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Chapter 1: "Teenagers"

She poised elegantly as she examined herself in front of the full-length mirror.

Her soft baby blue hair flowed in a wave that went above her waist. The white cocktail dress she had on was complimenting her slender figure. Its top was decorated with sparkling diamonds, and the fact that it was sleeveless revealed her flawless collarbone wrapped in smooth alluring skin. Its layered puffy skirt stopped a few lengths above her knees, exposing her delicate pair of lower limbs that stood impressively firm in a pair of high velvet heels. A diamond necklace her father gifted her adorned her bare neck and a pair of matching earnings hung gorgeously, dangling from her ears.

"You look gorgeous Neon-sama." Eliza told her earnestly.

"Really?" Neon beamed, smiling brightly at her attendant who stood by her right. She was aware of how fabulous she looked in her new dress, but even so she had to ask. There were times she doubted if her attendants were telling the truth. After all, everyone always lied to her, even her father, especially her father.

She waited for Eliza's forthcoming response, her pair of blue orbs searching for any sign of dishonesty.

"Of course you are."

None. No nervous blinking eyes or fake smiles, not that she can tell.

Neon turned to her left, looking at her other attendant. "What about you Lila, what do you think?"

Lila gave her a thumb up, a genuine smile graced her lips. "Perfect!"

Failed to catch any loopholes from their 'facades', she decided they were telling the truth and she twirled around as she hummed happily. All the while her attendants were giggling in response to her childlike performance.

"Now then, shall we head downstairs? Kurapika is waiting for you outside." Eliza notified her.

"Only Kurapika?"

"Yes Neon-sama." Lila answered in Eliza's stead.

"Melody and Basho have to stay and guard the mansion."

"What about Linssen?"

"He took a week off to visit his family and your father's bodyguards are guarding the the vault."

"Eh? Then I am stuck with Kurapika for the entire afternoon?" Neon pouted childishly.

Eliza and Lila stared at her in confusion. "Mind if I ask Neon-sama, what's wrong with Kurapika?" Eliza inquired.

"He's scary!" Neon exclaimed, her hands clutching at the hem of her dress. "Always grumpy and depressed he is. I miss Dalzollene." She finished in a softer tone, looking down at her skirt. Yes, she missed her former head bodyguard and the others, who had lost their lives in Yorknew. She didn't know exactly what happened and she didn't want to find out either. After she had witnessed Eliza's heartbreaking cry, mourning for her lover –one of the bodyguard, Squala-, a foreign feeling surfaced within Neon. She still remembered the exact feeling she had gotten as she watched Eliza broke down in tears. At first she was confused, couldn't understand why, but she was stoned on her feet and her heart suddenly felt heavy, and the next thing she knew her eyesight was hazed by her tears. She had wanted to go over to Eliza and comfort her, but what was she supposed to say? That Squala would return? The dead cannot come back to life, she had told herself. Day after day, the disturbing feeling grew as she realized she could never see and play with Dalzollene and Squala or his dogs ever again and she missed that. She missed them. How could she not have felt any remorse when she was first informed of Dalzollene's death?

Eliza forced a smile, her tears were threatening to fall as she tried to convince Neon with a shaky yet gentle voice. "Kurapika is a great guy and he's very strong. I am sure he will do his best to protect you." It had been a couple of weeks since her lover's death and she hadn't gotten over the fact that he's gone forever and she wondered, what was she still doing here in this place filled with their memories? Most of the bodyguards were either dead or had quit the job, the only few left were Neon-sama's and her father's loyal bodyguards.

The tension was so thick that for a moment there Lila could do nothing but watch them wallowing in melancholy. She then decided to start up anything that could subdue the tension. "But Neon-sama, don't you think he's kind of cute?" she sprouted out of nowhere. Frankly, from all the bodyguards hired to work for Neon-sama, except for the deceased female bodyguard, Baise- Kurapika was the good-looking one.

"Huh?" Neon mouthed, and she and Eliza stared bewildered at Lila as if she's some kind of an alien.

Wrong topic, but she had successfully caught their attention.

Eliza suddenly clapped her hands together as if she had come to realize something obvious. "Neon-sama, if I'm not mistaken, I think he's older than you by a year."

Neon quirked a brow skeptically. "What are you trying to say?"

"Neon-sama, you have never actually met a guy your age before have you?"

"No. I've always been homeschooled so…" Neon's expression suddenly turned mortified and beet red by her own assumption. "A-are you trying to set me up with Kurapika?" Sure Kurapika was a good looking boy, but she had never thought of him in 'that' way.

"Um, no." Eliza smiled nervously. For a naïve innocent child, Neon had a wild imagination, probably from watching too much television. "What I am trying to say is, why don't you try and talk to him. Find out more about what people your age likes to do these days, try to get him out of his shell. I heard he has a couple of teenage friends, maybe he can introduce them to you and that way you can make new friends."

Neon scrunched up her eyebrows, her eyes looked almost ready to pop out of their sockets. Why hadn't she thought of that?

"But what does this have to do with him being cute?" Lila asked.

"Huh? Nothing really." Eliza simply answered and this made Lila fell over comically. "Though that could be the plus side to this attempt." She added.

"What do you mean?" Neon questioned curiously, liking the idea and was eager to hear more.

Eliza's face immediately sparkled, thinking she had done well in peaking her Boss's interest and she suddenly had the confidence of a counselor. "You can never get bored of watching a pretty boy even though he's boring right?"

"Uh-hum." Neon nodded. She liked to watch certain dramas and movies only when the main actor was good looking, even if the entire story line itself was a total let down.

"So this is a good opportunity for you Neon-sama! You won't just be wasting your time trying to talk through his cold demeanor. You can at least get the side dish, having the experience to speak with a cute guy who is your age."

"Ah! I get it." Lila followed up, her expression matching Eliza's."Ne Neon-sama, why don't you try to study his appearance? I bet you will see him in a different light! and when you do, you'll get this thrill, 'doki-doki' and fuzzy feelings. I think you will like the experience!"

Neon stared at her two handmaidens in confusion. "I don't get it." She admitted, she enjoyed times like this when her maids open up to her and their gossip and theories never ceased to amaze her, but there were times when she couldn't understand what they were saying, why are they excited? Was that even funny? Was she supposed to laugh along and said something?

"Um, well, I believe Neon-sama will experience that soon enough." Lila assured her, a gentle smile on her face. "Then there's another wonderful feeling that comes after." She sighed dreamily. "Love."

Eliza murmured grimly, her head tilted down and her long hair covered her delicate face. They have once again stepped over the boundaries and Neon and Lila could do nothing but exchanged a sympathetic look. After a few moments of bitter silence, Eliza looked up, teary violet eyes met Neon's blue ones. "Neon-sama, promise me this. When you find someone you love, protect him and never let him go."

For a moment there she couldn't find the strength to speak. She pictured herself in Eliza's situation, and mentally shuddered at the thought. Would she feel worse than she already did? Would she wallow in the sadness, crying as Eliza did? Skip meals for days? Having sleepless night? What if her father, the only family she had, died like her bodyguards did? She couldn't bare all this thought of horrendous possibilities and tears began swelling in her eyes.


The young girl nodded. "I promise." She sobbed.

Eliza walked over to Neon and took out a pink handkerchief. "You are ruining your make up, Neon-sama." She took her delicate face and wiped her tears away.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Boss, it's time to go. The auction starts in an hour." The voice they recognized as Basho's reminded them from the other side of the door.

"Um, I'll be there in a jiffy." She yelled back as she swiveled herself in front of the mirror to examine herself one last time before she was escorted by her attendants out of her room, ascended downstairs and out the mansion towards Kurapika who was waiting for her by a black sedan she normally ride on.

Kurapika the object of their previous conversation, stood there in all his enticing glory and Lila's words came back to her, 'Try to study his appearance...' For the first time since he was hired to be her bodyguard, she never realized how much of a bishonen he was and how sophisticated he looked in a suit. She took notice of his soft looking blonde hair that went past his jaw, framing his feminine facial features and the intensity of his cat like eyes made her heart skipped a beat. Oh, and now the things Lila said was happening to her.

The young man blinked once, then twice, his eyes widened in their sockets. He had always thought his employer's daughter was a beautiful creature. She had always had that pure, alluring beauty despite her annoying, ditzy nature that could force someone into strangling her to death. But now, now she was just breathtaking. In all his years as a teenager, not once has he ever bothered himself to chase after skirts like Leorio always does, simply because he couldn't be bothered. All that was in his mind were rage and revenge. He swallowed silently, trying his best to get a grip of himself. Too enticed by her beauty, he stood rooted to his spot. As she approached closer and closer and finally came to stand before him, he still couldn't do even as far as to catch his voice or move a finger and his lips slowly parted, gaping pathetically.

"Kurapika?" Melody's voice was buzzing, he was well aware she called out to him, but he still couldn't take his eyes off of the Boss."Kurapika?"

A sudden nudge awakened him from his trance. Basho cleared his throat and Melody was trying to suppress her smile, knowing well what went on in their head bodyguard's mind. "A-ah, Boss." He bowed a little too awkwardly before he quickly shifted to the side and opened the door to the car to let the Boss in.

What the hell was he doing? it was supposed to be the chauffeur's job!

Neon jolted on her spot when he bowed and as embarrassed as she was, she practically jumped into the car without uttering a single word. She was unusually quiet, the others noted.

Once Kurapika shut the door closed, he heard Basho chuckled while muttering, "Excuse me."

Melody smiled knowingly at Kurapika. No doubt she knew what went inside his head from the sound of his heartbeat and that fact had made his face red with embarrassment. To avoid any incoming questions, he rushed to the other side of the car and went in, settling himself next to Neon.

As the black sedan drove off the mansion, Basho turned to look at his fellow bodyguard. "Our leader is a teenager after all."

Melody nodded in agreement."His heartbeat was playing such a beautiful tune." And it was the first time it did.

"Even the Boss, she was practically scrutinizing him as if she had never seen him before."

"I'll let you in for a secret." Melody winked. "Her heartbeat was in rhythm with Kurapika's."

"Ne Kurapika."

"Yes Boss?"

"Do you think I look beautiful tonight?"

Kurapika choked on his own saliva, Meanwhile the driver who overheard their conversation, almost drove them off the cliff. Almost.

"What?!" Kurapika sprouted. It was the only respond he could manage and he suddenly realized he had been sweating profusely most likely from the moment he got in the car. No, probably before that… What the hell was he thinking anyway? He should not be thinking such things. He's an avenger; he lived for the sole purpose to avenge his clan, not acting like a hussy when faced with a pretty girl. Besides, it's inappropriate ogling his superior's daughter like he did.

She leaned in closer; rested her hands on the empty seat in between them, supporting her upper body and unconsciously revealing her supple looking breasts from doing just that, something unfamiliar roused from the inside and with a finger, he loosened his -suddenly tight- collar and gulped. "Didn't you hear? How do I look tonight? Am I beautiful?" Eager to hear his response, she stared up at him with an innocent glint in her eyes, with every question asked she leaned closer forward and the more suffocated he got. Damn it, he wished she would just drop it already. Couldn't she tell he's not comfortable with all this? Oh wait, she was just that gullible to begin with.

At any rate, he needed to be careful with his choice of words. If he said she's not beautiful, she would get upset and start throwing tantrum, probably gave him a black eye or two. Now on the other hand, if he told her she 'is' beautiful- well that just sounded wrong! If he was a much older man or a woman, he could probably answer that honestly with a breeze. Now he's a teenager, was there anyway to answer her honestly without having to sound like a- a pervert? He didn't want to end up saying stuff like Leorio… Gah, who cares, he's not Leaorio! And what about the driver? He's obviously been listening; his ears were practically peaking high with interest. People wouldn't believe how gossip travels in this household. Kurapika was willing to bet all his jenny, the moment this chauffeur dropped them off at the auction house, he would start calling the other bodyguards or whoever his closest friend was working within the Noastrade.

"Um, what do you want me to say?"

"The truth." She blinked, obviously not backing down from the subject until he satisfied her.

Kurapika was left with no choice. Well, at least telling the truth would make her happy.

"Y-yeah." Kurapika answered in a whisper, trying to avoid any eye contact. His entire face had turned red at this point.

"Huh?" she leaned even closer. Seriously, was she trying to seduce him or something? "Can you say that again? I can't hear you."

Tsk, this girl is seriously a royal pain in the ass.

Kurapika cleared his throat. "Yes, Boss, you are beautiful." He repeated, loud and clear this time round, his blush never ceased.

The young lady eyed him suspiciously. "You are not lying are you?"



"Then why are you looking away?" she pointed out. "When people lie, they tend to avoid eye contact."

If Kurapika was Leorio or Killua, he would have screamed in Neon's face. But he couldn't do that now could he? She's the Boss after all and he just needed to keep up with her for a couple of hours. 'Yeah right, a couple of hours in hell!' he groaned inwardly. He should have been the one to guard the house.

"Fine." He forced himself to look back at the annoying girl, who was still posing in a very sensual way that made his blush resurfaced.

He'd had it.

"You look beautiful tonight Neon-sama." He repeated once more, his voice sounded unexpectedly alluring than he intended.

Neon stared wide-eyed at him; rosy flush slowly crept up her neck to her cheeks. It was then she realized she was getting too close to him and she quickly returned to her original position and leaned back into her seat.

Kurapika blinked at her odd reaction. What was wrong with this woman anyway? Well, who cares, as long as he got her off his back, he had nothing else to worry about.

Their entire car ride to the auction was unusually peaceful for once.