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Vegeta sat in the tree on the grassy park layout with a flat scowl pasted to his Sayain visage. He watched his family stumble about in compliance with everyone they knew and loved as the smell of cooking meat floated from the barbeque grill in the air around the gentle oaks and fields. Another anniversary, another year alive, another year on earth. How was it that Vegeta was subjecting himself to this type of living? He wasn't sure as he pulled on his red shirt with a navy blue stripe, looking down at it half way disgusted. Usually he would find himself grabbing armor, but as of late, he was wearing khaki's and polo shirts instead. But for some reason he felt at peace, there was no reason to worry about things anymore; but at the same time it gave Vegeta an unsettling feeling in the pit of his stomach. What was he saying? He loved to fight, and for the most part he use to go and look for them. Now and days he just waits instead, and when they come...well you know how it goes.


He turned to look down the tree at the half Sayain, Gohan. Gohan was waving at him with a ridiculous grin plastered across his face. Vegeta scoffed returning back to his normal position with his arms behind his head and legs crossed. He quickly closed his eyes as if he didn't hear Gohan relentlessly calling his name.

"Hey Vegeta! Come on! I know you hear me!"

"What's the prob Gohan?"

Goku walked over to his son with a red Hawaiian shirt and beige cargo shorts that looked fresh from the Crock Hunter's personal stash. Goku blinked a few times before he looked up with his son towards the tree tops.

"Nothing much dad, but I can't get Vegeta to come down here."

"Oh well have you tried asking him?"

"Well I'm trying to but he won't listen."

"Oh I see."

Goku cupped his hands around his mouth taking in a deep breathe.


Vegeta opened an eye slightly turning his head over to look down towards the two Sayains.

"I'm not hungry."

Gohan and Goku looked at each other puzzled. Those were foreign words to Sayains. They blinked with curiosity.

"Dad is that possible?"

"I don't know son, but it scares me half to death."

Goku chuckled sheepishly, rubbing his hand across the back of his head forcing Vegeta shake his own calmly with a scoff.


Goku floated up the trunk of the tree next to Vegeta. The Sayain prince rolled over putting his back to his rival in conformity with his mood. Goku tapped Vegeta on the back again.

"Hey seriously Vegeta come on down. You've been up here all day."

"Leave me be Kakarot, I'm not in the mood for your festivities."

"But they aren't just mine Vegeta, they're everybody's. Bulma, Chi-Chi, every one...we consider family. You're part of the family now too!"

Vegeta rolled over now looking squarely at Goku. He rose a curious eyebrow to the man whom was there in front of him. Family? What was he rambling about? Vegeta did not consider him family to a single degree, well not out loud anyway. Besides he was perfectly happy enjoying the spring breeze in the simple oak, rather than running around for no apparent reason. Goku frowned up slightly at Vegeta's silence.

"Okay Vegeta, I'll leave you alone."

Goku floated back down next to his son.

"Could you get him out dad?"

"No, Vegeta wants to be alone indefinitely, so I guess we should leave him be."

"But dad...Bulma won't be happy."

"What else is new?"

They chuckled to each other slightly walking away towards he picnic tables. Vegeta watched as they walked away with care free grins on their faces. Vegeta scrutinized his own offspring playing football with some of the others.

"Trunks my son...does it bother you that your father does not hold rank?"

Vegeta let out another sigh, before finally hopping out of the tree.


Bulma was all smiles as she tossed another large spare rib on the grill. She had become quite the cook with Vegeta and Trunks around always demanding food. She actually learned to love it, it was like her own personal work of art that would be devoured later. She got a joy out of hearing Trunks proclaim that her meals were masterful. Vegeta on the other hand would finish the food off, washing it down with his beer, and head towards the gravity room or the den to watch TV, often calling for Trunks to join him. She had gotten to the point where it didn't bother her as much. She knew he loved her and appreciated it, he just didn't know how to express himself. He did how ever tell her once, but that's another story for later.

"Videl hand me that pan would you?"

Videl searched around the table for the aluminum container.

"I don't see it?"

Chi-Chi seasoned more meat for Bulma while replying to Gohan's girl friend with a motherly tone and warm smile. "It's under the bench dear."

Videl gave a subtle gasp as she looked over at Chi-Chi with a nod. She quickly shot under the table, bending over to grab the pan from underneath only to pop back up with a red face. Someone had violated her personal space, mainly in the posterior area with all arrows pointing to Master Roshi. The old man stood there with the widest of grins, cackling in the style they all knew well.

"Good job sweetheart! Keep it up, hehehe."

And with that Videl promptly smacked him silly.

"Nice Shot Videl, you've been training haven't you?" Goku stated as he arrived just in time to see his former master plastered. He placed himself down on the benched seats of the picnic table. Videl smiled as Roshi got up rubbing his cheek.

"Goku, where's Vegeta?"

"In his tree still I guess."

Bulma looked up at Goku for a moment without saying a word. She was worried about Vegeta, it wasn't like him to be moping about. Isolate himself yes, but mope no....and she could feel it in her heart that he was doing just that. His depression was obvious mainly in the aspect that he didn't even train as much as he use too. If that wasn't a dead ringer than another time she could recall was.


Bulma shot up from her sleep with a sense of dread in her chest. For something felt wrong to her, something felt out of place; She looked over to her side in search of Vegeta, but he was gone. Only the sounds of thunder rumbling was in her presence. It was strange, but Vegeta never left her alone at night. It was then that she knew of his love, he'd wrap his arms around her and not let go. Even though he never said anything, and he'd scold her for squirming, he'd still hold her. It was those time she could feel the tender spirit he truly had hidden deep within. But he had left her this time, and it seemed as if he wasn't coming back. He hardly left her this long at night. And so she uneasily slid out of bed, stalking out the large bedroom into the hall, clutching her silk robe closed in hopes she'd see him. Thunder blasted again the instant she wondered into the kitchen in hopes he was down their fixing a snack. She wished he was in there drinking milk from the carton, so she could yell at him, mainly out of concern. Yelling seemed to be good for her spirit; yelling was her way of releasing her frustrations. She wasn't a fighter like everyone else...at least not in the physical sense. So she had to express herself someway right? Either way, she'd been peeking around for him everywhere, and he was no place to be found. She quickly turned at a bumping sound coming from the living room behind her. Bulma's heart jumped quickly at the sudden echo from the room just in the distance but quickly shook it off, slanting her eyes as if knowing it was Vegeta. And since it was him, Bulma was going to give it to him for her troubles.

"Vegeta you should have said....."

She stopped as she noticed it was nothing but one of her fathers pets playing on the floor. She blinked again with a hint of worry. Lightening flashed once more as she caught a glimpse of a figure in the backyard. She squinted hard, looking as to see what fool was out in a storm like this, and in her yard no-less. That fool was Vegeta! She opened her mouth as if going to yell to him, but stopped as she slid the glass door open. Something didn't feel right about it. He was standing there staring into the dark rain riddle sky in only his black boxer briefs. Bulma slowly stepped out into the rain rushing over next to him. She watched him as he stood like a statue. Bulma looked up as well, but there was nothing else in the sky but darkness.


She quickly looked back at him. He didn't change his position.

"If I were to die, would it matter to anyone but you and the boy?"

Bulma looked at him solemnly.

"Vegeta I..."

"Would it make a difference? I have done nothing of importance, and I hold none of my own...."

Bulma looked at him.

"Vegeta you're a Sayain Prince! That's saying allot isn't it!?"

Vegeta bowed his head in defeat. Bulma shuffled around quickly to his face as he responded.

"How can you be a prince of race that does not exist...?"

"Vegeta you use to be proud of your heritage. Every night you'd tell Trunks not to forget who he was, not to forget his people...."

"Stop it, there is no people any more! We have fallen! I have fallen! I use to believe that the Sayain race could still emerge and flourish as it once did....but it won't."

"Vegeta you must value it more than..."

Vegeta quickly shot his eyes back to Bulma with a harsh indifference glowing within him. It was as if he had snapped, growing tired of living in the large looming shadows of his own legend.

"Value? It has no value...I have no value anymore! I can't even call myself a savior...never once have I done something to save this world..."

Vegeta's eyes filled with an agitated passion. It was strange, almost as if he was about to cry out of sheer rage. Bulma reached up placing her hand to the side of his facial features before cupping his chin.

"Vegeta! You've done so much..."

"Have I!? Tell me what Bulma? I couldn't stop Frieza. I didn't beat Cell, and without Kakarot, Buu made me look like a joke! Where is the honor in that? What have I done that Kakarot could not accomplish on his own?"

She couldn't answer. Goku had done so much on his own, and most of the time it seemed like he would never need assistance. But that's not what she needed to say, that's not what he needed to hear. Her silence however was enough to force him to transform into a Super Sayain 2 in front of her. He looked at his hands, clutching them as the electricity ripped around them.

"This Bulma...this is what I have to show for my struggles and hardships...power yes, but it's still a few steps short."

His eyes quickly grew soft as he continued.

"What do you see in a failure Bulma...tell me?"

"You're not a failure Vegeta. I believe you can do anything."

"But you know I can't...why believe?"

Bulma wrapped her arms around him as he radiated with energy. And in one of those rare showings of affection he did the same, then promptly moved her away from him. He just looked at her.


"Hey Bulma you okay?"

She quickly snapped back at attention looking into the face of Yamcha. His glace was concerned as he placed a lone hand on her shoulder forcing Bulma to smile weakly in response to his apprehension.

"Yes Yamcha I'm fine. Now go ahead and fix a plate."

She closed the lid on the grill, cooking the meat that was still there all while placing the pan filled with barbequed red and white meat on the table. She backed away as the group began to talk and fix themselves something to eat. Bulma sighed.



She turned to see her husband behind her. He looked at her with the simplest of stares. She smiled falsely again as she shook her head.

"No nothing...I...I was just wondering where you were that's all."

"You lie, you knew where I was woman."

He walked past her with his hands in his pocket, he stopped only a few steps in front of her turning to look back at his mate.

"Bulma, do not concern yourself with me alright, it'll only cause you grief...."

Her eyes widened as he silently mumbled the last bit of his statement.

"...and that's the last thing I want for you."

He continued to pace towards the table in order to eat with the others.


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