This is my second fanfiction, and it's well... Rated M for a reason.

WARNING: Adult content. Violence. Cursing (I have a foul mouth) Under strange circumstances, this story contains rape and (probably mild) lemons. Potentially just straight smut, depending on how comfortable I feel writing it. Read at your own risk.

-Clary Fray-

My head aches in a harsh way that it never has before. Pulsing, turning heartbeats to head wounds. I have to wake up now. My eyes open slowly, and I blink a few times, waiting for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting.

My head throbs ruthlessly, but I do my best to ignore it. I'm laying on a large cushy bed. I am not in the hospital. I am in someone's home. I try to move my head, but pain shoots through me, and I suck in a breath through my teeth. "Are you awake?" I'm startled by a voice coming from across the room. I make a noise that I don't quite recognize. Something between a growl and a cry.

Faint footsteps carry whoever it is closer to me, and my heart quickens. "The effects of the drug will wear off soon. You'll be able to move painlessly, if I remember correctly." A boy with lightly tanned skin, striking golden eyes and blonde hair leans over me. "Are you alright?" he asks, looking into my emerald eyes.

I struggle to find my voice, but manage to choke out "What is going on?" I shut my eyes again as a big wave of agony rushes through me. The suffering comes and goes, like the tide.

I hear, rather than see, the boy shift on his feet beside the bed. "We'll explain everything once you're feeling better." I don't ask who we is. My body aches. "Here, drink some water. It will help." he holds a bottle up to my lips, and I drink as much as I can, enjoying the way the cool water feels on my throat. "Try to sleep it off." The Golden Boy suggest, walking away from me. I hear the door clicking shut behind him a few seconds later.

The next time I awaken the pain is completely gone. I prop myself up on my elbows, looking around the room. It's very organized, and beautiful. The walls are a light shade of blue, with white trim and a stainless carpet that's a few shades darker than the walls. I am laying in blue sheets, with a white blanket. The room is pretty, and mild like a guest room. But I notice something that doesn't make sense: A photo on the top of the dresser. My mother, my brother and I. How did it get here?

I push the question out of my mind, rolling out of the bed. The carpet feels incredibly cushy under my bare feet. I look down to see that I'm wearing a black t-shirt and grey pajama shorts that I know I don't own. Which means someone changed my clothes while I was out... That's an uncomfortable though.

I make my way hesitantly toward the door. It swings silently, unlike the door in the apartment I share with my mother and Jonathan. Every door at home creaks loudly. The door leads to a long, wide hallway with several doors on each side. I step out, listening for any sound that might indicate where the Golden Boy went. Down the hall I hear a door slam. It echoes through the large hallway. "Glad to see that sleeping beauty is finally feeling better." Goldy Locks calls, walking away from two large doors on the opposite side of the hallway. He walks past me into the room I just came out of, sitting down on the window seat I hadn't noticed before. I always wanted a window seat.

He brings his feet up, and turns to lean his back against the wall. I follow him into the room, mimicking his position on the opposite side of the window. The boy nods awkwardly. "I'm Jace Wayland."

His name sounds familiar, but I can't quite place it. "Clary Fray." I say in a small voice. Jace nods again, but doesn't say anything. Now that I'm not too busy writhing in pain to see clearly, I notice that he's very attractive. And I'm certain that I've seen his face before. "You're one of the missing teenagers from the news."

Jace looks surprised for a second, but quickly recovers. "Yes. And now," he hesitates "you are, too."

I inhale deeply before replying. "I assumed." We sit there in silence for a few moments. "Are there others?" I ask, turning my head to look out the window. I can see that we're at least 4 floors away from the ground level. The window looks out over the most beautiful garden I've ever seen. There are flowers growing everywhere, bringing the world to life in an explosion of color. Concrete paths weave through the beauty, leading to wide open spaces and rows of trees. It's elegant and lovely.

"There are eight of us now, including you and I." Jace says, following my gaze out the window.

"Where are they?" I ask, turning back to look at Jace. His eyes are bright in this lighting, and I have a sudden urge to draw him.

"In their rooms, probably. Or in the library. There aren't many other places to go." I nod, but otherwise don't know what to say. I'm strangely calm about this entire situation. Maybe because it hasn't sunk in yet, or maybe because I can't seem to think of anything to go back to anyways. My life with mother was similar to being locked away.

A voice startles me saying "Welcome, Clarissa Fairchild." I don't know where the voice is coming from. I look around for the source, but there's no one in the room besides Jace and I. I look at him, confused.

"It's him." Jace mutters, hatred evident in his tone. "Hello, Valentine." he says a little louder.

The voice, Valentine, chimes in again. "Hello, Jace Wayland. I expect you've filled Ms. Fairchild in on the rules."

"My last name is Fray." I interrupt, but they both ignore me.

"I'm working on it." Jace stands, walking into the middle of the room, taking a seat at the foot of the bed.

"Why don't you just show her right now?" Valentine's voice is cold. I've finally found where the sound is coming from. There's a small speaker on the wall near the top, above the dresser.

Jace closes his eyes with a pained expression masking his features. "Not now, Valentine. Please." Jace's voice has taken on a sad and desperate tone.

"You will do as I say, Mr. Wayland. Remember what happened last time." There's a click, indicating that Valentine hung up or whatever.

Jace mutters "Fuck" under his breath, putting his head in his hands. I watch him, and my heartbeat speeds up. He has to do something, I'm unsure of what it is, but judging by his reaction, it isn't anything good.

Jace takes a deep breath, pulling himself together. He stands up and in one swift motion his shirt is falling from his hands to the floor. "What are you doing?" I stutter.

He takes measured steps toward me. "I'm sorry." Jace's voice is kind. "He'll kill you if I don't." Suddenly I understand.

"Is that what happened last time?" I ask, standing up from the window seat.

Jace nods. "I can't explain right now." He leans down and he's going to kiss me. I move away from him, quickly, trying to run out of the room, but strong arms wrap around my small frame, holding me back.

I struggle against him, but he's strong. "Stop." I try to sound assertive, but my voice comes out in a pathetic plea.

My back is pushing against the wall, being held tightly between a layer of fresh paint and Jace's naked chest. He sounds nearly as terrified as I feel when he whispers "I'm sorry." I push hard against him, but he is unmoving. "Try to relax." The apathy is back in his voice at full force, and he's reaching for the hem of my shirt. I struggle, trying my hardest to cling to the thin black fabric. He rips it down the front effortlessly, keeping his eyes off of my newly exposed skin. I'm not wearing a bra. Son of a bitch.

I tell myself not to cry as Jace pulls me away from the wall and sets me on the edge of the bed. I look down, trying to cover my exposed chest with my arms, even though he still isn't looking at me. He's removing his jeans. Fuck. Fuck. How am I going to get myself out of this?

"I really don't want to hurt you." Jace stands in front of me, wearing nothing but a pair of grey boxer shorts. "I refused with the last girl, and they killed her." His voice is angry, and his face flashes with sadness. He sits down beside me, but doesn't try to touch me. I cringe away from him anyways, though I'm overcome by a strange feeling that I should comfort him.

The voice comes over the speaker again. "Continue, Mr. Wayland." Valentine's voice is cold and impatient. He can see us?

Jace sighs, reaching for me again. I jerk my arm away from his outstretched hand. "I advise you cooperate, Ms. Fairchild." Valentine says coldly.

"Fray." I correct him again. "My name is Clary Fray." I say, irritated, though I'm not sure why it matters. Valentine clicks off, still ignoring my insistence that he calls me by my correct name.

I cross my arms tighter over my chest, trying to cover myself with the torn fabric. Jace tries gently to lower my arms, but I resist. my heart beats slightly harder than usual, but I'm not afraid until Jace pushes me back onto the bed, placing his knees on either side of my body. He's leaned over me, his muscular arms supporting his weight.

My hands push desperately at his chest, but he's very heavy. I can't push him off of me. I wish I'd taken Physical Education more seriously.

I know that he's doing this to keep me alive, and I know that there's no way I can overpower him, but I continue to fight him. Trying to make it as inconvenient and uncomfortable as possible. I might asphyxiate, but I won't lose hope.

I push harder against his chest, digging my nails into him this time. He doesn't even flinch when I break through his lightly tanned skin. He just keeps his golden eyes on my face. He's so close I can see the darker amber flecks in his lightly colored eyes.

His hand brushes softly against my cheek, and he lowers his face to mine, but I turn my head away from him. He can't have my first kiss. "Don't."

Jace doesn't try to kiss me again, but his hands trail along my body, touching me in ways that no one ever has. He lifts his body off of mine just long enough to remove the grey shorts I was wearing. I try to keep them on, but my feeble attempt doesn't stop him. I am entirely naked underneath of a mostly naked stranger.

When he removes his boxer shorts I catch a glimpse of him, and I know that this is going to hurt. Laying on my back, I try to crawl backwards away from him. Jace grips my hips gently but firmly, pulling me back to him. My arms are pinned suddenly above my head, and I can't free them from his grip.

Jace positions himself at my entrance, trailing his lips down my neck. "I'm sorry." he repeats. "Try to relax. It will be better if you do." I ignore his advice, focusing all my energy on trying to get out from under him. He sighs, trying to still my wiggling frame. I've hardly been able to move. He's still positioned perfectly, slowly pushing into me.

"Stop." I beg, trying again to pull my hands free. He says he's sorry again as he tears through something inside of me. I whimper, tears pricking at my eyes. Don't cry I tell myself.

Jace tries to kiss me again, but I turn away. "No." is all I can bring myself to say.

"Fuck" Jace mutters under his breath again. His movements are halted, waiting for me to adjust to his massive size. The guilt in his expression mixes with lust until the guilt is hardly noticeable at all. If I hadn't watched the transformation I might not have seen any lingering guilt at all.

His movements start as slow strokes, building up to rough thrusts. I wince every time he pushes into me. He's given up on apologizing, and being gentle. And I've given up on making him stop. I keep my eyes focused on the window, trying to keep my thoughts anywhere but here, but I can feel every part of him that's touching me.

His lips and teeth nibbling lightly on my neck. Groan escaping from his throat. He releases my hands once he realizes that I've stopped struggling. Using his newly freed hand to feel gingerly at my body. my head is turned to the side, but I can feel his gaze on my face. A tear escapes from my eye, and Jace wipes it away tenderly, never breaking the rhythm of his thrusts. "Don't cry." he whispers delicately. "It's going to be okay."

I know that this isn't his fault, but I don't want him to comfort me. The tip of his tongue trails up my neck to my jawline. His hands are soft against my cheek, turning my face toward him. he's uncomfortably close, his lips nearly touching mine. They brush against my mouth tenderly before I jerk my head to the side again. He sighs at my refusal to kiss him, yet again and continues nipping lightly at my neck.

His hips maneuver more frantically, crashing forcibly into me. "You're hurting me." I say, pushing pathetically at his chest again. There's dried blood from where my nails cut through his skin.

Jace slows down, taking care to be more gentle. His hand goes into my hair, holding me close to him. It's meant to be comforting, but I hate it. "I'm sorry." he apologizes for the hundredth time. "It's almost over." he adds, kissing my forehead.

He sighs softly, and I feel his fingertips meet my spine. His head ducks down, a guttural noise rising from his throat. It takes me a moment to realize what's happening.

Jace falls heavily onto the bed beside me. I pull the throw at the foot of the bed up, covering myself. "Are you okay?" he asks, turning onto his side. How did this happen? I sit up, bringing my knees up to my chest. I'd expected to feel stolen once it was over, but instead I feel nothing.

I couldn't tell you how long I sit like that, with Jace's tawny eyes burning into my bare back, like stigmata. I don't know the exact moment when the numbness subsided, and sobs wracked my body.

Strong arms wrap around my back, and under my knees, lifting me from the bed. He tries to set my feet on a cool tile floor, but my legs are not steady enough to hold my weight and I crumble helplessly to the floor. I hear a sharp intake of breath, and the sound of a shower starting.

I'm lifted into the shower, abandoning the throw at the door. The water is the perfect temperature. I'm sitting on the shower floor, with my knees up to my chest and my arms wrapped around my legs.

Jace sits down beside me, water streaming through his golden hair. "Why am I here?" I ask, bitterly.

Jace leans his head against the shower wall. "Valentine and his son, Sebastian, are insane. They think they're creating the perfect couples. They stalk kids for months, learning everything about them. Once they've chosen you, they take you here after drugging you. The last girl they brought for me is dead because I refused to consummate the marriage..." Jace leads off.

"Marriage?" I ask, confused.

"Our wedding is tomorrow." he announces, watching me for a reaction. I stare at him blankly. "I'm sorry I had to do that to you. I just didn't want anyone else being killed because of me."

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