Susanoo Reborn

Orpheus here with yet another story! My bad people... this one hit me from nowhere and I've been forced to write it or my muse will keep all other stories hostage!

Anyways, this fic will progress a bit differently from what I generally do... I usually start at Genin graduation or only have a few chapters of pre-canon, but I'm going to try to do a little something else. This will start with Naruto age 8 and progress from there.

Also Naruto will be OOC from canon. The reasoning is logical, I think. If the Hokage influenced that timid blonde to become brash and loud, what if someone else became his 'jiji' who taught him information was precious but neglected his people skills?

Also, his jiji will become apparent by the end.

On a minor note, Inuzuka Hana is Kiba's twin sister in this fic. Hey, fanfiction has no rules.

Anyways... on to the story!

Chapter I: Always Alone

Shinobi. What is a shinobi?

In their world, some fight from the shadows. They kill in secret, in sleep, in seduction. They assassinate inconspicuously and are undetectable, untracable, untrackable. These are true shinobi, the ones from ancient times who the very term was coined for.

In another world they completely disregard the rules and heritage they once had. These 'shinobi' have flashy moves, destructive techniques and a code of honor. Things to get you killed in the world of real shinobi.

Both share one aspect besides name. In both worlds there were select people born with powers rivaling the gods themselves. The Rikudou Sennin gained abilities similiar to Kami. The Uchiha used Amaterasu's flames. The Uzumaki had favor of both Tsukiyomi in their chains of purity to restrict demons and that of Susanoo.

One boy will walk both paths of the Shinobi who has this very blessing of Susanoo from birth and can shape storms and sky to his very will.

This is the story of Uzumaki Naruto.

He sat there watching them. From his lone, creaking swing in the park he saw them playing... having fun... not a care in the world. He clenched his fist around the chains while he heard their laughter... his head down in despair. He began to cry.

It was not a sobbing cry which would alert anyone to his pain. His heart was clenched in agony of isolation. His very being felt solely despair.

Everyone soon left after it began to rain hard. He too rose and slowly dredged on through the pouring drops of water that somehow refused to touch the boy they ignored.

He had messy spikes of tri-colored hair, silvery-white with streaks of blood-red and sun-gold. His eyes were a deep ocean blue with a tinge of amber around the iris' edge and green around the border between iris and pupil. He wore a simple black T-shirt with a red spiral in the shape of a whirlpool on his right shoulder, black shorts with extra pockets on the legs and a pair of dark blue sandals. Keeping his bangs back were a pair of black goggles with purple lenses and on each cheek were three very faint marks reminiscent of whiskers.

He walked through the streets of his birth, not home, village to see civilians and off-duty shinobi/kunoichi alike rushing into shops, restaraunts and other buildings as haven from the rain that came from nowhere. The boy also noticed the citizens' glares and contemptuous sneers his direction. They always either gave him those dirty looks or worse... the times he would be completely ignored. He was denied access into any shop save a few and some of those charged him luxury prices for the worst goods.

He had learned quickly not to live in the village and instead had spent his monthly stipend as an orphan slowly gathering things while also sneaking into the civilian library...

The reason was soon shown as the boy disappeared into the very outskirts of the village in a forest that was not quite property of any of the 64 Konoha training grounds.

His azure eyes took in the sight of a humble camp. A one-person patchwork tent that he knew contained an old pillow and a quilt, he made the tent and quilt while he found the pillow. In the center of the camp was a firepit surronded by a ring of multi-colored rocks of varying sizes he had moved there himself. Off to one side was a clear lake which he used for water and fish.

It was his home. The Hokage had offered him an apartment but the Red Light District was not a place he wanted to live. Plus... this was his only escape from the looks...

The still poured and it did for hours until Naruto fell asleep, when it abruptly stopped. Not a drop touched him though.

Three Years Later

He sat alone, like always. The other kids always left him alone during class. He always had no one next to him... just like Shino. Being alone was the worst feeling... even worse than that one time some of the older kids of the orphanage beat him up when he was five... before he was kicked out. He hated it!

Some of the kids noticed a slight rise in temperature of the room and a few even began to sweat a little. "Geez... what's up with the weather...?" Kiba asked as he pulled off his jacket's hood and unzipped the coat a little.

"Why is the weather always so confused?" His twin, Hana, agreed.

"I hope this heat doesn't last..." Ino complained. "My hair always becomes a mess..."


"Munch, munch, munch." (You said it Shika)

Just then Iruka entered as well as his assistants. They were a pair of new Chuunin named Koutetsu and Izuma. Many Chuunin are given a year of helping out one of the teachers to see if anyone decides to stay on and become Academy instructors. So far neither of the other Chuunin, one named Yuuhi Kurenai from last year and another named Mitarashi Anko the year before, had stayed on. Naruto had read in a scroll on some of Konoha's laws that iit was required to do one year of Academy instruction before you could be made Tokubetsu Jounin or higher unless you are given a field promotion.

"Quiet down class." He said, though only a few students heard him. "Sit down." He said a little louder. "BE QUIET AND SIT DOWN NOW!" Iruka yelled while his head became disproportionately bigger than his body. Faster than the Yellow Flash himself could hope to go, the tables became occupied. "There." He smiled, once again with a normal-sized head.

Izuma and Koutetsu looked as if trying to get ringing out of their ears. They would learn... the year had only been going for a few weeks so soon they would remember to bring earplugs. That or become deaf. Iruka smiled to himself as he looked at his class of third-years he had known since their first year. As a rule of thumb, a sensei would stay with their class for all six years of the Academy before teaching a new one. Each sensei actually had two classes though. Monday, Wednesday and Friday first through third years came to school while Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday the senior years attended with Sunday being free for all six years to come to the Academy to use the Training Grounds here at he Academy, Training Ground 1 through 6.

Iruka was due to get a new class next year since his sixth years would graduate and it was rumored he would be teaching the younger Hyuuga heiress, the Hokage's grandson and the grandchildren of two of the Elders. "Since Kami has seen it fit to give us rain everyday these last couple days, I thought today's lecture should run around water." A coollective groan could be heard, though a few students didn't feel that way. Naruto loved learning, facts couldn't glare at him, and Shino knew the value of knowledge. "If you don't want to hear about some of the greatest Suiton-using shinobi to live..." Iruka teased and the atmosphere was completely different.

Not just the student's attitude either... the heat had disappeared in favor of a slightly cool room temperature.

Naruto himself was excited. Water was one of the things his jiji had been helping him train to control recently! While he didn't see him often... Naruto loved when he did. His jiji was nice to him and would always bring him a present when he visited the camp. He was a really good ninja too! Naruto just hated that the council kept his jiji's attention so much...

"Suiton, or Water Release, sometimes called Water Style, is one of the five basic Elemental Natures that a shinobi can use in ninjutsu. Of all five none is as versatile and adaptable to situations as water. Most ninja born in Kirigakure and Takigakure have at least some affinity towards it. Some of the most famed water users are in fact from Kirigakure.

"The entire Houzuka clan is so aligned with the water nature that they have a kekkai genkai, or a bloodline limit. The clansmen and women are born with the ability to dissolve into water themselves but must remain hydrated because their water to body ratio is 90%.

"Another famous user of this element is our own Nidaime Hokage, Senju Tobirama. He had such a strong affinity to Suiton that he could literally pull a river from the water in the air and many of Konohagakure's Water Style techniques were created by him, just like the Academy!"

Naruto was enthralled completely as Iruka described others who could use one of the elements he had been studying. It had so many uses! Some created mist that no doujutsu could see through, others could make walls or dragons of the element and the Hoshigaki could even breathe underwater!

Not to mention the fact that those with a high affinity to water could walk on it easier. That was amazing!

He was disappointed when the lecture ended and it was time for lunch. Looking around, he saw some people waking up. How could they not know that knowledge like this could one day save them? Knowing your enemy's strengths will help you find their weaknesses, his jiji told him.

He rose from his seat though and grabbed his backpack before heading outside.

At one table in the Academy's courtyard sat a few of the clan heirs/third years. The Inuzuka twins, Ino, Shikamaru, Chouji and Hinata. All but Hinata had known each other for almost four years and Hinata had been invited/forced to join them by Ino. Troublesome blonde.

They were happily chatting as friends do. "Iruka's lesson was way more boring than usual..."Kiba eventually said. "Right Hana-chan?" Silence. "Hana-chan?" All of them looked at the less feral of the twins to see her looking across the courtyard.

"Why is he always alone, you think?" She finally asked. She was looking at Naruto, eating alone atop a hill under an oak. From the distance you couldn't tell he had a sad look in his cerulean eyes.

The others were silent.

"Naruto is... a bit reserved." Shikamaru finally said. "Iruka once paired us up for a project last year, remember? The one on the laws of Konoha? During research he was clearly excited... but anytime I talked to him, he semed to... put up a wall. Like he's not used to being around others in a friendly way. Like Hinata was last year." Shikamaru seemed serious when he talked then, unlike his usual self. Naruto was a puzzle the Nara had yet to solve.

"Maybe he's not?" Hinata said timidly, though without a stutter. She had been forming the beginnings of one last year until Ino dragged her over, courtesy of a suggestion by Hana. She was still a bit shy, but she wasn't a stuttering mess. "I think he's an orphan and maybe he didn't make any friends?"

Hana was still looking at him a bit sadly. "I think we should try to welcome him. He seems okay, right Shika?"

"Yeah. If he was out of his shell he'd be better... but be careful. He's not as easily forced as Hinata was. If you send Ino, he'll probably freak out. He barely was able to talk to me by the end of the project."

"Should we send you then?" Kiba asked with a smirk before they all heard snoring.

"Shika's defense mechanism." Chouji said between bites. "If there's work, he is automatically asleep."

"Well... one more day won't hurt." Hana sighed. "I'll follow him after school and maybe we can find something to attract him to being our friend."

"Sure, that could work." Ino said, already working in her mind on getting the Uzumaki to be with them. If there was one thing to get the blonde intrigued, it was getting a new friend. She loved to be miss popular.

Meanwhile Kiba and Chouji were grinning to each other. Suddenly... "HANA'S GOT A CRUSH! HANA'S GOT A CRUSH! HANA'S GOT A- OW!" Kiba's teasing was stopped when he felt a fist atop his crown and fell to the floor. Chouji stopped and cried as Ino took his chips.

"Zzzz." And Shikamaru was still asleep.

After lunch, the class met out in one of the six training grounds for shurikenjutsu. They always alternated between target practice, taijutsu and the weekly tournament.

The third years grouped up again. All the clan heirs but Shino and Sasuke were together, then many civilian fangirls around 'Sasuke-sama' as he went at it nearly perfect every time, the civilian boys were in one group, and Shino and Naruto were each alone.

Naruto chose the target the furthest from Sasuke. He hated that kid... Just because he had a big family and would one day activate his Sharingan didn't make him special. Why did he have to be so arrogant all the time? He was the Uchiha heir. That's why he had fangirls, his jiji explained. He also said that they are a nuisance and it's better to just stay hidden so your enemies don't find you.

His jiji was so smart.

So Naruto went at it by himself, throwing kunai and shuriken at the target with a satsifying thunk every time. His aim needed work because of the ten kunai, only four would hit bull's eye and he only made half of the shuriken. So for the next four hours he tried to improve his aim. He had a system though.

Just last week he had been ten feet away and finally got all shuriken and kunai to hit the center of the target, so he had backed up to twenty five feet. He would change to fifty feet next and then he would try to do it from one of the trees. By the time the school day was over his kunai was 6/10 and his shuriken were 8/10. He needed perfection though.

One mistake in the world of shinobi could kill you, his jiji also said.

When classes for the day were over, Naruto grabbed his bag and left. One of the janitor's would grab the kunai and shuriken or did the teachers do that? Probably the pair of knuckleheaded assistants.

He made his way through the streets, never noticing his follower.

Inuzuka Hana sat up in a tree as her target had finally stopped. Just as kaa-chan taught her, the Inuzuka heiress channeled chakra to her nose and ears to enhance them. She would be able to hear everything he said now.

Naruto sat in his campground in the lotus position just on the edge of his lake. The water was calm... that made it easier to manipulate. He reached into his bag and pulled out a storage scroll which is one thing his jiji taught him to use. Opening it he saw many kanji on it for the different things inside until he found one labeled 'Water' and unsealed another scroll.

This one was a beginner's guide to water nature manipulation. That was one of the elements he found he had when his jiji gave him that chakra paper stuff. Some really weird stuff happened though and Naruto thought it was really cool. First it had shredded itself into really little pieces, then all the pieces crinkled into little balls before turning into a ball of pure water, then the water froze, then a laser had shot from the ice, then the ice had cracked and made a sound like thunder until the ball just cracked open and became a small cloud before it disappeared.

Don't tell anyone about this, Naruto. I can already think of a few fools who would take advantage of you for what I just saw. Will you promise me?

And Naruto did promise. So no one but two people knew about it. Naruto looked at the scroll and saw the first exercise so he put the scroll down and crawled to the lake. He placed his palm on the water and concentrated his flow of chakra before slowly pulling up. As he did, an unstable-looking ball of water six inches in radius came up, wobbled for a moment but then it exploded.

"Still needs practice..." Naruto mumbled. Then he heard clapping behind him and quickly turned before grinning like mad.

"Better than last time, Naruto."


Yep, I really did leave it right there. Cliffhanger no Jutsu is really fun sometimes...

What do you guys think so far?

Danzou has some special connection with Naruto. Naruto has a 'Blessing of Susanoo'. The village's weather seems to be connected to their jinchuuriki's emotions. What could all of this mean?

Also, yes. This is going to be a NarutoxHana pairing. Why? Because there aren't enough in my opinion.

Oh! Also, Ino and Sakura aren't friends in this one because Ino is focused on Naruto while the whole 'Ino gives Sakura her confidence' thing happens. What could this mean for Sakura? No ninja career, that's what!

Regarding Naruto's affinities he will eventually use Water Style, Wind Style, Lightning Style, Ice Style (Water and Wind), Gale Style (Water and Lightning), Thunder/Sonic Style (Wind and Lightning) and Storm Style (Water, Wind and Lightning). Like I said though, eventually. His nature manipulation has to be at certain levels for D, C, B, A and even S-rank ninjutsu of each.

In a few chapters I will post a chapter just for telling the skills and known techniques of all the characters. I think that's everything...

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