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Elsa dropped the keys onto the hardwood table, the loud clink echoing throughout the dark kitchen. She didn't know what time it was – only that it was late, and her practice had run a lot longer than she had previously expected. She hadn't meant for a tree to have been knocked down, and she certainly hadn't meant for the power lines to freeze over. Jack sat curled up in a chair, North at his feet, the TV casting wild lights on his face. At the sound of the clink, he shot up, his eyes bright, but a bit muddled.

"Wha…" He turned to look at Elsa, who smiled sheepishly as she placed her jacket on the back of one of the chairs. "Was that really necessary?" He muttered, grabbing the remote and switching off the television. Elsa shrugged, laughing, as she yanked off her boots and placed them by the door.

"How are we going to work sleeping arrangements tonight?" She stopped at the foot of the stairs, one thin eyebrow raised intuitively.

"You can take the bed, I'll get one of the guest rooms." He replied. North stirred with a yawn, his shining teeth clicking together as his tail thudded against the floor.

"You'll also get the dog." Elsa sighed, making her way up the stairs and into the main room. A clock blinked just past midnight on the wall. The lights were still on, she realized, so she made her way over to the closet, her hands flickering across the rows and rows of pajamas. Was there anything in these that wasn't silk and lace? She rustled through for a pair a sweatpants, but nothing came up. Sighing, she grabbed a pair of silky, black shorts and a lace tank top. Careful to make sure the door was locked, she slipped into the bathroom, changing quickly. The silk felt undeniably good as it brushed against her skin, and she ran her fingertips over the smooth material. Looking up into the mirror, she watched as her hands traced patterns on the pjs, until she realized that makeup still smothered her face. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and quickly combed her hair, swiping it up into a bun. As soon as she stepped out, she slammed into something sturdy.

"Watch where you're going." Jack grumbled as he shoved her gently out of the way and shuffled past her. Elsa ignored his rudeness and padded to the bed, lifting herself up into the soft, Egyptian cotton sheets. Sleep was pounding into her very being, and she almost didn't notice Jack wandering back to his room until he turned around to switch off the lights.

"Wait." She called to him when he turned. He stiffened, but didn't face her, instead staring at the open doorway and the dark corridor before him.

"What?" He groaned, sleepily.

"You wear glasses." She grinned. He grimaced, slamming the light switch, pulling the thick frames off of his face and rapidly continuing into the hall. She heard him bump into something, and she stifled a chuckle with one soft hand. The almighty womanizer, the real life 'Double-oh-Seven', the best male agent to ever walk the halls of the agency, wore glasses. It made her smirk. So he wasn't as unbreakable, as invulnerable as he seemed. He became more human to her, instead of just pure asshole. Now, he was a human-like asshole. At this rate, by tomorrow night he could be an asshole-like human. Only time, it seemed, would tell.



Elsa turned to the sound in her dream, confused. Jack sat across from her at a child-sized tea table. All around them was a beautiful meadow, with rows and rows of wild tulips and long grasses. Jack suddenly cleared his throat, and she turned to look at him. He sipped from a tiny pink teacup, his eyes lovingly locked onto hers from behind monstrously large glasses.

"It's so nice when we finally get to have date night, dear." His voice was high-pitched and nasally. He placed the cup down, taking her hands in his. Dream Jack, she thought to herself, had nice hands. Calloused, but warm and smooth. "What with our one hundred and sixteen children."

Suddenly, the lovely meadow was filled to the brim with screaming babies. Elsa looked around in shock as the babies flailed and crawled all over one another, slobbering and crying. She recoiled in slight disgust and several began to chew on her bare leg with toothless gums. Dream-Jack tsked. "Forgot to put the teething rings in the fridge, Elsie."


The sound caused all the babies to wail even louder, and Elsa lifted one of them. It was a girl, with long blonde hair and shocking blue eyes. Her hair was longer than it should've been for a baby's.

"There there." She cooed, pulling the child close, stroking the baby's head as its loud sobs turned to whimpers. A loud sound, like an armored truck, wiggled it's way into Elsa's dream world, and she turned her head. Rolling down through the waves and waves of babies was a full on tank. Babies went flying to and fro, and she could only watch as paparazzi crawled out of the top likes ants from a hill. Their cameras began to snap and flash.

"Mrs. Frost, over here!"

"Mrs. Frost, Elsa, how does it feel to have recently received the news that you're pregnant with your one hundred and seventeenth child?"

"I am?" Elsa asked the man in shock. She looked down at her now swollen stomach. "Well, would you look at that."


"Elsa, will your hit reality television series, 'One-Hundred-Sixteen Kids and Counting', now be called 'One-Hundred-Seventeen Kids and Counting'?"

"I'm not-" She began, but was abruptly cut off.


Her alarm rang through the bedroom, as early morning sunlight slanted in from the window. She rubbed her eyes, sitting up and grabbing the alarm, quickly shutting it off. It was clearly time for a morning run, but she didn't know if she had the energy - or, after that dream, the sanity - to go about that. She didn't know what was crazier - all of the children, or the fact that she had had them with Jack Frost. Both ideas seemed so foreign that she had to lay back down for a few moments to regain her mental strength. She stared at the ceiling, trying to lure her mind back to her wild motorcycle ride yesterday, to no avail. She decided, then, as she swung her legs from bed, that she would simply try to have a shower instead.

She shuffled towards the closet, stretching her long arms as she went along, and plucked a simple, floral skater dress from the rack, paired with white woven wedges. While she wasn't thrilled about wearing a dress, she was even less happy when she saw that the accompanying underwear was white and lacy. Begrudgingly, she pulled the clothing into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. As she turned on the shower, steam immediately began to blanket the ceiling and cloud the mirror. Quickly, she threw open a window, and then stepped in, allowing the scalding water and lavender-scented shampoo to wash away the horror of the dream. She sat in the hot water for what seemed to be 15 minutes, struggling to remain conscious, slipping and falling at one point because she drifted back to sleep. She turned down the head of the water, it's new temperature perking her up a bit. Plucking up a razor and squirting a bit of shaving cream into her palm, she began to lather up one of her legs, stepping out of the shower's stream. She ran the razor up her right leg, finishing it without incident. However, just as she was finishing up her leg, she was shocked into reality when she felt the blades slice sharply into her skin.

"Oh shit!" She hissed, yanking it away. Instantly, blood began to run from her lower knee and spiral into the drain - a large amount of it, for that matter. She washed the conditioner out of her hair, quickly, ignoring the stinging, before stepping out of the shower and onto the white rug laid out onto the floor. The blood did not stop, but seemed to come a bit faster, a fairly solid stream running down her leg with the water rivulets streaming off of her body. She took one of the black towels and quickly wrapped it around her leg to soak up the blood, before swathing her hair in a matching towel. She rubbed on rose-scented body lotion, pulling the towel up occasionally to dab a bit near the area where she had cut open her skin, only to pull her hand back out and find that it was still bleeding.

Grunting in annoyance, Elsa made her way over to one of the drawers. After rummaging around for a moment, she found a first aid kit. In relief, Elsa clicked the lid open, only to find that there were no band-aids.

"Really?" She muttered. "A house with goddamned super spies and they don't have a box of band-aids?" She sat momentarily, until she remembered the smattering of sanitary towels and tampons that were stored under the sink. Working fast, she hurried over to the cabinet, flinging it open and grabbing a pad, making sure it was one of the brands labeled for "heavy flow". She took a bit of medical tape, and unwrapped the pad, quickly placing it over her leg and securing it in place with the tape. It was the best she could've done on short notice, and it stopped the blood from running down her leg. She managed to shimmy on the underwear and bra, which, disturbingly enough, fit her almost too perfectly. Trying to ignore this, she slipped on her dress, and let her hair down from the towel.

"Elsa." Came a deep voice from behind the door. Her head shot up confused, until she remembered that Jack was currently in the same house as her.

"Hm?" She responded, a bit annoyed simply by his presence. She began gathering up her clothes and folding them neatly. She grabbed the shoes, and began to make her way toward the door.

"Could I please take-" Jack's voice, gruff with sleep, was cut off when the door swung open to reveal Elsa. Without her makeup, she found herself begin to blush, but she pushed it down.

"Take your shower?" She finished for him. "Sure. You're up early."

He shrugged. "I was up at five for a quick SR with North, then I went running."

Elsa looked at him in disbelief. "You and North held a status report? We haven't even started the mission yet."

"You and North don't hold daily status reports? I've been doing that since my first mission. Not that North minds - always says he 'looks forwards' to them." Jack shrugged nonchalantly, watching with an internal smirk as the tips of Elsa's ears turned pink. "In fact, he commends me for it. Says a good spy makes progress on a day-to-day basis, and tracks it as such." He pushed past her into the still-steamy bathroom.

That struck a chord with Elsa, and she found herself stuck in the doorway. On shorter missions, she maybe called in every four or five days. Longer missions were every month, at least. She never got any praise for it.

"You know," She sighed, without turning around. "He said that to me too."

"Said?" Jack asked, casting the back of her a look.

"Mhm. When I was twelve and called back every night because I was too scared to do anything." She turned, sending him a fake grin. "So, are you, Jackie? Scared of a bit of missing children?" She took a step closer. "Afraid you'll be next?"

He snorted. "Hardly. I can take care of myself. Ping Pong Li looked like he was too fat to reach across a table, let alone defend himself."

"Hou Ma," Elsa began, "was," She stumbled to correct herself, "is a smart boy, and is probably just fine, wherever he is. He is a missing child, Jack, with a family who loves him and counts the days until he comes home. How dare you?" She spat in rage, stepping closer towards him, the wedge gripped in her hand as if it were a weapon.

"Says the woman with a sanitary pad on her leg." He said without skipping a beat as he turned the shower head on, letting his hand drift under to test the warmth of the water.

"I couldn't find any band-aids."

"Can't even shave yourself properly? Jesus Elsa, and you're calling me the child." Jack laughed, coming back towards Elsa.

"Oh, fuck you." Elsa fumed, glaring at him. She noticed the frost crawling at the sides of the mirror behind her and quickly undid it. 'Control yourself, Els.'

"Hey, at least buy me dinner first." He flicked his wrist at her, spraying water on her face. By the time the shoe hit his nose and the first drops of blood hit the linoleum floor, Elsa was already halfway down the stairs, restraining herself from choking him.


When Jack was coming down for breakfast at 6:30, Elsa had just finished her conversation on the phone. Her makeup was already done, a natural "casual makeup", as Meg would've called it. Her hair was swept up in a messy bun, making her look taller than usual. A plate of fruit sat in front of her, and she was scrolling through the news on her laptop. She popped a grape in her mouth.

"Who was that?" Jack asked as he slid to the coffee machine in his black socks, his hair ruffled from the shower. Elsa didn't look at him, but he could could smell the victory washing off of her, along with her Chanel N°5.

"North." She grinned as she sipped her coffee out of an ice-blue mug.

"And why were you on the phone with him?"

"Well, we have a bit of a rule change. We're no longer married." Elsa waggled the false gold ring, at him, before dropping it on the table.

"So, what are we?" Jack asked, sliding the ring off. North changed the rules? For her?

"Boyfriend/Girlfriend, at best. For now, though, we're roommates." She sighed, picking up her cross necklace and slipping it over her head.

"What's the necklace for?" He asked, a little desperate for a conversational shift.

"It's a cross." She said, toying with it in her pale fingers. "We have church today."


"It's a Sunday."

"Oh. Right. What about work?"

"That starts tomorrow. Today we go to church, we meet the families, we go to the little 'Anniversary Luncheon', we get info, and we get out. Hence the wedges and dress." She turned to look at him, and felt her breath catch in her throat. His hair was shaggy and unkempt, drying from the shower and poking out at funny angles. A few of the buttons were undone on his collared shirt, and she could just see the beginning of a pair of well tuned pecs. He looked rugged, unkempt, and he smelled amazing. She felt her mouth sliding open, and it took all of her control not to blast herself in the face. Instantly she whipped back around.

"Christ, Overland, fix your damn hair." She managed, as a flush crawled along her cheeks.

"Sorry." He said, trying to keep his cool. His fingers were wrapped so tightly around the dark counter, his knuckles turned white. She looked pretty. And smelled pretty. She was-

'Elsa. She's Elsa. Ew, what am I thinking?' His brain shouted in disgust.

He shouldn't be feeling that for Elsa. For his best friend's ex. 'My best friend's ex.' He repeated mentally. 'No. Bad Jack.' Besides, she was a bitch anyway. He wrenched his hands off of the now frosted countertop, and made his way into the bathroom towards the side of the kitchen. All was silent for a moment.

"What time does church start?" He said finally, as he pulled away from fixing his hair.

"Eight." She called to him. "You should walk the dog."

"Why can't you do it?" He groaned.

"Because I'm in wedges."

"Like North will ever drag you along. He's just the tamest little guy." North's massive head perked up at the sound of his name, and his head tilted, his large tongue lolling out of the side of his mouth.

"If you're really going to be a child about it," Elsa sighed as she finished her last piece of fruit. "We'll both walk him."

"But, you're in wedges!" He said in mock shock. She picked up her plate and stood, rolling her eyes.

"Go get the leash, and some shoes." She snapped, making her way to the sink. After washing her plate and putting it in the dishwasher, she turned to shut her computer, and noticed the thin layer of melting frost on the counter.

"Is that..." She rain her finger through it, and felt the startling cold hit her nerves. She frowned, disappointed in herself. 'Come on Els, get it together. That's twice today.'

"Hey, ready?" Jack asked. North, at the sight of his leash, leaped up and hurried over to Jack, taking out a chair in the process. Jack quickly attached the leash to North's collar, and was almost dragged out the door by the dog.


Jack's car rolled up to the looming chapel soundlessly. The winter day was shockingly warm, so much so that Jack had traded his pants for shorts. He now looked preppy, but still formal. Elsa unbuckled herself and slip out of the car soundlessly. A noticeboard hung towards the entrance of the church, and was covered from head to toe with flyers about the missing children. At the entrance stood a grey haired woman with a dazzling smile that almost was louder than the dress she wore, which was a violent lime green.

"Hello, and welcome to St. Catherine's Church of New Hope! I'm Maria!" She called to them as she quickly crossed through the entering crowds to them. "Are you the new couple?"

"Oh, no ma'am, not a couple. Just roomates, and friends." Jack smiled at her, extending his hand. "Jackson Frost."

Maria took his hand. "Oh sure, 'Friends.'" She laughed. "We'll see how long that lasts, with a girl this beautiful and a man this handsome."

"Er, thank you. Elsa Arendelle." Elsa extending her hand awkwardly, hoping for a change in subject, and Maria took it, enveloping it in both of hers.

"Elsa, it is lovely to meet you. It's a shame though." Maria pulled her hands back, tsking softly.

"What is?"

"That you two picked a church with a bunch of snobby, preppy mourners. Because, lemme tell ya, nothing is worse than a preppy mourner. 'Oh, no, my situation is worse!', 'No, mine is!', It's despicable really. A few of their kids were in my class. Hell, I lost my grandson! And yet, here I am, happier than a peach and looking for the future." She sent them one of her smiles. Jack and Elsa exchanged quick looks. Elsa jotted that conversation down underneath the 'Very, very weird' category in her head.

"Did you say class? I'm going to be a TA at the local high school for the next few months."

"Oh that's right, I completely forgot! Yes, I do believe you'll be helping me out in the classroom, and I cannot wait for someone like you to brighten up our classroom." She bustled away abruptly, but not before calling back, "But make sure you don't cool it down in the process!"

Elsa's stomach dropped to her feet. She forgot about the very confused, slightly anxious looking Jack, and made her way back towards Maria.

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that last part." She breathed in disbelief.

"What last part? I didn't say anything." Maria smiled cryptically, before scuttling inside the church.

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