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WARNING!: Sonic is slightly OOC in the beginning chapters on purpose to develop him into the hero he is today.

How he is OOC: I'm emphasizing the bad traits of Sonic so much in this story that he seems like a total jerk; I'm trying to see how he would originally feel with all these powers and stuff before he becomes truly selfless. After all, we all have to start somewhere. Don't worry, the good traits about Sonic will come and round this character out. That's the whole purpose of this story.

And he is not totally friends with Amy like in other continuities; the only times they converse are when they are fighting together or when Amy is chasing him. So if you're all for a Sonic-centered, character-developing story on how your famous blue hedgehog becomes the hero he is today, then this is for you. :)

Now that that's out of the way, please enjoy the story!


The bitter icy wind stung Sonic's eyes as he ran towards it and tried to gain speed against it. Fighting the wind instead of going where it wants to. It was a nice challenge, more of a distraction though, since Eggman hadn't shown his face in quite a while. It seemed odd to Sonic especially since it was time for many evil figures to try and steal the famed holiday of the season.

As the blue hedgehog dashed into the next town against the flow of the weather, he heard merry church bells ring out from there. The townspeople were already on their feet despite it being a viciously frigid afternoon, and they were hanging beloved holly wreaths on their doorposts.

Shops were lined up on each side of the town, and streams of people walked to and fro along the snow-covered sidewalks. Sonic grinned as the aroma of candy canes reached his nose from one of the stores; it seemed like some of the shop workers were already at work.

Sonic swung himself in the candy shop, and he was immediately met with blissful, sweet scents that barely tempted his hunger. Quickly, he snuck a candy cane in his quills, threw some coins on the counter, and escaped all in one blue blur. He slowed his sprint to a trot just to overhear the surprised sputtering of the shop owner and then a laugh of realization. "Merry Christmas, ya big blue jokester hero you!"

The 'big blue jokester hero' chuckled to himself and winked at a group of ogling kids before speeding off out of the town. After a few strides, a tantalizingly familiar scent reached his nose, causing him to follow its direction. It beat fighting the wind, anyway.

The scent brought him to a quaint, medium-sized building surrounded by several other structures, where the smell was even stronger. Licking his lips, Sonic plunged into the edifice. "Ah, chilidogs!" he cried jubilantly, raising his hands in victory.

The little diner reeked of the smell along with coffee and donuts and whatever diners reeked of. Tasteless saliva lathered over his tongue as he tried to imagine what the taste of those chilidogs would be, but to no avail. Shaking off the remnants of the cruel cold, Sonic strutted to the cute small waiting space resting near the entrance and plopped down in a crimson and white couch, tapping his foot excitedly.

Traditional Christmas lights hung neatly on the walls and windows, and there even was a decorated miniature tree on one of the tables. Few customers resided there, and they didn't pay a single grain of attention to the blue hero, probably the work of the lulling holiday carols over the radio. Sonic took a glance at the classic black and white tiled floors all tidy and proper and the old-fashioned high top counters and stools, not the least bit disorganized.

"Nice place," Sonic commented softly to himself.

"Why, thank you, Sonic! I worked really hard on it for someone like you to come!" A jovial voice giggled. The blue hedgehog's stomach plummeted, nearly taking his hunger with it. He swiveled his spiky blue head to the direction of the voice, praying it wasn't so.


It was so.

The pink hedgehog's face hadn't changed much. Still creepily bearing into his soul with that devious smile. "Wh-what are you doing here?" he stuttered, attempting to gulp. As his eyes trailed down her outfit, his throat seemed to close up because of the giant lump he'd like to call discomfort formed there. She wore an apron over her normal dress, and it boasted a shiny gold nameplate. "You...work here?"

"Not only that, I own this diner!" she chirped, "Amy's Chilidog Diner! Didn't you read the giant sign outside?" Sonic mentally cursed his innate ability to ignore everything when it involved his favorite food.

"C'mon, I have a table for you. You must be starving after all the heroic things you've done today!" Amy said, gesturing to a small booth to which the blue hedgehog sat down at. He had to admit; it was cozy, but his waitress started to make him feel uneasy again, the lump in his throat becoming larger.

"What would you like?" the cheery voice asked.

Avoiding her gaze, he managed to gasp out, "A chilidog." Until then he didn't even realize he was holding his breath. Amy giggled once again, and Sonic felt his muzzle heat up.

"Right away, Sonic!"

Sonic threw his head back and groaned quietly along with the Christmas music. He didn't even get past the first verse when he heard:

"Here you go, Sonic! A chilidog just like you ordered!"

Sonic raised an eyebrow incredulously. "That was quick," he mumbled, as his waitress handed him his meal.

"Thanks, I try to make the service just like you, fast and efficient!" Amy said, grinning genially. Sonic noticed that her hands were moving constantly as if she was nervous. Nevertheless, he chomped into the chilidog, his hunger getting the better of him. His lime eyes widened.

He knew chilidogs were a heavenly food, but was there anything that tasted this divine? Sonic noticed Amy's knowing smile and instantly changed his look of surprise. But the damage was done. "Do you mind?" he snapped rather harshly. Amy waved her hands apologetically, and her head dropped away from his increasingly angry gaze.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll leave you to your chilidog," his waitress spoke humbly, but he could see her beaming as she left. Sonic chugged his meal, dropped his cash, and left. This would never happen again.

Sonic munched yet another chilidog uncomfortably under the gaze of his pink admiring waitress. He almost felt the taste becoming bland in his mind because of the extreme awkwardness he was feeling. It was almost as if someone was applying more and more pressure on his chest, sending the feeling up his throat to disable his ability to swallow. Amy was the epitome of his discomfort, the very reason he had these strange occurrences, and he abhorred them indignantly.

Her plan was clever. It was bold. But most of all, it was working. How could it not? He adored the spicy flavor that seeped from the enticing chili sauce as it delicately coated his tongue in its heavenly goodness. The steaming pork he especially liked because it brought back memories of grilling his own 'dogs back when he was Tails' age.

His eyes that were shut in imagination now opened to view once again that goofy smile half-hidden behind the ferns on the counter. He could not get the dancing images of her chasing him obsessively out of his mind.

With a shrill groan, he threw his head back. What was he still doing here? Why did he always come back? He knew that Amy was doing this to force him to be with her. Soon she might even withhold a chilidog from him until he asked her out. And if he complied to that, there would be no stopping her in her insane pursuit of the words 'Will you marry me.'

And she always did that. No matter what form it took whether it be pretending to be like one of the guys or full-blown screaming it, her plan always wrapped around the concept of marrying the blue hero, getting him to settle down. More like tying him down to one spot for all eternity. And that-if his freedom was at stake-would be the worst punishment he could bear.

Marriage for life.

Sonic let the chilidog slip out of his withering hold. That was not going to happen, not under his watch. He was a free-moving spirit that didn't like to be held down, and she had just locked him in a homey diner fa├žade with the key in her clutches. Sonic the Hedgehog would not fall prey to this trap, not even when the enemy dangled chilidogs right in front of his nose. She hadn't tried anything fishy, but he knew that it was about time for the fangirl to burst out.

Though he loved eating his 'dogs to death, this would not be Amy's ticket to his proposal. He was the hero of the world; he had escaped traps better structured than this. However, though this trap was by far the most delicious, most scrumptious one yet, he'd find a way. He was sure of that!

With newfound confidence, Sonic scattered a couple of rings on his table and dumped the half-eaten chilidog in the trash bin. He sped off from the diner, not the least bit distracted from the beguiling smell he was leaving.

"Have a nice day, Sonic!" He heard his waitress call after him.

He grimaced.

This would end.

White afternoon sunlight filtered through the blinds of the diner and shone brilliantly on Amy's short pink quills as she diligently washed each table for the next shift. Still, murmurings of customers alit the diner with noise, and Amy contributed to it as well, humming along with the bright, upbeat tune on the radio. With a small smile painted on her face, she twirled between an aisle and grabbed her towel on the counter. Unable to control herself, her jade eyes trailed back to the red and white clock next to the counter.

Almost 3 o' clock. Almost time for him to come.

Her hips swayed to the Christmas song as she worked with an ever-growing grin and thoughts about her favorite customer. Sonic the Hedgehog had come every single day to her little diner! Amy knew he had an insatiable love for chilidogs, and by setting up this convenient little shop, she was able to see him every day.

This was such an accomplishment since she never got to see her blue crush. She understood that he had to save the world from Dr. Eggman, and she wanted him to continue to do that. Amy loved his heroism, his character, everything about him. She wanted to get to know him better, and what better way to get him near her than to set up a shop that involved a food he had time to eat every day!

It was a little deceptive, she had to admit, but it wasn't like her diner was the only one that served chilidogs. Sonic had loyally come to her diner specifically for the past two weeks at the exact same time: 3 o' clock, not a minute early.

"Maybe," she said, "the reason why he comes to my diner isn't because of the chilidogs but because he's attracted to me!" The thought, being so intriguing, made her break into an excited fit of giggles.

"Still, Amy," she told herself, "you mustn't pull yourself down on any rabbit trails. You want to be friends with him, not a crazed fangirl chasing him everywhere he goes like in the past. I must continue doing what I've been doing, being as friendly as possible because obviously it hasn't scared him off yet." In her mind, though, she secretly wished her gentle, less abrasive actions would not go unnoticed to her hunky blue hedgehog.

The three chimes of her clock drew her back to reality and an uncontrollable sense of anticipation. "He's coming! He's coming!" she squealed, adjusting as many things she found unworthy of his presence as possible. She hurled her towel towards the counter over several customer's heads, receiving many odd looks in return, and she scampered over to the front door, swiftly avoiding any puddles on the floor. Amy pressed her face against the window door eagerly and attempted to spot the first sign of her speedy blue customer.

Her heart thudded in her chest so thunderously she wondered if any of her customers could hear it. Will he burst through these doors at supersonic speeds with a piece of Eggman's destroyed ship and a cocky smile? Will he charge in first in a race against Tails, loudly announcing to the whole diner how he could use a chilidog? Or will he rush into this diner finally willing to talk to her?

"Waitress!" A husky voice called from Table 3.

Amy wrinkled her nose. Why, at the most precious of times? She turned around with a cheerful smile.

"Yes, sir?" she asked politely.

"Could you please give me another refill of water?" the customer offered, raising his empty glass.

"Sure can!" Amy said, reaching for his cup. However, the glass slipped out of his fingers, barely grazed her hands, and shattered into a million pieces on the wooden floor. She winced at this piece of unnecessary damage. Well, at least it had no water in it, she told herself, gathering the shards delicately into her hands.

"It's okay, sir," she assured, "I've got this! You needn't pay any money for-"

The customer wasn't even looking at her. Instead, his wide eyes looked beyond her, causing her to swing around curiously to see the commotion. Outside the diner, a blue figure was trekking through the snow and was heading towards the doors along with a horde of men dressed in black.

Amy's heart swelled. Sonic, he had come! She evened her apron, amended the creases in her gloves, and flew towards the entrance.

She bowed and opened the door reverently with a cheerful smile. "Welcome to Amy's Chilidog Diner, sir!" she exclaimed as Sonic brushed past without a word to her. "Sonic?"

Sonic stopped in the center of the diner. He looked distraught and ragged, his spines messier than ever and lime eyes wilder than before, which distressed Amy.

"What's the matter, Sonic?" she cried, nearing her hero, but she was blocked off by her faithful customers who had stood up to see all the fuss. Amy wrung her hands in alarm as she watched him pace back and forth.

"This! This is the place, guys! Everyone, stop what you're doing!" the blue hedgehog hollered. "This food...is contaminated!"

Gasps were heard across the room, and Sonic continued to fidget sporadically. "It's true!" he proclaimed. "There's a poison in all of us, in me! It's a long-term poison that slowly cuts off your life! It's too late to be treated, fellow citizens, for the poison she gave us!" He pointed an accusing finger at Amy, and fearful sets of eyes rested on her.

Amy's face instantly contorted into a look of hurt, and she stared at Sonic in confusion. "Sonic, I don't know what you're talking about. Everything I make in this diner is full of love and care~!"

"Ah, love and care that which is poison!" he declared, causing another uproar in the diner. "Honestly, Amy, look what your poison has done to me," he said, gesturing to his unkempt, sickly disposition, "And I thought you loved me!"

Tears bubbled in Amy's jade eyes; she almost believed what he said was true. "I do love you, Sonic," she whispered softly. The blue hedgehog's eyes once prideful became pained at this and averted her baffled gaze.

"Sir, we can't prove that her food is contaminated unless there's proof," the Health Department, the horde of men that had followed Sonic, added. The blue hedgehog shook himself from his trance and promptly thrust an eager pointer finger in the air.

"Ah, yes, the proof! Into the kitchen!" Sonic called, dashing behind the counter. Everyone followed the hero intently as he shuffled into a small closet. "There!" he cried, dumping a large can of hot magenta toxic waste on the floor. "Need I say more?" Sonic grinned cheekily as the health inspectors wrote furiously in their notepads.

Amy was at a loss for words. She was framed. "I-I didn't do this! I've never seen this in my life! That wasn't there before!" she exclaimed. But it was no use. One of the health inspectors gave her a piece of paper.

"You are in violation of Health Code 3177. Any toxic waste used in food is an automatic restaurant shutdown. This diner is shut down for obvious health reasons. Objection to do so or any more instances like this will result in jail time, Ms. Rose."

Amy gaped at the paper as the crowd bustled away, many shooting dirty looks at the girl and others groaning as if they were really poisoned. She only contained one simple thought in her head. What just happened?

Sonic checked his imaginary watch. He knew exactly what time it was: 3:15 PM. "C'mon, Tails, where can you be?" he asked himself impatiently. He couldn't wait until he got the vat of toxic waste, the Mega Mack that Tails and him had once experienced in Chemical Plant Zone, out of his slender tan arms. That poisonous pink water still gave him nightmares.

The plan had gone remarkably well. The health inspectors believed every fabricated word he had said. All they needed was a little "proof" and his charming face to seal the deal. Pfft, long-term poison? That was like saying that 100% of people who drink water die.

Despite there not being any more chilidogs to eat, he'd find a way. There was bound to be another chilidog diner somewhere. And if he didn't like the taste of those 'dogs, he could wait a little while and then ask Amy to make him one after all this had blown over. Besides, she still loved him, even if it was in a real creepy way.

Forget all that, he was free! Free from her clutches and her plan! Free from eating her chilidogs and free from discomfort! He felt as if he could take on any of Eggman's final bosses and beat them without even turning super.

To increase his happiness, his little bro arrived just in time. With his two tails whirling in a low hover, the fox fell into a gradual drift when he caught sight of the blue hedgehog. Sonic grinned at the putrid odor of petroleum and the aroma of hurriedly applied 'Spring Breeze' cologne.

"Tails, my buddy! So glad to see you!" he exclaimed, his arm extending his curled hand. The fox returned the fist bump and beamed artlessly, revealing his youthful age.

"Feeling better, Sonic?" Tails asked, brushing back his messy bangs with a soiled glove.

"Better? I feel the best I've ever been in a long time!" the blue hedgehog chuckled arrogantly, handing the vat of toxic waste to the young two-tailed fox. Then, sticking a gloved hand in his cobalt quills, Sonic tossed the long-forgotten candy cane to him. Tails' azure orbs danced with merriment as he clutched the noxious container in his stubby golden arms and caught the treat in his mouth. Finally, Sonic could smooth out his roughed up quills; they were starting to irritate him like that.

"Thanks for returning the Mega Mack to me, Sonic. I have this cool experiment that especially needs it," the fox mumbled vigorously around the candy cane, "And besides, what were you using it for? An act or something?"

Sonic met his little brother's gaze and smirked. "Something like that."


The blue hedgehog swerved around on the tips of his toes to the noise behind him, and his smile immediately dropped. Amy stood before the two. Her Piko Piko Hammer had crashed onto the concrete street, and her figure was frozen. Her normally jolly jade eyes had lost its fire, only leaving smoky shades of tearful confusion and shock, all aimed at him.

Oh no.

Tails swiveled his head towards Amy and then back to Sonic wildly in concern as if he was desiring in an answer. The pink hedgehog merely stood there, staring at the blue hedgehog, as pedestrians strolled by.

And Sonic? He just simply did what he did best.

Follow the wind.