Chapter 5: Surprising Revelation

Tifa, Nanaki and Cid wandered through Cosmo Canyon, searching for Richard, but with no avail.

"Where on earth is he?" Tifa finally cried out, frustrated. Cid shrugged.

"Dunno, Tiff." The pilot replied, before he made a beeline to the bonfire that always burned in the middle of Cosmo Canyon and used it to light his cigarette, much to Nanakis horror.

"Cid!" the lion-like creature cried out. "Are you insane?! You can't do that with the holy fire!" Cid just grinned and blew a cloud of smoke into the air.

"As you see, I %&$%@/& can." The pilot then grinned. Nanaki growled at him, but Cid shrugged it off and turned to look at Tifa, who was desperate.

"Where is he?!" she cried out frustrated. That was when a voice came from behind, scaring her to no-end.

"Looking for someone special?" The brunette spun around on her heels, her fists raised – only to find herself face to chest with Richard. Face to chest because of Richards size.

"Yeah, for you." Tifa now snapped, her fists falling back to her side. "Where have you been, anyway?"

Richard huffed. "When I checked the last time, I wasn't your boyfriend. So why should I tell you where I go?" Tifa growled at the man, visibly angered.

"Well, when I checked the last time, the chances of you being my boyfriend some day were non-existent." She shot back.

"Now, now!" Cid butted in. "We don't want to fight, right? Rich, we need your help." Richard eyed the pilot warily.

"And how could I help you?" he finally asked. Cid gave him a toothy grin.

"You don't happen to be able to read the Cetra language, right?" he then asked.

Richards eyes went wide, and Tifa could feel her heart sink when he shook his head.

"No, I can't read it. What gives you that idea anyway?" he then asked, sounding annoyed. Tifa let out a sigh and sat down on the ground, sudden sadness overcoming her.

"Well…seems like we did come here in vain, Cid." She softly spoke. Cid knelt down next to her and placed one hand on her shoulder.

"Tifa…" he started, but Richard suddenly interrupted him.

"You know…I'm not able to read it. But I know someone who is." Tifas head came up, her eyes shining with new hope.

"You do?" she cried out, happily. Before Cid, Richard or Nanaki could react, the brunette had jumped up and pulled Richard into a bear hug.

"Ummm, yes." The Wolf Talker finally managed to press out while his face slowly started to turn blue. "But Tifa, I can't…breathe…let….go….." Tifa blushed heavily.

"Sorry." She quickly apologized, pulling back. Richard coughed and rubbed his rib area while Tifa grinned at him sheepishly. "Sometimes I forget how strong I am." She then spoke, blushing.

"It's okay." Richard replied. "Well…back to the person who can read the Cetra language…"

"Who is it?" Tifa asked, her eyes sparkling with curiosity. "C'mon, tell us who he or she is and where we find him or her so we can go there and…" Before she could babble on with excitement, Richard interrupted her, and the two words he said made her fall silent immediately.

"It's Sephiroth."


"What?" Cid, Tifa and Nanaki cried out in unison, their eyes widening.

"That can't be!" Cid shouted, gaining the attention of every other person in Cosmo Canyon. "We killed the @&&%$%&ing freak!" Richard gave him an apologetic look and shrugged.

"Yeah, you did. But he was revived by the Life Stream and…" he coughed, "by me."

"By you?!" Nanaki yelled, his burning tail swinging around wildly.

"Why on earth would you want to revive him?!" Tifa demanded to know. Richard looked at her, and what he said next shocked the brunette even more than his former confession.

"Because Sephiroth…is my father."