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Weightless. The clouds on his fingertips, blue sky stretching for miles. He flew through the sky, years of practice now under his belt. Berk's summer would be coming to an end in a month or so, so for now, he would enjoy every minute of it. Hiccup watched the great span of open air, loving every second of it. But he had something or someone to love even more than flying, this love in no way replaced his love for Toothless though. And that love just cut him off, laughing at him as his peaceful glide was interrupted.

Astrid flew Stormfly, gripping the sheep with her colors on it under her arm as well the twin's sheep. She was the most beautiful, interesting, Astrid-y Viking and she was his as he was hers. He chuckled, swiping his hand through his now shaggy hair.

Several years had past since the whole Vikings and dragons unity. All his friends and himself had grown, physically and as friends.

Now 20, Hiccup was still partially the fishbone kid he used to be, but he had filled out a little more, not as scrawny and was a bit more muscular. But growing meant more responsibility. He was being trained to be chief, but he was now teaching as well. He taught young Vikings how to train dragons; he was also the founder of the school. His friends taught as well, each one teaching the kids about their dragons. But there were only a few classes per week so it was more than manageable. He enjoyed that and preparing to be chief was not hard either, and it wasn't like he was going to be chief soon because he still had stuff to learn. He always managed to get away from that and head to the forge, to assist Gobber. The only thing that had really surprised him was he had shot up making him the second tallest, Fishlegs was still the tallest, no surprise there.

Fishlegs was also 20 and was still the huge Viking he was before but bigger. Mostly taller though, he was less round, very muscular. But he was still Berks biggest dork, though he didn't spit out stats all the time. He mostly would just tell facts as no one except Rosethorn would understand what he would be saying when he told them the dragons stats, much to his frustration. He was still the kind, funny, strong Viking he used to be, though his strength grew with his size. He would teach about the Gronckle at the school, but his main job now was building and construction, which he was very good at. He was able to carry more logs than any of the other men but could carve the most delicate piece. He wore a tunic and a vest instead of his large fur coat like shirt, as it was more practical.

The twins were as tall as Hiccup, Ruffnut managing to keep up with Tuffnut. They were both 19 now. Tuffnuts thin dreads now thicker and more scars covered him. He was still the crazy Thorston he had always been. He was still lanky, but taller. Tuffnut was now working as a leather product seller. It was amazing what he could do with leather. He mostly made clothing, which meant he got to spend time with Grimhilda, as they would often work together. His friends had easily figured out that he liked her due to the fact that he would try and flex his skinny arms at her and when she looked over he would hide under a table or behind Fishlegs or a house. Tuffnut was still nervous around her but they were friends now at least, well until the time comes when he gets enough courage to ask her out. His sister and him taught about the Zippleback but out of all the teachers, they were probably the worst. Hiccup always had to be there, to watch them and make sure they wouldn't kill each other before the lesson was over.

Ruffnut was as crazy as her brother still. Her hair was longer, still in its three long braids. She was tall and skinny still. Tallest out of the girls with narrow features though she was beautiful. She still fought with her brother and Snotlout, though she always won.

Instead of taking up some sort of trade, the girls were learning domestic things such as weaving, sewing, cooking and cleaning. Ruffnut despised all of it, though cleaning wasn't that bad, after all she did have a brother. Astrid and Rosethorn could weave up a storm and could sew. Ruffnuts cooking was reasonable, but that didn't mean she liked cooking. But Astrid's cooking was… horrible. Rosethorn on the other hand had been cooking her whole life so that was no problem, but she hated cleaning. Astrid had even enlisted Rosethorn to help her and she still almost burned down her house.

Astrid, who was 20 as well, though a little older than Hiccup, was only a couple inches shorter than Hiccup, he didn't mind, hell, he was just happy he had managed to grow at all. Her hair was now kept in several braids braided into one, her bangs now long enough to tuck behind her ears. She was excellent at card games, which the gang found out the hard way, her leaving with all their money. She taught about Nadders at the school. She spent most of her time with Hiccup, both of them being lovey dovey to each other, which would get groans of disfavor from their friends.

The only real surprise came to Snotlout, who was towering a whopping 4 inches over Rosethorn, who was the shortest out of everyone. Snotlout was the second shortest, though his personality and muscular stocky build made him seem taller. He hadn't changed much, he became more muscular and he now sported a weird mustache type thing that Ruffnut constantly told him to shave, but he insisted that it would grow into a beard. He was the oldest, 20 as well. Much like Hiccup he was training to be in command, though only second in command. His father, Spitelout was teaching him everything there is to know. Ruffnut always made fun of how short he was, to which he would huff and puff and eventually leave a Ruffnut with tears in her eyes from laughing at how she made the troll angry.

Rosethorn was now 19. She was the shortest, barely coming up to Fishlegs's shoulder, which he constantly made fun of. But then he would wind up on the ground in a headlock. Sometimes Rosethorn won, other times he would just manage to stand up and she would just hang off his back a while before she got frustrated and hit him. Her thick curly hair was longer and she still kept it in two thick braids that went over her shoulders. She still bound them the way she liked but at the ends she would wrap maroon colored string, just for a pop of color. She was still stocky with big hips and Fishlegs still thought that she was the most beautiful creature that he had ever laid eyes on. But the only person that knew this was Astrid, as she finally figured out what was going on. After watching him smile just by looking at her and how he gazed after her, Astrid had put it all together and confronted him about it. Fishlegs was a terrible liar and he finally told her the truth but swore her to secrecy. So Rosethorn still did not know.

She would help Hiccup teach about Night Fury's. In years of search and both Smaug and Toothless calling, no other Night Fury's were found. Rosethorn cooked all the time; her friends always seemed to figure out when and would let themselves in, just so that when she turned around, there would be a crowded table. She didn't mind. But sometimes while she cooked she would look out a window and her friends plus Gobber and Stoick would be outside, waiting to see if they could get a treat. She loved dyeing things so Astrid and her would go and dye wool together and weave as Ruffnut sat in a chair complaining about weaving. The boys were at work but as soon as they finished they would go get the girls and spend the rest of the day with them at Mead Hall.

Growing up was fun and all but it had its down side. Currently marriage was one of those things that grown people do. But out of all the teens, there was only one couple, so they were bound to get married. The parents of the others started to tell them that they needed to get married soon, as they were already older than most when they get married. But no one really paid attention to that.

The young Vikings minds were wiped of marriage and responsibility as they focused on their favorite game. Whoever came up with the game was unknown but it was their favorite pastime. The rules were that each rider and their dragon would get a different color or pattern of paint and they would have a sheep that matched them. You had to get your sheep and as many of the other player's sheep through your goal, which was a hoop like object the dragon had to fly through. Whoever had the most sheep won.

Currently the twins were chasing Astrid. Hiccup watched momentarily before he began to try and find his sheep. He scanned the ground. Oh, and the riders sheep were mixed in with other sheep making it that much more difficult. Astrid was the best at this game; he looked up just in time to see Astrid steal Snotlout's sheep.

Rosethorn found her target, the only person with a sheep except her and Astrid. She adjusted her goggles, Hiccup helped her make them at the forge, mostly so bugs didn't get into her eyes when Smaug flew insanely fast, he was a Night Fury after all.

"Can you hold this for me?" She asked Smaug quietly, who nodded. Rosethorn took the sheep from under her arm, dark green paint streaked across her face and the sheep. She slid it down Smaugs side, were he caught it gently with his paw like claws. She then stood and inched her way across Smaug so that she was practically standing on his head. Fishlegs below her was flying towards his goal; happy enough he got away with his sheep. Rosethorn took a deep breath and leapt; landing on the Gronckles back and quickly took the sheep before Fishlegs even noticed she was there. He turned just in time to see her jump off and Smaug catch her.

"Rose!" He called after her; he was this close to his goal. She wrinkled her nose and stuck her tongue out at him and flew away.

"I cannot believe she did that… well I can believe she would do that…." he told Meatlug, who lazily turned and started buzzing after the girl and the Night Fury.

Astrid had already made it through her goal, with Hiccups sheep as well. But he didn't mind, he actually flew right next to her the whole time. Soon they both landed Hiccup first, he walked over to Astrid and held out his hand to help her off Stormfly.

"Milady." He said with a small bow. That was what he had recently began calling her, even though she didn't really like it.

"Can't you call me something else? Like how I call you Hic." She asked but still accepted his hand.

"Hmm, ok well, I could call you either, As, which sounds like Ass, or Strid." He told her, even though he was older, he was still a smart ass.

"Point taken. Milady's fine." She said with a small laugh. Hiccup and her walked off, holding hands, as their other friends tried to get Rosethorn, who was the only person with any sheep.

"So, how is everything?" She asked him.

"I get to spend time with you, so it's wonderful." He answered with a grin. Over the years of dating Astrid he really had become smooth when it came to complimenting. Before he would stutter and get nervous but now, he always knew what to say. This made Astrid blush a little.

She looked radiant as they walked along and Hiccup couldn't help but think of the future. His father had been talking to him about marriage and such, and instead of being scared, Hiccup wanted to marry Astrid. Most marriages on Berk were somewhat arranged, of course the bride and groom to be had a say in things, so normally people got married on their own accord. Since Hiccup was the chief's son he was actually going to Mr. and Mrs. Hofferson with Stoick in order to ask for Astrid's hand. Not that she knew about any of this. Nor did Hiccup know when he would be going, as he was pretty busy with dragons and training, but soon.

Astrid opened her mouth to say something but was interrupted by a loud yelp. Hiccup and her turned around only to see Fishlegs pick Rosethorn up and sling her across his shoulder as the twins and Snotlout laughed. She kicked her legs and pounded on his back with her small hands, which had no effect on Fishlegs, if she was actually trying to hurt him, she would have. But he just began to walk back to the village, her still over his shoulder as punishment for stealing his sheep. Smaug was laughing as well and she sent him a scowl. Her goggles sat on top of her head and she reached up and smudged Fishlegs's face paint.

He huffed, and grinned, then slumped his shoulder so that she bounced up off of his shoulder and back down. She went limp with defeat.

Tuffnut and Snotlout exchanged glances before devious smiles played on their faces. They both eyed Ruffnut, who was walking ahead of them, and had a silent argument of who should do it with wild hand gestures. Snotlout lost the argument, so he took a deep breath and ran forward, throwing the taller girl over his shoulder.

Ruffnut was stunned for a moment as Snotlout ran past Fishlegs.

"I'm so going to get to the village first!" he called behind him as Fishlegs realized what was happening. The lady Viking carrying race had begun as Fishlegs chased after Snotlout.

"If you wanted to carry a girl you should have picked up Tuffnut." Ruffnut told Snotlout as she squirmed, trying to get him to put her down.

Hiccup and Astrid looked at each other before Astrid jumped into his arms.

"Come on! We are not losing this race!" she yelled, hiccup chased after the other boys. In all honesty Astrid should have just carried Hiccup.

The dragons trailed behind them, Tuffnut, the odd man out, chased after them laughing. Hiccup passed Ruffnut, chasing Snotlout.


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