Chapter 12


"You okay, Em?" I checked again.

The man looked beyond pale.

I was a little nervous because if Emmett fainted, I was not a hundred percent sure I'd be able to catch him without us both crashing to the ground.

Jasper pulled his flask from his suitcoat pocket and handed it over.

"Come on, Emmett. It's going to be fine."

"But what if I stuff it up? Do something wrong and spoil Rosie's wedding day?" he panicked.

"Emmett, today is all about the bride. You, the groom, are just an accessory to hang off her arm. You have memorized your speech and that's it. That's all you have to do."

He stuck his finger down between his collar and his neck and coughed.

"Damn things choking me. I don't know why we couldn't wait a couple more weeks so the baby could be flowergirl."

I laughed.

"I can't wait to see you holding that tiny little baby girl," I admitted. "I bet she has you wound around her little finger by the time she is a week old."

"You would win that bet," he agreed. "So, do you and Bella plan to have kids one day?"

I exhaled loudly.

"Emmett, if I can convince Bella to marry me, then I think my share of good fortune will have been used up. Whether or not we have kids doesn't matter anyway. Just being able to call her Mrs Bella Cullen will be enough."

"Maybe she wants a few years of being Bella Swan. She actually changed her name by deed poll. How awesome is that?" Emmett chortled.

"Maybe she didn't like her real name," Jasper said with a grin. "Who names their poor baby Renesmee?"

"A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet," I informed them both.

"But tell me you never call her that," Emmett pleaded. "Not even when you two are..."

" Buck up, here comes the bride," Jasper warned.

I looked back and watched my sister walk slowly towards us, as Carlisle held her arm.

"Where's Bella?" I hissed. She was the bridesmaid.

Alice was there, in her Matron of Honor outfit, tossing petals in front of Rosalie, but in rehearsal Bella had preceded the bride down the aisle.

"Be quiet," Alice hissed as Jasper took my arm and forced me to walk so I was standing on the opposite of the aisle to Emmett.

"What's going on?" I asked crossly.

"Double wedding. Last minute decision. You are the Best Man but also the groom."

My heart skipped a beat.

Sure enough, Charlie Swan emerged, hastily shoved into one of my father's suits, with my Bella on his arm.

She looked amazing and I was grateful that Alice had given Bella the dress for her last birthday, even though my girl had just about thrown it back at her at the time.

So, she had kept it after all.

"Wow, she looks amazing," Jasper whispered. "So much prettier as a blonde. And those blue eyes..."

"I hope they have babies that look just like her," Alice whispered to Jas.

I grinned and stepped to accept my surprise bride's hand from her father.

"Edward, congratulations. Bella decided if she could just join in to this wedding, then she would marry you after all."

"Thank you," I whispered, taking her hand into mine and kissing her fingers.

"Dearly Beloved," Angela's father boomed. "We are here today to join in matrimony Emmett Charles Swan and Rosalie Lillian Cullen, and Edward Anthony Cullen and Isabella Marie Swan."

And Bella looked up at me and smiled, and my world was complete.


"Do you think Bella is showing?" Jessica snidely asked Angela as they sat with their plus ones in the pew. "She's usually concave and she just looks...less so."

"She's not pregnant, Jess," Angela replied.

"Why else would they get married straight after Graduation?" Jess argued. "And how come Mr Cullen gets to marry a student anyway? Isn't that what that other teacher went down for? Because he was sleeping with Charlotte Whatsit?"

"Someone said Edward and Bella got a special dispensation," Eric piped up.

"Like, from the Pope?" Jessica questioned.

"There's some reason it's all okay," Angela assured them. "Something only those that need to know are conversant with. Anyway, it's their business."

"I heard Bella is actually like, twenty five or something," Mike added wistfully.

"What? Are you pissed because you never got to sleep with a cougar?" Jess growled.

"Well, I mean, twenty five. She must have been around. Have a lot of experience," Mike sulked.

"You do need lessons," Jess snarled spitefully. "Maybe I should have handed you over to her for a while. For training purposes."


"So, my beautiful bride, I owe you one now. I did not see this coming," I admitted as I twirled her around the dancefloor.

"Surprise," Bella replied with a grin. "I got you."

"You always had me," I informed her, kissing her forehead. "What changed your mind? You were so very sure you would never get married from when we first met then all the hoopla you had to arrange for Rose and Emmett to get married today...I thought it convinced you that you had made the right decision."

"Edward, I suddenly realised I had to give you the one thing you really wanted, because it seemed unfair to refuse, and today seemed like the perfect chance to do that without all the wedding planning crap that I would never have survived a second time. Even with Alice and Esme doing most of it, it still drove me nuts."

"So it was now or never?" I asked.

"Pretty much. You did say you did not care where or when, you just wanted to marry me. Remember."

"How could I forget. I meant every word. This is perfect."

"Bella, come cut the cake. Rose wants to get the formalities over and done with so she can go lay down," Alice urged.

"Sounds like a great idea," I agreed.

"What? Cutting the cake or laying down?" Bella asked.

"You choose," I replied, leading her towards the wedding table.

Esme had balanced a second set of bride and groom figures on top of the cake and Emmett was moaning about having to share.

"Someone could have sent out for a second cake," he grumbled. "All these guests are going to expect two slices each, one from us and one from Edward and Bella."

"And there won't be any leftovers for you to stuff down your throat later?" Bella asked. "Don't worry. I was so nervous today I spent six hours in the kitchen. There are a dozen extra desserts and three other cakes, Emmett. I dare you to eat all of them and survive."

"Please don't dare him," Rose growled. "I have other activities in mind for tonight."

"I can multitask," Emmett reassured her.


"So, she made the right decision," Riley said to Marcus.

"Yep. This is actually the perfect solution. Once James Hunter turned up again, I pretty much knew if she ever came back to work, he would find her and succeed in killing her this time. Her career was over."

"Does she know?"

"Nope. She contacted me to resign so I didn't tell her. I will. I'll explain to Edward that James almost managed to end Bella's life during her last assignment, and it will always be too dangerous for her to ever return to New York. But from what I've heard from his parents, they plan to live here anyway. Neither of them long to live in the city. I can't say I blame them. It's so tranquil here."

"And green," Riley added.


"Why would Bella do this?" Alice moaned. "Nobody brought them a single wedding present seeing none of the guests knew this was a double wedding. That's just crazy."

"I have something for them," Carlisle replied. "Something Edward is going to treasure a lot more than a toaster."

"What is it?" Esme asked.

Carlisle pulled out an envelope from his pocket.

"As you all know, Bella was having some tests done to find out if there was any reason she had not conceived, despite many months of unprotected love making."

"Is she okay?" Esme asked worriedly.

"The only thing wrong with Bella will take about eight more months to 'cure'," he grinned.

"She's pregnant?" Alice said in awe, clapping her hands.

"Just barely. But as they say, there's no such thing as just a little bit pregnant."

"Edward will be over the moon," Esme said with a smile. "For all his protestations that just having Bella in his life is enough, we all know how much he wants a baby as well."

"And now he has everything he ever wanted," Carlisle agreed.

They watched several of the guests walk over to Bella and pin money onto her gown before kissing her and congratulating Edward.

Carlisle looked at his wife.

"Got a pin?"

She smiled, and they walked towards the couple, and pinned the test results onto the brides dress.


The End