking, he stared at his incarnation that was gaping at him, making the God run his hands over his face and ask frantically. "What? What is it? Is there something on my face?"

"N-No..." Naruto answered, making his past life look at him in confusion. Gaining a sense over himself, Naruto shook his head in disbelief before he continued. "Y-You just gave me a prophecy."

"Dum dum dum!" Apollo cried out dramatically, "Ow!" he said rubbing his head.

Artemis lowered her hand, a scowl on her face.


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