The sun rose over Bricksburg. Like always, Lord Business was there to see it.

Logically, there was no reason to be there every morning. After all, everything was perfect - every brick was right where it belonged and every person was in their place. He'd made sure of that on Taco Tuesday. But there wasn't much to do in Octan Tower nowadays. Besides, he told himself, what was the point of perfection if he didn't take the time to appreciate it?

He took his time as he walked along the streets, passing by the smiling faces of the frozen citizens. The micromanagers had done their job well - every street was a perfect image of everyday life. He paid them only cursory attention, letting his feet lead the way - he'd seen all of these scenes before, and they never changed. He let his thoughts wander, until he found himself stopping, and realized just where his feet had taken him.

He'd walked to the construction site again. He couldn't seem to help it - no matter what path he took through the city, it seemed like he always ended up here in the end. He really should leave he thought, as he passed by construction workers frozen in the middle of their duties. There was no good reason for being here.

He stopped walking, and sighed. "Hello, Brickowski."

It was funny, in a way - what had once been the most unassuming person in the entire world was now probably the only person he cared to refer to by name. Emmet Brickowski, the man who'd once been known as the Special - but not anymore. He was just another smiling construction worker now.

"Nice day, isn't it?" he said, adjusting his tie. Business knew it was ridiculous, talking to someone who would never respond. "Bricksburg's never looked better." He didn't look at Emmet as he spoke - despite his efforts, he'd never been able to get his face looking right. It was something about the eyes - they always looked a little sad. "I've finally got everything where it belongs, now that no one's messing with my stuff."

The wind filled the silence between them, whistling through the scaffolding. Absentmindedly, he wondered what the former Special would have said, if he would've been angry at him. No, probably not - from the way he'd acted before he'd kragled him for good, he wasn't the kind to get angry. In a way, that was worse.

Business checked his watch, more out of habit than anything else. He didn't have anywhere to go, but he was starting to feel uncomfortable. He couldn't help but wonder if Emmet could actually hear him, even though that was impossible. Probably. "Well, uh… keep up the good work, Brickowski."

He waved, feeling foolish, and went on his way, humming the chorus of what had once been the most popular song in Bricksburg. As he did, he tried to ignore the feeling of being watched.