Gemini - The Sequel to Ride

A/N: Hello. I'm Janelle and I am the author of this fic. It is the sequel to Ride,and I am hoping that you have read or will read it before beginning this story. It is absolutely necessary to understand what is going on here and who the characters are, and so on.

This chapter will be the prologue of Gemini. You will learn why this story is called Gemini within the first few chapters if you're curious.

I don't have much to say besides thank you to Jane who helped out with this process, and thank you to all of the people who have read the first and are continuing along with this journey into the second. I hope that you continue to enjoy this verse and if not, I'm sorry. Constructive criticism in the review section is welcome. Constructive, I reiterate. :)

Here is the first installment of Part II of Ride. Thanks for reading!


"I know why you're looking at me like that, Hummel."

Kurt's lips twitched into a smile as he looked away from his boyfriend and reached to fasten his seat belt. The teen got comfortable in the passenger seat and replied in his signature soft tone. "Whatsoever do you mean, dearest? How exactly am I looking at you?"

Blaine put the key in the car's ignition as he looked at Kurt after the sarcastic retort. A great part of him did consider dragging Kurt right back inside the Hummel residence and starting something he knew they wouldn't have time to finish- while the other part of him knew that if he was late to their senior year orientation at Pace High School of the Performing Arts, both his mother Clarissa and Burt Hummel would have something to say about it. Blaine didn't want that.

"You know exactly what I mean," he finally answered.

As Kurt turned to face Blaine again, his boyfriend started the car and looked up, adjusting the rearview mirror. "I just think that you look very dapper and I must say I'm really into you in a vintage bow tie with matching suspenders—"

"You think I look like a dork, Kurt. Just say it."

"What?" Kurt sounded offended but the chuckle of laughter that slipped from his lips a second later betrayed him. Blaine rolled his eyes before pulling out of the Hummel driveway. "I do not think you look like a dork. I like seeing you out of your skater-boy outfits and into something a little more…" he trailed off with a smile on his face and Blaine shook his head, finishing his boyfriend's sentence.


"I was going for debonair."

"Uh huh," Blaine turned the radio on at a low volume as he drove. "If anyone laughs at me, I'm never dressing like this again."

"You're such a drama king. A little confidence could take you a long way," Kurt played at his skinny tie as he glanced over to the driver. He thought Blaine looked absolutely sexy. His curly hair was neatly styled and the plaid shirt he wore fitted him nicely. The pattern on his dark bow tie matched that of his suspenders- the suspenders Kurt had no clue Blaine owned- and of course he didn't fail to notice the way Blaine's grey slacks fit him either, because damn. Blaine's ass was very grabbable in those pants, and Kurt could totally get used to this Blaine….

"Don't get used to this," Blaine said, interrupting the younger boy's thoughts. He heard Kurt chuckle and shrugged as he drove. "I wanted to try this whole preppy thing out because I wanted in your pants after orientation tonight, and I knew this would get you going, but let's be honest… I look like a fucking dweeb."

"So let me get this right," Kurt began with a bit of a change in his tone Blaine couldn't decipher as he drove onto the main road. "Dressing in that style… a style that is somewhat reminiscent to my own, or at least one that I find attractive on guys, is 'dweeby' in your eyes?"

As the elder stopped at a red light, he turned to face his boyfriend. Kurt lifted his left eyebrow like he usually did when he was waiting for Blaine to fail at digging himself out of a hole his big mouth had gotten him into, and the rider could only smirk and put his free arm around Kurt's seat.

"Let me recant—"

"Yeah, you do that…"

"What I meant is that," Blaine's fingers clutched at the leather headrest as he continued with a smile. "I can't pull it off as well as you or some… classy guy can. You make it look like the clothes were made for you. I look like a fucking clown."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "Anderson—"

"Look at me, babe. I'm all t-shirts and ball caps and jeans with the rips in them. You're high fashion and the epitome of gorgeous. I can't pull off the things you take hours getting into."

"While that was a nice save on your part," Kurt smirked at how proud Blaine seemed. "It doesn't take me hours to get ready and I resent that."

Blaine laughed to himself as he pulled off once more. "Yeah. Uh huh."

"Besides that," the brown-haired boy pinched his boyfriend's thigh and smirked at the squeak it garnered. "While I love your style, you're going to grow out of it at some point. At least I think you will. And when you do, I just want you to know that you're unbelievably handsome and can pull off anything."

Blaine smiled at the compliment. "Well not those skinny jeans you paint on just about every day. I don't even know how you do it. You're hung like a fucking horse."

Kurt ended up laughing and rolling his eyes as his boyfriend started to play in his hair. He reached above him and grabbed the hand, linking their fingers together in his lap. "Somebody is determined to get some tonight, I see."

Blaine started to sigh as he realized there was a bit of traffic ahead. "Well I know you were really mad at me with the whole disappearing before our flight thing-"

"I still am."

"No you aren't. But," Blaine heard Kurt's phone chime as he let his foot rest on the brake pedal. "I just want you to know I have every intention of getting some tonight, regardless of that."

"Best of luck," Kurt read the message and rolled his eyes at the content. "All I have to do is tell my dad that I don't want you to stay over tonight, or any night this week. And that was him, by the way."

Blaine held onto Kurt's hand as he slowly steered the car with his left. "Oh? What'd he say?"

"That we had better not be messing around and that we better hurry up to the school. He and your mom have been there for 20 minutes, apparently."

Blaine scoffed as he considered getting off the parkway and just taking the main road all the way down. "It's not our fault they left super early. I guess I'll just get off at the next exit. Everyone is trying to get to that 'Dodgers vs. Mets' game I guess."

"Yawn," Kurt said as he rubbed gingerly over Blaine's fingers. "What a stupid thing to waste your money on."

"You'd totally go to a game with me."

Kurt laughed. "The only game I would attend would be yours if you were on a team. Or Mikey's. I wouldn't be caught dead in a sports stadium again. Well, unless they were giving out free Marc Jacobs."


"And you don't even like baseball. That's baseball right? So I wouldn't have to go to a game with you."

"Well I like you." Blaine finally got to the exit and squeezed his boyfriend's hand as Kurt blew him a kiss. "And I doubt I'll join any high school teams. My endorsers would go crazy if I was injured doing something besides riding BMX."

Kurt nodded. "That's understandable. And it works for me."

"Yeah," Blaine replied with a smile. He drove a few blocks up, listening to the radio personality and shaking his head at the caller begging for Ricky Martin tickets. "So, can I stay over tonight or nah?"

Kurt shrugged. "I gotta think about it," he turned the station to the next preset with his free hand and Blaine perked up.

My love
There's only you in my life
The only thing that's bright

"Oh shit," Blaine removed his hand from Kurt's to turn up the volume and grinned at his boyfriend as he retook it. "I love this song! My dad used to try to sing it all the time and mom would literally beg him to be quiet."

Kurt smiled at the image as he realized what song was on. "Wait…Oh god no."

"My first love
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make
and I,
I want to share
all my love with you
No one else will do"


"You aren't going to sing with me? Kurt! I mean I can take both parts by myself but- hold on," Blaine started to speed up as he noticed the time, belting the lyrics loudly. "You will always be - You will always be my endless love!"

Kurt found himself laughing as he turned the radio down a bit. "As beautiful as you sound singing a duet on your own, mon amour, Rachel and Mr. Schuester sung this song as a duet in my sophomore year of high school—our first year of glee club, and it was very disturbing. That's me being nice."

Blaine made a face as he switched lanes. "They did what? Ew? What the fuck…"

"Exactly. It's not that I don't want to sing a ridiculously lovely borderline cheesy ballad with you in the car, it's just that this song was pretty much destroyed for me and everyone else in that choir room."

Blaine bit his lip as he thought. He stopped at an all-way for a pedestrian and smiled. "The only way to take a song, or a movie, or anything for that matter… the only way to take it back is to make a brand new memory for it, you know what I'm sayin'? Like if we sang it together. Or if I blew you while it was playing."

"Oh god," Kurt blushed as he laughed, "Well I mean, what if I start thinking of how Rachel looked at Schue while my cock is in your mouth… it's just… no."

Blaine grinned and changed the radio station. "Fine," he continued to scroll through channels until he found something.

"Thank you for being so understanding, baby. And we're only like 5 minutes away." As he started to finally reply to his dad's texts, Blaine landed on a Destiny's Child song and started bobbing his head.

"Cool. So on a scale of '1' to 'Ryan Gosling shirtless in a movie and you just bought a new bottle of Jergens', how excited are you for this Pace Orientation?"

Kurt rolled his eyes as Blaine wiggled his eyebrows. "You're such a pig."

Blaine smiled. "Answer."

"…I mean I'm pretty damn excited, baby. Excited to be here," Kurt turned to look at his boyfriend and smiled. "With my beautiful beau. Chasing my dreams with you by my side. Studying something that's so important to me..."

Blaine faced him for a moment and smiled as they waited at the traffic light. "I wouldn't have it any other way, Hummel."

Kurt brought the teen's hand to his mouth and offered a soft kiss, making Blaine smile. "Excellent."

His head hit the back of the chair and he thought aloud to himself. "I'm hoping we have at least a couple classes together."

"Mhm," Blaine nodded. "So I can ward of the José's of Pace."

"So we can be together, you mean."

"Yeah," Blaine nodded some more. "That too."

Kurt shook his head as he smiled and looked ahead of him, sighing as he could see the view of Pace's campus not far off. It was happening; he was starting a new chapter of his life at a new, wonderful school, and he had the boy who meant the most to him by his side, as well as a couple of the best friends they could ask for. He wanted to be optimistic and enjoy this, but despite that, thoughts of being in the background at McKinley still plagued his mind. Nonetheless, he made it this far and that was good for something. Proving himself was something that Kurt had to do tons of times; this was just another test.


Kurt was shaken out of his reverie by the voice he loved so much. A smile automatically claimed his face as he turned left to see the boy he adored. "Yes, honey?"

Blaine held eye contact and smiled when Kurt's soft blue eyes captured his. "I love you."

He could see Kurt's cheeks tint pink and part of Blaine always cheered, knowing that after all this time, he could still get that reaction from Kurt. He was determined to sneak surprise 'I love yous' into random conversations well into their 80s not only so the beautiful man never forgot it, but to see his face turn red because it was true, and they were each other's.

"I love you too, Blaine."


"Please be seated, everyone. We will begin shortly."

Burt heard the announcement as he stood in the building's lobby. He shook his head, about to call his boys and offer a few threats before he noticed Blaine's dark Lexus pulling into the school's parking lot beside his vehicle. The man put his cell phone away after noticing the pair had arrived just in time. He folded his arms and waited.

Kurt was out of the vehicle first. The teen fixed his vest and smiled at whatever Blaine said as the boy got out next, and Burt snorted when he saw the outfit the hazel eyed kid was wearing. Clarissa put a hand on his back as she walked up beside him.

"They're about to begin now—oh, the duo has arrived?" she sounded shocked and Burt smiled, nodding as their children approached.

"Yeah. You didn't have to get up; you look like you're going to pop any second now."

Clarissa rolled her eyes and smiled. "I'm only five months along, Burt."

"Hey," Blaine stepped into the building and smiled at his mother, giving her a hug and kiss. Kurt followed, and the woman squeezed each boy tightly. "I'm sorry about the wait. I didn't think there'd be traffic but there was, so we had to get off the parkway and drive down Oliver."

Burt clapped Blaine on the back after giving him a look and they all turned to walk towards the auditorium. Kurt smiled at the pair as he took Clarissa's hand.

"I'm so happy that you could make it. Sorry to keep you both waiting, though."

"Oh," Clarissa stepped into the room after her son and Burt, and smiled at Kurt. "It's fine. They're only beginning now. And I had to come, to discuss a couple things with Fred Astaire here," she laughed with Kurt and Blaine glared at the both of them, feeling self-conscious as he adjusted his bow tie and suspenders. "So no worries."

Kurt nodded, smiling. In the back of his mind he wondered what they'd discuss and hoped everything was ok. "Should we sit in the front?"

Blaine scoffed at his boyfriend's question. "I'm not sitting in the front with the freshmen. Look how happy they are to be here."

Burt rolled his eyes and walked to the middle aisles, sliding in as he listened to the speaker begin. Blaine followed; Kurt allowing his boyfriend to link their hands as they took their seats. Clarissa smiled at another parent who greeted her hello before sitting beside Kurt. After introducing the faculty, the man on stage finally began.

"Good evening. Many of you may recognize me from your auditions," the gentleman at the microphone began to speak with an airy voice, and Burt sat back as he observed him. As Blaine glanced to his boyfriend, the man resumed. "Many of you are theater nerds like myself and may know me from outside of Pace High School, but for those of you who are unfamiliar, my name is Leonard Riley and I am the head of the music department here- as well as one of the teachers."

Kurt smiled, already feeling excited. There was a huge possibility that he'd have the Leonard Riley as an instructor and he could hardly process that information.

"I'll be your speaker for the night, and I'd like to start off by welcoming you all to Pace High School of the Performing Arts!"

There was lots of applause as people settled into their seats and Blaine wrapped his arm around a grinning Kurt's chair, observing the auditorium. He noticed a couple people there from when they auditioned and even saw Liam-the-TA smiling as he applauded the students entering for the new school year. The teen rolled his eyes and looked away.

"As you know, this school is very, very competitive. I hope that you gave yourselves a good pat on the back for being accepted, because it means that not only are you incredibly talented and gifted at what you do, but that you have a passion for your field that couldn't be denied when you were on this stage trying out. As one of the teachers here, myself and my peers are determined to pull the best out of you and usher you off to the next step."

Burt listened carefully as he watched the older man at the podium deliver his lines. He was waiting for the part where his wallet would become involved because he knew a place this fancy had to cost a pretty penny. Leonard Riley continued for a bit as Burt waited, feeling Blaine slouch in the seat beside him.

"Pace has been around for close to 40 years, and we have graduated many of the greats you have heard of as well as some who work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. Award winning actors, Broadway stars, singers, musicians, producers, so many dancers… you name it. You've probably heard of our award winning choir and orchestra, and the many trips we do over the course of the school year; the big one being performing abroad."

Kurt perked up at this. It wasn't that he wasn't already super invested in everything the man was saying, but traveling abroad was something he wanted to do for… well forever. Clarissa smiled when she noticed Burt's reaction to his son's excitement. She could already see him making rules in his head for this trip.

"Last year, our juniors and seniors in the Chorus and Orchestra made a visit to Spain to perform." A slideshow began in the background as Leonard Riley continued. "It was an excellent learning experience and the students did beautifully. We came in third place in competition, but I've no doubt this year we'll be number 1."

People clapped as Kurt observed the photos. He was floored. He didn't know anything about this. Blaine smirked next to him.

"Down, boy."

"This is incredible," Kurt whispered back.

"This year's international competition will be in Rome." Riley announced. One of the parents blatantly asked how much this would cost them and the man smiled.

"We receive our funding from the different organizations and companies that support us, so any family contribution will be minimal."

Burt scoffed.

"The freshmen and sophomore classes travel nationally for competition in those areas. For those here that are majoring in acting or dancing subjects, you should know that we have scouts here all the time during plays and recitals. Over the past couple years, we've had students join critically acclaimed ballets, landing roles in shows in LA, NY, and Chicago, and even representing us by performing at the White House." The pictures continued to move on the projector in the background and Blaine paid close attention. All of the accolades Leonard Riley spoke of were exactly what he wasn't interested in doing.

"Now enough about what we've done previous years. You guys are all interested in the here and now, and what to expect from your time here. Am I right?"

There was a mumbled sound of agreement from the auditorium and Blaine smiled when Kurt moved closer into his side. He could tell how excited his boyfriend was to be here and to experience this, and fuck if he wasn't thrilled that Kurt didn't have to go to JFK High because this place, as grand as it was, was exactly what Kurt Hummel deserved in his eyes. Leonard Riley continued to speak as Blaine reached for his cell phone, trying to read the message he received from Jeff when Burt took the phone away. He rolled his eyes.

"Pay attention."

"I am but I'm bored."

"I know, but if I have to pay attention then so do you, bud."

"I can do both—"

"Shhhh!" Kurt glared at the two and Clarissa smiled, shaking her head.

"The next step is to come in and pick up your class schedules. For freshmen and sophomores, you will report to the music hall on Tuesday. Listen carefully: for last names A-L, please be here at 10am. For last names M-Z, please be here at 11am."

"If you are a junior or a senior, you will report here on Wednesday. Last names A-L will be here at 10am, and M-Z will be here at 11am."

"On time," Burt added, looking at the two beside him. Kurt smiled and nodded, while Blaine huffed, obviously playing the 'I'm so bored'card.

"If you want to be a part of the winter and spring recitals, or any of the plays or musicals for that matter- shows put on by the school that can give you that boost on your college applications, you must know that we require your GPA stay above a C."

Blaine's eyes went wide. "What? That's impossible!"

Clarissa and Kurt turned to look at him and Burt shook his head.

"Not if you intend on visiting Kurt during the week and vice versa it isn't," the man told him, fixing the brim of his cap.

"You can't keep my boyfriend hostage from me because I have less than a C average," Blaine mumbled, pulling his arm back to himself. Kurt looked at his father.

"It doesn't matter because he's going to be an incredible student, behaviorally and academically. Right, babe?"

Blaine shrugged. "So what if I want to compete in competitions? I can't spend time after school with the band and in rehearsals, study for classes, and try to focus on getting ready for the BMX games. You all know that's not going to work."

Leonard Riley introduced the school principal as the group continued to talk amongst themselves.

"If you want to compete, honey, make sure that your grades are decent. I'll make sure your uncle Don knows that too. It shouldn't be a problem."

Blaine looked past Kurt who was focused on the stage to his mother. "Well I think that a C is decent."

"Well I don't," Burt contributed. Blaine sat back and rolled his eyes.

"You do know we can study together, right babe?" Kurt said in a hushed tone as he tried his best to follow what the man was saying on stage. "You did well with your entrance exam so you obviously know the subjects. We just have to focus on your work ethic is all."

Blaine shook his head. "I was hoping that I could do this to make you happy and still have time to ride, at least a little bit."

Kurt faced him now. "So being here is strictly to make me happy?"

Clarissa looked over now too. Her son shook his head some more and sighed.

"That's not what I mean. We'll…just talk about it after this. Okay?"

Kurt observed the teen's face and Blaine eventually looked away, sitting back and facing the stage. Burt caught his son's eyes for a moment and gave him a look. Kurt knew the look meant something but wasn't sure just what. He sighed and faced forward as well, pushing the conversation from his mind.

For now.



"Kurt'll be over here soon," Justin jumped over the sofa and took a seat next to David. "And Blaine eventually. He's having a chat with his mom or something."

"Cool," David rubbed his tummy after he took his last bite. "Being in Ohio made me miss having Layla's food so damn much. I over ate."

Justin smiled as he turned away from the channel his friend was watching. "That's what you get for trying to keep up with Jeff."

"Not true," the brown skinned boy tried to sit up a little bit. "Where are those two love birds anyway?"

"'Gargoyles' is on. Awesome." Justin played in his blonde hair. "Um, I'm pretty sure they're upstairs making out or… you know. Doing what they do."

David smiled. "Between them and Klaine, I have a feeling we'll be constantly disgusted."

"Pretty much," Justin said with a small laugh. "But at least you're starting at UCLA and I'll be away for a bit. One can only take so much Niff and Klaine."

The doorbell rang as David nodded and the blonde hopped up to go answer the door. He smiled when he saw Kurt and gestured for him to come inside.

"It's about time," David said, waving his friend over. "How long was the Orientation? You'd think it was a school for brain surgeons or something…"

"It could've been worse," Kurt threw himself over David's lap and smirked when the elder barely reacted. "Are you okay?"

"Dodo brain here has eyes bigger than his stomach."

"You sound like my grandma," David waved them both off and Kurt smiled. "Anyway we're going to go to this foam party at Laguna Beach as soon as your honey dip shows up. It's probably the last big thing we'll all be able to do together before everyone gets busy with school and work."

Kurt checked the time and then looked at his friends like they were crazy. "It's like 8:30. My dad gave me a curfew now that the summer is just about over…"

"What?" Justin scoffed as he took a bite of a brownie. "Summer isn't over yet. Don't you start at Pace next week? It's not a big deal…"

Kurt nodded as he sighed. "I still have work at the bike shop and my dad feels that I need to get back into the habit of having structure," he rolled his blue eyes. "I've barely been home this summer and when I am, you guys and Blaine are there too. He just doesn't want me to get in party mode and ruin my senior year, especially since I'm so focused on going to NYADA and all."

Justin pouted. "But it's a Laguna Beach foam party!"

"I'm not going if you're not going." David added. He looked as if he could fall asleep anyway.

"You'll go. There'll be half naked girls vying to take you home," Kurt stood up and reached for the remote, sitting down between his two friends. "And I don't want to be the reason you guys miss an awesome party."

"Who's missing the party?" Nick reached the bottom step, pulling his shirt on as he approached the group. Kurt smiled at him, moving into the seat between Justin and David.

"Nice hickey, Duval."

"Burt's being all strict now that school is approaching," Justin informed his friend. He could hear Jeff jogging down the steps behind him. "Total buzzkill. What if we tell him this is the last party and that we all want to be there together?"

Jeff kissed Kurt on the cheek before hopping onto the recliner across from them. "He's going to ask if there's going to be alcohol and sex and we're not going to be able to lie so he's not going to have it."

Kurt nodded at that. "I really lucked out getting the one dad in the world who can see through every lie I've ever attempted to tell him…. Besides, Blaine just begged to spend the night at mine while we were leaving Orientation and my dad was cool with it. That was pushing it since we basically just got back from Ohio."

"He's accepted the fact that Blaine is pretty much always going to be around," Nick told him, making note to cut his hair at some point this week. It was getting a bit unruly. "And he trusts you two obviously. That goes a long way."

Kurt rested his head on Justin's shoulder as he channel surfed. "I guess."

"How was your orientation anyway?" Jeff questioned; a curious look on his face. "You don't seem as giddy as I thought you'd be."

"The hype died down on the ride home but I'm still excited. You guys didn't tell me you go abroad…"

Nick smiled. "Oh, I'm an acting major. That's a vocal and music major thing… aka you and Blaine."

"Dance majors stay national, as do the actors," Jeff contributed. He stopped playing with his tongue ring, which Kurt appreciated greatly. "But you guys will be traveling if you can keep your grades up and all."

Kurt sighed. That was the thing. He knew his boyfriend had no intentions of doing anything other than coasting through senior year.

"Blaine will be fine," Justin said, reading his friend's thoughts. "Is he on his way, though? I miss his little curly head."

Kurt smiled as the group laughed. "Yeah, he texted me about 15 minutes ago and said he's talking to his mom about something. Whenever they're done he's changing and then coming over."

David looked up, still patting his belly. "Changing?"

"He wore a bow tie and suspenders to Orientation. I totally almost did him in the car."

"I've gotta fucking see that," Nick said with a smirk. Justin laughed.

"I bet you didn't take one single picture."

"He would've broken my phone if I did," Kurt told them. "Maybe next time."

"Okay, okay," Justin sat up, a serious look on his face. "Back to this party… what time does Burt go to sleep? Just sneak out and we'll have you two back before he's up for work."

"Well that sounds like a terrible idea," David shook his head no. "Do you know how strict the man is? I mean… I don't know, but he looks really freaking strict."

Kurt nodded. "I've never been in big trouble because I don't want to find out just how strict he can be."

"I bet you're worrying for no reason. And who's to say we get caught anyway?" Justin draped his arm over the sofa. "We'll be fine."

Nick looked at his friends and smiled. "It'll be worth it… this is our last big shebang of the summer, guys. Let's have a little fun and even get into some trouble. My mom will kill me too, Kurt, don't worry. At least being punished means we can focus on our studies because we literally have nothing else to do…"

The doorbell rang and Jeff hopped up, going to answer it. Kurt glanced over at his friends and shrugged.

"If I get into a shitload of trouble, I'll probably not speak to you all for a few weeks."

"You can't go that long without talking to us," David teased, nudging the youngest teen in his shoulder. "You love us."


Jeff smiled at Blaine and slapped five with him. "Boo. You changed your outfit."

Blaine stepped in, rolling his eyes as he slid his phone into his pocket. "Kurt told you that, huh?"

"Ohio tells me everything."

"I was just saying," Kurt sat up and smiled when he saw his boyfriend back into his usual white t-shirt and black jeans. "That you looked absolutely handsome earlier. You look incredible now, too," he winked and Blaine bit his lip.

"Get a room," Nick said with a smile.

"Like you two did just now?" David stood up, stretching. "Kinky bastards."

"Nice hickey, Duval." Blaine nudged his best friend in the head before sitting on the arm of his chair. "So what are we up to tonight? Chilling here or somewhere else?"

Justin combed his blonde hair back as he got a text from Quinn. "Foam beach party over at Laguna Beach. It's going to be amazing but we hear Burt is probably not going to be on board."

Blaine sighed and sat back. "My mom probably won't either."

Kurt lifted his eyebrow. "What was that chat about, anyway? Is everything okay?"

Jeff sat next to Nick as Blaine rubbed over his cheek. "Everything is great but it turns out I'm going to have a roommate…"

All of his friends looked at him a bit confused and Blaine continued, finding his boyfriend's blue eyes. "She thinks, and Cooper agrees, that if he moves in with me at the beach house then I'll have some around to keep me grounded and more focused on school and I won't be bullshitting for lack of a better term, my senior year away."

"Dude," Nick smiled, "Cooper isn't bad at all. You can still have fun and have us over and what not, right? Leave when you want to… I don't see CJ being a stick in the mud."

Kurt thought for a moment. "He does tend to walk in on us… a lot…"

Blaine shook his head at the memory. "I got the lock on my door fixed. It's all good. But I can totally see him trying to be a hard ass and I don't know if I'm looking forward to it."

"But it means you get to stay at the beach house," Justin thought aloud. "That's a good thing. Don't be worried, man."

Blaine nodded. "You do realize he's probably only moving back for Jasmine, right?"

Justin smiled. Cooper did seem intent on getting with his older sister. "We'll see how that goes."

"On the plus side, you get to work on your relationship with your brother. This isn't half bad," Kurt spoke, smiling as his boyfriend came over and sat on his lap. "You must be excited about that."

Blaine wrapped his arms around Kurt's neck and nodded. "I'm excited. I just hope he doesn't try to be dad… you know? I can handle myself. I just want him to be Cooper Jr."

Kurt nodded as Justin stood to his feet. "Well, I'm just going to assume all of us are going to this party. David and I will be at your place at 11 to pick you both up."

Kurt sighed and threw his head back. Blaine kissed his lips before the blue eyed teen spoke. "I don't know that this is a good idea. I do have to work in the morning. There'll be other parties, I'm sure."

"But this party," Jeff began. "Is the party, Ohio. Our Pace classmates will be there and other riders, the college kids… free weed and booze and a good time. The shit we live for."

Kurt rolled his eyes. "You know I don't smoke and I try not to drink."

Blaine smirked. "Kurt becomes a stripper when he's had one too many. And a table dancer."

Nick's eyebrows went up. "That just triggered a flashback from his birthday party."

"We're going to have to pass, though." Blaine looked at his friends as Kurt's hand rubbed up and down his back. "As much as I'd love to go and get fucked up, his dad actually likes me. That means a lot."

Kurt smiled. "Aww."

"Shut up, Hummel."

David stepped into his sneakers and rolled his eyes. "Yeah, so we'll be at your place at 11, Kurt. Both of you be ready."

Nick smiled when he saw Kurt and Blaine give David a look.


"Later bros," Jeff smiled, waving goodbye to David and Justin. Blaine shook his head and looked at the TV, falling back on the sofa. The door closed and Nick folded his legs over Jeff's lap.

"We won't get caught, guys."

Blaine shook his head. "You obviously don't know Burt Hummel."

"And if we do," Jeff continued. "Then it'll be worth it."

Kurt knew he wanted to go and knew that he shouldn't, but come on. This was a Laguna Beach party with foam and Blaine and his friends and it'd be a great time. He'd be able to meet some of the other Pace students and even some college guys, get Blaine jealous, and probably have hot jealous sex on the hood of someone's car. The punishment would be worth it.

And that was assuming they were even caught.

Blaine saw Kurt considering it and shook his head. Something told him they'd regret this, but he wasn't the one with the mind to say 'let's be rational'. It was definitely Kurt, and if Kurt wanted to do this, Blaine was going to follow.

No, he wasn't whipped. Of course not. He was a teenager with a boyfriend who was hot and he wanted to enjoy the last big party of the summer.

You know, before Pace started, and Cooper started, and fun ended.

"Are we doing this?"

Kurt smiled and faced the television. He shrugged as a commercial came on. "Why not?"

Nick and Jeff smiled, but Blaine looked up at him curiously.

"You sure?"

Kurt thought a moment longer and nodded. "It's one party. We don't have to stay long. We get to be with Jus before he leaves and David before he leaves…"

"That's a yes," Nick smiled and sat up. "I gotta get home then to make sure mom thinks I'm there and bribe my sisters to keep their traps shut."

Jeff ran a hand through his hair. "I need to shower. Don't forget to cover up that hickey… I'm sure your mom knows Naomi never gave you hickeys like that."

Kurt looked over at them. Nick sighed.

"I'll have to tell her about the break up some day. And my daughter."

Blaine finally sat up, acknowledging that they should get going too.

"Someday doesn't have to be tonight," Jeff looked around his place and made note to straighten up before his parents got in. "I'll pick you up later?"

Nick nodded, kissing him softly. It was then that Blaine stood up and grabbed Kurt too, yanking him off the sofa.

"Mikey should be home by now. Want to hang with him to kill time until your dad falls asleep?"

Kurt kissed Blaine and nodded. "Of course. We'll see you later, Niff," he turned to the couple and waved goodbye. Jeff pulled away from the kiss and smiled.

"See you later Ohio. Bye, B."

"Later," Blaine let Kurt lead him out of the home as Nick finally said goodbye again, following his friends out. They got in their vehicles and promised to see each other at the party tonight, each saying a silent prayer that this wouldn't get them in a world of trouble.


By the time Kurt and Blaine got to Don and Pam's, Mikey was already fast asleep. It was only a bit after 9, but apparently the tot had a long day. Kurt smiled as he kissed the kid in his bedhead and stood up, looking over to Blaine. He got a smile and a wink from the rider who was playing with the pendant around his neck.

"Part of me really wants to wake him up. We haven't seen him in a week."

Blaine smiled as he looked at the sleeping boy in his racecar bed. "True, but wake him up now and he'll never go back to sleep. You know how he gets when he sees you…"

"And you," Kurt said with a smile, walking over to his boyfriend. "I guess we should head next door and at least make it appear like we're settled in for the night. My dad is probably watching the clock."

Blaine licked his lips as his eyes scanned Kurt's body. He checked the time and stood to his feet, grabbing the taller teen close by the waist. "We've got time to kill before we sneak out tonight…"

"Not while my father is awake," Kurt laughed and pushed Blaine off of him, quietly leaving the room. "No way."

Blaine smirked as he followed him out of the room. As Kurt went down the steps, Blaine thought for a moment. "I promise I won't be too loud. I'll bite down on the pillow…"

"What're we talking about, boys?"

Kurt, who at this point was already used to Blaine's aunt Pamela popping in at completely inopportune times, only smiled at the woman as he reached the bottom step. "I'm just telling your stubborn nephew no."

Blaine rolled his eyes at the blond woman and went into the living room to say goodnight to his uncle. Pam laughed, folding her arms across her chest.

"Yeah, if you say so Kurt. Have a goodnight, fellas."

Kurt ignored the wink as the beautiful woman retreated up the stairs, though he sing-songed a 'goodnight' back. Don put his glasses on correctly after his nephew slapped them off of his face.

"Get out of here you rugrat. Goodnight, Kurt. See you in the morning?"

Kurt giggled at his boyfriend's immature behavior. "Sure thing, Donnie. Goodnight."

"Let's go," Blaine picked Kurt up and pulled the door closed with his foot behind them. He laughed at the ridiculous squeal that he got in response, spinning around with Kurt in his arms as they left the Kinsella residence.

"You can put me down now," the boy said with a smile; clutching Blaine's shoulders as always.

Blaine let Kurt slide down his body but didn't let go; his arms tight around the boy's waist as they backtracked to the Hummel home. "You're very sexy."

Kurt smiled, kissing Blaine as he slid the boy's arms from around his waist. "I love you. Race you upstairs?"

Blaine scoffed as Kurt pulled away and began to skip towards his front door. "I'm going to lose on purpose so that I can admire dat ass. Work it, boo."

Kurt laughed, rolling his eyes as he unlocked the door and walked in. He could hear some rummaging in the basement and figured his father was messing around down there or in the garage. Blaine snuck up behind him and kissed his neck.

"So how are we going to do this? I'm sure you're much more experienced at doing stupid things like sneaking out and going to parties."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Don't pretend to be an angel. I'm pretty sure you snuck out to hang with me before we were together."

"Because you were really cute and annoying. We went over this," Kurt turned around and pecked his boyfriend on the cheek. "I'll be right back."

Blaine stepped out of his sneakers and nodded. "Tell him my head hurts or something."

"Then he'll check in on us, I'm sure of it," Kurt turned back when he reached the basement door. "Don't worry, just go upstairs."

"What happens if I'm naked when you get upstairs?"

Kurt rolled his eyes and jogged down into the basement. He could hear his boyfriend huff and couldn't hide the smile from his face. It was the moments like these where it dawned on him that he was going to be with the King of Over Exaggeration for the rest of his life.

He didn't mind one bit.

"You made it before your curfew?" Burt lifted his head from under the hood of his car. "I'm shocked. I was expecting Mikey or Justin to call with some lame excuse."

Kurt smiled and walked over to his father. "Well I'm here," he took a seat on his new motorcycle and watched the man for a moment. "We're going to turn in early. Probably just, you know… watch a couple movies or something. You're free to join us if you want."

Burt smirked and looked at his son. "You know the last thing Blaine wants is me interrupting you two's time. I can hear the grumbling already."

Kurt smiled. "The offer still stands."

"Thanks," Burt fixed his cap and looked back beneath the hood. "I'm going to have to pass though. I'm about to head upstairs myself. A quick shower and then I'm out like a light. It was a long Sunday."

Kurt looked down at his bike and nodded. "That's true."

Burt cleared his throat and went back to working. "You know… whatever you two do in there… in your room. I don't want to hear it. We clear?"

Kurt closed his eyes and a breath he didn't know was being held slipped. This wasn't happening. "What?"

"I know you both are sexually active…"


"And I'm not even going to pretend I'm doing something grand with the whole 'leave the door open' thing. I know you're teenaged boys and regardless of what I say," Burt kept talking as Kurt hung his head. "You're just going to do it anyway. Just… I need sleep tonight."

"Oh my god—"

"So, yeah."

Kurt ran a hand through his hair before standing up. "My um, my motorcycle lessons are when again?"

Burt looked up and dried his hands on a rag. "Friday afternoon. You're off then, yes?"

Kurt nodded. "Yes. Goodnight dad."

"Love you, kiddo," Burt smiled to himself before continuing what he was working on. It was fun being Burt Hummel.


From David Thompson:

You boys have an hour. Tell Kurt to start getting dressed now.

Blaine smirked at the text as he listened to one of Kurt's radio stations on Pandora. Howie Day was singing his acoustic version of Collide and the rider found himself humming along. The door opened before Kurt was closing it behind himself and locking it; his cheeks blushed red.

Both of Blaine's eyebrows went up as he smiled. "What's eating you? Unfortunately the answer isn't me…"

Kurt pulled off his tie and began to unbutton his dress shirt. "Your father-in-law and his sex talks are literally the worst thing."

Blaine laughed softly and gestured for his boyfriend to join him in bed. "Tell me what happened. I'm sure it isn't as bad as you're making it out to be, and I'm the dramatic one."

"You are," Kurt lay down next to him and kissed his earlobe. "We can go at it as long as we don't wake him… or prevent him from getting to sleep in the first place. I'm paraphrasing."

Blaine deadpanned at Kurt before looking back down at his cell phone. "There's no way you got the clear to have sex with me in here. No freaking way. I'm calling bullshit."

Kurt shrugged. "I'm just telling you what he said."

"He said," Blaine licked his lips and sat up, trying to understand this. "That as long as we don't make a lot of noise, we can screw each other when he's here? Nope. I don't believe you."

Kurt shrugged once more. "Works for me. I wanted to finish reading my book anyway."

Blaine gave him a face before turning away. "Hm."

It was quiet, and Kurt grabbed his Kindle with a smile on his face. He counted backwards from five in his head and right on cue, Blaine spoke.

"So what you're saying is," the boy pulled his t-shirt off and had a tank top on underneath. "You and I can have sex right now and that'd be perfectly fine. He'd be cool?"

"Yup, as long as we keep quiet," Kurt found where he left off in the story. "But that would be weird of course. My dad knowing we're probably messing around behind closed doors. Plus, we're supposed to be sneaking out in an hour. Also, I'm not in the mood. Also neither of us can keep quiet when we're close to orgasm, especially you."

Blaine waited for a moment before responding. It had taken quite some time to wrap his mind around everything he'd heard. On the one hand, he really wanted to mess around right now. He'd been wanting to all day, really. On the other hand, it wasn't cool messing around when your boyfriend's dad was well aware that's what was going on. Half the thrill was in sneaking around to begin with. "David said to start getting ready now."

Kurt looked up from the words he was reading and smiled. "No way. My dad isn't even in bed yet. Tell them to sit tight with Nick and Jeff or something."

Blaine nodded, sending a reply before putting his phone on the charger. He lay down again and rested his head on Kurt's chest.

"If Cooper gets on my nerves too much, can I move in with you?"

Kurt smiled, running his hands through Blaine's hair before going to the next page. "I don't think that hypothetical will ever come true so don't worry about it, honey."

Blaine closed his eyes. "If you say so."

Both of the teens could hear footsteps walking past the door and after a moment, the bathroom door closed. When the shower turned on, Kurt took a deep breath.

"Well. We're almost there."

Blaine looked up at Kurt and smiled. "So let's say we do get caught… how mad would you actually be?"

Kurt thought for a moment and smiled. "As long as we don't end up dead or in prison, I think I'll be ok. I know we'll have a good time with the boys above everything else."

Blaine nodded. "True. And you know I'll do everything in my power to keep us safe."

Kurt nodded. "And vice versa."

"For sure," Blaine sat up now and started to kiss Kurt's neck. He licked over his Adam's apple and Kurt smiled as he tried to focus on what he was reading, biting his lip as Blaine continued.

"You know that's my spot..."

"I know," Blaine placed a soft kiss over his boyfriend's collarbone. "You taste amazing. You should let me blow you while you read."

"Mm," Kurt smiled, pushing him away. "Or, I let you blow me when we get to the foam party. And if you're a good boy you can ride me too."

Blaine couldn't stop the smile that was on his lips a second later. "Is that so?"

"I wouldn't lie to you," Kurt looked back down at the kindle after a flirty glance. "You can pick out my outfit for tonight if you'd like."

Blaine bit his lip and looked away, thinking about the new swim trunks he loved seeing Kurt in and one of the loose fitting tank tops as well. "I can do that."


"Fuck. Marry. Kiss."

Jeff nodded. "Ok. Shoot."

David noticed a light turn off in the Hummel residence and opened his text messaging app. The crew was parked across the street trying to be as inconspicuous as they possibly could.

"Jennifer Lawrence. Dylan O'Brien. Peter Sutton."

"Ew," Nick laughed at the last choice Justin gave. Jeff rolled his eyes.

To Kurt:

Your dad just turned the light out in his room. I guess you can give it another 10 minutes or so?

"Easy. I'd fuck Dylan O'Brien. Marry Jennifer Lawrence, and kiss Peter."

Nick made a face. "You wouldn't come anywhere near me after that. I'm pretty sure he messed around with Farrah."

"They're all hypotheticals anyway," Jeff told him. "Fuck. Marry. Kiss: Lorde, Blaine, and Rachel."

Justin made a face as David smirked.

"You guys are all idiots."

"Oh, they're coming out," Nick sat up and looked out the window. "Here goes nothing…"

David started up Nick's Hummer as Kurt and Blaine jogged across the street. The two slid into the back row of seats as always and Jeff greeted them.

"Didn't your dad just turn the lights out? We could've waited another few minutes…"

"No, it's cool," Blaine undid the top button of his Abercrombie Henley. "We were killing time downstairs in the living room anyway."

Kurt nodded and looked up at his house, taking a deep breath. "Let's get out of here now. Like now."

Justin smiled and David pulled out of his parking spot. "Someone's scared."

"Not even," Kurt placed his hand on Blaine's thigh and sighed. "Just a little anxious."

"Hey," Jeff turned around. "It'll all be better when we get some liquor in you."

Kurt rolled his eyes at the thought as Blaine started playing with the ring on his finger. "We'll see about that."

"Since we're on the next block now, can we turn the radio back on, captain?"

David nodded. "Yeah, yeah. Do what you want."

Justin grinned and turned volume back up. "Sing along time!"

Blaine rolled his eyes as the blonde in the front seat started to sing rather obnoxiously. Kurt grinned into Blaine's neck, placing his head on the boy's shoulder and listening to his friend's heartfelt solo.

"I'm hot
You're cold
You go around
Like you know
Who I am
But yoooouuuu don't
You've got me on my toes

I'm slipping into the lava
And I'm tryin' to keep from going under
Baby, who turned the temperature hotter?
'Cause I'm burning up, burning up
For you baby!"

"Ok turn the radio off."


By the time the group got to Laguna Beach, it was close to 1 in the morning. There were actually more people there than David had anticipated, but it wasn't too bad. While Kurt wasn't one for large crowds, especially when he was already feeling anxious about having snuck out with his friends and Blaine in the first place, his boyfriend helped him feel comfortable enough to push the bad feeling he had to the back of his mind.

David parked on the sand behind a group of sports cars. He recognized one of them as Shane's and another as one of the kid's he went to high school with. Justin observed the scene as well and saw a few of their high school friends. While in most situations he wanted to avoid the guys he graduated JFK High School with, now it was a different story. Sure, their friends were idiots and rarely stayed out of trouble, but Justin figured if he was around them, he'd be less likely to notice all of the scantily clad women playing in the foam around him. It was for the best when you had a girl you practically begged to be in a relationship with you living across the country, and he was determined not to screw that up. So with Kurt and Blaine probably going to sneak off somewhere and Nick and Jeff probably going to mingle with their Pace friends, his only option was spend time with David and their old buddies.

"I see that Premium is here," Jeff said as he stretched out; David turning off the engine. "And I see a few Pace heads here."

"And JFK heads as well," Blaine rolled his eyes as he took his arm from around Kurt so that the two of them could exit the vehicle. "This is going to be fun."

Justin closed the passenger side door and turned to look at a few girls playing in the foam. Nick walked up beside him.

"We brought sleeping bags and alcohol of course… Where do you guys want to set up?"

"Wow. My ex is here."

All of the guys turned to David; Kurt raising an eyebrow as he closed the door behind him.

"Here we go," Blaine said with a smile. "It's the same thing every time with you two."

David sighed and shook his head. "Not tonight."

"So... should we get settled in somewhere or what?" Nick motioned over to the alcohol and Jeff ran his fingers through his hair.

"We may as well. I want to introduce Kurt and Blaine to our classmates before we're all too drunk to know what's going on," Jeff went to the back of the car to get the things and Nick followed to help. Kurt noticed Justin and David walk over to a group of jock-looking guys and say hello; the boys all passing them beers.

Blaine wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and smiled at the new song the DJ put on. "Want to rent a surfboard? You never ever let me teach you."

"Well now isn't the time… I mean there's foam and music and dancing to be done," Kurt laughed into the kisses and leant back as he continued. "And you know how Jose feels about you surfing at night."

"I don't give a crap about what José thinks," Blaine said with a laugh, trailing kisses down to Kurt's neck. His boyfriend chuckled and allowed himself to be led off when their fingers intertwined.

"Well I guess later on that's an option if we stay sober… you heard Jeff and Nick are introducing us to people. Then we can dance, make out a little and afterwards I promise we can go in the ocean even though it's really stupid and dangerous like you."

"And sexy."

"Uh huh."

Blaine smiled. "Alright. I'll go get a couple Cokes. Stay put."

Kurt slid his hands down over the back of his swim trunks. He smiled as Blaine sauntered away and looked up, watching Nick slam the back of his Hummer closed and Jeff carrying a cooler and his slippers in hand.

"Blaine went to get us something non-alcoholic."

Nick smiled. "Boooo. But whatever floats your boat. We're just going to lay the beach towels and sleeping bags down and we'll be right back."

Jeff nodded as he struggled with the cooler. "Don't get lost," he shouted over the music. "There's a lot of people here."

Kurt waved them off before hopping up on top of the Hummer. He nodded his head to the music and watched everyone having a good time; the beach ball being thrown around a group of guys and girls even playing touch football in a closed off area- slippery from the soap but not letting it kill their fun. He smiled to himself and wondered who here was from Pace and if he'd have classes with any of them. He wondered if he'd make friends with them easily, and not because he was dating Blaine or because he was friends with Nick and Jeff but because they liked him for who he was; Broadway buff and fashion enthusiast Kurt Hummel. The boy shrugged and leant back on the hood of the vehicle, starting to shimmy a little as the music played loudly. Time would tell. Now he just needed to have a good time.

You know the words to my songs
No habla inglés
Our conversations ain't long
But you know what is

I know what the girl them want,
London to Taiwan
I got lipstick stamps on my passport
I think I need a new one

"You look lonely."

Kurt looked up and smiled when he noticed who it was. "Liam? Hey… what are you doing here?"

The man smiled and moved the beer bottle away from his lips; eyes locked on Kurt's. "Well, elderly 20 year old guys like myself like to have fun at parties too. I just didn't expect to see so many high school kids here."

Kurt folded his arms, feigning offense. "Now, now, let's not pretend that I'm a fetus or that you weren't at parties when you were 17. I'm just here trying to have a good time like everyone else," the blue eyed boy said with a smile.

"When I was 17, I had already landed a substantial amount of roles," he smiled rather smugly and Kurt listened to him resume. "I have every intention of getting you the same recognition this school year, Kurt Hummel."

Kurt smiled, feeling a blush on his cheeks from the way the guy looked at him. He was sure it was done on purpose, and maybe Blaine did have reason to get as angry as he did a couple weeks back. "Um. Thank you for that."

Liam grinned. "So are you all by yourself?"

"Blaine is here. And so are our friends."

"Oh," Liam nodded, glancing around. "That makes sense. I think I'm so tipsy that I forgot you had a boyfriend."

Kurt nodded, humming lightly. "Well, no offense, but I'd rather not hang out with the guy who's going to be my TA this year. It'll be awkward come class time so…"

"So you're making me leave?" Liam moved a little closer and leant against the Hummer. His blue eyes twinkled as he looked up at Kurt, pushing back his chocolaty brown hair. Kurt looked up for Blaine and didn't see him, sighing. "I don't think it'll be awkward. I know the students have lives outside of school… It isn't a big deal."

"Well I'm sure you're the coolest TA Pace has to offer but yes, you should go," Liam started to dance a bit as he took another sip and Kurt laughed, rolling his eyes. "Go find your friends.

Blaine pushed his way through a few people, smiling at one of the people who said hello to him as he focused on making his way back to the truck. It took him forever to find a partygoer who hadn't spiked their drinks with something or another and made a mental note to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages next time. Just in case they decided they didn't want to get shit faced.

As Blaine spotted the Hummer, he noticed right away that Kurt was seated atop it smiling at whatever that douche Liam Myerson was saying. The teen took a deep breath, carrying the sodas in his hand over to where the two were.

"Hey, maybe I can get a dance tonight? From you…" Liam stopped swaying and took another drink from his bottle. "You're in the dance class that I TA for and I just want to know if you're in good form…"

Kurt stopped smirking at the latter part and raised an eyebrow curiously. "You know my schedule?"

Liam smiled. "I may've seen it."

"Do I have any classes with Blaine?" Kurt asked, wondering if the 20 year old actually knew what he was talking about in his inebriated state.

"Uh, yeah," Liam nodded. "A few here and there—"


Liam turned around and the smile dropped from his face when he saw Blaine standing there. "Oh, Anderson. Hey man, what's up?"

Kurt smiled when he saw his boyfriend glaring at the TA. "Sprite? I guess it'll do…"

Blaine ignored him and looked at Liam. "Is it a good idea to be drunk around students you're supposed to positively influence, Liam?"

"I didn't expect half of the student body to be here tonight, kid," he laughed a little and fixed his hair again. His persona screamed prima donna though Blaine felt a little intimidated by him. He couldn't put his finger on it just yet. It probably had something to do with how Kurt always smiled and blushed when he was around him but there was something else, too…

"You can go find your friends now, Liam," Kurt hopped down off the truck and pulled Blaine closer by his wrist. "I'm going to kiss my boyfriend now."

Liam smirked and nodded, glancing at the two of them before focusing on Blaine. "Sure thing. You two have a good night."

Blaine felt Kurt wrap his arms around his neck and finally looked away from the older man. "You do the same."

A few seconds later and Kurt finally felt his boyfriend start to relax. He smiled at him and leant in, their noses touching.

"Did you miss me?"

Blaine nodded. "Why was he over here?"

Kurt kissed him softly and pulled back a little. "He's a bit drunk at the moment so who knows. Don't worry."

Blaine looked him in the eyes. "If he's making advances, you need to let me know now so that I can put an end to it now."

Kurt smiled, moving back in and kissing Blaine along the jaw line. He felt strong hands move down to his hip as the rider continued. "I'm serious, baby."

"I know," Kurt kissed just below his boyfriend's ear before whispering there. "He saw me over here by myself and had a little liquid courage," Kurt kissed the shell of his ear, "so came over to run his mouth a bit. He probably won't even remember seeing us here when he wakes up tomorrow. So," Blaine closed his eyes and tried not to moan when Kurt played in hair at the nape of his neck and sucked on his skin. "How about we focus on more important things like you and I, and having a good time?"

"Yeah," Blaine pressed his boyfriend into the truck and grinded forward a bit. "We can go find Nick and Jeff if you want."

Kurt smiled and nodded, allowing Blaine to kiss his lips. When the elder pulled away and removed his shirt, Kurt did the same, throwing it over his shoulders. They were left in their swim trunks- Kurt's baby blue H&M ones that showed off enough thigh to make Jeff get hit upside the head for commenting earlier and Blaine's white with pink Ralph Lauren symbols.

Blaine reached for his cell phone and checked messages as they walked, rolling his eyes at one from Cooper. Kurt sung along to the Beyoncé song playing as he led the way; noticing how people stopped and stared but not doing anything to react. When they were by David and Justin, he was introduced to their old friends and Blaine said what's up to the guys he used to hang out with, as well as Shane who walked over a minute afterwards. Justin laughed at Blaine's face when they saw the guy who was with him.

"Anderson! Welcome to Pace," Hunter smiled and slapped him on the shoulder. "It'll be good seeing you more often… and you, Kurt Hummel," the taller teen stepped in front of the both of them and Shane laughed with Justin at his antics. "I heard on the Pace tumblr blog that in your audition you showed your vocal range and played off your partner really well. I just want you to know that I don't take well to competition."

"I'm sorry," Kurt looked at the teen as if he'd lost his mind. "And you are?"

"Hunter Clarington, of course," he smirked. "Of Premium and you may have heard that I'm the lead male vocalist at Pace. I'm sure you know of my reputation."

Blaine rolled his eyes. "Hunter, meet Kurt. Kurt, this is Hunter. Can we walk away now?"

Kurt smiled as Hunter looked at him. "I'm just trying to get to know the guy I'll be spending so much time with." Hunter said.

"We're walking away," Blaine took Kurt's hand and walked quicker than usual as he tried to escape the group. David shook his head with a smile.

Hunter put his hands in his pockets. "They'll be fun to have around in senior year."


The first hour or so consisted of Nick and Jeff making their rounds with Kurt and Blaine, trying to get them familiar with their new classmates. It turned out that it was easier said than done. Most of the people they met were so drunk or high that they couldn't tell Kurt what their major was when he asked. Also, Blaine looked more and more disinterested as time went on. It made Kurt wonder how he was going to do well at Pace when he was this bored at a fucking foam party.

Eventually, Nick and Jeff wandered off to do their own thing and started dancing. Kurt finished drinking his soda as he noticed the same group from earlier staring at him again.

"Those are kids from my old school. Ignore them," Blaine looked down to Kurt's chest and licked his lips. "Listen, it's already after 1 and I was thinking we could just go back to the sleeping bags and kiss…"

Kurt smiled and shrugged, walking towards where the foam machines were going off. "Don't you want to play, first? C'mere."

Blaine bit his lip into a smile and slowly followed. "I really want to be alone."

"One foamy dance and we can do whatever you want."

Blaine nodded. He watched Kurt turn and walk away and then disappear into a group of people who were all covered in foam. Blaine licked his lips and sighed, hurrying to follow after him before they were separated.

It was a wet, soapy mess. Blaine didn't know what he expected exactly, but after a few girls screaming and shouting Miley Cyrus lyrics into his ears as one drunkenly ran a generous amount of foam through his curls latched on to him, he decided that Kurt owed him a million kisses. He unwrapped her arms from his shoulders and pushed through the group, wiping foam from his chest when he felt strong hands grab him and turn him around.

Kurt smiled as he pulled him close and their lips met less than a second later. Blaine moaned into it, moving closer and parting his lips as Kurt's tongue slid between his more domineering than usual.

I'm dancing
To the sound
Of my words in the crowd
Too high to come down
So let me see your hands in the air,
Let me see your hands in the air
Let me see your hands in the air

Blaine gasped as Kurt bit his lower lip and ghosted his hands over the boys swim trunks. Kurt went back to deepening the kiss again; their eyes closed as people around them danced and sang along, hands up and foam getting on everyone. Blaine thrust forward as he squeezed Kurt's ass, moaning loud enough for Kurt to know exactly what he was doing to him. And just like that, Kurt was pulling away.

Only to turn around in his arms—his bare back pressed flatly against Blaine's bare chest. Blaine bit down on his own lip this time and buried his face in Kurt's neck, sighing as the boy rubbed his ass against his crotch.

"Shit… baby," Blaine's hands were full of foam as he slid them down Kurt's chest and sides, eventually moving them over the bulge in the taller teen's trunks.

"Yes?" Kurt wrapped his arms around Blaine's neck as he grinded back to the beat of the song, steadily teasing him. "Should I stop?"

"You better fucking not," Blaine stroked him and moaned again into the boy's neck, loving the way he pushed back harder. "And don't forget you promised that I could ride you…"

Kurt bit his lip as he started to dance a bit quicker; Blaine opening his eyes for a moment before they rolled back in his head. "I did, didn't I? Mm…"

Blaine started to kiss the crook of his neck and his nails dug into Kurt's thighs. "You did."

I've been drinking, I've been drinking
I get filthy when that liquor get into me
I've been thinking, I've been thinking
Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na
Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na

Kurt smiled, moving Blaine's hands away from his cock and linking their fingers together. Blaine moaned as he moved forward, working his hips. When he looked up, he caught eyes with Liam and saw the man smirk and look away. Kurt felt Blaine's fingers tighten around his and stopped moving, turning around and blowing a bit of foam off Blaine's cheek.

"Don't tell me you came…"

Blaine looked at him and shook his head. "I didn't cum, Kurt. Are you going to stop teasing and fuck me or what?"

You got me faded, faded, faded
Baby, I want you, na na
Can't keep your eyes off my fatty
Daddy, I want you, na na
Drunk in love, I want you

Kurt thought about pushing it but only nodded, his dick thinking harder than his brain apparently. "Depending on how well you suck me, we'll see."

Blaine smirked, grabbing his hand and pulling him through the crowd. He shook off the feeling from earlier when he saw Liam and focused on getting across the sand to their things. Kurt had been feeling frisky along the way and they stopped to make out twice before Blaine's back finally hit one of the sleeping bags.

"You sure you want to do it here?" Blaine bit his lip as Kurt straddled him and reached into the cooler for a Mike's Hard Lemonade. He watched the boy's blue eyes darken a little before he took a sip. Blaine ran his hands down his thighs as he awaited an answer.

"I do," Kurt licked his lips after swallowing and grinded his ass slowly over Blaine's hard on. "Unless you don't want to? Either way I'm going to try my best to change your mind…"

"No, I do," Blaine sat up and Kurt smiled as he leaned in, eagerly kissing him. They were far enough away from the partiers save for one couple that was a few yards off. "I really do, please…"

Kurt nodded and kissed him once more before rolling away. He took another drink and handed the bottle to Blaine who took a sip, finding the alcohol in it stronger than he expected. Kurt undid the drawstrings of his swim trunks and stroked over his cock as he watched Blaine finish the drink off. "You can be a huge cock slut when you want to be," he smirked as Blaine licked his lips. "If I tap you a few times it means someone is coming."

Blaine tossed the bottle and pulled one of Kurt's legs towards him, getting on his knees between Kurt's thighs and pulling at the clothing he wore. "I'm not gonna stop so don't bother. Let them enjoy it."

Kurt smiled and lay back, propped up on a few beach towels. He watched as Blaine put his cock in his mouth and let his eyes drift closed.


"Why are you so quiet?" Justin nudged his best friend in the shoulder and saw the boy tiredly look up at him. "If you're thinking about your ex this hard, maybe you should just go talk to her. It's not like you aren't going to end up together again anyway…"

David shook his head and looked away. "This isn't even about Maya. I don't mean to be a downer," he took another drink from his bottle and leant back a bit. "I don't know."

Justin looked up at Hunter with Nick and Jeff, the three of them running their mouths about something or another. Probably Pace related, or BMX related. He turned to his friend and observed him. "You know if you want, you can talk to me. I may not be the best with advice but I'm a good listener."

David smiled, rubbing a hand down his face. "I guess this is out of character for me. I'm usually a loud and horny drunk."

Justin smiled. "You've had two beers over the span of a couple hours. Not that big a deal. What's up, though?"

"I'm just thinking about how different it'll be in a year, I guess," the elder told him. "I mean this is how I'm going to remember all of us being together, you know? Kurt and Blaine off screwing each other and then popping back up and acting as if nothing happened. You here by my side," he smiled. "Nick and Jeff off being goofballs until they get drunk enough to do something they'll more than likely forget."

Justin nodded. "We always have a good time."

"But a year from now, where will we be?"

Justin turned to look at him once more. The DJ put on an upbeat dance track and Hunter grabbed a girl, making her dance with him. David smiled at the face she gave him before Justin spoke. "We'll still be friends, of course…" he didn't want to think of it any other way. He couldn't even imagine it any other way.

"Well," David shrugged. "I'm here for the next four years for college. The boys all graduate high school in May and I'm pretty sure they're all heading east for college. You? I assume you'll still be traveling but I don't know where Quinn will go…"

When Justin realized where his friend was going with this, he shook his head. "No matter where I end up or the guys end up, we're all going to be a team. We're best friends. You gotta know that?"

David smiled that charming smile of his and rubbed at the nape of his neck. He nodded. "I know. I just… I guess being here and seeing everyone, and knowing how much this is going to change… I don't know, Justin. We're growing up and we'll be finding other interests. In other places. Nick has a child for goodness sake. I'm going to miss being a kid I guess."

Justin nodded. He could understand that much. "I do live with you. Don't forget that. And even though I'll be on tour, once it's done I'll be coming right back home to you."

Jeff made a sound as he sat down next to them. "So are you two getting together now as well? Who would've thought that Legacy would end up dating each other?"

David laughed as Justin rolled his eyes. "Shut up, loser. What's up?"

"Well," Jeff sighed. "I'm all foamed up but I can't go over to our towels and things because Kurt said to wait until he texts us that it's ok. So here I am, just waiting."

David smirked. "They're a mess."

Justin took another drink as Jeff nodded. "Pretty much. What're you two on about?"

"Just enjoying… this," David looked around the beach and smiled. "We're just enjoying our youth while it lasts."


"If you make me cum before the ten minute mark I will never, ever, ever forgive you," Kurt's nails dug into his boyfriend's hips as his eyes shot open. "Holy fuck!"

Blaine's hands were on Kurt's chest as he struggled to catch his breath. "N-Now you know… how I feel… shit."

Kurt's eyes closed as the boy on top of him slowly sunk lower. Blaine was so tight around him that he didn't think he'd last very long if at all. When he started to grind his hips, Kurt tried holding Blaine in place but his boyfriend wasn't having it.

"I told you to stop doing that thing with your tongue while you were blowing me because I knew this would happen," Kurt's toes curled and he gasped, trying to ward off his orgasm. "Blaine, slowly…"

Blaine scratched down Kurt's chest as he smiled, slowing his movements. It was fun being in control even though he was bottoming. Every time Kurt had fucked him before, he without a doubt had his ass handed to him. Now, Kurt was squirming and trying everything to hold on. "It's great knowing that all I have to do is bounce maybe three times and you'll be screaming out my name. The roles have definitely been reversed, huh?"

Kurt went to laugh but Blaine moved and he moaned, digging into his thighs. "Fuck, please…"

Blaine leant down, cupping his boyfriend's face before he kissed his lips softly. "What're you begging for?"

Kurt shook his head, thrusting up hard until Blaine bit his lip. "S-Shit, I don't even know…"

Blaine smiled as Kurt started to slowly rock his hips. He spread his legs more and licked his lips as Kurt started to make contact with his prostate, moaning softly to himself.

"I… I can't," Kurt opened his eyes and looked at his boyfriend on top of him; the boy's muscles clenching every time he hit his spot and the face Blaine made as result, the way his name was written over his chest and how his eyes rolled back when he moaned… all of it was more than Kurt could handle. "I'm so close, sexy."

Blaine nodded, taking Kurt's hands and putting them on his waist. "Fuck me. Cum for me."

Kurt cursed as he threw his head back for a moment, thrusting up hard. Blaine took it amazingly and stared at Kurt's lips as he bounced on top of him. Every time Kurt's cock stroked his prostate, his voice got louder and louder. Thank goodness there was music blasting.

Blaine felt Kurt's entire body go stiff as the boy's legs shook, and he gasped, almost falling forward. As Kurt tensed, he rose and fell twice more before the boy's pink lips were parting and he was coming inside of him. Blaine watched him fall apart and licked his own lips, slowly riding him as he climaxed.

"You… look so beautiful, Kurt."

Kurt's fingers made their way down Blaine's thighs as the boy continued to move on top of him. "Fuck… baby. Oh my god."

Blaine smiled and leaned down to kiss him. He heard Kurt whine as he pulled off and the boy focused on sliding his tongue into Blaine's mouth as his hands kneaded the flesh of his ass.

"Let me take care of you…"

Blaine nodded, about to go in for another kiss when Kurt pulled back. He thought about chasing his lips but was rolled over and turned onto his stomach. At this point, he was lying on Nick's sleeping back and Blaine made it a point to buy his best friend a new one.

"Ass in the air, baby."

Blaine smiled to himself and lifted his ass up as he looked around the party. His fingers clutched at the beach towels and his toes curled a second later when Kurt's tongue was inside of him, no doubt tasting cum as he kissed his way around the rim. "Fuck, Hummel."

Kurt smiled and buried his face deeper, eating him out. He could hear someone drunkenly stumble by as they shouted 'BEST PARTY EVER' and he could also hear Blaine moaning an agreement as he tried not to laugh, reaching between the rider's thighs and stroking him long and hard.

"Oh… yes," Blaine pushed his ass back and groaned when Kurt's hand slowly stroked him. "Don't stop—yes…"

Kurt sped up his movements; his tongue flicking in and out of Blaine's hole before slipping in as deep as he could manage, his fist jerking off Blaine in ways that made the boy shake as he moaned encouraging words into the air. All of this had gone on for some time, and every moment that it seemed like Blaine was about to climax, Kurt would slow down or stop completely. And when he felt himself getting hard again, he pulled away with a squeeze to his boyfriend's ass.

"Kurt…" Blaine's face dropped into the fabric before he turned around. "What're you doing to me?"

Kurt giggled softly and started to lube himself up again. "Don't worry, baby. I got you."

Blaine smiled and faced forward again.

Cause I could be the rain in your desert sky,
I could be the fire in your darkest night,
I could be your curse or your angel,
It's all in how you love me.

I could be your sun when it's cold outside,
I could be your rock when there's nowhere to hide,
I could be your curse or your angel,
It's all in how you love me.

Kurt's eyes rolled back as his palms lay flat on Blaine's back. He pushed in slowly until he was balls deep and let go of the breath he was holding; trailing his hands up his boyfriend's damp back and curling his fingers into damp curls. Blaine bit his lip when his hair was pulled roughly and shouted when Kurt plunged inside of him; hitting his spot so perfectly and head on that he was sure he was seeing stars. He felt full as Kurt started to move in and out, trying to push himself deeper every time. Blaine's cock stood hard between his legs and though he wanted to touch himself, or to be touched, the only thing he could really focus on was the way he was being fucked and the words Kurt was saying above him.

"I love that I'm the only one that gets to be inside you," Kurt slid one hand down his boyfriend's side and palmed his ass as the other stayed laced in his curls. "I love that I'm the only one who can make love to you and watch you take it so beautifully."

"God," Blaine felt his body starting to tremble as he pulled at the sleeping bags, trying to stay on all fours. "Kurt…"

"And I adore how you say my name," Kurt looked down at Blaine's ass as it slid back, slapping against his hip bones, "like it's your favorite song…"

Blaine's entire body was hot. He furrowed his eyebrows as Kurt slammed into him. If he didn't come right now he thought for sure he'd pass out. Everything his boyfriend was saying and how perfectly he was handling him… it wasn't exactly love making but fuck if Kurt didn't know exactly what he needed and when he needed it. "Kurt… I…"

I don't need a second chance,
I need a friend,
Someone who's gon' stand by me right there till the end,
If you want the best of my heart, you've just gotta see the good in me.

Cause I could be the rain in your desert sky,
I could be the fire in your darkest night,
I could be your curse or your angel,
It's all in how you love me.

Kurt let go of Blaine's hair and pushed the boy's head down into the fabric, rubbing over his shoulders as he continued to move his hips. He felt himself getting closer again and it felt so good. It was too good for words.

He reached underneath them and started to play with Blaine's cock, slowly at first as he drew closer but then full on strokes to match his rhythm. Blaine was a mumbling, writhing mess and Kurt knew by the way he stuttered his name and how his hands grabbed at everything as he shook that his lover was close. He threw his head back and plunged forward four more times, coming a moment after Blaine had. They both moaned as they rode it out and Kurt continued to move in and out of Blaine after the teen had collapsed onto the sleeping bag.

For a couple minutes, Blaine had forgotten where he was. His eyes fluttered open and he looked up at the starry night sky. Kurt was next to him, half on the sleeping bags and half on the sand. He laughed shook his head as he tried to sit up.

"So can we go surfing?"

Kurt smiled. "If I could open my eyes, I'd one hundred percent roll them at you right now."


"So what're you going to order?"

Kurt scanned the menu as he fixed his shirt. "I guess I'll get that spinach omelet. With bacon."

Blaine picked his head up off the table after Nick kicked his leg. "Ouch."

"Tell the waiter what you want, man."

Kurt smiled and ordered for him. "He'll take a double cheeseburger and sweet potato fries."

The waiter nodded and took the groups' menus before walking away. Blaine put his head back down on the table and Jeff raised an eyebrow.

"What's wrong with B?"

Kurt shook his head and ran his hands through the boy's hair. "He's just tired."

"You worked him over, huh?" David winked.

"I'm glad we left as early as we did," Justin put his empty glass down on the table. "And that we didn't do any heavy drinking. The parents… at least those who care, won't suspect a thing."

David scratched at his head as Nick yawned. "It's good to see that we can enjoy ourselves with a little buzz. I just assumed I had to be trashed to have a good time around you people."

Jeff smirked. "Screw you too."

Kurt smiled as David shrugged next to him. "I want my hips pierced."

Blaine finally lifted his head from the table as the entire group of teens went quiet. They stared at Kurt and Nick's lips even parted a little.

"Well I guess that one of us got drunk after all…" Jeff mumbled.

"I'm not drunk," Kurt said with a smirk. "I just want my hips pierced. Is that such a bad thing?"

Blaine shook his head no and Justin laughed at the desire in his friend's eyes. David shrugged.

"I guess I just wonder why…that was out of left field."

"Obviously all of the adrenaline from sneaking out tonight is still rushing and he's on a let's continue to do stupid things high," David said clearly, glaring at the teen.

Kurt cleared his throat, resenting that. "What he said isn't true in the slightest. I… well in the past I thought about piercing my tongue but of course that'd affect my singing. And I want a tattoo but I'm afraid my dad will destroy me… and I was thinking he can't really get angry at hip piercings, right? Just a stud or two on each side… I mean why not?"

"I agree," Blaine licked his lips. Nick rolled his eyes at his friend and smiled at Kurt.

"So what… do you wanna go now? After we eat?"

Kurt looked from Nick who spoke, to Blaine who seemed very intrigued. "Why not… you guys will come with, right?"

"I always did want a tattoo," Jeff said with a smile. "We can go to the shop a town over, they're open 24 hours."

"And what about when we get home after your parents are awake?"

Kurt looked at David. Blaine thought for a while.

"We can say we all went out early to come to Layla's…. We are at Layla's and technically we did leave really… really early."

Jeff smiled. "We're terrible children."

"I say we do it," Kurt high fived his boyfriend who agreed. "We're all about to start new chapters in our lives," he turned to David and Justin and smiled. "Why not begin with a new 'us'?"

Blaine put his arm around Kurt's seat and his other hand in the middle of the table. The guys all reached into the center and stacked their hands on top of one another's. "No pussying out now."

Jeff nodded. "I'm totally getting a pin-up girl holding a skateboard tattoo!"

Nick rolled his eyes. His friends were dummies.


One Week Later

Sunday night, 8:53 PM

"So tell us your schedule! Are you excited?"

Kurt spoke back softly to the screen as he nodded. "I'm pretty damn excited. Well mostly just to get out of the house… and to see Blaine on a regular basis again. This is really ridiculous."

Mercedes smiled next to Rachel as the girl laughed. "Well you wanted to be a bad ass and go out partying and piercing yourself. I'm not sure what you expected, Kurt."

Kurt nodded. Burt had threatened to ground him until Christmas but luckily, he only had one more week left until he was free.

Well, one week and two days. The extra two days were added on because Blaine got caught sneaking out of the house one night. Kurt said to go out of the garage door but no, Blaine had to be that one guy who thought sitcom escape routes were the way to go and sneak out of the window.

They both got a stern talking to from Burt Hummel.

It sucked because there was no Mikey, no Blaine, no hanging out with Legacy, and no motorcycle lessons that Kurt was supposed to start that past Friday. There was only going to work and maybe seeing Blaine if Don wasn't around.

It felt like the '90s. Kurt was stuck talking to his boyfriend solely on the phone for maybe an hour every night, if that. Eventually, Burt walked in the room and confiscated his cell phone, and laptop, and Kindle, and anything else that could be used to contact the outside world. Kurt was surprised his dad hadn't taken the cable box, too.

In a weird way, it felt good to actually do something stupid with his friends and get in trouble for once. He was so used to being vanilla that even Burt seemed proud he had to punish his teenager.

But they probably wouldn't be sneaking out to parties again anytime soon.


"What can I say? We wanted to have some fun together before life kicked back into gear and we did have fun. Even if Nick's mom called my father to tell on us, it was worth it."

Mercedes shook her head. "Parents."

"Tell me about it."

"So, the schedule…" Rachel reminded him. Kurt nodded and reached for it.

"Well, I have some pretty interesting classes to start of the semester. French will be easy to get through, and then of course there are the other basic core subjects like Math and English…"

Mercedes adjusted the laptop screen. "What are your fun classes?"

Kurt smiled. "I won't know how much fun they are until I'm there. This place seems pretty strict. But I am looking forward to Dance, Improvisation, Scene & Costume Design, and of course Chorus. I doubt it'll be anything like glee club but Blaine is in the band and he's drummer so I get to see him. Hopefully I'll actually get solos."

Rachel made a face. "Is that a stab at me?"

"Do you see any competition?" Mercedes ignored her and asked the next question.

Kurt smiled. "There's this guy Hunter who appears to be the alpha at Pace. He seems cool, though. In a very strange way."

"Is that the Hunter that Nick said has a cat at school?" Rachel questioned. Mercedes laughed until she realized she was serious.

Kurt only shrugged with a smile. "I heard the same but I won't believe it until I see it."

"What about Blaine's classes?" Rachel asked. "Do you guys see each other a lot? Maybe that'll help when you're on punishment which'll probably be often, Mr. Rebel."

Kurt smiled. "I see him during Math, Lunch, Chorus/Band, and Improv. Which is pretty good seeing as his major is different. But my concern is getting him to focus and do well so that we can go to Rome! It's freaking Rome. But he hates school."

Mercedes shook her head. "He hates normal school. This one will be different. He loves music and now you're there…"

Rachel nodded, playing with her pajama top.

Kurt looked at them through his computer screen. "I hope you're right."

After three knocks sounded on the door, Kurt sighed. He checked the time and knew it was his dad coming to get his electronics. The girls pouted a bit but waved goodnight.

"Tell us how your first day went!"

Kurt smiled and nodded. "I will try. Bye girls."

"Love you," Mercedes blew kisses, as did Rachel, and they disconnected from the Skype call. Burt stepped in and looked at his son.

"It's time."

Kurt rolled his eyes, though he smiled and nodded. "I know… can I…?"

"You have thirty seconds." Burt leant against the doorway and gave his son 'the' look. "Literally thirty seconds."

Kurt quickly grabbed his phone and dialed the number. His boyfriend answered on the second ring.

"Hey beautiful."

Kurt smiled as he gathered his laptop and Kindle. "Hey handsome. I just wanted to say goodnight and that I love you."

He could hear Blaine smiling, even though Burt scoffed from behind him. "I love you more, gorgeous. I'll pick you up first thing in the morning."

Kurt nodded. "Bye Blaine. Don't forget your violin… Leonard Riley won't be pleased."

"I'll remember it," Blaine blew a kiss. "Goodnight baby."

With a sigh, Kurt hung up the phone. He handed his things over to the elder Hummel and sat down on his bed. "Goodnight father."

Burt nodded and started to pull the door closed. "Do your face cream thing and get some rest. Big first day tomorrow."

Kurt nodded and lay back on the bed. He stared up at the ceiling and Burt closed the door.

"Big first day," Kurt repeated to himself.


Blaine smiled as he hung up the phone and sat back on his sofa. Jeff took a handful of popcorn as Cooper sat on the recliner.

"So does mom know you got your ears pierced?"

Blaine put his feet on the coffee table. "I doubt she'd care. They're my ears."

"Can you two shut up? The movie is getting good," Jeff slurped soda from his straw and Blaine grabbed some popcorn.

"Hm," Cooper stretched. "Well you both have school in the morning so maybe we should wrap it up."

Blaine looked at his older brother. "It's 9'oclock."

Cooper nodded. "I know what time it is…"

Jeff checked how much time was left. "We'll go to bed as soon as this movie is over, promise. One more hour."

Cooper looked at them. "So he's spending the night?"

Blaine lifted an eyebrow. "Is that a problem?"

"Well it is a school night—"

"I'm 17 years old, CJ. You're 8 years older than I am. You're not here to boss me around, ok?"

Jeff sat stiff as he looked away from the television to Cooper. The man only nodded and looked away.


Blaine sat back and looked at the screen. He knew later on, Jeff was going to tell him that he should apologize for snapping at his brother and some other bullshit to go along with it but he didn't care. Kurt was on punishment, Nick was on punishment, Justin was out of the freaking state and David was starting at college. Everything was changing and he hated that.

Blaine reached for his cell phone and stared at the picture on his lock screen. He smiled and kissed it before looking back up at the television. Regardless of how shitty he felt, it seemed like it had the potential to be a pretty good school year.

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