Life wasn't so good for Scootaloo. Her parents were dead, Rainbow dash was too busy training for the wonder bolts to spend time with her, she was flunking her exams and the other day she and the other cutie mark crusaders had a massive argument about their special talents!

"It's not fair!" the orange filly moaned. She gazed out of the cracked window in her room, staring at the world beyond the orphanage. "How come all these bad things keep happening to me? I must be the loneliest pony in all of Equestria." She placed her head on the glass pane as tears trickled down her cheeks. She suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine which made her jump. Her eyes started to wander to the left as though they were being attracted by something, her legs couldn't help but follow.

They took her to a mirror set in the corner of her room (it was practically the only piece of furniture that wasn't worn, cracked or shredded). It was a tall mirror; its frame was a blood red and on top hung a stone head of some sort of pony like creature. When she was a foal the mirror used to frighten her, she used to imagine that the head would stare at her with its stone cold eyes. No matter how much she tried to hide they would always see right through her.

"What are you staring at?" she demanded, staring into the mirror's empty eyes. The mirror did not reply as it never did. Scootaloo sighed as she shared sights with her reflection wishing it would talk back. In the reflection she saw a young orange filly, covered in dirt and dust with some patches of fur missing (they weren't too noticeable but they could be seen if she looked hard enough). Her mane was more shaggy than Rainbow's, it looked like if Discord started messing with it, dropped some gum into it and tried pulling the gum back out again!

She started to blink slowly as she was lost in her thoughts. Her mind passed through every emotion she had ever felt. Happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, despair, her mind rattled from side to side. She was losing it, she was hanging on to the edge of her sanity, feeling she was about to let go!

Suddenly she was caught back into the real world when she caught the smell of homemade cupcakes drifting through the window cracks and dancing around the room. Her head began to clear as the smell grew stronger as if she was being brainwashed by the fragrance and calmed herself down as she opened the window to get a better sniff. She was about to jump out to follow the smell when she remembered her deformed wings and realized what she was about to do. She shook her head and trotted towards the door, planting a smile on her flushed round face. She came across some of the other orphans as they played with small action figures, dolls and anything else they could find. Scootaloo didn't talk to the others as she didn't feel to connect with them very well but sometimes she would help some of the newer orphans if they were ever sad and that would always make her feel cheerful and warm inside.

A small unicorn with a black mane and grey coat walked up to Scootaloo, he was holding a daisy crown using his magic.

"Hello Rolo" Scootaloo greeted the grey colt.

The colt smiled at her with big round eyes that were as green as emeralds.

He levitated the crown onto her head as to say "thank you for helping me with my problem"

"You're welcome" she cheerfully replied "Keep remembering what I told you about handling that disability of yours"

The unicorn bounced off almost as enthusiastic as Pinkie Pie. Scootaloo suddenly remembered why she was going out, as quick as a flash she galloped to sugar cube corner to grab one of those marvellous muffins before they sold out.

When she arrived her eyes widened as she saw some pony she would never expect to see standing at the counter with a bag of rainbow cupcakes in his possession. Or should I say some Draconequus.