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"Jutsu": Human Speech

'Jutsu': Human Thought

"Jutsu": Demon/Summon Speech

'Jutsu': Demon/Summon Thought

"Jutsu": Jutsu


Kumogakure no sato, otherwise known as the village hidden in the clouds. It was home to many; the Raikage, who was the fastest man alive, the second largest and most powerful shinobi force after Konohagakure (the village hidden in the leaves), and the most (and best if not for Kirigakure's seven swordsmen) kenjutsu users outside the samurai.

One such sword wielder was currently practicing, standing in the middle of a large, raised stone circle, surrounded by mountains and water, going through several advanced katas with her sword, starting slow, but then going faster and faster, until she and her tanto were nothing but a blur. This woman was Samui, a genin, the lowest ranking member of the shinobi forces, for Kumo. She had been such for five years, raising her skills until she was at the level of a very high chunin, with only lack of experience keeping her from being jonin material. It was a technique that Kumo used, not allowing their genin to go to the Chunin exams for a few years, letting them get stronger, so that Kumo would look all that much better when they do eventually enter.

Samui was a fair-skinned woman of tall stature, with a stoic and aloof expression on her face. She had blue eyes and straight, blonde hair framing her face cut in an asymmetrical bob style with the front bangs reaching her shoulders. She wore a very low-cut outfit which displayed her sizeable cleavage, with mesh armour underneath, a short skirt and red hand guards, finishing the outfit with high boots (1). Her tanto sheath was strapped horizontally across her lower back.

As she was finishing the first set of exercises, she finally noticed that there was somebody watching her, sitting down on a set of steps leading up to a mountain. While she was by no means a natural, she was one of the strongest genin sensor in Kumo, as she had undergone specific training to be as such since before she had graduated, knowing that sensors were more valuable to their villages, as well as more useful during missions. As such, she was able to see this person had an almost disturbing amount of chakra, so much so that it was shocking she hadn't noticed it before, around as much as her sensei, until it suddenly disappeared, lowering down to the level of a chunin.

'So that's why I didn't notice him, he was suppressing his chakra, which means that he either slipped in his control, or he intentionally revealed himself. And if he did that, then he must want something.' Surmised Samui to herself, before seeming to relax, though she kept her blade in her hand, and her muscles tense.

"May I help you?" She asked of her visitor as she studied him.

The stranger was a rather handsome male, if she were so inclined to admit as much. He was a tall man, being around an inch or two taller than she was, seeming to be about her age, with bright, electric blue eyes, neon yellow hair, a rather angular face, marred by what appeared to be six scars, three on each cheek. His clothing was the strangest hodgepodge of international garments, consisting of the light grey flak jacket of Konoha ANBU, the forest green kimono worn by Kiri hunter-nin, which he wore open, a set of Haidate (2), from the samurai of Tetsu no kuni (Land of iron), on each of which was painted a sealing array, a black t-shirt, a pair of black samurai pants, black shinobi sandals, as well as a pair of kunai pouches on the back of his belt. On his left hip hung a Katana. She also noticed that he wasn't wearing a hitae-ate, which meant that he probably wasn't a shinobi. But then, how did he control his chakra so well?

"I see that you use a blade." He commented easily, mildly annoying Samui, before that was extinguished by her stoic nature.

"Yes, and so does pretty much everyone from Kumo, what is so special about me?" She enquired, getting a low chuckle from the blonde, who got up and began to walk towards her.

"Well, from what I hear, Samui-san, you're the student of the best Kenjutsu expert in Kumo, and I figured that he taught you a few things. And on that note, I'd like to challenge you to a spar." Replied the man, Samui raising an eyebrow at the fact he knew who she was, as she didn't have an entry in the Bingo book yet, and was only a genin.

"And how would you know who I am? You don't seem to be from any village, if those trophies of yours are anything to go by." She stated, giving a pointed glance at his ensemble.

"Trophies? I don't have any of my trophies on me." He stated, looking at himself as though checking to see if there was something he had forgotten, before realizing what she must have meant. "Do you mean the clothes?" He asked, chuckling. "They aren't trophies, they were given to me by friends of mine on my travels." explained the exceedingly mellow blonde.

'But you do have trophies.' thought Samui to herself, catching his seeming slip of the tongue.

"Nevertheless, why would an unknown man wish to spar with me? If my sensei is of such interest to you, would you not rather face him? It's not cool to go after me to get to him." She stated. She wasn't trying to avoid the fight, she was simply curious as to his goals, and what her part in them was.

"Oh, I would love to face off against your master, but I'm nowhere near his level, and I have no desire to be stabbed full of electrified toothpicks while he 'raps'." came his chuckled response, though he did shiver at that last part, having been present for one of the man's public performances.

"You have yet to explain as to why you wish to fight me." pointed out Samui, wishing he'd either finally get to the point, or go away, so that she could get back to training, since the chunin exams were three months away. Not to mention that they were in Konoha this time, so she had to be extra sharp to show that Konoha genin were nothing but children playing at ninja.

"I haven't?" He asked, surprised, before rubbing the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry about that, Mifune-sensei always did say that I talk too much. I remember one time...and I'm rambling again. Anyways, I want to fact against you to see how I measure up. You're the best student of the best Kumo swordsman, so I figured that you'd be a good match. If I win, I'll go and challenge someone else. Maybe Darui-san, his bingo book entry said he had a rather interesting blade." He rambled, his eyes glinting when he mentioned Darui's sword. "I digress, but the reason I want to fight you is simple. you use a sword."

"That is it, that's the only reason?" She asked, slightly incredulously.

"But of course, if I'm to be the best in the world, then I have to beat everyone, don't I?" He asked with a very serious expression, completely out of the blue, actually managing to get an incredibly out of character response from Kumo's Genin definition of stoicism.


"I wish to be the best swordsman in the world." He answered seriously, startling her slightly with his seemingly rapid mood swings, as his serious expression morphed back into his easy going one, but she was not fooled anymore. She knew this easygoing man meant every word.

"That's cool, but if we are to do this, then may I at least know your name?"

"Naruto, Uzumaki Naruto." Said the now identified blonde, before he slammed his hand on the ground, a black sealing matrix appearing, and encircling the two of them, before fading away, though not disappearing.

"What was that?" Demanded the kumo genin, as she fell into a combat stance, before realizing that she couldn't mold chakra. "What did you do to me?"

"Nothing. I simply made it so that no one could use chakra in a ten meter radius of where I'm standing. That should cover this little platform, no? If you don't believe me, then you are free to leave."

"That wasn't very cool. Why would you do such a thing?" She enquired, thinking that this Naruto had just as much of a disadvantage as she did, if he was affected like she was.

"Because I don't want to fight a shinobi." He stated. "I want to fight a swordsman." He finished, drawing his katana.

"And why wouldn't you want to fight as a 'shinobi'? If that little display of Fuinjutsu is any guarantee, then you are obviously dangerous." Said Samui, as she and Naruto faced off against one another on the platform, Samui holding her tanto in a reverse grip in he right hand, the back of the blade running along her forearm, both of her fists level with her mouth, with her right hand in front, her legs spread to give her a steady stance.

Naruto, on the other hand, was in a modified gedan stance, with both hands on the hilt of his katana, the top of his right hand wrapped firmly around the part just below the tsuba, with his left held loosely around the pommel, his hands level with his pelvis, the tip of the blade around an inch off the ground, his left foot in front of him and pointing at his opponent, with his right foot behind him and pointing to his left.

"Because even shinobi who are masters of the blade wont hesitate to resort to ninjutsu if given the chance." Replied Naruto seriously, before he brought his katana blade side up, attempting a rising slash, which was dodged by Samui, who had spun clockwise, in order to bring the point of her tanto around to stab him.

Dodging by stepping back, Naruto quickly brought his sword around, defecting her follow up attempt to rake her blade across his chest. He then began to spin his weapon, arms close to his body, down behind his right shoulder, up in front of him, down to his left, up in front, down to his right, up in front, forcing her to dodge the onslaught, until he surprised her by turning as he brought his blade up one last time, turned his back to her, bringing the blade down in the opposite direction, and using the momentum to stab it at her from between his left elbow and his rib cage, actually managing to cut her right side, which, while not life threatening, was still rather painful. He then wind-milled the blade to bring the sword full circle again to bring it down in a slash aimed at her head, which she blocked, further aggravating the injury.

Angling her blade, Naruto's katana then slid down it, making his sword impact the ground, as she switched to a normal grip on her tanto, and tried to bring it across his neck. Astonishingly, Naruto released the hold his left hand had on the katana, bringing it up with his right, blocking her strike with the pommel, before using her own attack to enhance the momentum of his, slashing at her neck, only to sever a few strands of hair as he jumped back.

Their spar went on for a full twenty minutes, Naruto managing to score several more hits, while only taking one in return.

'He's good. Considering that they way he was talking about shinobi, he probably isn't one, though he does know fuinjutsu, which is regarded as the most dangerous of the shinobi arts. He most likely dedicates all his time to his sword, meaning he probably has little to no formal shinobi training. This little spar is getting pretty cool. I wonder which one of us would win were we to go all out.' Thought Samui to herself, actually getting a little hot under the collar. While she did love her village, and being a shinobi, one of the main reasons that she had become a shinobi was to use a blade. She had always loved them, hearing stories about the romanticism of them from her ex-samurai father, hearing tales about how he'd seen people cut mountains in half, how one of his friends could make a cut so clean that you wouldn't even know you were decapitated until a gentle gust of wind pushed your head off, of people who were so graceful that they literally danced around a battlefield with their sword, how some were so fast that they could draw their blade, carve a statue of themselves from a block of marble, and sheath it while your eyes were closed during a blink. But considering the fact that all samurai were men, and her own natural patriotism, she had instead become a shinobi.

Due to her fascination with swords, and it was only a matter of time for her to develop a liking for swordsmen. Unfortunately, the only ones who were any good were either too old for her tastes or just plain wierd, and the ones her age were all weaker than her. Then comes this Naruto and not only is he able to easily keep up with her, but was actually winning, not to mention the fact he was also her age!

"Would it be cool for us to go all out?" She asked, referring to the use of chakra.

Nodding with a sigh after a second of thought, Naruto sheathed his katana, and backed towards the edge of the 'chakra free zone', an interested Samui watching the entire time. Kneeling down and examining the circle, Naruto eventually smiled, and smudged one of the kanji, the rest glowing and disappearing afterwards, Samui once again feeling her chakra when he was finished.

"One would only be able to disrupt it by that specific kanji, or with a powerful enough area of affect attack, otherwise some rather bad things would happen." He explained cordially at her interested expression.

"You gave that information away rather easily." She noted, the blonde once again rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Yeah, maybe, but it's not like you could do anything with that information. I mean, I doubt you saw which one I actually smudged, and unless you attack me somewhere else in the world, I'm probably not going to use this on you again if I win." He stated, sending the Katana to the seal on his left thigh, simultaneously drawing a sword from his right.

This sword was unlike any Samui had ever seen before; it being a long, thin sword with no curve whatsoever, and a double sided blade. The entire thing looked to be one solid piece of dark brown metal, lacking a guard, with a cloth wrapped hilt, and a large green crystal at the end.

As he brandished this new sword, fire suddenly appeared flowing around it, making beautiful patterns, the red, orange and yellow growing in volume, before it all suddenly disappeared.

"Do you like my trophy?" Asked Naruto, referencing their earlier conversation, before he once again burst into action, bringing the blade down in a one handed downwards chop, which Samui blocked, only to immediately regret the decision, as a burst of fire rained down on her, lightly burning her face, clothes and hair for less than a second, before she kicked him away, jumping back to escape.

'NOT COOL! Is he trying to kill me?' She questioned in her mind, only to gape like a fish when she saw the large molten notch in her tanto.

Seeing that kenjutsu wouldn't work, she then began going though hand-signs, only for Naruto to blur in front of her, forcing her to duck as he attempted a horizontal strike, feeling the heat of the flames that appeared around the blade.

"How is that for all out?" Questioned the smug blonde

"How did you do that? No one on the planet is able to use katon (Fire style) to such an extent! Is it a kekkei genkai?" She asked, knowing that except for maybe a few high level techniques, you couldn't actually control a katon jutsu after it had left the body. To control fire to such an extent was unheard of.

"I don't really know." He admitted, shrugging as she uncharacteristically face-faulted. "It's actually the ability of my sword. By channeling chakra through it, I'm able to create and control fire. I'm not completely sure what else it does, if anything, since I killed the last guy who had it, but that's a story for another time. Now, let's do this!" Shouted the blonde man, raising the sword into a hasso stance, his left foot forward, the blade pointing up, with the hilt just in front of his right shoulder.

Seeing this, Samui once again took up a sturdy stance, only this time, instead of holding it to her side in a reverse grip, she shifted her body to the side, body facing towards Naruto's right, her right foot pointing towards him, her left hand behind with her right holding her tanto with it pointing at Naruto at shoulder height.

Both knowing that this would be the final exchange, Samui drawing her tanto and channeling her chakra through her blade, before hesitating as she saw Naruto's eyes glow red. They didn't turn red, but rather glowed. As unnerving as this was, they just as quickly returned to their normal blue, though she was immediately on guard, before watching as Naruto's blade produce fire, the flames converging on the eldge of the blade, glowing an unnerving white.

'Is he really trying to kill me?' Wondered Samui, before the two of them blurred forward, both swinging their swords faster than most could see, ending up ten feet apart, backs towards one another, before Samui's tanto fell to pieces, and already cauterized wounds appeared on the backs of both her hands, on each of her thighs, one on her stomach, one on her collar-bone, and one on her left cheek.

Turning, she noticed that Naruto didn't have so much as a paper-cut from the clash, before she collapsed.

"H-how are you not even injured? I know that I hit you!" She demanded, throwing the useless hilt of the tanto into the lake surrounding them.

"Genjutsu." He replied easily, getting a wry grin from Samui, before she took his hand, which he had extended to help her up.

When she was fully up, she tightened her grip on his hand, before grabbing his collar with the other, and bringing him in for a kiss.

While surprised at first, the fact that he was a teenager quickly caught up with Naruto, and he started kissing her back, wrapping his arms around her waist, as she connected her hands behind his neck.

After round thirty seconds, Samui broke the kiss, and told the blonde male, "Meet me at the gates at seven P.M. You're taking me on a date tonight. Someplace formal!" Before walking away up the stairs.

Dazed from the sudden kiss, it took him a few seconds to actually register what she had said, and, not against it or anything, asked, "Don't I have a say in this?"

"No!" Came the shouted reply, as the girl walked away, slightly limping from the pain of her injuries, before disappearing over the lip of the cliff.


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Kumo's Main Gate

Arriving a few minutes early, Naruto could do nothing but fidget, remembering the advice of a few of his teachers that an angry woman was the scariest thing on the planet, and so had decided to show up, rather than skip town, not to mention the fact he was a hot-blooded teen, as well as the several dozen other potential opponents in the village.

'Why haven't I come here before again?' Wondered Naruto to himself, before remembering and shivering. 'Oh yeah, that's why.'

Shaking off the horrifying thoughts of rabid monkeys and men in garter belts (3), his thoughts drifted to the reason he was standing where he was, when he was; Samui. He had never been on a date before, as his ronin-esque lifestyle had prevented such a thing, and knowing that he and the girl could never really be anything more than friends, as it would be unfair to start a relationship, only to leave, he wondered about why he was doing this, until he remembered he didn't want to make her angry.

"I was sort of expecting you to not show." Came the subject of his thoughts voice, causing him to look to where the voice came from, only for his jaw to nearly dislocate, along with that of pretty much every other male there, including the gate guards.

Tonight, she was clad in a spaghetti strapped black sleeveless dress, skin-tight and going down to mid-thigh, it had a somewhat conservative neckline, meaning that it showed less cleavage than her regular outfit, other than that, she wasn't any different, her hair still in its bob, and she wasn't wearing any make-up or perfume. She did however have several bandages wrapped around the places that he'd cut her, with one pasted on her cheek, and one on her collarbone.

"I feel slightly under-dressed." Confessed Naruto, clad in a dark red dress shirt, with a black tie and slacks, as well as shiny leather dress shoes. He hadn't really done anything else, other than a shower right before hand, his hair still a rat's nest, and his body free of cologne. He also had a slender wrapped package beneath one arm that she was curious about, but figured that he'd tell her eventually. He'd only actually been hit once by his now date, and he'd already healed from it.

"I think you look nice. Now, where are we going?" She questioned, getting a sigh from her date, him offering her his arm, which she took, linking her elbow around his, as he lead her through the village.

After about a five minute walk, the two blondes stopped in front of a rather high-end resaurant. It wasn't exactly the creme of the crop, but Samui was thankful for that, as the only ones who went there were stuffy nobles and rich merchants. This place was a shinobi-run place, serving meals specifically designed with low fat and high nutrition and energy, with a mostly shinobi clientele. Though in all honesty, it was actually three resauraunts in one, with three sections sharing a kitchen, with entrances that you went through dependant on your income level, with the door they stood in front of the most expensive and highest quality, reserved for those who took regular A-rank, or survived an S-rank. it was a place where shinobi would get a taste of the highlife every now and then, before they got back to their rough and tumble occupation.

"How did you get a reservation here?" Asked Samui, knowing that, as a genin, she wouldn't really be able to afford a meal here for another few years.

"I bribed the matradee." He explained casually, as the two of them were seated at a table near a window on a mezzanine, a door leading to a balcony a few feet to the right of the table, and ordered their food, Naruto placing the package on the table to his right.

"What is this?" Asked Naruto after the two of them received their drinks, slightly startling his companion, before she gained a small smile, which had him forcing down a small blush.


"No, I mean what are we doing here, and if you say eating then I'm leaving."

"It's a date." She answered with a sigh, having expected this to come up at some point.

"And why would you want to date me? I'm obviously not from your village, so I'll eventaully leave, I've known you for less than twelve hours as of now, and I kicked your ass within an hour of us meeting."

"I like strong men. Even better, I like strong swordsmen. The fact of the matter is that you're the only one my age who can soundly beat me in a spar. The only other people who can do that are either twice my age, or insufferable. The fact that you're not from this village isn't all that big a deal considering the fact that you aren't a shinobi, and about you leaving? I didn't ask for a relationship, just a date." She explained, Naruto seeming to accept the answer. The two of them then lapsed into a pleasant rapport over the appetizers.

During a pleasant debate about which element was best to enhanse shuriken with before throwing them, Naruto glanced out of a window, raising his eyebrow at the sight that greeted him.

"Ne, Samui-san. Would you happen to know a dark skinned girl with red hair and yellow eyes, and a dark skinned boy with pure white hair who likes suckers?"

"Y-yeah." She answered, slightly surprised, before becoming suspicious. "They are my teammates, Karui and Omooi. How is it that you know their descriptions, and not their names?"

Once agin glancing out the window, Naruto plaintively sipped his drink before nodding his head towards said window. Confused, she looked out, and almost flinched, seeing that the two of them were on the balcony outside, with Karui litterally pressing her face against the window, her gaze going back and forth between the two blondes.

"Who the fuck is that guy, and why do you look like hell?" Questioned the red-head loud enough to be heard through the reinforced glass, the other shinobi in the restaurant glancing towards them, before resuming their meals.

'I'm going to kill them. I'm going to kill them. I'm going to kill them.' Came the extremely annoyed mantra through Samui's head, as she stood up, and went out onto the balcony to confront her team.

"What the hell are the two of you doing here? It's not cool of you to follow me around." She demanded of the two of them, Omooi immediately asking questions that quickly spiraled into the absurd, which were aimed more at himself than anything, before he was smacked on the back of the head by Karui.

"What if that guy's actually a spy, and he's just dating you so he can get close to me, that way he can learn my cool moves, and-WHAM."

"Shut up, Omooi! Who the hell is that, Samui?" She demanded, ignoring Samui's earlier question.

"He's my date. Now, what are you two doing here?"

"Your date? Your DATE? When the fuck did you start dating, and why the fuck haven't we met this asshole?" Demanded the red-head, her voice rising as she went on.

"Because I just met him today. And before you say anything, no. He didn't ask me out, I asked him. He came up to me earlier, and asked for a spar. I accepted, and he won, easily." Explained Samui, getting incredulous looks from her teammates.

"He beat you? And YOU asked HIM out? Why the fuck would you do that? Don't you know he could be an enemy shinobi? Don't you know that he could be a spy? A thief? A rapist? You don't start a relationship with a person who beat your ass!" Began the redhead, before a very weird thought popped into her head.

'Unless you're into that sort of thing. (4)'

"Why the hell would you do such a thing?" Demanded Karui, finishing off her rant.

"I asked him out for reasons of my own, and I'm not looking for a relationship, just a date. Besides, I didn't know that I had to tell you every little fact about my life." Samui told the girl icily, causing the redhead to visibly swallow on nothing.

"W-whatever. Just so you know, I'm going to tell Kirabi-sensei about this." Said Karui matter-of-factly, as she grabbed her yammering-prone comrade by the collar, and disappeared.

"You do that." Murmured Samui to herself, as she walked back into the restaurant, and took her seat.

"Do you think she knew I could hear her?" Asked Naruto, highly uncomfortable about the insinuations the girl had made about him.

"It's cool, Karui's that way with everybody at first." Responded the blonde female.

"She did raise some cogent points. I'll respect your privacy, but I do want to know why you told me to take you someplace formal." Stated the whiskered teen, earning a raised brow from his date, before a mischievous thought popped into her head.

"Is it wrong for a girl to want to be pampered every now and again?" She asked with an innocent voice, tilting her head to the side slightly and leaning forwards a little.

At this, Naruto quickly spun around to face the opposite direction, a massive blush covering his face at how cute she looked (with a few other males on the mezzanine shooting back from nosebleeds). Turning back a few seconds later, still blushing slightly, he missed the triumphant smirk that had crossed her features.

"It's just that you don't really seem like that kind of girl." He answered honestly, a pissing off Samui.

"Oh?" She asked dangerously, "And what exactly kind of girl do I seem like?"

"A kunoichi." Said Naruto without hesitation, hiding his blind panic behind an expressionless mask, Samui's anger disappearing in understanding.

"Ah, cool. Well, there's no reason a kunoichi can't be pampered, now is there?"

"I suppose not." Acquiesced the blonde male, before returning to his meal.

"By the way, what's in the package?" Asked Samui after a few minutes of silence, pointing her knife at the object, which had been just sitting there the entire time.

"Oh that! Thank you for reminding me, I had honestly forgotten all about that." He said, more to himself than to her. "Its actually something for you. I thought you'd like it since I destroyed your tanto earlier today." He finished, pushing said package over to her, to which Samui put down her silverware, and began to unwrap it.

After all the brown paper had been torn off, she then opened the box, revealing a beautiful tanto. This tanto, however, was entirely black, from its sheath, to its pommel, to its blade. It was a bit longer than her now destroyed one, being almost long enough to be considered a wakizashi, though it was roughly the same weight.

"It's beautiful. How did you get it, and why are you giving it to me?" She questioned, not understanding why he'd give something so obviously valuable to someone he'd just met.

"I got it from a rather foulmouthed Iwa missing nin in Kubi no kuni (Land of neck). The reason I'm giving it to you? Well, to be honest, I'm not really a fan of the short blades. I prefer those with a little more reach and weight to them. I'd rather you'd have it, since you'd actually use it. And, uh...I'm sorry about destroying your old one." Explained Naruto, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of his head when he was finished.

"...Thank you." Came the whisper, so low that Naruto almost didn't catch it.

"It's no problem. Now, what were we talking about? Oh yeah! Futon (Wind) chakra, while it doesn't paralyze or speed up the shuriken, would be able to cut them in half without touching them if you put enough into it, not to mention that you wouldn't need to speed it up if you were skilled enough." He told her, getting a grin, the awkwardness of Karui and Omooi's visit behind them.

"Yes, but you'd either have to have extremely high quality ones, or chakra conducting ones. Standard issue shuriken couldn't hold that much, and it would destroy itself. Raiton (lightling) cause the shuriken to go faster than without, as well as the paralyzing effects. Add to that the iron of the shuriken allowing you to pump in more, and the fact that raiton could stop the target's heart, and you've got yourself a winner." She continued the debate, the two of them once again lapsing into a rather nice rapport.

However, after the two of them had eaten, and all that lay before them was a cup of coffee and a small dessert each, she asked the question that had been bothering her all day.

"How were you able to defeat me so easily?"

Upon hearing this, Naruto quickly sighed, and placed his coffee back onto the table.

"Do you really want to know?" He asked, sighing again as the attractive woman next to him nodded. "It's because of my Kekkei Genkai." He said, holding up a hand to silence any questions she might have. "No, it doesn't control fire, or any of the other elements, I wasn't lying when I told you that it was the sword that did that. No, my Kekkei Genkai is a Doujutsu (Eye technique). It's kinda like a mix between the Sharingan and Byakugan, and as far as I know, I'm the first to have it. With it, I can see long distances, I can cast genjutsu that fool even the Byakugan, I get analytical abilities like the Sharingan, allowing me to guess what you're going to do next, and a few other things." He admitted, smiling sheepishly at the girl.

"Amazing...though, I can't help but notice that you're rather prone to giving out information that would be best kept under wraps." Samui told him after a few moments of silence, thinking about what to do with this information.

'I could just let him go, but that might make Raikage-sama upset with me. I could tell Kirabi-sensei, and he'll tell Raikage-sama, and they'll probably arrest him to harvest his eyes and sperm. I could convince him to stay here, but if he does, he'd be ordered to impregnate as many women as possible, so that there's a higher chance of him to pass on the ability.' She mused, before a small voice in the back of her head said something that had her blushing. 'Maybe you can be one of them.'

"Yeah, probably. I wasn't trained to be a shinobi, and I guess I can consider you a friend, and I'm not all that good a liar when it comes to my friends." Responded the blonde male, not seeing her blushing as he was rubbing the back of his head with his eyes closed with a nervous smile.

'Hm, I don't see as to why not. He is rather handsome, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't attracted to him. Not to mention that with his Doujutsu and his massive chakra reserves, any child he fathered could be as powerful as the Uchiha were. And with his Kenjutsu he'd be a rather fun sparring partner, and his skills in Fuinjutsu are better than anyone in the village, after Miwa-sama died sealing the Nibi into Yugito-sama. Then there's his collection of blades. If that fire sword and the tanto he gave me are just a couple of his "trophies", then what other ones do those seals of his contain? The only downside is the fact of how young the both of us are. Then again, since he isn't a shinobi he'd be able to stay home with the children.' So caught up in her thoughts, she didn't even realize that Naruto was trying to get her attention until he started snapping his fingers an inch away from her eyes. As she was startled out of her thoughts, her shinobi training kicked in, and she grabbed his arm, and tried to put it in some form of lock, only for her date to wrench it from her grasp with a surprising amount of strength.

"Damn, Samui-san, I'm sorry!" Said Naruto, cradling his hand in mock hurt, as a pouting expression crossed his face.

"I apologize, Naruto-kun." She told him, causing him to raise his eyebrow at the sudden affectionate term. "I was caught up in my thoughts, and you startled me. It wasn't cool of me to react the way I did. And please, call me Samui-chan." She finished, beginning her plan to get the blonde to stay in Kumo, though she tried not to add 'with me' to that statement.

With that, the two of them finished the meal. Afterwards, Samui showed Naruto around Kumo, until it was late enough that she figured it was time to go home, her arm linked with Naruto's the entire way.

When the two of them had reached the entrance to her apartment building, they halted.

"Well-Samui-chan, I had a lot of fun. We'll have to do this again sometime." Stated Naruto, not really expecting another after what Samui told him at the beginning.

"Yes we will." She replied, mustering the courage to do what she was about to. Seeing the blonde male walk away, she stopped him by wrapping a hand around his wrist. "You know, there's one more thing that we still need to do."

"Wha-" began the blue eyed man, before he was silenced by a kiss from the blonde bombshell.

Like the first time, he was startled at first, before he once again got into it, kissing her back with just as much passion. After a few seconds, he started getting bold, hoisting her left leg up, and pinning her against the door.

'Damn, he's good at this!'

'Damn, she's good at this!'

However, the kiss eventually had to end, no matter how much neither really wanted to (though one of them tried to deny that fact). Samui then opened the door to her apartment complex after Naruto released her leg, but before she entered, she told him, "Saturday, same time, somewhere normal this time, I'll be waiting at the front gate," before she entered, leaving Naruto there with a goofy smile and slightly sore lips.

After about five minutes of him just standing there, he finally regained his bearings enough, he told the empty air that 'I'll be there' and walked back to the hotel he rented for his stay, whistling the entire way.


And that's the end of the chapter!

Naruto is sixteen, and Samui is seventeen, while Sasuke, Sakura, and them are all cannon ages. This chapter has taken place between Graduation, and the Mission To Wave.

Yes, I haven't given you any back story, or anything like that. That was intentional to allow me to put in flashbacks later on.

BTW, no, Naruto is not a shinobi in this, or at the very least, he considers himself a swordsman first.

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1: She's still a genin at this point, so she doesn't have the flak jacket yet.

2: If you look at a picture of a generic Naruto Samurai, it is the lowest part of the light grey armor which covers the thighs, where the sheaths to their wakizashi are.

3: Don't worry, I will be explaining this reference later.

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