James was annoyed (and aroused) beyond believe as they finally managed to stumble into the home of the man that had been constantly trying to jump him on the way there.

He had imagined John Kennex to put up a good 'fight' but he had also been convinced that the effect of the drug would have passed by now, leaving them both sexually frustrated but at least in private to talk.

James was sure Kennex would try to punch him in the face as soon as he came down from his high. He had put up with enough sexually frustrated heterosexual males up to this day to know that they never were very please with his approach on them and drugging them could only make it so much worse.

So he probably would have to put John out with the anesthetic he carried with him. Of course he normally had other ways to do this, but he didn't want to hurt his potential ally before even explaining this whole situation to him.

When they finally got inside the flat James braced himself for an attack that did not come, instead he was backed up into the recently closed door and felt teeth on his neck again. Not that he minded though, but he couldn't help but be slightly confused by the fact that the man that was working his shirt open right now was still under the influence of the drug.

"Easy there." James said and pushed the other off before he could undress him any further. By the lack of resistence as he stepped away from the other he reasoned that the drugs effect finally began to fade. He slipped past John into the room, trying to get the little syringe with the anesthetic out of his pocket before the others head began to clear fully. It could only be a matter of seconds before he had to deal with a seriously pissed police officer now.

"Detective Kennex, you need to listen to me now." He started, voice serious as he reached for the lowest button of his shirt to button it up again, back still facing towards the detective. "I know your head is a little fuzzy right now and I do apologise for that, but I needed to talk to you in private without any other ears in hearing range."

He was about to pop the first button into its respective hole but instead he found himself pushed up to the table standing in the middle of the room, a warm hand wrapped around his wrist to keep him from moving.

His back was now pressed firmly against the other mans front. James gasped in surprise, cursing himself inwardly for underestimating the mans speed and strength. John wrapped strong arms around his body to prevent him from escaping again.

James noticed a warm breath on his neck and realized that the detective seemed to have developed an obsession with that area, for he was now removing James jacket and shirt to kiss and suck at it again. His enjoyment was probably due to the fact that he found James could not keep quiet when he had warm lips pressed against the skin there.

James felt a shock of pleasure run through him which was almost immediately cancelled out by the realization that the other was still not as clear as James had thought. "Kennex. Stop that." He meant to growl but it came out as a moan rather than a threat as the other man bit down at the top of James left shoulder.

James had only a moment to realize that John was testing out what James liked instead of just taking what he wanted right now, which confused the blond man greatly. Normally, the drug cancelled out everything but the unbelievable need for sex. What was it about the other that made a chemical work in ways it wasn't supposed to be?

He moaned again as John was now biting down at the side of his neck and kissed his way up to James ear before he licked the shell playfully. For a moment James smiled at the affectionate gesture and let himself go, moaning as the other slipped one of his hands down his bare chest.

Johns other hand was working surprisingly fast on James pants and a moment after he slipped his hand inside them. James exhaled lowly as the hand wrapped around his still present but only half-hard erection and began stroking it slowly.

James could not hold back the noises that were forming in the back of his throat. He let his head roll back to rest on one of Johns shoulders and gave in to the touch. The fact that he had a plan to go by was really hard to remember when he had someone jerking him of in just the right way.

Johns movements begann to fasten and James knees went weak. He had to lean forward and put his hands on the surface of the table for support but dropped the syringe he had been holding in the process. He cursed under his breath and flicked his gaze down to find the object again.

Still moaning at the feeling of the others hand around him, his eyes took in the things beneath his hands. He saw pictures off his own face scattered around, together with something that looked like reports concerning himself.

Finally his lust-filled mind remembered that the man with his hand inside his pants had been ordered to take him in this morning and he snapped out of his trance. He could not let that happen before he really talked to him. James freed himself from the grasp of the other long enough to spin around.

"Kennex, I-" But he was interrupted by lustfilled eyes and a wanting mouth on his own. "Call me John." The other whispered between kisses, his voice raw and low, before he bit down at the lower lip of the blond and made him gasp again, this time in pain. John didn't seem to care very much because he used that exact moment to slip his tongue inside the others mouth.

James Kirk was a well trained man with several combat skills and knew at least 10 ways to kill the other right now, but surprisingly he was not about to use any of those techniques right now and besides that did not seem to keep John from dragging him away from the table and throwing him onto the bed, pants undone, but still on him.

James felt his body mourn the loss of warmth and want on him and he was forced to watch the man still standing at the end of the bed remove the leather jacket he had worn all evening and throw it to the floor, revealing the dark sleeveless shirt he wore beneath it. John kicked off his boots and socks, all the while having his eyes fixed on James who was so fascinated by the sight that he did not even notice that he was removing his own shoes and socks as well. Infact he had to use everything he had not to drool at how amazing John looked right now. His eyes dark, his hair a mess, his expression a silent promise off what was yet to come.

James eyes flicked down to the front of Johns pants where the other was now opening the button and zipper, resulting in the clothing hanging loosely on his hips. James heard his heart pound in his ears and the rest of his self-control was crushed by the smirk he saw forming on the others face.

"Come here." He heard himself say and John obeyed, kneeling at the end of the bed before approaching James like a panther would his prey.

They shared another kiss, heated and full of lust and this time James put up a decent fight for dominance, pushing against the other man until he finally let himself get turned on his back.

James looked down at him and started to run his hands over the others still clothed chest until he reached the rim of his jeans. He pulled them down along with Johns boxers and heard the other suck in a sharp breath at the cold air ghosted his sensitive skin.

James felt Johns gaze on him as he looked down at the hard length of the other. He licked his lips and lowered himself until he could run his tongue along the head of Johns penis.

Now it was Johns turn to gasp and James lips formed a small smirk before he wrapped his lips fully around Johns length. "Ah!" He heard John breath out and looked up to find the other staring. James almost moaned at the look on the others face. Johns eyes were glazed over with want, his mouth slightly parted, while his breath came quick and low.

James brought up one hand to stroke the others length in sync with his lips sliding up and down on him and John threw his head back into the pillows and moaned a low throaty moan that made James shudder with want.

In a moment of mischief the thought that this would probably be the only time he'd have the other like this, shaking and gasping under his touch, crossed his mind and he reached his free hand into one of his pockets again to free a little cube-shaped device out of it. Thanking the lucky circumstances that he was still wearing his pants.

Initially James had designed the device for the gathering of incriminating information but since he quit his job a few weeks ago it had become kind of a private toy whenever he felt like it.

He made sure that John was distracted enough by his touch so he could activate it without him noticing. James pushed one of the buttons on the side of the cube and watched out of the corner of his eyes as it began to levitate barely above the palm of his hand.
It began to rise further and set itself on a nearby surface to start recording.

If he'd never be able to do this with John again he'd make sure to have a proper recording of it.

His full attention was now back on the other who was still breathing heavily and clutched at the sheets of his bed. If he was already this riled up when James wasn't even using everything he had on him he wondered how long John would last when he did.

His free hand found its way to Johns cock as well and he began to suck and stroke it harder and faster. "Yes...Ah!" He heard John breath out and pressed his mouth down even further, almost gagging himself on Johns shaft, but it was so worth it. "Oh God, yes!" John cried out and James saw the other raise his hand to let it stroll through James short blond hair, tucking at it every once in a while to draw a mewl from James as well. Not believing that John had found yet another turn on of his, James ran his tongue along the underside of the others cock earning another deep sigh from him.

James felt that John was close as he began to buck his hips up into the warmth of James mouth and he slowed down again, now only barely touching the other. He teased him with his tongue as he withdrew his hands to finally touch himself as well. His erection was almost painfully hard as he wrapped his own fingers around it and he let out a shuddered breath as he began to stroke himself while still lazely licking on the other.

It seemed that John wasn't to happy about the other pleasuring himself and he had enough of the torture as well. John grabbed James by the arm to pull him up to eye-level again.

They locked lips and James grabbed hold onto the others shirt, pausing their kiss only long enough to remove it over his head and throw it on the floor. Their remaining clothes were soon to follow and the moment it was done they stopped to just look, both breathless, naked and sweaty.

They now sat face to face on the bed, staring into each others eyes. Blue met hazel and they just stared.

James was about to kiss John again but then he saw how the gaze of the others eyes slowly changed. John blinked several times before confusion made itself clear on his face and the blur of deep unquestionable lust slowly cleared from his eyes.

James watched with equal horror and fascination as the effect of the drug wore off. He thought he knew what would come next and braced himself the second time this evening for an attack that did not come.

John only looked at him for a moment before he slowly tilted his head and reached out a hand to gently touch James face. The gesture held some kind of curiosity James found to be incredibly endearing.

James could have sworn that his heart stopped beating for a moment as John, now truly John, not drugged John or the reserved detective Kennex from a few hours before, cupped his cheek in his hand and brushed his thump along the side of his face. James found himself leaning into the touch and he savoured the warmth of the others palm.

John gently ran his thump along James bottom lip and then he leaned forward to kiss him again, though this time, James thought with amazement, it was entirely the decision of his head and not of his lust-driven body.

Before their lips could touch once more James conscience finally got the best of him and he breathed "John..." He paused, his stomach dropped. "We don't have to...I never planned to-" ...rape you? Realization hit James hard as the thought ran through his mind. He had only meant to get John out of public and away from any kind of eyes and ears. So he gave them something they'd look away from.

James had not thought about John being affected by the drug as much or as long as he had been and then he had allowed himself to loose control of the situation. "Oh god..." He breathed with horror and was surprised at how truly sad his voice sounded to his own ears.

"Shhh..." John mouthed and they were so close that James felt rather than saw the smile his lips formed. "You have beautiful eyes." John said and James released a breath he didn't know he had been holding back. "Don't." He said weakly and was amazed at the amount of self-control he could muster as he withdrew before John could close the little remaining distance between them again.

James bolted more than raised from the bed to bring as much space between them as he could. He heard the bed creak as John followed him.

James panicked. Or well no, he did not panic. James T. Kirk did not panic for Gods sake! But he looked around, rather fast and with a lot more guilt in his eyes than he would admit to anyone, for the syringe he had dropped earlier, praying silently that it was still intact.

He spotted it the moment John was up close behind him again and James snatched it from the surface of the table. He turned around to face the other, syringe in hand, his shoulders tense and his face scrunched in a frown. "I'm sorry." He said.

John stepped even closer and raised a hand to the side of James neck. "Don't be." John whispered as he rubbed his thump along the skin underneath his fingers and James searched his gaze. Johns pupils were not dilated or otherwise changed and his eyes were clear, even more so than in the bar and James was confused. He did not understand Johns reactions to the drug at all. Or was it even a side-effect of the drug? James could not be sure.

"I didn't mean to let it go this far." James whispered as he felt the others breath ghost over his lips again and he raised the hand holding the syringe to the others neck. The moment James sinked the needle into the others flesh he felt Johns lips on his own again.

"I know." Was whispered against his skin before the other closed his eyes and went limp. James catched him before he could hit the floor and carried him back to the bed. He wondered for a moment if he should take off the others synthetic leg but was suddenly
feeling very shy about touching John in any way. He almost laughed at the irony of the situation as he threw the blanket over the sleeping figure on the bed and began to gather his clothing from around the room.

When he was finally dressed again he picked up the last of his things. The little cube that had sat itself onto the table they had started from. He turned it in his hands and stopped the recording before his gaze fell onto a tiny roll of something that looked like a container for medicine. He let one of the pills drop out of it and realization dawned on him. He had seen these pills before. "Medication for memory loss..." These were probably the reason for Johns reaction to the sex drug and he bit his lower lip out of sheer embarrassment. How could he have missed that in his research?

James set the little container down again and caught sight of one of the photos of his own face. He frowned at it for a moment but then he grabbed a pen that was laying nearby and scribbled some words on it.

After doing that he shook his head at his own actions and pushed the cube from his hand back into his pocket. He should leave now. He really was about to do it, but stopped and turned to look at the others sleeping face one last time.

"I don't know why, but I somehow feel like I can trust you." He said into the silent room and tried to not let his own words scare him the way they did.

"The next time we meet I will explain this whole mess." He promised despite the fact that no one could hear him. "Good night. John Kennex." He whispered and closed the door.