Chapter II

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Naruto watched Enshin with some measure of amusement as he was busy setting up ninja wire around the Academy room. Sasuki sat next to him with curiosity in her onyx orbs. "What is he doing?" She questioned.

"Seeing how our sensei is very late, Enshin is setting up an elaborate prank to punish him. Based on all the information at my disposal, I already know who our sensei is, in all likelihood." Naruto smirked to himself as he felt Sasuki's intrigue raise. "Lesson number one, Sasuki-chan. When plotting revenge, ninjutsu or kekkai genkai are not your greatest weapons. Information is."

"When did you become the teacher?" Sasuki asked with a scowl.

"Ah, how unbecoming of me, Sasuki-sama. Would you like to teach me how to manipulate my surroundings? How to change one muscle on my face to give off an entirely separate expression? Advanced human psychology? Advanced Katon techniques? Genjutsu? Kenjutsu? Fuinjutsu? Taijutsu? Stealth? Should I go on?"

The Uchiha heiress huffed and crossed her arms. "Whatever."

"I do not mean to insult you, but I have been plotting from the shadows from the age of five. That was two and a half years before the event which triggered your need to become an avenger. Not to mention I have the distinct advantage of being ignored while every action you take is monitored by many individuals. I do not wish to become your sensei but... perhaps partner in crime? We can teach each other."

Sasuki was silent for a moment before she looked at her redheaded teammate. "Fine... we'll do it your way. As long as you help me to get the power to kill Itachi, I don't care." Naruto smirked.

"I'll get you that, and so much more, Sasuki-chan."

Suddenly, the door opened and Enshin immediately sat on Naruto's left, since Sasuki was on the right. As soon as it did, an eraser fell on the head of a masked Jounin with his headband covering one eye and gravity-defying, silver hair. As it did, it activated a ninja tripwire and on the other side of the class, a chair fell.

That chair knocked into a bokken, which triggered a kunai launcher and cut another wire to Kakashi's right. That wire caused a bucket of chum from the fish market mixed with chopped onions and liquefied manure to fall directly in Kakashi's hair. Kakashi's lone eye widened and he glared at the genin cell, possible genin cell. "Roof. Now."

"Whoops..." Enshin said with a sheepish grin.

"I think he might hate you now, Enshin." Naruto commented and stood, Sasuki following him, as they made their way to the door. "Let's go."

On the roof, they saw Kakashi standing with his back against the wall. The other three took positions and Kakashi, somehow with the filth of his hair gone, spoke. "First, why don't we introduce ourselves? Name, likes, dislikes, dreams and hobbies."

"Could you go first?" Enshin asked.

"I am Hatake Kakashi. My likes are many and my dislikes are few; my hobbies are... well, you're too young for that and I don't have any dreams at the moment."

All we learned was his name... Sasuki and Enshin thought at once.

"Hm... monkey-boy, you first."

"My name is Sarutobi Enshin. I like to train, hanging out with Naruto and sparring anyone. I dislike people who think kekkai genkai make a clan and anyone who underestimates me. My hobbies are training in bojutsu and ninjutsu as well as pranking people who deserve it." Kakashi glared. "And my dream... I hope to one day take both the mantle of clan head from my Uncle Asuma and Hokage from my jiji!"

"I am Uzumaki Naruto. My likes include learning new things and shogi. I dislike shinobi who needlessly show-off and hypocrites who preach about teamwork and abandon their allies. My hobbies are training in any of the shinobi arts and learning from those more experienced than myself. My dream... it is to find my family and punish those who kept us separate."

"Uchiha Sasuki. I don''t have many likes or dislikes. My dream is an ambition... I must kill a certain man." She was cold and cryptic.

Kakashi looked at his potential team. He had one calm yet compassionate Sarutobi- no surprise there- but the other two. His sensei's son and Obito's cousin... if not for the fact that he knew his EXACT lineage, he might say that Naruto was an Uchiha, with that cold attitude. Crazy, right?

Regardless, he felt a certain... obligation for both of them. He wasn't there for Naruto's childhood and Obito was his best friend, how could Kakashi not help one of the members of the Uchiha clan which his ex-teammate was part of?

"Well... tomorrow, meet at Training Ground 7 at 10 AM and I wouldn't eat breakfast if I were you." He said before disappearing in a cloud of smoke. The trio looked at one another.

"Well... I've got to head to the Compound." Enshin said. "Uncle Asuma promised to teach me some new stuff after I became genin. He should be done with his new genin squad by now. See you guys tomorrow." Enshin then disappeared in a swirl of leaves.

Sasuki looked at her fellow Uchiha (even if she didn't know it) questioningly. "We need to train as well. I have no doubt that you are strong, but I wish to see your exact level so I know what I can teach you."

"Alright... we'll go to the Uchiha Compound. It is protected by privacy seals no one can look into." Naruto nodded and placed a hand on Sasuki's shoulder before the two were gone in a swirl of fire, static and water intertwining in a vortex.

They reappeared in front of a pair of large gates set into a stone wall which encompassed the entire place. Naruto looked at it impassively as Sasuki placed one hand on the gate and channeled chakra causing the left gate to open enough for her to walk through. Naruto followed.

He heard the gate swing back and chuckled. "Uzumaki seals..."

"Uzumaki what?" Sasuki asked as she led him deeper inside.

"The Uzumaki clan were known for their immense prowess in fuinjutsu, Sasuki-chan. It is also no secret that our mothers were in fact best friends. My mother's seals are likely all over this Compound to protect it from possible threats."

Sasuki walked on, silent in thought. Then... "Could you teach me?" She asked.

"Seals? Hm... that is my clan jutsu, Sasuki. I can't just give up my heritage for nothing." He smirked. "Plus, save your desire to learn them for later. We have something far more important to do now." He said the last as the two of them came to a large grassy field with training posts and targets on it. It was obvously a training ground.

Naruto turned to look at Sasuki before taking a few steps back, putting them ten feet apart. He smirked as he regarded her. "Begin." His cold voice spoke out.

Immediately, she was gone in a rush of speed that was close to low Chuunin speeds, speeds which seemed immensely slow to Naruto. When Sasuki finally got to his location, she launched a kick to his head.

Naruto lazily moved his head. He regarded her form and the way she moved intently with his Sharingan. She wore a blue shirt with the Uchiha crest on the back and a blue skirt which came to her knees but with slits on each side to allow ease of movement. Her black hair was set in a spiked ponytail behind her head with two bangs framing her ivory face. She used her flexibility to the limit in her style as well.

All this Naruto deduced in the half second it too for Sasuki to land on two feet and launch a punch right for his face. The Uzumaki simply tilted his head once more before grasping Sasuki's arm at the wrist and elbow and throwing her above him while flipping back and kicking her further back with his right foot. He landed on his right hand and quickly used a Kawarimi to escape Sasuki's thrown shuriken.

"You are slow." He said simply. Sasuki scowled in anger and performed quick hamdseals.

"Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu!" (Fire Release: Grand Fireball Technique) She announced while launching a medium-sized fireball at her opponent. Naruto held a single ram seal to get rid of the Henge he wore, surprising Sasuki, while drawing his first zanpakutou, which took the form of an o-katana with a hilt wrapped in silver bandages.

He channeled water chakra into the blade to create an aquatic shell around the sharp steel and slashed straight through the fireball's center. Sasuki's eyes widened as she saw this. "My turn..." he said before disappearing from her sight only for her to suddenly feel something hit her back and fly forward.

She landed on her front and stood, but saw that o-katana of Naruto's. She sloppily ducked under it only for his other hand to hit her in the form of a fist that sent her skyward. The boy then grabbed her right leg in hand and threw her back behind him as he sheathed his sword and shot a ball of water from his mouth directly at her without seals or words.

As soon as it hit her, she was seen to be replaced by a log and Naruto unsheathed his second blade, another katana of the same length, and deflected the shuriken sent at him from his fellow Uchiha using the blades he had practiced long and hard to use ambidexterously. Sasuki dove at him from atop one of the training posts with a kunai in either hand, but was surprised as Naruto's new blade, it looked to be the other's twin except it had gold bandages around the hilt, simply cut through both before the Uzumaki sheathed his blades and grabbbed her arm in the space of a hal second.

He spun her before tossing her upward and disappearing in a burst of speed and giving her an ax kick to the back. She landed in a crater formed from the force and couldn't move.

"High genin speeds, sealless and wordless Kawarimi, one C-rank Katon jutsu, decent accuracy, use of surprise and environment. I say you're easily C-rank right now. Itachi would destroy you." Narto coldly pointed out. "Your hatred is not strong enough."

Sasuki groaned in pain as she shakily stood. "I hate him with my very being!"

"What would you give up to destroy him?"

"Everything! My soul! My life!"

"Your sanity? Your free will? Your freedom? Your pride?"

"All of it! Just help me destroy him." That was said calmly, Sasuki had contact with Naruto's violet eyes.

"Then I will help you, cousin."

"Cousin? The Sharingan!"

"Chōkūdō." (Void) He spoke coldly as his eyes became blood-red with a black spiral originating from his pupil not unlike his clan's symbol. Sasuki fell into a world of darkness.

She literally could see nothing except in shadows. She felt herself bound by chains against a wall with her arms above her head and legs together. Then... she heard a voice...

Foolish little sister, you'll never beat me.

It was Itachi! Sasuki growled and strained against the chains. "Let me out so I can kill him!"

"They died, all because you weren't strong enough." The voice came from everywhere.


"No wonder Tou-san hated you."

"That's not true!"

"You are a disgrace to the Uchiha name... a mere stain on the proud clan. That's why I didn't kill you. You're not even worth worrying over."

Sasuki's eyes widened and she pulled harder on her chain. She sruggled even while her heart pounded and throbbed in immense emotional pain. She couldn't get out.

"No wonder Konoha controls you so easily."

Sasuki's eyes shut and she slumped in the chains. Another voice broke in. It was right in front of her. "You wish to destroy Itachi... first you must learn to control yourself. If I can tear down your walls this easily with little knowledge of his personality, what could the real Itachi do?"

Sasuki raised her head and saw Naruto in front of her, Mangekyou Sharingan spinning lazily. "Can you help me?" She asked. Her voice sounded empty...

"Only as much as you let me. Will you listen to my every wordand command?"

"If it gives me power..." She replied. Naruto nodded.

"This world is my own and lasts a day for each second outside, like Itachi's Tsukiyomi. The difference is that mine can last five seconds. I will train you for four and a half days in here and you will rest the other twelve hours before we return. I will then heal your body in the outside world and leave since we must go to training tomorrow. Understood?"

"Hai, sensei." She drawled emotionlessly. Naruto smirked. These next five days would be rather interesting.

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