It was a day like any other. John got up, got dressed, had breakfast and drove to work. He picked Dorian up on the way as usual. He even managed to be punctual this time. So, maybe it wasn't so much like any other day, but still pretty close. Well at least he had thought so...

As he walked up to his desk at work he already spotted something that wasn't usually there, or at least, not in that amount. (Later on he realized that this should have been the first clue to acknowledging that this was not going to be an ordinary day.) He sat down in his chair as Dorian stood beside it and both of them fixed their eyes on the files lying on the table.

There were several huge files which promised much paper work and John scowled at them for a while, maybe subconsciously hoping that if he would scare them enough, they would run away. Obviously, nothing of the sort would be happening anytime soon, so he begrudgingly opened one of them and was greeted by some photos of a young blond man with blue eyes.

"Who is this?" John asked no one in particular as he took the pictures and scattered them on his desk before looking further into the file.

"James T. Kirk, former detective, specialised in information acquisition, hacking. Trained in hand-to-hand combat as well as long-range combat. Noted for his ability to find solutions to about any problem or situation..." Dorian began to quote but John stopped him with a wave of his hand as he skimmed through the paper that went on and on.

He had to try very hard to not let his admiration for this mans various abilities show. But then he stopped at the last point of the list. "Filed as potentially dangerous."

"Not exactly a surprise judging from the résumé at hand." Dorian pointed out and John could only nod. He browsed the file for a while but could not find any exact instructions. "So, what are we supposed to do now?"

He watched as Dorian shrugged and raised an eyebrow at the files scattered on the table. John did the same before he started gathering all of the papers and photos back into the file. "I guess we will have to ask then." He stood and together they made their way to Maldonados office.

He knocked but didn't wait for a response before entering. Captain Maldonado looked up from her files "Oh John, Dorian. Yes, please come in." She said sarcastically.

He stepped up to her desk pointing the file at her, raising an eyebrow while doing so. She understood and turned to the screen behind her, opening some of the digitally stored files on it. "James Kirk." She started and Johns eyes flicked to the screen showing some more pictures of the man.

"He quit his job not long ago and managed to take several top secret files with him. We need you to bring him here before he can decide what to do with them." She opened another picture that showed the facade of a club that seemed very familiar to John.

"I know that building. It's not far from where I live." He says and she nods. "He seems to have developed a schedule for his visits and judging by our observations tonight one of them will be due."

John nods in comprehension and she adds with an even more serious tone. "Dorian cannot accompany you this time." He wants to argue with her and knows that his partner is tensing up already, but she already gives them one of those looks that said 'Don't even try.' and he keept quiet, exchanging a glance with Dorian, both of them frowning.

"Kirk has an animosity against androids of any sort and we need him to know that we mean no harm as long as we do not know what he is capable of doing with the information he has. No weapons and it is for the best if Dorian stays behind this time. We need you to look as casual as possible."

John bit his lower lip as he turned for the door. He didn't like the thought of leaving Dorian behind. He was his partner after all and though he understood the reason behind the order he couldn't help but feel less save. Before he could open the door he heard Maldonados voice again. "And John?" She shot him a pointed look. "Unharmed."

He wasn't sure if he should be offended or flattered by the remark. Given they all knew the file of James Kirk, Johb was lucky if he got out of this with all of his body parts still intact. "Yeah, sure..." He says and with that they left the office.

Dorian was right behind him as they got back to his desk and John flopped down into his chair, rubbing his chin, unsure what to do next. Practically he had the rest of the day off... Though that left him with some more hours to worry about the job.

He wondered for a moment what kind of person James Kirk was. For sure, he thought, the kind no one would want as an enemy, but what about his character?

"John." he heard his partner say, his voice ripping him from his thoughts. He looked up into the worried face of the android. "Be careful."

The corners of Johns mouth twitched upwards into a small smile. "I'll be, don't worry."