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There she stood- bewildered. It was the last thing that she would have expected to see. He couldn't have run off.. Could he? What was the true reason to this was not in her mind. She was too jumbled in thought to think of anything reasonable for this.

"It's okay Maka.. You're just over-exaggerating a bit. He's bound to be somewhere. Besides, he just wouldn't run off on his own without telling you or anyone else, right?" Soul was standing behind the troubled Meister; he placed a light hand on her shoulder to try to calm her down.

Maka took a deep breath through her mouth and let it out through her nose. She shut her eyes for a few moments, floating in her thoughts. Soul was right- perhaps she was over-exaggerating. She hadn't even bothered to look for him, all she had did was knock on his door. She waited for a while then knocked again- soon enough opening the door and no one was there.

"Crona.." She mumbled softly under her breath. She cleared her mind of all things void of the situation and let out a deep sigh. She looked back up over to her trusted weapon, a serious look on her face.

"Let's go ahead and look for him, shall we..?"

Soul slightly stammered. "Y- Yea.." Though it wasn't very noticeable, he could tell that glint in her eyes was that she was worried, almost angry. But he shouldn't jump to conclusions anyways. He wasn't sure why he was surprised- it wasn't surprising to see her act this way over Crona, she was protective of him and knew how he felt about things, always trusting him to tell her anything thats troubling him. He.. He..

He didn't realise Maka had already left out the apartment door.

Maka called out from the open door, loud enough to she was assured that he had heard her. "Are you coming, Soul?" She slightly peeked her head through the door, looking at him with a slight curious look, yet the concerned look still looming on her face.

"Yea. Coming." He spoke calmly, catching up to her with ease. They both walked out the door, closing it behind them.

Kid slowly walked up to the door, straightened out as he always was making sure that he was not asymmetrical. He opened it, somewhat surprised to see Maka and Soul. He could only respond with what he could think of off the top of his mind- but by the look in Maka's eyes, he could tell something was off. "My, what brings you guys here?"

Liz stretched her neck, getting a glimpse out the door Kid had opened. She gave a strange look, then shrugged it off. She returned to reading a magazine of hers- every now and then looking over to Patty who was on the other side of her on the couch doing her toenails.

Patty was giggling; Liz had promised she'd allow Patty to do her nails for once. Of course Patty was exited about this- taking it as an "honourable experience". Patty swayed to side to side while doing them, many colours of nail polish sprawled across the floor with assortments of all colours.

All it took was two words from Maka for Kid to understand what was going on with them.

"Crona's gone."

Kid turned back, and called for Liz and Patty. Of course they were slightly disappointed at first.

"Ugh, can't it wait until my nails are dry at least first?" Liz exclaimed, a disappointed expression on her face.

"Ya, I worked reeeally hard on them!" Patty also exclaimed. She giggled, then grabbed one of Liz's feet. Liz didn't really care though, she was sprawled on the couch and it didn't bother her much. Patty pointed out the things she painted on Liz's toenails; of course Liz paid attention to her though. It was only natural for her to want to know too on what she exactly put on them.

Patty smiled, spreading out Liz's toes by putting her fingers in between them. She used her other hand to point to each toe, apparently she had put different things on each toenail.

"I put a little bird on this one.. Then a kitty.. Then I made a lion.. Then.." Patty continued on, making faces and sounds as she pointed each one of them out that represented the animal. "And finally, I put a GIRAFFE!" Patty yelled the last one, laughing.

Patty's laughing was interrupted though from Kid.

"This is serious you two," he exclaimed with a serious tone. "Crona's gone."

The Thompson Twins understood, Liz trying her best to spread out her toes and blow on them to dry them quicker. Not much of a surprise to any of them.

A few moments later, Liz and Patty came out, standing behind Kid. Maka thoughts had eased for now, with the help of them surely Crona would be found.

The thought of that eased her senses. For now at least.

He cowered underneath his sheets, trembling like a cornered dog with abusive owners blocking him. His scared eyes darted from side to side as a chill ran down his spine. An all-too familiar voice called out.

"Ohh little Ferry! I know you're in there! C'mon, show yourself to Blair. Please?~" Blair slowly padded into a room in Maka and Soul's apartment with a mischievous look on her face. This just made him all the more scared.

"Ah-HAH!" Blair jumped up onto the bed, pinning him down onto the bed with her two front paws.

He squeaked in terror, quickly squirming out from her clutches. He scurried across the matted floor, soon turning to tile. His small claws clicked against the tile. He turned to look behind him, this only caused him to run faster.

Blair charged across the room after him without thinking twice about knocking anything in her way to get to the small furry mammal. Books flew from all directions as she chased him. Blair had bumped into a table once or twice, knocking down things that looked somewhat valuable.

But in her eyes, the only thing now that was valuable was the meal she was chasing after.

The scared furry creature dodged things that flew his way intentionally trying to block his path and slow him down so his chaser can catch him. But it wasn't the easiest to slow him down.

Not while he was in full charge.

Loud thumps were heard, the clacking of nails against tile was also heard. Every now and then a shriek of a cat would pause the thumping- only to once again start back up in a few seconds.

The place looked like a complete wreck soon enough. The chase still longing to go on.

And it did.