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One Uzumaki Naruto looked on at the crowd impassively. He always had been cold and logical; perhaps he was related to the Nara? No, he wasn't lazy enough to be from that particular clan. No matter, he would someday find out who his family was… and then he would slowly and painfully punish them for abandoning him. A sick, sinister grin came to the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, whiskered boy as he momentarily forgot his situation.

That was quickly remedied, however, by a shout of "KILL THE DEMON!" from the crowd.

'I can't get lost in my fantasies just yet.' He scolded himself as he glanced around the alley he was in. Naruto, who was merely seven and a second-year Academy student, noticed nothing that could aid him in his current situation. 'Well there is that… and all of them are dead except that one girl, so perhaps I can safely use my secret weapon?' Naruto thought absent-mindedly.

He mentally shook his head. 'As a second to last resort, if that doesn't work then I'll just have to rely on the fox.' Yes, young Uzumaki Naruto knew of his burden, how could he not? The cold-mannered blonde had always been smart, not the same level of genius as Uchiha Itachi… but perhaps on the IQ level of a Nara? Near enough, anyways. It was simple to deduce everything from gathering all the clues the civilians and shinobi spat at him, plus a little reading in the library, and he figured it out.

And then once he figured it out, it was but simplicity itself to enter his own mindscape after four hours of deep meditation and meet the fox itself. They had even struck a deal.

Naruto allows the fox access to his senses and a mental connection, and it allows Naruto access to its chakra and even unlocks his kekkai genkai for him. That was his secret weapon. And it wasn't even from his Uzumaki line, nor that of his great father. No, it was from his mother's side, but from an entirely different clan.

And he had had access to it for almost two years now, definitely long enough to master said bloodline in secret. And after he found the way to get inside the compound of his clan he had no trouble at all with gathering scrolls on how to properly master it. To master it through its many stages.

'I could always use it to its lesser extent now.' He thought with a grin and shrugged. Naruto closed his cerulean eyes and then opened them not a moment later to reveal a pair of blood red eyes with three tomoe that were rapidly spinning before they formed themselves into a red and black spiral not unlike the symbol of the Uzumaki clan. 'Mangekyō Sharingan' he thought in his head as he looked on at his many attackers.

"Tajū Tsukuyomi (Multiple Moon Reader)" He stated and all of the civilians fell underneath one of his Mangekyō abilities. This was the group version of the greatest genjutsu ever created. He could only use this version for twenty four hours, which was roughly a single second, before it went out though. That's all he needed. As soon as it was done, the blonde released his dōjutsu and quickly shunshined away, another skill he got from those Uchiha scrolls.

He knew that the Hokage was watching, but what could the old man say? Naruto didn't even touch one of them and his Sharingan were always under a seven-layered genjutsu to make them look like their original cerulean.

He was completely safe from all prying eyes and not one of those civilians would awaken without the aid of someone of Tsunade's caliber.

Yes… he was safe to continue to plot. To plan.

Naruto would one day have his way. That day would come…

The day he could have his vengeance.

Original Jutsu

Tajū Tsukuyomi Multiple Moon Reader): A wielder of the Mangekyō Sharingan will cast the Tsukuyomi on multiple targets simultaneously. This variation on the technique can only last for twenty-four hours before going out. The only known user is the creator of this technique, Uzumaki Naruto.

And that's Chapter End!

Just the prologue for an idea I have. I always did want to try out a NarutoxFem!Sasuke fic, and so I am. Expect bashing of Sakura, the Civilian Council, Konoha, and the Yondaime in this, but no Sasuki (Fem!Sasuke) bashing will exist… well, maybe in the beginning.


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