For the rest of the day, Grell helped the ex-Reaper around the parlour, he found it somewhat peaceful to polish the wood on the coffins and watching a shine rise on the crafted pieces brought a smile to his lips as he seemed to be quite good at it. They spoke no more of William or the Dispatch, instead their conversation was filled with jollity and amusing anecdotes from Undertaker concerning his work, some of the most amusing corpses he had worked with.

The parlour was filled with giggles and laughter, something which rarely happened but it made a nice change for the older man, and also for the younger who was not used to being so accepted or befriended.

Grell couldn't resist sneaking glances at the man as he worked, he was truly more beautiful than he had imagined, thin beams of sunlight snuck through the curtains and every so often would fall upon Undertaker's skin or hair, making it glisten like a gem or shine like a precious metal. It made Grell stop and stare every time for several moments before he realised what he was doing and returned quickly to his work.

Undertaker however was no oblivious to the looks he was receiving, in fact he was more than aware of them, and was returning them whenever he thought there was a prime moment, Grell looked magnificent as he straddled the coffins one at a time, polishing them with zeal and revealing his thighs though the entrapment of his pants. He looked well defined, taut and feminine with an edge of haughtiness he presumed was for protection. A sigh left his lips and he shook his head so he could concentrate on his own job rather than on Grell's fine figure.

Finally, upon reaching the end of his daily list of corpses to tend to, Undertaker took a seat with a warm cup of milk, offering Grell the same, "You did well today, I was impressed." he purred.
"Hehe thanks Unny, it was more fun than I expected! And I happen to think I am quite good at it too." he winked and sat down, accepting the milk happily and taking a sip, "Is it like this every day?"
"Pretty much, yes, it gets more trouble some when the Earl comes knocking but not by much." he answered honestly, "Why?"
"No reason really..." he smiled, "Did I do okay?"
"You did do wonderfully dear Grell. I was impressed." he confirmed a second time, smiling at him before he sipped his drink, "I am worried for my job shall we say!"
"Nooo I couldn't deal with the corpses, no thank you!" he giggled, "But the side I was working on was fine, it was fun. Really fun."

Rather than reply and risk his mouth ruining the moment, Undertaker simply nodded and smiled as he continued to drink his milk; he looked around the shop and sighed as a melancholy thought came to him, the parlour could do with a woman's touch. He glanced sideways at Grell and considered if for a moment.

"What would you change in decor if you had the chance?" he inquired softly.
"Hmm? Maybe put some nice lights in and open the curtains for a start." the redhead joked, "Mmm... I don't know, I mean its an undertaker's its meant to be solemn and sad... But I guess I would add a splash of red somewhere."
That brought a smile to his face and he nodded, "Interesting." he murmured, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the moment, opening them again quickly as he felt Grell kiss his cheek, his face pinked a little as he looked at the other again.
"Sorry I had to do that." Grell giggled before standing up, "I'm going to go and wash."

"O-Okay." he breathed, watching him go upstairs before he lifted a hand and touched his face, he felt all warm and fluffy on the inside and wriggled slightly on the seat he was in, finishing his milk with a not so innocent thought of 'should I offer to wash his back?'

He quickly decided against such a course of action, deeming it to be ungentlemanly and... An invasion of Grell's privacy. Nevertheless, when he heard the water switch on he felt a prang of desire towards the redhead, imagining his silken white skin, creamy as the milk they'd just drunk.

He sighed softly and sat back, looking around the parlour again, "Mm a splash of red?"