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"Jutsu": Human Speech

'Jutsu': Human Thought

"Jutsu": Demon/Summon Speech

'Jutsu': Demon/Summon Thought

"Jutsu": Jutsu


"Well, I gotta go. I'll make that date up to you when I get back, Samui-chan." Naruto told the group after shaking himself a little to clear the cobwebs, and then disappeared in a blur of speed, making his way towards Nami no kuni (Land of waves).


Leaving the village, Naruto couldn't help but think as to exactly why he had stayed in Kumo for so long. He had been there over a month, but he had never been anywhere else except for Tetsu no kuni, and Konoha before that, for longer than a week. Sure, there were several great swordsmen within the village, but he had yet to face a single one, only having sparred with Samui and her team during that time. Naruto had never really met anyone like the blonde girl, being one of the most stoic people he had ever met, and yet she was also one of the most expressive. Thinking about her, Naruto was unable to draw any conclusions as to what their relationship was. They both had said that they didn't want a relationship, but they kept going on dates. Did she really want a relationship? Was she just mooching off him? Was she trying to keep him in Kumo for some reason? He was really going to have to speak to her when he got back.

Wait...Why did he have to go back? Sure, he had told Samui that he would, but other than that, why should he go back? Sure there were several people he could spar with, maybe take their swords as trophies, but He could also go to Konoha and see if Gekko Hayate or that infamous cat Anbu would like a spar. Sure he could date a pretty girl in Samui, but he could hire a prostitute in literally any other village...well, he could if he was able to stoop that low. He could improve his skills in Kumo against people like Darui, but then again, he could test his skills against people like Rokusho Aoi or Kuriarare Kushimaru (1) and earn money at the same time.

Truth be told, there were just as many reasons to go back to Kumo as there were to not go back. If he were completely honest with himself, then the only real factor would be whether or not to uphold his promise with Samui, to go back for at least one more date, before going back to wandering. Then there was the fact the promise he had made Mifune, the one to come back every now and again, so that the man could judge his skills, so that his sensei would finally acknowledge his abilities, so that the two of them could simply talk, catch up, get shitfaced and maybe destroy a couple of things by accident.

But Samui. She was, as cliché as it sounded, unlike any girl he had ever met. She was smart, she was level headed, and a great kunoichi. She was also rather good with a blade, something that was a turn on for him. The only reason she wasn't able to hold her own against him was due to the fact that she was a kunoichi first, forcing her to divide her time between working with her team, learning new jutsu, missions, control, and various other things. He, on the other hand, had focused on four things, and only those four things since he was four; Chakra control, Kenjutsu, his Dojutsu, and Fuinjutsu, and he had only really trained his eyes after his fight against Hoki.

If he was honest with himself, he wanted to start a relationship with the blonde, he just couldn't, as well as the fact that she said she didn't want to, though he did wonder whether or not she was lying about that. He felt that it just wouldn't be fair to any woman, if he started a relationship, only to leave.

'Okay, there is no way that I'm in love with this girl I've known for about a month. I might be attracted to her, but there's no way that it's love at this point, that'd be too easy. I guess that it could become as such, but I don't want it to. I just want to collect my swords. I'm sure that Mifune-sama would tell me to go for it though. Damn it, I'm just going in circles with this. I need to focus on my journey, and the battle ahead of me.' He mused as he went. Eventually snapping out of his thoughts, it took him a few seconds to realize where he was, which turned out to be Fire county, as he was completely out of the mountains, and into heavy forest lands, which surprised him, as it was actually rather dark, meaning that he had traveled for a very long time. Seeing this, Naruto decided to call it a night.

Upon reaching this decision, the blonde man activated his eyes, searching for any sign of foreign chakra. Doing so, he immediately found a few signatures. Seeing this, he began to sneak through the woods towards them, trying to get closer so that the penetrative abilities of his eyes could see who they were.

"Come out, we know you're there!" Came a woman's voice from the camp, the speaker staring into the woods in his direction.

Sighing, Naruto abandoned stealth, simply walking through the woods, into the light of a fire, coming across what he assumed to be a genin team, if the fact that three of them looked very young, and the fact that they all had a Konoha hitai-ate were any indication.

"Who are you?" Demanded their sensei, a woman with red eyes with what looked like a few extra rings, long, wavy black hair, and a dress that looked to be made out of bandages with a thorny plant stem pattern, and a single red sleeve, with her hitai-ate adorning her forehead. As he emerged from the woods, the woman quickly brought her hands together, presumably to make hand signs, positioning herself between Naruto and the three kids.

"It's more polite to introduce yourself before asking the name of someone else, isn't it?" Asked Naruto smugly as he leaned against a tree at the edge of a clearing, earning a roll of the eyes for the overused response.

"I don't see how that's any of your business." She stated heatedly, going through three hand signs when he failed to respond, instead staring at her charges for a few seconds.

The first genin was a boy who had shaggy brown hair, black slit-like pupils with no iris's, red fang-shaped tattoos on his cheeks, and was for some reason wearing a fur lined winter coat with a small dog perched on top of his head. To finish off, he was also wearing his leaf hitai-ate on his forehead.

The next one was the only female member, had blue hair, white pupil-less eyes, a fur-lined lavender jacket, and was wearing her hitai-ate around her neck. Currently her eyes had a rather hard edge to them that looked out of place on her extremely nervous features, as well as bulging veins, signifying an activated Byakugan. Naruto did notice that as soon as he had entered the clearing, she had begun shaking, before hiding behind her teammate with the dog, and while she shook less, it was easy for Naruto to notice her trembling, seemingly gaining strength from the boy.

The last genin was also a male, with black sunglasses, slightly gravity defying brown hair, a large grey coat with the collar up covering everything up to his nose, who wearing his hitai-ate on his forehead, much like the others on his team.

"The name's Naruto." Stated Naruto with a smile after a while, uncaring about her glare for the lack of information.

"What are you doing here?" She demanded, examining the man's equipment, especially a certain piece. "Where did you get that flak jacket...Naruto-san?"

"It was given to me by a friend of mine." Responded Naruto, running a finger along the edge of the armor piece. "As to what I'm doing here, I'm just trying to get to Nami no kuni. I was going to set up camp, when I sensed you guys, and came to investigate."

"Well, if that's the case, then why don't you go there? Right now." She asked, Naruto being able to tell that she was completely serious, and ready to try and kill him at a moments notice.

"I'm just trying to find a place to stay the night. I promise not to bring you to any harm." Naruto told the group of four.

"I don't care what you promise, leave." Demanded the Jonin, getting shocked looks from her team at how cold she was acting.

'Smart woman.'

"B-b-but S-sensei...H-h-his chakra i-isn't fl-fluctuating. He's t-telling the tr-truth." Stuttered the girl, who Naruto guessed was a Hyuga. Nice girl, but she obviously had no real confidence if the fact that she was literally using her male teammate as a human shield, combined with her constant trembling.

"I concur. Why? Because my Kikaichu say the same thing." came the monotone from the boy with the sunglasses. Naruto paused for a second, before reaching into his hair, pulling out an insect, and gently shooing it away, earning a raised eyebrow from said pre-teen.


"Akamaru likes him." Shouted the boy with the dog on his head, the dog nodding in acknowledgement.

"Again, I don't care. Now leave." Responded Kurenai, finishing her jutsu, but not activating it yet, allowing the blonde man to raise his hands in surrender.

"Alright, alright. I'll leave. Have a nice day." The blonde told the red eyed woman, before jumping back into the trees.

"What was that about sensei?" Questioned the loud boy, wondering why his teacher was so mean to a man they had never met.

"You three are naïve. Everyone who isn't a Konoha shinobi is a potential enemy when on a mission, regardless of whether it's a D, C, B, A, or S-rank. Remember that. Hinata. Keep an eye on him, and tell me when he's out of sight. When the three of you are on watch, make sure that you tell me if you sense this 'Naruto', so that I can take care of him." She ordered.

This was all unnecessary, however, as Naruto quickly made his way a few dozen miles away to make camp after making sure that no one was around.


As Naruto entered Nami no kuni the next day, he began his search discreetly within the town. Sure, he would have been able to find any chakra signatures if he used his eyes, but he didn't want to become to reliant on them. In fact, he had actually pushed his self allocated allowance for usage the previous night, searching for enemies. Walking around, he couldn't help but notice the pure squalor these people lived in. Grown men and women sitting on the corners, holding signs that said 'will work for food', the women dressing rather loosely, though whether that was to garner more job opportunities, or by accident, he wasn't sure. Children wandered the streets, without shoes, with ribs that stuck out when you could see them, everyone wearing clothing that might have fit them if they were average sized, rather than skinny. Others simply lay in random places, apparently having given up, waiting for the shinigami to take them.

Fleeing from the depressing scene, Naruto entered a store, before seeing a pink haired girl accompanying a man who smelled of alcohol, even with Naruto ten yards away. While this may not have been of note (except for the fact that she had pink hair, seriously, who the hell has pink hair?), the fact that she had a Konoha hitai-ate, made things interesting.

The old man was grey-haired, bespectacled person with a large beard and dark eyes. Currently, he wore a sleeveless v-neck shirt with an obi, pants and a pair of sandals. He also carried a towel around his neck and wore a pointed hat on his head.

The girl had bright pink hair, large green eyes, and fair skin. She wore a red qipao dress with white circular designs, tight dark green shorts, and her hitai-ate was worn as a hair band.

'So, I meet another team. And so soon, too! I wonder who the sensei to this group is. After all, it was rather interesting to meet the 'Sakkaku no aijin (Illusion mistress)' Yuhi Kurenai.' thought the blonde, as he hid to watch the two, though he mused that he probably didn't even need to do that, since neither she nor the old man seemed to even notice their surroundings.

Or not.

Shaking his head as the man who had apparently tried to steal the girl's bag, only to accidentally grope her ass, was sent flying, Naruto followed the two of them as they bought what was left of the store. Following them, Naruto was treated to the sight of the girl giving a small child a handful of candies, but not before almost killing said child, thinking they were another pervert. He then overheard the duo speaking of how the bridge the old man was apparently building was a symbol of courage, how it was going to restore the hope and economy of the town, how everything would go back to norman when it was finished.

'Well that's rather foolish. I mean, even if you build this bridge, there's nothing stopping that guy from blowing it straight to hell with a few well placed explosions. Plus, you're only building this bridge because of some prick with a bank account, if you're as good a bridge builder as you say you are, then you should have done this years ago.' Thought Naruto to himself, before realizing that his quarry was getting away. They eventually led him out of the village, into a forested area, following the beach. Finally, the three of them made it to a rater quaint little, two story house, which was literally built over the water on stilts.

Seeing the pink one and the old man go into the house, Naruto waited for a few seconds, before, against his better judgment, activating his eyes, trying to sense whether or not he knew anyone inside. Instantly recognizing one, though for some reason he seemed somewhat off, the blonde immediately began to make plan to mess with his friend. Using his phenomenal natural stealth, something that he had never really trained, though was always good at for some reason, he quickly snuck into the building from an open window on the second story. Using his eyes to make sure that he wasn't surprised, he snuck his way downstairs in order to prevent himself from accidentally stepping on a loose floorboard.

Now, one might wonder as to why one trained as a samurai would know a shinobi technique, it was completely commonplace for them to do so. Though Samurai only used their chakra in conjunction with their swords, they still had to have adequate control over it, as if they didn't, they wouldn't be able to enhance their swords for very long.

Sneaking downstairs, wondering how the hell his friend hadn't caught him yet, he quickly glanced around a corner, seeing a total of six people in the room at his back. Two of them were the old man and the pink girl, but then there was a very attractive young black haired woman, a man with one eye covered and gravity defying silver hair who was lying on a futon on the floor, and a pair of black haired boys, one of whom had a ridiculous hair cut, a blue shirt, and white pants, the other of whom had hair that lay flat, and a shirt that bared both is midriff as well as his left arm. It was worth noting that for some reason, the two boys were covered in grass stains and bruises.

"Well, if todays training is any indication, then I'm sure that we'll be ready for when Zabuza and the fake hunter nin comes back." Kakashi told everyone present, giving them all an eye smile.

"I wouldn't be too sure about that, Inu-san." Stated Naruto, as he blurred into the room, crouching behind the silverette, a tanto held to the man's throat.

'What!' Screamed the man in his head, two of the three genin and both civilians panicking, before he recognized the voice.

"Naruto?" He questioned, getting a warm chuckle, as the blade was taken away.

"Damn, Inu, you've gotten rustier than hell. What happened?" Inquired Naruto, the others wondering what was happening, and why the guy hadn't killed them all yet.

"Naruto! What the hell are you doing here?" Questioned Inu, wondering if he had been somehow added to Gato's payroll.

"Oh, not much. I heard that Momochi Zabuza was here, and decided to come and see if I could beat him. I saw your genin in the village, and when I realized that she was your student, I decided to mess with you a bit. I haven't seen you in what, a year?" Asked Naruto, walking around the futon to sit on the couch, before seeing the man nod.

"The name's Kakashi, by the way. I haven't been Anbu for about six months now." The now labeled Kakashi told Naruto, earning a nod from the blonde.

"Sensei, who the hell is this guy?" Demanded the girl suddenly, standing between Naruto and the old man with a kunai pointing at the blonde, glancing between him and her teacher.

"Oh right, time for introductions!" Cheered Kakashi uncharacteristically. "This is Uchiha Sasuke," The genin with the funny haircut, "Haruno Sakura," Pinky, "Sai," The pale one with the hooker shirt, "Our client Tazuna," The man took a drink, "his daughter Tsunami," The woman bowed, "and Inari, but he's not here right now."

Bowing back to Tsunami, and nodding to the genin, Naruto then made his way over to Tazuna, and stuck out his hand for a shake.

"It's nice to meet you mister Tatooine." Spouted Naruto, everyone looking at him like he had grown a second head, wondering how he could have gotten the man's name that wrong.

"My name is Tazuna." Came the annoyed grumble from the drunken architect.

"That's what I said; Toblerone!" Replied Naruto cheerfully, only for the man to gain an annoyed expression and a tick on his forehead.

"Tazuna!" He replied heatedly.

"Right, Tamagachi." Said Naruto just as cheerfully as the last time.

"MY NAME IS TAZUNA!" Screamed Tazuna, gripping Naruto's hand as hard as he could, though it had no effect on the blonde.


"What the-"

"Anyways!" Interrupted Kakashi, making Naruto inwardly pout that his fun had been ruined. "This is Uzumaki Naruto. We traveled together for a year."

"No, you followed me because you were told to by your Hokage." Stated Naruto, glaring lightly at his friend who just chuckled nervously.

"Right." Acquiesced Kakashi with a rather nervous smile. "How did you know it was me?"

"Oh I'm sorry, Inu must have been one of the other thousand lanky bastards with silver hair which points directly up that I know. So what happened to you guys?" Asked the blonde swordsman, before listening to the story of how they had met and fought off Zabuza, and how the man was more than likely still alive. Hearing this, Naruto then got off the couch, before his eyes and hands began to glow at the same time, his eyes red, and his hands green.

"I didn't know you could use medical jutsu." Commented Kakashi, surprised that the swordsman would ever learn a shinobi technique, other than chakra control exercises and chakra flow with his weapons. After all, he himself had offered to teach Naruto several times, but the blonde stoically maintained that all he wanted to learn was the blade.

"Only one I've ever learned, and I still can't do it without using my eyes to visually regulate the chakra flow. Damn. You're in shit condition. That explains why I was able to sneak up on you." The blonde told the man, who nodded, as he had been wondering why the teens eyes were activated, having seen them hundreds of times when they were companions, knowing everything that they could do. When Naruto was finished, Kakashi quickly stood up, feeling much better than he had done for a while.

"In any case, this little meeting has changed things." Said the silverette to his genin, Naruto getting a bad feeling in his gut. "Considering the circumstances, I'm going to change your training a little bit." Finished the shinobi teacher, stretching the kinks out of his spine, the civilians and genin flinching slightly whenever a particularly loud pop was heard.

"What do you mean you're changing our training, Sensei?" Demanded Sakura, her sentiment being shared by Sasuke, Sai, and Naruto, the last of whom knew that no matter what they did, no fresh genin could train enough to beat a jonin in less than a week.

"Well, Sakura-chan, Naruto and I are going to-" Began Kakashi, only to be interrupted by said blonde.

"What the hell do you mean, 'Naruto and I'?" Demanded the swordsman, pissed at the fact that Kakashi would instantly assume that Naruto would do whatever he asked.

"Come on, Naruto-kun." Drawled Kakashi playfully, giving the teenager one of his patented eye smiles. "You owe me after I rescued you from that castle in Kubi no kubi (Land of neck)." Stated Kakshi, recalling how the two of them had been trapped inside a chameleon transformed into a castle.

"No, you told me that we were even when I got you that one night stand with that petite girl from Shimo no kuni (Land of frost)." Responded Naruto near instantaneously.

"Well...what about when I fought off Ringo Ameyuri in Cha no kuni (Land of tea), the one who tried to keep you locked in a closet so she could have her way with you whenever she wanted?" Inquired the Konoha jonin, reminding the blonde of the rather hilarious altercation with the Mizugakure missing shinobi, involving lots of alcohol, an attempt to take the Kiba swords from her, and a lot of torn clothing.

"The tall woman in Kawa no kuni (Land of rivers)" Replied Naruto, again without hesitation.

"I got you out of those ruins in Kaze no kuni (Land of wind)." Another adventure where Naruto searched for a weapon in some ancient ruins, thinking that an ancient Shinobi might have left a weapon behind, only to find a series of kunai that Naruto didn't recognize, but Kakashi did (2).

"The twins in Oni no kuni (Land of demons)." Interrupted Naruto, earning another round of shocked looks.


"That mother and daughter in Tanima no kuni (Land of valleys)." the blonde boy once again interrupted the silverette, who's shoulders immediately sank in defeat, before he perked up once again.


"Look Kakashi, you traveled with me for a year by orders of your Hokage, I may not have wanted you there at the start, but I'd like to assume that we're friends now. I've paid every debt I owed you, and vice versa. The two of us are currently even. Now, because we're friends, if you want me to help you beat the hell out of these rookies, then I'll gladly do so, and you'll owe me another favor. But if you assume that I'm just going to go through with everything that you tell me to, then we're going to have a problem. Now, if you want to ask me, I'll tell you whether or not I will help you. If you don't, then I'm leaving to try to find Zabuza." Naruto told the man.

Seeing that Kakashi was not going to argue any longer, the blonde turned his attention back to the rest of the people in the room. Raising a water bottle to his lips, he paused in surprise at the expressions on everyone there. Tazuna was raising his bottle of sake in Kakashi's direction, before he downed it in one go, Sasuke was looking rather green, with Sakura and Tsunami switching between glaring at Naruto and glaring at Kakashi, all while Sai simply smiled the same creepy smile that he'd had the entire time Naruto had seen him.

"Alright, Naruto-kun. Would you be able to help me train my genin?" Asked Kakashi with a sigh.

"Wait just a damn second, sensei! What the hell was this guy talking about with all those girls? You shouldn't lead on a woman if you're just going to leave her!" Shouted Sakura, a sentiment visibly shared with Tsunami, though it also hit home with Naruto, considering his situation with Samui.

"Not important." Naruto 'assured' Sakura, waving off her concerns flippantly. "Very well, Kakashi, I'll help you. But, I'm only doing this because you're my friend. Anyone else, and I'd tell them to fuck off." came the finished deadpan from Naruto, earning an eye-smile from the Cyclops.

"Wonderful! Now, I've been training the three of them in the tree walking exercise-" Began Kakashi, before Naruto interrupted yet again.

"Wait, you're on your first C-rank mission, and you're just now teaching that to these greenhorns? You are a terrible teacher." Inflected Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura glaring at the Cyclops. "Well, either that, or they're terrible students." Added the blonde as an afterthought, the glares immediately shifting towards him.

Ignoring the blonde's comments, Kakashi motioned for the genin and Naruto to follow him. As they left the house, the Jonin filled Naruto in on everything that he might need to know in order to help train his students. Watching the five of them leave, Tazuna couldn't help but think about what a great wingman the blonde apparently was, making a plan to go drinking with him at some point.

"Alright, the three of you will be sparring with Naruto here. As both he and Zabuza use swords, it'll allow you to learn some techniques to handle him." Explained Kakashi as the small group arrived at the forest clearing.

"That is one of the dumbest things I've ever heard. No matter how good these brats are, they aren't going to be able to fend off Momochi Zabuza, even if they trained every second of every minute between now and when they next see him." said the blonde with a groan, even as he pulled out one of his regular katana.

Was his friend trying to kill these kids?

"Perhaps, perhaps not. I simply wish to give them some experience fighting an enemy who wields something other than kunai and shuriken." Retorted Kakashi.

"Very well, but I still don't think its going to help."

"And how would you know that? You are just a civilian, and we're shinobi!" taunted Sasuke smugly, as Sakura sighed dreamily and Sai just examined Naruto, trying to gauge his abilities.

"In that case, you can be first, Sasuke-kun." said Kakashi cheerfully, the boy getting up as Sakura cheered him on.

Thinking that the man would never be able to keep up with a shinobi, Sasuke rushed Naruto as fast as he could.


Only for Naruto to viciously backhand the ravenette, sending him tumbling to the ground.

"Was that it?" Questioned the blonde, Sasuke snarling at the swordsman, before pulling out a kunai. Seeing this, Naruto quickly drew his blade, shifting into a chudan stance' his feet spread evenly, the hilt at his pelvis, with the point of the blade aimed at Sasuke's throat. With that, the boy once again rushed Naruto, lunging with a kunai, only for Naruto to use his blade to gently guide Sasuke's lunge to his right, before gently putting the edge of his katana on the back of Sasuke's neck.


Sasuke then tried to slash at Naruto from the position they were in, only for Naruto to jump back. The Uchiha then threw his kunai at the swordsman. Seeing this, Naruto stabbed his sword through the ring at the base of the kunai, and launch it back at Sasuke, who crouched to avoid it, only to be pinned down as Naruto stood behind him, holding his sword vertically with the tip between Sasuke's shoulder blades, ready to stab down.


As Naruto removed the tip of his katana, Sasuke jumped away, going through several hand signs, before finishing on tora.

"Katon: gōkakyū no jutsu (Fire style: grand fireball jutsu)!" With that, the Uchiha quickly spewed a large torrent of flames, hoping to eradicate the annoying blonde, who was somehow humiliating him.

On the sidelines, Sakura was completely speechless as she watched the best genin of their graduating class be completely manhandled. Kakashi was shaking his head in slight disappointment at how easily the boy was loosing his temper, and Sai was...Sai.

After the fire had cleared, there was nothing, no body, no ashes, nothing but a charred patch of grass. Wondering where he had gone, Sasuke was unprepared as Naruto dropped onto his back from above, sending him into blissful unconsciousness.

"Dead." Came the callous remark from Naruto a he stepped off the genin, sheathing his sword.

"Well that's that. Sakura, your turn." Drawled Kakashi, hoping this would teach the Uchiha some humility, while he dragged the boy over to the sidelines.

As Sakura got into position, she watched as Naruto pulled his katana from its sheath once more, grinning at her in a feral manner as he did so, eyes narrowed dangerously, and promptly passed out, foaming at the mouth.

"Well, that was unexpected." Murmed Naruto, sheathing his sword, before checking on the girl with Kakashi.

"She's fine, just unconscious. Sai, you're up." Said Kakashi as he drug Sakura back over to the sidelines.

Sai Lasted longer than the others, because as soon as the match started, he disappeared.

'Smart boy. Retreating from the obviously superior enemy in order to attack from afar.' Thought Naruto, before he quickly unsheathed his blade and cut four lions in half with it, only for them to fall apart into puddles of ink. 'That's a new one.'

Naruto then began to systematically destroy more and more creations, and with the novelty of ink jutsu having worn off after the first attack, this was rather boring to the blonde, who began to try and figure out Sai's location. After a couple dozen seconds, Naruto was able to see the tree canopy shifting in one particular location. Realizing this, he quickly sent an underpowered Issei (Flash) at that spot, forcing Sai to flee the area with Naruto hot on his tail. While the boy was fast, he was no match against Naruto, who quickly caught up.

"Not bad, but lets see how good you are with that tanto." Narto told Sai with a grin, as the boy pulled out his tip less blade.

Playing a defensive game, Naruto was able to see that Sai was actually very good, weilding his tanto in his right hand, and a kunai in his left. It was obvious that he either had years of training, or innate talent. Judging by the complex way that the boy was trying to disarm him, he would guess the former. Finally, Naruto eventually got bored with the fight, dodging one of the tanto swipes, and hitting Sai on the back of the neck with the blund edge of his katana, only for the boy to melt into ink.

'FUCK!' Shouted Naruto internally,as the ink attempted to crawl it's way up his body in a shackle-like manner. Frowning, Naruto broke out with brute force, before appearing behind the real Sai in a flash of speed, knocking the boy out before he could complete whatever attack he had planned.

"We have a lot of work to do." Said Naruto with a chuckle, as he stared at the three unconscious genin in front of him, Kakashi only sighing, knowing it would be pointless to ask Naruto to take it easy on them.


Over the next few days, Naruto would spar with the genin while Kakashi guarded Tazuna. Each day he would beat the hell out of them, heal them, and do it all over again. The three of them were understandably curious as to why his eyes glowed, but he refused to tell them anything about it, which they eventually just accepted.

A surprise happened, however, as one night Sasuke snapped at the boy Inari, before storming out of the house in a rage. The next morning, he was almost serene, and he had actually begun to treat his comrades with some manner of decency, as though actively trying to be pleasant. He was still a dick to Naruto, but it was still a rather large step forwards. Nobody knew what happened in that time, but they all suspected the rather attractive person Sai told them about, who had been walking away from a blushing Sasuke (3).

Though he was only doing so because of Kakashi, Naruto began to give the three advice to help them improve, increasing their speed and reaction time, allowing him to go harder and harder aganst them, and while he didn't even use half of his abilities against them, they had improved dramatically.


Finally, the day came where Kakashi figured that Zabuza had had enough time to recuperate. Leaving Sai behind to guard Tsunami and Inari, the other five of the group made their way to the bridge, only to be greeted with the scene of the bridge workers laying in puddles of blood, dead, dying, and unconscious.

'Well that's rather coincidental. Or is it convenient? The first day we decide we're ready for him, he appears.' Thought Naruto at the absurdity of the situation, before a choking mist blanketed the area.

"Look who we have here. Tell me Kakashi, did that ink brat decide to cop out?" Taunted Zabuza.

"Actually, I'm just an old friend, come to visit. Now, would you be so kind as to hand over your sword?" Asked Naruto politely, a laugh coming from Zabuza at the mere thought.

"Tell you what, gaki, you kill me, and you can have it." Laughed Zabuza, as he hefted his blade, Kubikiribocho, the seversword, the executioner's blade, the

"Naruto! Take care of the apprentice!" Shouted Kakashi, following Zabuza to do battle.

"SON OF A BITCH!" Screamed Naruto, distinctly remembering that he'd told Kakashi that he wanted Zabzua, not the hunter-nin. "I guess this is the part where we kill eachother?"

"I must do as my master has ordered me." Came the monotone from the face hunter ninja, as they pulled out several senbon.

"Kinky." Joked Naruto.

"Wh-what?" Stammered Naruto's enemy, before throwing a few easily dodged needles. "I'm a boy you moron!"

"So Zabuza-san swings that way?" Teased Naruto again, his opponent visibly getting angrier, before they suddenly did a complete one-eighty, becoming calm and collected once again.

"I'm sorry, Samurai-san, but I'm going to have to kill you now." Stated the masked enemy, as several mirrors made of ice came from nowhere, surrounding the blonde swordsman, each one having the same pose; his left hand up next to the ice user's face, with a senbon in each finger gap of the fist, for a total of four, the other hand hanging limp at the fake hunter-nin's side.

Seeing this, Naruto immediately activated his Dojutsu, glancing at the several different mirrors, seeing which one had Zabuza's apprentice. When he saw which one had the enemy in it, he quickly took out the Fire Sword, and cut the mirror in half. As it fell apart, the ice user was revealed, the arm that had been at his side cut off, with his spine being the only thing holding the rest of him together. Lying on his stomach, the mask fell off the fake nin's face, revealing one of the most beautiful people Naruto had ever seen. Though he knew that the enemy was a male, it was slightly hard to remember when looking at his face.

"H-how?" Asked the fake hunter shinobi weakly, the light leaving his eyes rather quickly, each of his other mirrors breaking in a beautiful display of crystalized water.

"This sword is capable of generating near infinite amounts of fire. I just used enough to get the job done. Now rest. Rest knowing that you died doing your duty." Explained Naruto, before kneeling down, picking up the mask, and closing his enemies eyes with his fingers, noticing that he was smiling at what Naruto had said.

'I wonder what his name was.' Thought Naruto to himself, before taking off towards where he felt the most chakra being expelled.

Arriving, Naruto quickly came across Kakashi, who had his left eye uncovered, and currently had a scroll out, which he was whipping around his head. Seeing this, Naruto sent a blast of fire at the silverette, burning the scroll, and forcing him away from the area.

"Oh? That's interesting. Is there dissention in the ranks?" Mocked Zabuza, who's voice came from both everywhere, and nowhere from within the mist.

"Naruto, what the fuck are you doing?" Demanded Kakashi, wondering if Gato had somehow gotten Naruto under his payroll, even after all the blonde had done for Kakashi and his genin over the last few days.

"I told you, Kakashi, that Zabuza was mine, yet you stuck me with the brat! Now, piss off and let me handle this." Demanded Naruto, as he tossed the mask at Kakashi's feet, sealed away his Fire sword, and instead pulling out a pair of near identical slate grey ones, reminiscent of cleavers.

These blades were little over three and a half feet long, with a two and a half foot long blade that had a width of eighteen inches, and a thickness of half an inch. The two edges were completely parallel, before a perfect forty degree angle going to a point, which was a ninety degree angle. They had curved hilt that did not extend past the blade itself, with a foot long handle, with a large ring at the end, reminiscent of a kunai. Linked to those rings was a chain which extended back up to the hilt. The reason why they were nearly identical was due to the fact that the flat of each blade had what appeared to be veins going the length of the sword (4)

"How do you like my Stone Swords, Zabuza-san? These were given to me by Jiraiya the Sennin himself, from the Mount Myoboku, the realm of the toads. I'm not exactly sure why he gave them to me, but that's beside the point (5). You're the first person I've ever used these against...is the point." Trailed off the blonde, a sweat drop appearing on both Kakashi and Zabuza's heads.

Naruto then shifted his grip so that he was holding the swords by the bottom of the hilt, the heel of his hand against the ring at the base, before swinging them in little arcs, going faster and faster, the arcs getting larger and larger, as he went.

'Interesting. If the fact that he beat Haku is any indication, he's proficient in swordplay. I'm going to have to finish this quickly, catch him off guard. I can beat Kakashi at any point, especially now that this gaki stopped whatever he had been planning on doing, so I'll focus on the fresh one for now.' Thought Mizu's former demon, as he made his way behind Naruto, who's movements had stopped progressing after a certain point, now simply swinging back and forth at a constant rate and distance.

Now behind Naruto, Zabuza tried to quickly end the battle with a broad sweeping attack, believing that Naruto wouldn't notice him in time to stop what amounted to his swinging an entirely other person. This train of thought went completely out the window, however, as Naruto bent over, spinning around so that he was limbo-ing beneath the sword swing, before kicking the flat of the giant blade, forcing it into the open air on Zabuza's left, before using the momentum from his spin to score a hit on Zabuza's chest, cutting off the harness that the demon used to hold up his zanbato (6).

"Fuck!" Shouted the missing-nin, as he once again disappeared into the mist.

"Naruto, you can't beat him, he's too strong!" Shouted Kakashi. "If we're going to get through this, then we need to work together!"

Before Naruto was able to respond, and not in a good way, the sound of rushing water reached their ears, before they saw a dragon made of water barreling towards them. As Kakashi jumped away, Naruto simply stood there, before channeling chakra into the sword in his right hand, before backhanding the dragon with the flat of the blade, dispelling it. Though the water still impacted him, it was nowhere near the force it would have been, had he not

'That kinda hurt, but it should have really affected Zabuza's moral, seeing a high level attack like that dispelled so easily.' Thought Naruto to himself, unknowingly hitting the nail right on the head.

'Fuck! If he destroyed my jutsu that easily, I don't know if I have a chance here. Wait! That boy, he attacked Kakashi! That means they aren't allies. So, if I attack him, then the blonde wont do anything about it.'

With that in mind, Zabuza quickly turned his attention to the enemy he saw as the weaker option, hoping that he'd either take out the copy ninja, or the blonde would be distracted enough for him to get a lucky hit in.

Approaching Kakashi, the mist demon smiled viciously, as he once again prepared to bisect the silverette.

It was not to be however, as his target somehow heard the sound of the blade cutting through the air, and rolled forward to dodge. Kakashi then tried to perform another jutsu, hoping to end the confrontation, only to be sent flying by a kick to the ribs, courtesy of Naruto, aggravating the already existing wound on his chest..

"I told you Kakashi, he's mine!" Shouted the blonde, before he rushed Zabuza once again, this time channeling chakra to his limbs, his strikes becoming faster and stronger, as well as his swords, becoming more dense, increasing the momentum of his attacks, Zabuza following suit, as he was unable to do anything else because of the viciousness of the blonde's assault.

The two fought it out for several minutes, the mist clearing due to the two's concentration being solely on their fight, blade clashing against blade, wounds being opened on both, each one attempting to bisect the other with the sheer force behind their strikes. While Naruto did have the advantage of two swords, Zabuza had more experience, and his sword was much heavier, allowing him to strike harder.

Eventually, the fight came down to stamina, and while Naruto had that in spades, he was unused to swinging such heavy blades, usually only wielding smaller, lighter katana, and though Zabuza had significantly less than Naruto, he only had one blade, which he was much more used to using. Finally, Zabuza broke through Naruto's defenses, sending the stone blade in his left hand flying away. Immediately capitalizing on this, Zabuza tried to cut Naruto in half from crown to foot, only for the blonde to surprise him by rushing forward. Instead of being cut in half, the blunt half circle at the base of Kubikiribocho caught him on his left shoulder, breaking his clavicle, scapula, and his humerus, as well as fracturing some of his vertebrae (7).

However, this self destructive action surprised the demon enough that he was able to shove his remaining stone blade through the man's torso, the two of them face to face, both coughing up blood.

"Heh, a fitting death." whispered Zabuza, before the light left his eyes and he slumped to the ground, dead (8).

With that, Naruto sealed away the stone blade still in his grasp, picked up Zabuza's sword with his only remaining good hand, and stumbled his way towards his other sword, before awkwardly picking it up with the same hand he had Kubikiribocho in, and sealing it away as well.

'I'm going to have to make a few new seals if I keep getting such large swords.' thought the blonde, before a 'twinge' of pain from his left shoulder sent him to the ground. 'FUCK! The adrenaline from the fight is wearing off. If I don't get some attention soon, I'm going to pass out.'

Naruto was out of luck, however, as the sound of slow clapping came from the unfinished part of the bridge. Looking there, it was revealed to be a small man in an expensive looking suit, surrounded by an army of generic thugs.

"Well, damn if that wasn't interesting. I suppose I'll have to thank you for killing that itty bitty demon. Saves me the hastle of killing him myself. Bandits are so much cheaper anyways. Regardless, now that you're all tired out, I'm going to have to ask you to die." Shouted the business man to himself.

"Kakashi. This is going to be up to you." Said Naruto, who's vision was fading due to the blood loss and pain. "I might be able to kill some of them, but I'm really fucked up here."

"Don't worry, Naruto. I'm nearly full after you stopped me from participating in the battle. Plus, Sasuke and Sakura are full because they guarded Tazuna-san. We'll take care of these guys." Responded Kakashi, before yelling for Sasuke to join the two of them, breaking off the boy's staring at the smiling face of the fake hunter-nin.

What followed after was nothing short of slaughter, though Kakashi decimated most of the bandits, Naruto was still able to get in a few kills with his new sword., even fighting through the pain, as Sasuke also took some lives, mostly with his fire jutsu and thrown weapons, but he still did it. After it was finished, the only one left was Gato, the survivors having left him behind in their bid for life.

"P-please! I'll give you anything; money, women, land! Just let me live!" Screamed the short man, before he was put out of his misery by a kunai to the brain, courtesy of Kakashi.

Seeing that everything was now calm, Naruto swung Kubikiribocho to rid it of the blood, and couldn't help but grin, seeing as he had defeated number seventeen on his list, as well as taken possession of the legendary blade. Having finished his business in Nami, he disappeared in order to recuperate, before heading back towards Kumo to have a conversation with the woman he'd been dating.

Due to his having vanished, he missed the large crowd of villagers appearing on the scene, lead by Tsunami of all people, with Sai next to her, and Inari behind her.

Wave Country

One Week Later

With Gato, Zabuza and his apprentice dead, the town quickly gained hope once more, as all the men in the town that were able came to aid in the bridge's construction. It took several more days to finish, and was named 'The Bridge Of The Blades', when it was. Seeing as how Naruto had disappeared after the battle on the bridge, the Konoha team had buried Zabuza and his apprentice, at the behest of Sasuke, surprisingly enough.

As the four shinobi stood there at the graves one last time before they left, Sasuke couldn't help but think of the interaction he'd had with the fake hunter-nin (the one that only he knew as Haku) the one morning after training.

'You told me that to be strong you had to protect those precious to you. You told me that true strength comes from the love you have for others, but where did that strength take you? A grave. You were wrong, and I was right. The only path to true strength comes from hatred, from revenge, from solitude. One doesn't need friends, only more training, more jutsu, more power. I will kill my brother, and anyone who gets in my way. And I'll start by killing Uzumaki Naruto. He will be my stepping stone to my brother, the benchmark that shows I can defeat that man.' Thought the avenger darkly, as he activated his sharingan, gained from the emotional anguish of ending so many lives. After a few seconds of prayer, Kakashi stuck a katana that he had bought at the head of Zabuza's grave to mark it as that of a swordsman, and they all walked away.

Midnight That Day

Approaching the hill where the two shinobi were buried, A figure stopped momentarily to appreciate the view of the small fishing community in the moonlight. That being done, they quickly ascended the hill, making sure that they hadn't been followed, before unsealing a shovel, and digging up the grave marked the porcelain mask.

"So, you want to be the best swordsman ever? Then I'll show you the best swordsman ever!" Muttered the figure to itself, before dragging Haku's top half out of the dirt, and sealing it away, before disappearing, leaving behind nothing but a desecrated grave.


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Before anyone asks, Naruto only has five katana, a sword for katon, and a sword for doton right now, the other three elements, and a few extra will come later.

Yes, it was Kakashi who gave Naruto his Anbu flak jacket. No, they aren't attracted to each other, or some other perverted crap! It's just that Kakashi knows who Naruto is, and wants to help his sensei's son in any way he can, and Kakashi is almost the only friend Naruto has outside of Tetsu no kuni. He hasn't spent enough time anywhere else for him to really get to know anyone, and Samui doesn't count, as if anything she's a girlfriend. But then again, I still haven't told you who he got the Kiri hunter kimono from! :3

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Before any of you bitch, and moan, and ask why Hinata acted the way she did, let me explain. Naruto is now sixteen, and left the village when he was four. At this time, team 7, 8, and 9 are now twelve, meaning that he left just as they were born, if not before that. Now, that means Hinata had no Naruto to stalk and gain confidence from, meaning that she had to get it from somewhere else. I simply made that source Kiba, but since he didn't have to go through anything close to what Naruto did, only being 'the dobe', rather than being 'the pariah', she didn't gain nearly as much as she did with the blonde. I had originally planned on her committing suicide, but I didn't want to deal with the bitching of Hinata fans. Plus, I was too lazy to come up with an OC.


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1: Not really a whole lot of reputable sword users in the Naruto series, and most of them are from the seven swordsmen.

2: Yes, that is a Lost Tower reference.

3: No, Sasuke isn't gay in this story, he just reacted in the same way Naruto did. The reason he was green earlier, was due to him imagining Kakashi and various women together.

4: The swords Jiraiya used against Pain.

5: Will be explained.

6: I don't understand why people call Kubikiribocho a Zanpakuto, rather than a Zanbato. I mean, a Zanpakuto is a soul cutting sword, while a Zanbato is a horse cutting sword. I've read like fifteen stories that make that mistake, and I don't understand why. Just because of spelling? That's idiotic.

7: I may be wrong, and that part might be sharp in cannon, but I don't care. This is my story, and that's how it happened.

8: The reason that Naruto didn't use his eyes is simple. He wanted to fight Zabuza as a swordsman, rather than as a shinobi, like with Samui.


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