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Chapter 1: Early Years

Saint Mungo's Hospital 1980

A man with messy hair and round glasses is currently standing near a bedridden woman with vibrant red hair and brilliant green eyes with nervousness and trepidation oozing out of him while mentally flinching for every sound made in the room. The woman right now is sweating heavily, gasping for air while screaming obscenities to the handsome man standing beside her while two witches are muttering spells after spells to ensure her health. Two men are standing behind the other man. One with a rugged-looking face that is pleasing to most eyes and one with a lean build and handsome face.

"JAMES! I swear, once I'm finished with... with... THISSS, I'm going to CASTRATE YOU IN THE MOST PAINFUL MANNER EVER THOUGHT OF BY WOMAN IN THIS WORLD! WITH A WOODEN SPOON!", screams the bedridden woman.

"But lils, weren't you the one who ask for children? If you castrate me, then we no longe..r can... mak..e m..ore bab...", stuttered the man clearly in fright of his own wife while the other males are cringing before touching their own genitals before being interrupted by said wife.

"SHUT UPP! I'M CASTRATING YOU AND THAT'S FINAL!", screams the woman in retaliation.

"You can do it Mrs. Potter, I have seen the head, keep pushing", encourages the medi-witch while James Potter pales at the threat to his genitals.

And after some time of the same scene occurring again and again with slightly different words, the Potter family are blessed with two twin boys. One inherits their mother's eyes and features while having a tuft of black hair and the other who inherits their father's eyes and face with a tuft of red hair. While being a newborn, both undeniably have inherited their parents charm from a very young age.

"Congratulations Mr and Mrs Potter. You have two healthy babies. Judging by the differences from your children, you seem to have a fraternal twin", says the older medi-witch while the younger one are currently handing the babies to their mother.

"Look at them James, their beautiful... They'll definitely charm all students and professors when they go to hogwarts", sighs Lily, smiling a blinding smile and crying tears of joy for her two sons.

"Definitely, both will be a casanova that makes all males jealous of them", said James and Sirius at the same time while grinning to each other. The other male, Remus Lupin, can only shake his head before smiling to both babies.

"It will definitely be hard to have man-child as your father and uncle but don't worry. Uncle Remus will be the mature role model that you can follow", croons Remus while looking fondly to the newborn twins.

Unknown to any of them, four mysterious lights appears suddenly. Glowing faintly, none of the adults notice the occurence as all of their eyes are only at the beautiful babies. The lights seems to hover above them, as though observing the scene before focusing into one particular child with brilliant green eyes. Transparent to the eyes of all humans, it seems to have made a decision and enters the body the child, making said child giggle and sigh cutely at the sudden warmth.

"Boys... Typical", said Lily before looking back at her son from hearing a sudden giggle with eyes that spoke unconditional love.

"So Prongs, what will you name them?", ask Sirius Black who can't seem to stay in one spot from the excitement.

"Hmm... The mini-me with Lily's hair will be named as Alexander James Potter as the potter first child inherits their father name. The Lily look-alike will be Harry... Harry Ignotus Potter to honour my family's ancestors. What do you think Lily-flower?", said James while holding the Alex leaving Lily with little Harry.

"Harry and Alexander... Alex, both are beautiful name. No matter what happens, I'll always love the both of you Alex, Harry", says Lily while Sirius make a gagging noise somewhere which incites a glare from the passionate woman.

Godric's Hollow 1981

"Lily! It's him! Take Alex and Harry and RUN! I'll hold him back!", screams a man with panic in his voice clear for all to hear.

Lily who hears the shout can only give a short prayer to her husband before rushing to her children rooms. Holding the babies with both hands, she tried to apparate but all she manage is only a small spin. Realizing that apparition has been blocked, she tried to use their emergency portkey only to have it fails as well. With no method of escaping, she put both babies back to their carriages, cast the strongest shield and ward before creating a disillusionment ward for good measure and went downstairs to help her husband.

With James

After screaming his warning, James face the reptilian face of his enemy with disgust and hate. His wand lies somewhere in his room and knowing that he will not have access to magic without his wand, he immediately dive to nearest wall while trying to comeup with a plan to buy his wife and children some time. Seeing the futile resistance of his enemy, Lord Voldemort can only laugh mockingly before launching several dark cutting curse to James.

"You really think you can defeat me without your wand? Although you have indeed defied me, Lord Voldemort, for three times, not even you can be so stupid to think of defeating me without magic.", exclaimed the snake-faced bastard while launching dark curse after dark curse, clearly toying with the man.

"You always underestimate the might of the non-wizard (Lily has "educate" all four of them that using the word muggle, although not as bad as mudblood, is still demeaning) despite being a half-blood yourself. And beside, I don't need to defeat you. I only need to..."

"Buy some time for your precious wife and sons? Surely you don't think that Lord Voldemort attacks without any kind of plans and preparation? I have layered another ward to your house. This ward will prevent all kind of magical transportation be it apparition, brooms or floo. This ward will also disrupt all kinds of magical communication including the dark mark and patronus charm. Indeed, with this ward, I myself cannot communicate to my servants. But that's hardly a price to isolate your family so that I can destroy you without interruption. And for your slight against me, I'll make sure that you will suffer before you die.", laughed Tom Riddle maniacally while shooting curses.

James pales immediately knowing that they are, for all intent and purposes, cutoff from the rest of the world. But recovers immediately and fights back by throwing all kind of objects to Voldemort who laughed before transfiguring them to deadly knives and launching them on James. James drops to the ground to avoid the sharp projectile while thinking of his next move but something appears in his sight that made his blood ran cold.

Lily. With determination shining in both of her brilliant eyes, she raise her wand to duel Voldemort. Unfortunately, the slight pause in his movement, allows Voldemort Cruciatus curse to connect and James writhes on the floor, screaming due to having his all of his nerves fried by the abominable curse before being stunned.

Seeing her husband tortured and stunned made Lily falter in her movement and that is all the opening that Voldemort needs. He banish her to a nearby wall and immediately cast a stunning spell, after all, his best potion master desires her and incentives to the man will only make the potion master more loyal and hardworking to him. No matter how much he loathes having to spare the scums of the wizarding world.

Finished with the hindrance, Lord Voldemort proceeds to check every room yet he finds not a trace of the babies. Gritting his teeth in annoyance, he realises that the mudblood must have made them invisible somehow. Casting his strongest tracking charm, he notice that there is a slight response of two magical core int he room he's located at. Despite the distance and the spell he used, the fact that only a miniscule response shows that the mudblood whore ward is quite commendable.

Regretting the fact that such talents falls to the light side and to the dirt of the wizarding world at that, he nevertheless proceeds into tearing down the wards casted by Lily. It took some time, but he manages to destroys all of the wards (let it not be said that he almost trips the fail-safe charm that will blast all intruders out of Godric's Hollow and re-applies the fidelius charm with the parents as the secret-keeper), he finally meet his objectives. Except that there are two of them, both staring at him without fear.

Voldemort did not know which one is his nemesis and he hates if he killed the wrong one because the moment he sees the twins, he already plans to kidnap one of them and craft him to a weapon for the dark side. After few moment of contemplating, he decides to kill both babies due to the threats the twins poses to his life. Lamenting of the fact that he lose yet another weapon, he look at the one year-old twins. One with brilliant green eyes filled with kindness and another with piercing brown eyes with courage.

Reminded of the fact that Lily, who had green eyes, is his greatest obstacle into reaching his objective, he choose to kill the green eyed boy first (the fact that the boy's eyes remind him of death, of avada kedavra had absolutely nothing to do with his choice, nope, none at the slightest). "Avada Kedavra" he screams and when the deadly green light touches the forehead of the boy, four light appears. The green and white light forms a barrier while the blue and the red light clashes with the killing curse.

Harry, with the sudden onslaught of light, cries and wish it with all of his heart to make the bad things to go away. As if responding to his wishes, the blue and red light swallows the killing curse while the green and white light reforms into a mirror which assimilate the blue and red light. With all light combined, it reforms into a golden light and shoots with the speed of light towards Voldemort. All this happen in less than three seconds.

Witnessing all of the events with wide eyes, Voldemort had no time to deflect the curse. The golden light, upon reaching Voldemort explodes, destroying the room and reducing his body to ashes while a screaming dark spirit use all of it power to flee from the place to escape the agonizing pain from the gold light. The remaining golden light reforms into a protective cocoon for both potters. As the light dies down, Harry feels very weak and he collapse.

As Harry loses his consciousness, the golden cocoon dissapear. The pillars that support the house are obliterated from the explosion and a glowing, sharp wooden plank accidentally flew and scratch Alex forehead, engraving a lightning mark. From the small scratch, copious amount of blood ooze out and Alex too cried.

Aftermath, Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardy

A certain headmaster sits on a throne-like chair, chewing on his beloved lemon candy to ease a bad feeling he had. In fact, after dinner, he had bad feeling that something dreadful is about to happen. Hurrying back to his quarter, he checks all of the alarms to ensure that none has go off. When seeing that none of the alarms go off, he blames it on dinner and has been trying to settle down with his candies.

After a while, and about two hundred and fifty candies (how on earth is he not sick by eating that amount candies in a short time remains unknown), none of his alarms has gone off yet his feeling only grew worse. He decides that a rude, uninvited, late at night visit to the Longbottoms and to the Potters is better than having to sit on his throne without any kind of confirmation.

Longbottom's Manor

Visiting the Longbottoms, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (another mystery of where the middle name came from) is greeted with the enchanting face of Alice Longbottom who allowed him to come inside after checking whether he is the true Dumbledore (war-time, polyjuice. 'Nuff said)

"Good evening Alice dear, I hope everything is well for you and your family", exclaimed a cheerful headmaster.

"Yes, Albus, everything is as fine as it can be", sigh Alice, both exasperated and amused by the headmaster antics while leading him to the living room where her husband, mother-in-law and son are located at.

"Albus, not to insult you, but what are you doing here late at night? Did something happen?", ask Frank Longbottom, muscle tensing, preparing to move at moment's notice. Actions which are mirrored by the intimidating figure of Augusta Longbottom .

"Settle down Augusta, Frank my dear boy. Nothing bad has happened. I just had a bad feeling and decides to check on your manor though it seems that everything is fine. How's is young Neville doing by the way? Has he manifest any kind of accidental magic?", says Albus, relieved that everything is indeed, fine. Frank, whose muscle starts relaxing, answered.

"Neville is fine, drooling all over the place and rolling here and there. And no, he has not shown any accidental magic eith..."

"Albus, when did you have this bad feeling?", interrupts Augusta.

"After dinner, around 7.30 p.m. Is something wrong?", replied Albus.

"I too, have been feeling that something bad is going to happen around that time. Have you check the Potters?", ask a suddenly worried Augusta.

"Not yet. It seems that something bad has happened to the Potters. Very well then, Augusta and I shall go check the Potter. I want the both of you to strengthen the Longbottom Manor barriers and protect young Neville", ordered a suddenly tense Albus. Both Longbottoms nodded and Albus and Augusta immediately head to the the fireplace. Grabbing a pinch of floo powder and throwing it to the fireplace, they screams Godric's Hollow. To their surprise, not a single ember of green flames comes out.

Immediately they run to the apparition point and tried to apparate to the Potters only to see each other spin. Albus immediately summon his familiar phoenix, grab a firm hold on Augusta hand and flame out of existence. Seeing this, both Longbottom decides to hide Neville in a shed and cast an array of protective spells and disillusionment ward on Neville and the shed for good measure before preparing for all kinds of possibility.

Godric's Hollow

Upon arriving, Albus and Augusta pales considerably after seeing that the structure in front of them won't be too out of place in some kind of ancient ruins. Both immediately notice the ward that isolate the Potters from the outside world and whose magical signature that create the ward. Albus, incensed with overwhelming fury and with the aid of his faithful familiar, raised the elder wand and shatters the ward in an instant. Augusta's jaw drop slightly after seeing the manner in which Albus break down the complex ward instantly.

"Augusta, I need you to immediately go to the Ministry of Magic and St Mungo and get Amelia to dispatch a group of auror and medi-witch. I will get inside and search for any... survivors", orders Albus with fury, sadness, self-loathing and regret intermingling in his old face. Augusta nods sharply and immediately disapparate from Gordric's Hollow.

Entering the place with wand at hand, Albus immediately notice the current patriarch and matriarch of the Potter family stunned and immediately set about reviving and healing them. At around the same time, Sirius came running inside with wand at hand. Seeing this, Albus face immediately darkens with fury and start attacking the Lord of house Black viciously.

"Wait Albus, I mean no harm to James and Lily", says Sirius, ducking and weaving among the salvo of spells launched by the venerable headmaster.

"How can you not mean any harm to James and Lily when the both of them has been injured by your actions? And Merlin knows what happen to their sons!", thundered Albus who starts duelling in earnest, transfiguring their surrounding into dragon and beast and all manners of deadly beings and set them on Sirius Black...

Only to have them undone by James Potter. Seeing the confused and slightly betrayed expression of the headmaster, Lily decides to explain that their true secret-keeper was Peter Pettigrew and the reason that no one informs Albus is to fool their enemies into thinking that Sirius Black is the secret-keeper. To fool your enemies, you must fool you friend first and all that. Once that is resolved, the four of them immediately went to the twins room to find it in absolute ruin. James and Lily immediately search through the debris for their sons with Albus and Sirius helping after a moment .

It didn't take them long to find the twins as Alex is still crying and screaming from the intense pain in his forehead and his 'Hawwy' is still not moving. That is the state in which the adults find them, Alex crying, one hand holding his bleeding forehead and the other grabbing his twin's hand. Lily immediately starts healing them while James and Sirius are relieved and whispering to both boys that everything will be okay. Albus however, start casting diagnosing charm and finds out that both boys have very low magic left in them.

Albus quickly deduced that Harry must have played a part somewhere but it is Alexander that vanquish the Dark Lord. His proof being that for the one who fought directly, must be the one with external injuries and among the two boys, only Alexander have such injuries. This suspicion is further confirmed since Lily has been successful in stopping the bleeding but for some reason cannot completely close the wound.

"This confirms it, Alexander James Potter is the one who have vanquished the Dark Lord and will do so in the future. This is the Boy-Who-Lived", exclaimed the Headmaster. Both James and Sirius looked on the first born of the potter family with pride, leaving Lily to treat Harry who sleep soundly under his mother care.

Potter's Manor 1985

The perfect family. Potter. That is what the community of wizarding world thought of the potter. They are powerful in terms of magic, considerably wealthy (to the point that ten generations of wizard lifespan can live comfortably without having to lift a single finger), possess considerable amount of allies among which is Lord Black and most of all, the parent of the vanquisher of the Dark Lord Voldemort.

If it is just that, the more intelligent people will just label them as powerful but even the elite families thought of them as the perfect family. The reason being is that the Potters have never and will never stagnate. Even though they can live without working, both parents are working. Father as the department head of auror while the mother act as a part-time unspeakable due to her children. Their son are also taught to be humble and never take things for granted. Yes, Alex despite living in a world where the community bow down and will listen to his words, is taught to never be arrogant because of it. He is taught that all are humans and therefore, equal with no one being higher or lower than him. The community therefore thought of them as the perfect family; A handsome, hardworking and strong husband, an intelligent, beautiful yet compassionate wife and the most famous yet humble wizard in the country after Albus Dumbledore as their son.

Indeed, the community only knows that the Potters have only one son. What happen to Harry? He is ignored in favor to his twin. The change happened gradually after the event at Godric's Hollow four years ago. After Alex being declared as the Boy-Who-Lived, both parents start to be more vigilant with their sons. However, Alex due to being the first born, has always receive more attention than his little brother. And gradually, because Alex is labeled as the vanquisher of the Dark Lord, both parents gradually shift their attention from Harry to Alex. Over the four years, both Lily and James starts to pay more attention towards Alex and in return, Harry is eventually ignored by his own parents.

The godfather of Alex is Sirius Orion Black while the godfather of Harry is Remus John Lupin. At first, both godfathers care equally for Alex and Harry. But as time passess on, both godfathers too shift their whole attention towards Alex. It is not because that Alex is famous. Yes, the fact that he is famous is a contributing factor, but the more important reason is a prophecy made by Sybill Trelawney. It basically states that the one marked by the Dark Lord have the power to vanquish him once and for all. Thus, they have the need to prepare Alex to the best of their abilities so that when Alex faces his nemesis, he will come out as the victor. Power alone won't do, Alex must have the heart, the will, and the right moral to defeat Voldemort. Therefore, all attention eventually shift to Alex.

Growing up in a mansion is what almost all if not all poor people have been dreaming of. But little Harry Potter cannot understand that. What he wish more than anything is to have his parent to look at him, to acknowledge him, to not ignore him. Harry Potter is a very intelligent and perceptive boy. He is one of the very few individual to possess eidetic memory. He is able to instantly remember everything he can feel from his five senses; audio, taste, smell, visual and touch. At first, he knows that his family cares equally for him and Alex. But as time passess on, he had no choice but to accept the truth that his family ignores him in favor of his own brother. Nevertheless, he didn't lose hope that he will one day be recognised by his own parent. Therefore, instead of trying to catch attention of his own parents, he decides to better himself; in knowledge, in magic and in physical skills.

Since he is ignored by his own parents, he decides to immerse himself in books. He hopes to gain knowledge so that he will be better in magic and so that he can grow properly. All for the moment that when his parents finally notice him, they can only feel proud of him. It is naive judgement as a child for if he does all that in secret, just how will his parents who have ignored him, will notice all of his actions? Even so, he chooses to belief that someday his parents will acknowledge him.

And so he starts reading and learning. Gaining knowledge of the human biology to help him enhance his muscle and grow properly and knowledge of magic. The rate at which he gains knowledge is phenomenal due to his eidetic memory. He starts gathering knowledge of martial arts as well since he didn't want to be entirely dependent to magic. And he has start practicing to use his magic with no wand. He realise that there are some kind of energy circulating inside his body and learns to channel them to a certain part of his body like limbs or lungs and found out that he can enhance them to a certain extent. He has also start with simple charm and transfiguration.

And so, he continues improving himself all in the hopes that he will finally be noticed by his parents. There are indeed, time that he cries from frustation, sadness and despair since he is not acknowledged by his own parents or godfather. In those times, he went to the forest that has been owned by his "family" for centuries. He did not know the reason but he always manage to find comfort when he is surrounded by greeneries and wildlife.

Until that day come. His birthday is always celebrated with his brother, no matter how much his brother is more favoured than him. But in his 5th birthday, he is completely forgotten by his family. The Potters plan to celebrate this year birthday in a cottage near the sea. Of course, that means that Remus and Sirius will also go to said beach. While little Harry is spending his time in the library, reading all kinds of knowledge available to him, the Potters pack their belongings and left Harry alone in the huge Potter Manor.

Harry only realise that he is alone in the manor when he began searching for lunch. He looked for his family everywhere but cannot find them. The Potter house elf (Lily completely dislike the idea of slavery of living creature so James can only hire one) goes with the Potters and leaving Harry all alone in the big manor. At that Harry now realised just by how much his parents have ignored him and with no one to cook for him, he had no choice but to cook for himself. Reading and absorbing the information from the recipe is easy enough but at that age, he cannot fully utilise his magic to do complicate movement such as cooking for him.

So, he had no choice but to use his own feeble limbs to cook for food. This result in a few injuries including slight burn and several lacerations on his hands. That day, Harry cannot help but feel hatred to his own parents for abandoning him and to his twin brother for hoarding all the attention to himself. At that day as well, he starts to work even harder, determined to be the best as possible. But this time, it is so that his parents will be ashamed of themselves when they see how much Harry has grown all by himself. He no longer cares whether his own parents are proud of him or acknowledge him. It is also the day where he starts to expect nothing out of other people and doing things himself. By expecting nothing from other people, he will no longer feel any disappointment like with his parents.

Potter Manor 1988

Harry is now eight years old. After that day, 31st of July 1985, Harry has considerably matured. He in enrolled in a non-wizard school along with his twin brother Alex. Alex seeing that he got the attention never realised that Harry was ignored by their family. As a result, Alex too, follows his family and did not pay any attention to Harry. In the school, Harry is nothing short of spectacular, gaining only perfect scores in all subjects and he has started learning languages. One language he in particular excel in is Japanese since he is interested with their brand of magic. Some draws a character in a paper to create a certain effect while some other uses handsigns to use magic.

Harry realise that despite having his school fee paid by "parents" (biological only i.e. James as sperm donor and Lily as womb donator) does not mean that he will receive anything else and thus has started finding work. After severe practice and numerous experimentations, Harry has become a great chef, capable of producing a variety of foods with ease. He finds that he quite enjoy the the process and starts selling his created foods. Needless to say, on the first day, all of his foods are sold, both in the wizarding world and in the non-wizarding world.

And thus, he starts to make his own money and starts all manners of food related stores from cafe to bakery to restaurants. He manages to hire few people in the non-wizarding world and some house elves to help manage his store while he focused on cooking. The process of cooking also serve as a practice for him to separate his concentration; enabling him to do several things at once and refine his control over his magic. After several years of having this routine, his body start to have a defined shape despite being so young and his control over magic is nothing short of amazing. It is possible for Harry since he has start training his magic at three years old. Being so in tune with his magic, he is capable of many things without having to memorise spells though it will take more energy to do so.

One day, the school announce that there will be a week of global exchange studies around the world. Harry is quite excited about it since he has dreamed to go to Japan and experience the magic over there. However, the slip needs his "parents" permission and he had no choice but to ask his "parents" to go. When he ask for the permission, his "parents" agree and sign his form. Needless to say he is astonished, in a good way, that his "parents" allowed him to go to Japan and even paid for it! Excited by the new things that he will experience in Japan, he hands in his slip back to the teacher and went home to start packing for his luggage.

Annnnd first chapter done! Now I want to say that none of the "light side" characters are bad. Just the circumstance of this story that portrays them as bad, especially since I'm focusing on the perspective of the victim, Harry. And it is impossible that to have that much fame without it affecting you one way or another. In this case, it make the attention shift to Alex and Harry being abandoned.

Just in case you think I'm making Harry too overpowered, Alex has the same amount of energy as Harry during his infancy. Then why is it that his magic is very low during the aftermath of the Godric's Hollow despite it is Harry that actually fights? The answer is his wound in the forehead. During the backlash of the killing curse, after it strikes Voldemort, it explodes, sending the magic to all parts of the room INCLUDING the wooden plank that give Alex his scar. That's why his wound won't heal completely since it is a curse scar. And his magic is Alex's magic is working overtime to heal the wound and prevent the profuse bleeding as much as possible which is why by the time Dumbledore diagnose both boys, both of them have very low magic.

And what happens to the Longbottoms? It's the same as to what happen in the original story, tortured to insanity by a team of death eaters led by Bellatrix Lestrange. Augusta who knows the layout of the house would notice the missing shed and lift the disillusionment ward and retrieve Neville to take care of him jsut like the original story. Although I don't know how Neville and Augusta survive, at least my version make sense to me

As for Voldemort choosing Harry as his nemesis? Harry has green eyes that remind him of the killing curse. No matter what he did, Tom Riddle has always fear death and tries his best to escape it. That's why he fashioned himself the name vol-de-mort or flight from death to make himself, grand that he is the only one to conquer his death when all he did is escape it momentarily.

Voldemort main spell is the Killing curse? That he uses it so much that he should not fear it? It's the other way around. When we fight to kill, we will always choose the best method to do so against our enemies. In other words, we will end up thinking what is the best way to end our own life. After discovering that, we use that method against our enemies so that we can kill our enemies quickly and efficiently. The same case applies here. Tom Riddle who fears death, knows better than anyone that the best spell to kill is the killing curse. That's why, to prevent others from knowing his weakness and to prevent others from using it against him, he always take the first move by throwing a bunch of killing curse to the point where other wizards/witches think that his signature move is the killing curse. Anyway, that's just my opinion

And Harry or Alex being horcrux? Hmm... I'll leave that to you readers to find out. I have already decided which one is the horcrux though. I will not reveal anything else in the Harry Potter plot though since this fiction focuses more on the digital world aspect so don't get your hopes up for Harry Potter fan (Sorry!). And remember, using truth to misdirect people is always the best lie. Hahahahahahha

Anywaayyy, I think that's most of the confusing things. Just remember, review and help me improve this story. This is my first story after all and I'll try to update as soon as possible.

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