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Chapter Seventeen

Sore ga ai Deshou

"It isn't something that builds up in an instant
but a feeling that grows a little at a time,
the feeling called love"

- song by Mikuni Shimokawa


A little girl sits next to her father with a storybook in her hands. Her eyes had stars in them as she reads a tale of dragons, evil witches and prince charming trying to save the princess. Her attention is caught yet again when she reads the part about the princess transforming into a beautiful kunoichi who risked it all to save her love. Prince charming had turned out to be evil. But when the princess touches his heart, he reverts back to his original form. And they lived happily ever after.

With their pet frog.

Seriously, Uncle Naruto had bad art skills. And why was there a frog? Despite that though, this is her favorite book. He had given it to her on her fifth birthday. She looks up to her father who is busy reading a scroll. The young Uchiha closes her eyes to feel the presence of her loving mother who is currently cooking a delicious meal in the kitchen.

The hero and heroine looked pretty much like her parents, with pink hair and a spiky hairdo. Though this guy's hairstyle was similar to a chicken's butt and the princess' was much shorter.

She giggles at the sight.

Her father, whose hair was one that covered his left eye, glanced down at her with a puzzled expression on.

Uchiha Sarada puts the book away and gives him a serious look.

"Papa, how did you and mama fall in love?"

It is rare for her to see her hero dad look so flustered and nervous as she asks the question. She inwardly lets out a victorious "Shannaro!" for having this power over him.

Her mother, silky pink hair falling down to the small of her back, enters from the kitchen with a steaming pot of miso soup in her hands.

As young as she is, the Uchiha princess does not miss the gentle way Papa looks at Mama.

"What are you guys talking about?"

Her mother's soft voice reaches both shinobi, and her pretty smile immediately lights up the whole room.

"I was asking how Papa fell in love with you."

The girl puffs her cheeks out and stares at her father with puppy dog eyes, eager to hear the answer to her inquiry.

The melodic sound of Uchiha Sakura's laugh graces their ears as she takes off the apron she is wearing. The family emblem on her back shines proudly when she settles herself next to her husband.

Sasuke lets his soulmate lean her head on his shoulder, a subtle smile on his face. He presses his lips to her forehead and smirks when she blushes.

"Ne... Papa, tell me!"

Their daughter is puffing out her cheeks again, fuming for being ignored. Sakura lets out a little chortle and sits up to look at their precious baby.

"Hai, Papa, why don't you tell her? How did you fall for me?"

Mama's eyes are teasing and there is a tone to her voice that also held interest in the answer.

Uchiha Sasuke glares at his wife and flicks her forehead lightly. Then, he lets out a "Hn" and sighs. He looks at his little pride and joy with a blank face. A complete mask of apathy.

"Well, it started one night when your Mama got drunk..."


Mama lightly punches Papa and Sarada grabs onto his forearm when their couch rocks a little.


Mama is too strong.




The smirk on his handsome face is one she will never grow tired of. Sakura stares at her husband. It was not easy, getting to this point. But when she remembers everything she went through for Uchiha Sasuke.


The tightness in her heart as he walked away from her.

The fear that he was never coming back.

The relief when he arrived to assist them during the war.

The insecurity about their relationship.

The heartbreak upon discovering that he was with Ino.

The confusion when he admitted that he wanted her.

Her heart's wild thumping when he said those three words to her.

Her heart's silent cries when he left her for the second time.

Her heart's surprise when he came back and gave her his mother's ring.

Her heart's swelling when he said "I do."

Her heart's contentment when they welcomed their first child into this world.

Absolutely everything.

It was all worth it.

And Yes, First.

She places a hand on her womb, feeling the growing chakra within her. Sasuke looks at her with love in his eyes as he begins to surrender to the whims of a mere five year old and gently lifts his daughter onto his lap.


It is all their daughter will ever know.




Her thoughts take her back to that time. That time when her eyes followed the young avenger, pear-shaped face sparkling with admiration when she went on missions with him, and delicate soul crumbling when he was overtaken with darkness.

Then she remembers the moment when he finally, finally came back. When he finally came home as the boy she once knew. Her legs couldn't have taken her faster to him. And she had run to the best of her abilities the moment she felt his chakra nearby, even when she had just come from a twenty four hour shift at the hospital. She felt Naruto's presence behind her too, but she was determined to get there first. She knew she had to get there first. She pumped a little bit more of her strength into her feet. And she goes to him.

She goes to Sasuke.

Sasuke is.

Sasuke is!

Her world screeches to a sudden halt when his face comes into view.

Healing hands lift up to her chest to slow the wild beating.

Their blonde teammate's chakra disappears suddenly.

And she inwardly thanks him for giving them this moment.

When her eyes finally meet his dark ones.

Sakura couldn't help the love that overflowed her whole person.

Because Uchiha Sasuke is looking at her with the widest smile she has ever seen on him.

And he is extending his arms to her.

Giving the pinkette her heart back in the process.

And offering his own in return.

She wastes no time in launching herself into his arms




Sasuke is home.




"In truth, it started when two genin were placed on the same team..."

"The colour of the town changes little by little but
see, our memories have again increased by one."

- Sore ga ai deshou





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