Chapter 1: Meeting...

(H/C: Your hair color. E/C: Your eye color. H/L: your hair length. Y/N: Your name. F/S: favourite scent. F/C: Favourite color, etc.)

"How was the last day of school, Y/N?" Your mom asked as you walked inside. "Just glad it was the last..." You said as you threw your backpack on the table and went upstairs to your room. As always, your day ended horribly. For the third time this week (and last until school started again), all your stuff was vandalized with words such as "Whore", "Fat Ass", "Skank", and "Bitch". You shook your head at the thoughts, sending your H/L, H/C hair flying everywhere.

You ran upstairs and buried your face in your Hello Kitty pillow, weeping. You always asked yourself "Why Me? Why was I chosen to go through hell like this?" Over and Over again until you come to the assumption that you're worthless. You sighed, all cried out. Stripping off your dark gray skinny jeans, white Pierce The Veil t-shirt, black Vans, and black hoodie, you started the water to the shower. You sat there, exposed, waiting for the water to get hot so you could wash away all your shame at being who you are. You thought Always told me to be myself... how can I be myself when I don't even accept who I am? Sighing for the ump-teenth time today, you got in the shower, sprawling out in the tub. You started crying again, your black make-up smearing even more. The steam rising from your cold body as the scalding water hit it, rising as if shame had taken a physical form and was finally ascending from your so called "tainted" skin. You gently rubbed your wrist, surveyed the old and not-so-old scars. You always wished you didn't have the sickeningly sweet addiction of self-harming. "Why?" You said aloud, voice shaky with misery. You slammed your head against the shower wall, screaming "WHY!?" Again, you slammed your head against the wall, over and over until your scalp felt kinda numb and you went dizzy. You tried to stand up, stumbling a bit before you were upright. You washed your hair with F/S scented shampoo and bathed. You stepped out and noticed a note on your mirror. It had an odd symbol on it, a circle with an rather large "X" slashed across it. You tilted your head in confusion, a habit you've had for as long as you could remember. "Hmmm..." You flipped it over and tried to read it. All you could make out was "No Eyes". You shivered.

Really Creepy.

As you got dressed in simple sweat pants and a t-shirt, you recieved a text from an unknown number. "8 Pages. Collect All. Never Stop Recording. The Game has started."

Your eyes widened and you immediately looked out of your window and noticed what appeared to be an extremely tall man in a black suit... without a face, with black tendrils spewing from its back. As soon as you blinked, he was gone. You ran downstairs with your phone on record and out the back door to search for the man, to no avail. You noticed another note, written in weird writing with a strange picture. Of a man with no face and black tentacles. It read "Can't Run". You looked around, horrified. Rubbing you E/C eyes, you looked around. Looking towards your 3 acres of forest behind your house, You noticed something white. You ran towards it, thinking it could be another note, not noticing that your phone was hazing up.

"Oh God. Maybe if I get all the notes, that thing will leave me alone." You thought, snatching the piece of paper off the tree. You counted three. "Good. Five to go."

You turned around and noticed your phone was going insane with static. You screamed. It was right behind you. You held up the note with the Circle and X and the thing suddenly vanished.

Your already frantic breathing was even faster as you quickly looked around for another note. You ran straightforward, praying to God you find one. You found yet another note, 4 more to go. It depicted a wooden shack, to which your phone started hazing up. You looked up from the note and noticed night had fallen. You got tears in your pretty E/C eyes but rubbed them away, running away from the wooden shack in the distance. You ran for quite a bit, stopping in the middle of a clearing. On a rock near a small creek, you grabbed another note, realizing your phone was hazing up once again. Hot tears stung your eyes as you cried for joy. Another symbol note. You quickly gathered up all you had, 5. Only 3 to go. You wiped your face again and sprinted back into the forest, aimlessly. You had no idea where else to look. Dreading it, you ran back towards the wooden shack, fear practically strangling you, closing off your windpipe so bad you couldn't breathe. You found two notes right across from each other, picturing a guy in mask and a guy with a hood on, your fear levels rising (if possible), thinking that that thing had partners. 7. More Static. You cried when u ran to the wooden shack, spotting the last, life-saving note on the door. You grabbed it and turned around, coming face to face with the thing and it's little hench people. Your phone went completely white and grey with static, making an obnoxious noise. You sighed, thinking it was hopeless. You looked the Tall Thing with the suit on in the... uh... face (?) and nodded. Breathlessly quiet, you said "I'm Ready."

The Creature, taken aback, retracted its tentacles and tilted its head to the left slightly. Tears of fear and confusion welled in your eyes as The Creature somewhat teleported away, leaving you with its partners. The two figures looked at each other, whispering what seemed like English. The one in the mask came a bit closer. "Masky."

Your eyes widened. "I am Masky." The person said, lightly touching his dark brown hair. Masky pointed towards the other person with the hood covering its face. "This is Hoodie." Masky said. The Hooded one came forward, hands behind his back, staring at the wet ground. You stared at them, terrified. You noticed a knife within Masky's jacket pocket. Figuring they had the same abilities as The Thing, you didn't dare make a run for it. Masky tapped Hoodie's shoulder and whispered something in his ear, making Hoodie giggle. You smiled, noticing Hoodie's laugh was rather cute.

WAIT! WHAT?! NO! NO! NO! STOP THINKING THAT! You thought to yourself. How could you possibly think that monster's giggle was cute?

Masky stepped a bit too close to you, taking away what small personal space you had. He held the knife to your throat, causing you to gasp. "Come with us." You nodded, as if you had a choice. "Hoodie. Get her other side." Hoodie did as he was told, hesitantly grabbing your arm. They led you deeper into the woods, Masky being a bit forceful, Hoodie being gentle. He kept his gaze downward, as did you. You were so horrified you couldn't see straight. You wondered where they were taking you and more importantly, when they were going to kill you.

As you three rounded a corner, you came upon the most beautiful and most enormous mansion you've ever seen. Rustic and ancient looking, it gave off a rather Halloween-ish vibe, along with a bit fear provoking.

Masky led you into the front door of the gorgeous, palace-like residence. A teenage-looking boy with paper white skin, jet-black hair, and a slit mouth looked at you as he sat on the couch with a guy in a blue mask with black goo dripping from the sockets, they both struck fear into you as they gave you weird looks. "M-Master? W-we have th-the girl." Said a soft, quiet voice that did in fact belong to Hoodie. You smiled, but caught yourself.

You were shaking so bad, the knife had already nicked your neck over six times, you had no idea what was going on, who these horrifying people were or why you weren't dead yet. The Man in The Black Suit came towards you and looked you in the eyes. In a businessman-like and professional voice, he said "Good. Show her around. Let her meet everyone." He then went into a room connected to the living room, leaving you there with the... Monsters.

Masky took the knife away from your throat, but kept a firm grip on your forearm. Masky pointed to the guy with the diced up, white face and black hair. "That's Jeff. Jeff The Killer. He's y'know... a killer." The guy stood up and flashed a grin at you. You noticed he didn't blink, but as you looked a bit closer, you noticed he couldn't blink. He had no eye lids. He wore a white hoodie, stained with what looked like blood, black skinny jeans and black Chuck Taylors.

Masky led you towards the man with the blue mask and black goo spilling eye sockets. "This is Eyeless Jack. He likes kidneys." Eyeless Jack stood up and lightly lifted your hand to his mouth and kissed it. You couldn't help but blush. As Eyeless Jack asked you your named, a short little boy with blonde hair dressed like Link from the Legends of Zelda, slid down the huge spiral stair case to the living room.

Masky seemed a bit annoyed as the Link look-a-like came up and said "Who's the babe?" Masky scoffed at Little Link. "That's a mutant." Masky said to you, grinning. Little Link yelled and stamped his foot. "Maaasskyyy!" He whined. Masky groaned and rolled his eyes again. "I meant Ben. He's a geek." Ben stuck out his tongue and went to sit on the couch to watch what sounded like cartoons with the others. You nodded like you knew the situation. Then you felt something hug your legs. You looked down and saw an adorable little girl wearing a dirty pink nightgown. She had blood on her too but it looked as if it was her own, you were a little concerned but brushed it off, thinking it doesn't hurt, seeing as though Mr. Jeff was sliced and diced all over. She was squeezing your legs and grinning ear to ear. "This is Princess Sally, " Masky smiled as he said "But we just call her Sally."

Little Sally looked up at you. "I like her Masky. She's pretty." You smiled at the little girl and watched her as she ran to sit in Eyeless Jack's lap. Sally made a clicking noise with her mouth and you heard the patter of dog feet. Masky pointed towards the dog with the demented smirk. "That's Smile Dog." Your eyes widened, remembering your friend Alicia had sent you the email with that dog's picture. As you looked at all the people there, You noticed Masky had let go of you, but the eyes (or eye places) of all these people... Monsters were boring into your soul. You didn't dare move. You saw a man come from the kitchen wearing all black and white with a swirly cone for a nose. He had matted dark hair and looked at you like he wanted to eat you, unlike the curious stares from the others. Masky piped up. "That's Laughing Jack. He is twisted." Laughing Jack cackled loudly and demon-like when Masky finished. He sat down on the arm of the fluffy couch and continued to look at you like you look at cake.

"Hoodie, you want to show her around? I wanna see if Tom finally catches Jerry in this one." Masky said as he went to go sit with Jeff. Hoodie only nodded slightly. You looked at him, terror easily draining your face of all color. Hoodie started walking towards the dining room. "Th-this is the k-kitchen and dining room." He stuttered. He walked towards the man in the suit who was baking what seemed like cheesecake. "Th-this is Master." Hoodie said as he looked towards the creature. "Slenderman. Just call me Slenderman. Would you like some?" He said, pulling the cake pan out of the oven. You shook your head, still shaking. Hoodie then took you towards the stairs.

After what seemed like forever going up the stairs, you stopped at a room with a black door with the same symbol as the notes on it. "That's Master's room. N-Never go in t-there. off Lim-mmits." Hoodie said pointing towards it.

"Hoodie?" you said, voice shaky with fear. "Y-yes?" He answered, turning back to look at you. You thought long and hard about what you wanted to say but decided to ask a simple question. "What are you and all the others...?" You looked him into the red spots that you assumed were his eyes. " A c-creepypasta. We're a-all creepypastas." He somewhat smiled at you, the thin red line turning upwards a bit within his hood. You tried to fake a smile, horror filling your heart.

As Hoodie showed you around, his stuttering only got worse. If you didn't know any better, you would have thought he was nervous. He then took you to a small door that led to a balcony. As you two went through it, you noticed how gorgeous the night sky was at this time, the stars shining dimly as the sun set, the orang-red of the sky fading to faint pinks and purples and then into indigo. "Wow..." You said airily as you leaned against the railing, taking in the magnificence. "It's beautiful."

"L-like you." Hoodie said as he sat down. He immediately put his hand to his face and started apologizing. "I-I'm s-s-so sor-rry! P-please d-d-don't be m-mad!" He pleaded, his voice cracking. You looked at him kindly and, unbelieveably, gave him a hug. "Of course not, Hoodie. Thank you. That was very sweet." You were blushing and decided to flash him a smile to calm him down. As far as you could tell, he smiled back at you. "M-miss? M-May I ask y-your name?" He looked towards you, voice still a bit shaky. "My name is Y/N."

He smiled as he leaned over the railing next to you. "I-I'm Hoodie. But y-you prob-bably know that alr-ready." He sighed and put his head in his hands. "I'm s-sorry." He said, disappointment thick on the words.

"For what, Hoodie?" You asked, genuinely concerned about the young man.

"M-my stuttering. I-I can't h-help it... I'm s-so sorry." He honestly looked and sounded ashamed of this.

"Oh, Hoodie. Don't be embarassed. I think it's cute." You smiled at the poor guy and put your arm around him in an attempt to make him feel better. He lifted his head from his hands and looked at you curiously. "You d-do?"

You smiled and hugged him again. "Yes. It's adorable, Hoodie." He grinned at you, beaming. "Y-you're really c-cool, Y/N. Thank y-you." He giggled and then put his hand to his mouth to keep from smiling.

"Hoodie? Why did you and Masky take me here?" you asked, placing your hand on his. He instantly tensed up. You took your hand away, eyes wide with fear. "O-Oh! I-I'm sorry. I j-just... haven't b-been touched... b-by a human l-like that... you know... wi-without it c-causing harm..." He was obviously embarrassed. You noticed he put his hand back down, a bit closer to yours. You smiled and put your hand back on his.

"Master th-thinks you're d-different. He th-thought it was o-odd that you w-were so... O-okay with dying like that. He hon-nestly thinks you are different from all the g-girls that think their life is s-so horrible. He had b-been watching you for so long and kept finding out n-n-new and interesting things ab-bout you, he never let a-a human live this lo-long without him making an att-tack. " Hoodie explained.

You pondered overthis, thinking it was absolutely terrifying that Slenderman was watching you. What a creep! You thought about how much you wanted to run away right now but Hoodie's sweet, shy, and quiet demeanor kept you there, somehow. "Wow... Don't I feel special?" You said sarcastically, smiling a bit.

"Y-You are. Y-you're the 1st human I-I've ever met that d-didn't autom-matically run away from me..." He said quietly. You noticed the shame in his voice and it made you want to hug and kiss and cuddle- WAIT WAIT WAIT! NO! You thought. You couldn't help it though. He was a nice guy, or appeared to be, but at least he wasn't going to kill you. Right?

"Don't worry, Hoodie. I wouldn't run away from you. You're actually kinda nice." You gave him a small smile.

"M-Masky is nice too. D-don't tell him I t-told you this, b-but he said you're hot." Hoodie giggled. You smiled at his girlish laugh, it was adorable.

"You and Masky partners?"

"Y-yeah. W-we're proxies."

"Explain. I'm new to creepypasta-ness."

"Well... B-basically we do all o-of Master's d-d-dirty work. We des-stroy evidence of The Hunt, k-kill witnesses, h-help him, and we're u-under his control. It isn't sl-slavery, but we c-can't leave... Or we'd d-d-die. Master would kill us." He explained to me, trying to make it sound nonchalant. I sighed, thinking that Hoodie was too sweet of a soul to be a "Proxy" or whatever.

"That really sucks. Does S-Slenderman want me to be a Proxy?" You questioned, a little scared at saying the creature's name as if it was Voldemort from Harry Potter.

"I-I don't know. I-I'm s-sorry." Hoodie answered softly.

You noticed a slight fog was starting to develop and it made it kind of creepy to sit out there. Hoodie must've noticed because he lightly (and hesitantly) touched your shoulder and stood up. As he helped you up, you couldn't help but give a silly grin. He was so polite. You thought it was kind of sweet. As you two went through the door, he brought you downstairs. You sat down next to him as The Slenderman served you and the other creepypastas dinner. You all ate in silence, except for Jeff and Ben who kept flicking food at each other and giving each other glares. It was actually extremely funny and you couldn't help but chuckle at their banter.

After dinner, Hoodie led you to your designated room. "You d-don't mind sleeping w-with Sally, right Y/N?" He asked. "'Cause I c-can let you s-sleep in my b-bedroom."

You smiled. "No, it's fine Hoodie. Thank you though." He opened the door for you and you walked in, surveying the scene. You noticed how cute the room was; Little pink ponies, dolls, unicorns, rainbows, the normality of a 6-year-old's room. You grinned, this is exactly how your room used to look like. Then your smile faded. It looked like this before everything went to shit... before your dad died, before those kids discovered you existed, before the set out to make your life a living hell. You quickly dismissed the thoughts, not wanting to have a break down in front of anyone. You looked at Hoodie, who was standing in the doorway. You went over to him and embraced him quickly. "Goodnight Hoodie." You said softly. You noticed how nervous he was and smiled. "G-g-goodn-night t-to y-y-you too, Y-Y/N."