Hello Lovelies! Some of you might know me from my Falling like A Snowflake, which I will still be writing, but this is just a slight detour right now. I've been blessed with severe writers block (Yay!) for that story, so it's extremely difficult for me to churn out anything of interest. So, here is a bit of a synopsis and sneak peak of a story inspired by a little photo I saw gracing the tumblr tag "Jelsa."


On the night of December 16th, 2013, the small town of Hopefall was plummeted into darkness. When the power finally was switched back on, and emergency responders finally made it to the scene, 116 children under the age of 16 were missing from their beds. Desperate to find the missing children, search parties were sent out internationally for the missing children. The SSA, or Super(human) Spies for America, wished to send out a team of their own - their top spies, Jackson Overland and Elsa Arendelle. Jack Frost is smart and handsome, cocky and unpredictable, fun-loving and stubborn as a mule. Elsa was smart and beautiful, quick-thinking and strong, but serious and also as stubborn as a mule. The two quickly become Mr. and Mrs. Jack and Elsa Frost.

The problem - The only thing these two spies hate more than to be without a mission, is each other.

They must throw aside their differences and work together in an attempt to save the children. Along the way, they both begin to realize that they are much more alike than they previously thought. As their mission progresses, the two might even being to realize that what they really hate is being... apart from one another?

Follow Mr. And Mrs. Frost on one of their most perilous missions yet, coming April 30th and to be updated every friday afterwards!


Sooo, what do you think? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the reviews lovelies! And now, for a super quick sneak peak!


Nicholas North stared at the screen, rubbing the gray stubble that graced his chin.

116 children missing, stolen in the night. Signs of struggle - torn blankets, small bloodstains, shattered windows, broken toys and electronics at every scene. All clocks at all crime scenes stopped off at 1:22 in the morning, while outage was reported occurring at 12:30 am. Nothing else reported stolen or missing.

He rubbed his face, letting his eyes drift to his own clock that hung in the office. 6:30 am. Another all-nighter.

He sipped his coffee. He lifted his fingers, and let them hover over the intercom button. Inside his mind, a war was occurring.

'THIS IS ASKING FOR TROUBLE.' Screamed one side.

'They'll push past their differences - it's for work. They'll do anything to advance, even though they can't exactly.' Another reasoned.


'So? They've gotten far enough that they know how to use their powers, and it's unlikely that they'll need them for this mission. It's fool proof!' The yes side rebutted.

Shaking the thoughts from his head, Nicholas North dropped his hand onto the button. It speaker buzzed and crackled, as he leaned in and rumbled.

"I want Agents' Overland and Arendelle schedules cleared. Assign them on case Romeo 47." He released the button. In seconds, a nasally voice came through the machine.

"Are you sure, sir? These agents have strong histories of disdain towards one another-" The woman replied, to which North slammed his pointer finger back onto the button.

"Don't question my logic before I have the chance to do so myself. Clear their schedules, and send them up as soon as they've eaten for assignment." He lifted his finger.

"Yes sir." The voice replied. The line went silent. Nicholas North leaned back in his chair, and steepled his fingers underneath his nose. He hoped he wouldn't regret this.

He really hoped he wouldn't regret this.


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