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"I...I can't sense them?"

Trunks looked around vividly for the warrior pair...more so his father's specific energy signal. His eyes were stern as he turned back to the others. They were all doing much the same, curious as to where the two Sayains had ended up. They all began to assume quickly as to what may have happened. They fought Alexial...and more than likely died trying. It was a common trend amongst the battles they fought. Never had they fought an opponent without a sacrifice of some kind to obtain victory. From the invasion of the Sayains to Frieza. Cell to Buu...someone always died somewhere in between these battles, be it noble sacrifice or unjust execution. Someone always died. Bulma stood behind her son as he rapidly searched for his father. Her eyes filled with that same immense concern for the Sayain prince.

"Have you..."

"Didn't I just say I haven't yet!?"

Bulma spun him around smacking him clean across his chops to everyone's dismay. Her eyes narrow in aggravation.

"Watch that tone with me young man, I'm just as frustrated as you are, do not test me right now!!"

Trunks looked at her rubbing his red cheek peppered from his mothers hands. Trunks knew she was right, he didn't mean to snap at her. After all the whole thing was probably 10 times worse for her than for himself. His mother couldn't sense ki, so all she could do is wait on a report. And Trunks knew from personal experience that patients wasn't a strong suit of his half bred blood. He looked down at the blades of grass beneath his feet, shuffling his yellow boots slightly to the side before digging down deep within himself to speak.

"I know, I'm sorry's just that..."

"Daddy's okay Trunks...I know he is!!"

Bra's eyes gleamed with childish innocence as she looked up at her big brother. She wasn't aware of the fatal consequences of battles like these. Bra always thought it was a game, whenever she trained with Vegeta it was always play like, and be it his daughter or a 4 millennium aged goddess, it was all play right? Krillin followed up behind Bra, forcing a haughty laugh to emerge from deep within his gut.

"Yeah, you bet kid!!"

The others expressed a similar obligatory exhilaration, nodding with heavy eyes and weak grins. Chi-Chi took in a deep breathe attempting to stabilize herself. She wasn't sure how to feel, the fact that his fate is uncertain was a new feeling for her as well. She went through fluent hand motions, moving her lips as if giving herself a pep talk before shooting a glance over to everyone else.

"Do you think they're masking their powers?"

Terra shook her head rubbing her arm calmly before speaking in her normal cool voice.

"That's unlikely, they have no reason to hide with Alexial's energy signal gone...they have probably perished..."

"Don't say that!"

Trunks lowered his head shutting his eyelids tight. He balled his hands into fist, stretching his arms at his side. Terra gazed at him in a lifeless fashion, licking her chapped lips as if poising herself to continue on.

"I'm sorry if it hurts you, but dealing with the truth is..."

"My father and I may not have always seen eye to eye..." Goten cut in, speaking gruffly as he paced in-between his best friend and Terra.

"...but it's one thing he did teach us, and that's to never loose faith. It seems ridiculous to you, but we've all seen remarkable things happen when we allowed ourselves to have faith."

They all gave a proud nod, knowing the truth that was in the young half Sayain's words. Faith had always been their main weapon against the impossible. The miraculous miracles they had witnessed over their lives, all products of faith. Faith there was a way, faith in their in him. Goku was always victorious when they believed, and when he was with Vegeta...there was no way they could loose. But the realization of their missing signals was more than enough to slap a heavy dose of reasonable doubt into them, instilling the idea's that this was it, there was no wish to bring them back this time. They the 287 planes!? Pikkon perked up first shooting a hard gaze into the distance, the faint pulsing of their energy signals engulfing his senses along with the others. And without a second though Trunks lead the charge bolting into the distance to find the energy's source, to find the lacking powers that they had so desperately wanted to feel.


The familiar feel of warm sunlight beading off Vegeta's back was present as he laid there, not moving, not breathing...all was black to him despite resting in an open field 5 miles west of Satan City. The gentle wind forced the thick grass to roll ,reflecting a glorious glow, and there he laid. Just a corpse now...just a fallen warrior. And off to his right laid a similar warrior, beaten and bruised, pale and breathless. Their ears were death to the sizzling engines of the hover-plane coming to the location on which they lay, the trampling of grass from several soldiers upon which they knew and loved.. Motionless...breathless. Bulma could only leap from the passenger side and run to Vegeta falling by his head, cradling it's dead weight as tears kissed the Sayain's blanch face. She screamed shaking him, calling to him...but the words didn't reach, no sound seemed to reach. Trunks' booming voice, Bra's incisive screeching, Chi-Chi's grim moans, Goten's fought tears...all on death ears. Everyone's grief...not to be heard. It all was all on death ears as Bulma gave out a final vain cry to Vegeta, before looking down at him with a lightened expression, and tightly shut eyes......


It's been 12 years since the fall of Alexial...and I can only stare in this mirror combing my hair. So much took place then...on that day...and those events still weigh heavy on my mothers heart...I graduate from grad school in a month, all my hard work will be paid in full this time with a pair of fat degrees and a 4.0 GPA, but his grave is all that's there.

"Hey is waiting ya know."

Bra paced in with a glowing gracefulness becoming of the youthful beauty she was, as her hair swept back underneath the large sun hat from the breeze in Trunks' window. Trunks flipped the gray tie through the noose before tightening it up all the way to his neck. Bra sat him down in the chair pulling his shoulder length hair back into a ponytail, snapping a black hair tie in back around the clumped lock at the base of his neck. The purple haired warrior frowned up slightly as he looked at himself. The gray suit and black dress shirt he didn't mind. But the pony tail made him look just short of a mobster, however his mother hated when his hair was out and about, and visiting his grave was one of those occasion where Bulma wanted everyone dressed well....or at least to her rendition of well. Trunks stood up with a sigh putting on his shades before heading towards the door.

"Alright kiddo...lets break."

Bra nodded standing up before smoothing her sundress to her figure several times in the mirror. She hurried out as her older brother closed the door behind them. They walked down the hall before Goten peered his head out of the bathroom, with his toothbrush still lodged in his mouth.

"So you guys are gone huh?"

Trunks held a finger up to Goten halting the conversation before turning to Bra. He handed her the keys tilting his shades slightly.

"Go wait for me in the that. WAAIITT..."

She twirled the keys on her index finger, giving a sigh.

"What makes you think I want to drive your car anyway huh?"

Goten looked at her with a smile.

"Because it's one of those big hover SUV's that all the stars drive?"

Bra rolled her eyes before walking off with a mere scoff. Trunks looked back to his roommate.

"16 year olds, were we like that Goten?"

Goten shrugged before stepping back in the bathroom spitting in the sink.

"Probably...but hell that was close to 7 years ago..."

Trunks smiled before shaking the memories off.

"Anyway what's up?"

"Huh...oh yeah, so you're going there see him..."

Trunks looked around solemnly before returning the gaze back up to his roommate and best friend. The large penthouse apartment seemed to be quite. They both lost someone 11 years ago, and both remembered them well. Every happy and dark moment.

"I miss him sometimes ya know's not the same without him being around."

"Yeah I hear you...hey Amber called you. I think she wanted to make sure you didn't want her to come with you."

He smiled to himself. Out of all the girlfriends he'd had, she seemed to be the most caring. She was a different person after reviving from Alexial's defeat. She was more outgoing and less afraid of the dangers the world had to offer, and she loved Trunks dearly. Her savior...her everything. Maybe one day Trunks would tie himself down, possibly to her. But getting married and rushing into having a kid like Gohan and Videl wasn't his ideal of enjoying his twenty's. He was more like 17....except less whorish. None the less his mother would kill him if he were any later.

"I gotta run!"

"Yo Trunks!? Me and Marion are going to a movie later wanna go...?"

Trunks knew it was an offer to help pacify the pain that he might endeavor on this day, but Trunks had grown strong, and though he tended to be a tad bit more emotional at times, he knew he'd be fine on his own. With a proud smile he gave a quip remark.

"What is she your girl now!?"

"Spare Me Trunks..."

He turned to see Marion walking in the front door jarring her keys loose while juggling groceries. She walked over to the kitchen placing the items down flat on the counter with a smile. Marion didn't live there, but they gave her a key regardless. She was like their sister after all. All the kids in the "family" always stuck together with the exception of Gohan. He was married with an 12 year old daughter, had a job, and never was one to hangout too much anyway with Trunks and Goten when the pair reached teen status. He preferred being around Videl, Sharpner and Erasa. They didn't blame him, he was a good 10 years older than Trunks. But when put in those terms, Pan would hang when she could and Trunks was her senior by that same accord. But Pan had the mental maturity of a 17 year old so they would cut it down to a mere 6. Trunks tossed up the deuces walking out while slipping the shades back on his face. She yelled to him as he set foot out the door.


He ran back in kissing her on the cheek and then hustled back out. She smiled before unloading the stuff on the counter starting a conversation with Goten.


Trunks shifted down the steps of his building towards his vehicle just off set from the side walk. He tapped on the glass calling for his younger sister to open the door, she complied popping the automatic locks while shuffling through his CD's. He sat down adjusting his mirrors to suit his taste before strapping on his seat belt.

" we have to go?"

She looked up at her big brother with heavy eyes.

"Yeah, mom needs us. Besides we owe it to him don't we...?"

She nodded with a sigh.

"Your CD's suck Trunks...."

He smiled at her before turning the ignition and backing out the parking space.

"I know Bra..."


Bulma looked down at the grave carrying a bouquet of roses. It had been 12 years, and she'd been here every year. Despite the time lapse, age had been kind to her. She didn't look that much older than she did then, and for that she was thankful. The last thing she wanted was to start looking old when she still felt she had plenty of life left in her...but speaking of plenty of life. So did he...he had allot of time left at least so everyone thought. His passing was just proof of the fact that death was blind. She forced a smile.

"You weren't suppose to die you were suppose to live forever."

Bulma choked back a tear placing the flowers on top of the tomb.

"If only you could see Trunks and'd be so proud..."

She shut her eyes tight backing away as the tears began to flow.

"It'll be alright, he has a place in the heavens...."

She smiled turning to him with a happy smile walking to her husbands side. Vegeta looked down at the grave wrapping an arm around Bulma's waste as Trunks and Bra stood there next to him. It was hard for Bulma, she missed her father dearly. He was always so care free like Goku, but the cigarettes finally caught up to him, and cancer cut him down quickly. Upon reviewing his will, he didn't want to be wished back. His life was long and happy, that's all he could ask for. Vegeta looked over at Bulma.

"Woman...we should leave now."

Bulma nodded biting her lip looking back up to Vegeta.0

"I don't think I could have taken loosing you both in the same year...I'm glad you made it back Vegeta."

"For was I."

They all turned leaving Vegeta taking one last glimpse at the old man's grave. Vegeta was quite for a moment gazing hard.

"Old man, you had a spoiled shrew for a daughter...and I can't thank you enough for it..."

Vegeta gave a stern nod before bending down grabbing a rose from the bouquet placing it on the grave next to his.

"Rest in peace as well Ox King."

He turned with pure respect leaving the graves of the two men. Both dying one after another, ending long chapters in illustrious lives.


The park was lively at the reunion once more, the heavy scent of cooking meat and charcoal was looming through the trees of the wished back West City park. Tradition alive and well within the good hearted warriors, some more than others....


The proud Sayain prince looked down from the high branch at the half Sayain Gohan shaking his head and leaning to the side. Gohan adjust his black bifocals huffing out a big sigh as his father paced over to his side with the same carefree smile as always.

"Having trouble son?"

Gohan glanced over at his father with a familiar disappointed look.

"Don't I always?"

"Just leave him be Gohan, he'll be down when he's ready alright?"

Gohan scratched the side of his head before rubbing his chin several times as if he were feeling for growing stubble.

"Guess your right dad."

"Aren't I always?"

"No Kakarot you are not! What makes you think you know me like that huh?"

Vegeta hopped down out of the tree running a hand into the pockets of his khaki pants. His eyes narrowed to a razor sharp point before pacing over to the mighty Super Sayain pair, Goku backed slightly as Vegeta stood in his face with a heavy snare. Goku smirked darkly giving off a determined undaunted air to the Sayain Prince's brewing tirade.

"Well we've been through allot you know...?"

"Oh is that why you think that huh? I ought to ground you into coffee beans!!"

Gohan felt the pressure mounting slightly. They were both level 3's now, and a battle like that would send the park into flaming remains again. And the last thing he wanted was for another incident to break out.

"Hey now t...this isn't really the time you know!"

His stammering stopped when the two gave off amused chuckles at Gohan's reaction to what he now realized to be playful jawing. They were simply being Goku and Vegeta...nothing more. Gohan gave a sigh of relief before Goku slapped him on the back with hearty laugh.

"You should relax a little Gohan!"

Vegeta simply scoffed striving back towards the picnic tables where the others awaited.



Bra clutched her fist leaning over at a smirking Goten. The others could hardly contain themselves at the sight of the blushing Sayain beauty. Goten always had a way of pulling her whole deck when ever everyone was around, bringing up a very awkward incident that involved her, Goten, a cucumber, a locked door, and a Dirt Devil. They all knew what happened was just an anomalous coincidence...but Goten could be quite the clown when he wanted. Giving way to his light hearted nature to embarrass the cunning Bra. Goten grinned at her again raising an eyebrow.

"Oh come now Bra, it's alright to admit you passion for me!"

"I do not have feelings for an idiot like you! Besides I doubt you can afford me!"

She crossed her arms pouting in a style she learned from her assertive mother as they all laughed.

"I think that would be really cute wouldn't it? You and Goten!"

Bra looked over at Pan with a deadly glare. Pan shrugged it off not concerned with her good friends hissy fit. Marion smiled at her long time friend guzzling her lemonade.

"Oh calm down Bra, you know they're playing with you."

"Some matters are not meant to be toyed with." Terra added sitting down quietly next to Bra on the other end of the bench. Terra had quickly become a regular with the gang, they didn't have much of a choice really since 17 had begun trying to court the cat like warrior, and lately his efforts seemed to have been paying off more and more. But once you get past the rough exterior and cold speech, she was a good person. Bra gave a heavy nod to Goten whom looked at Trunks and Amber with a grin.

"Told ya....she's got it bad!"

"You no good...wait till I tell Michelle!"

"Tell her...we're only friends anyhow!"

Bra blinked in the blankest of fashions before glancing back over to Pan who gave a mischievous smile.

"You said..."

"I said they should be together, not are."

Bra sat down quietly as Goten gave a snipping V to his best friend's sister. Piccolo and the others could only give a slight laugh at the younger generation of fighters. The laughter was broken by the booming yell of Chi-Chi and Bulma by the grill.

"It's ready!"

They all got up snatching plates with a heavy hustle in their steps. They were not only hungry as hell, but trying to beat Buu to the meat. The pudgy pink monster was a pit more bottomless than any Sayain when it came to matters of food.


They all sat eating the bounty in front of them with kool-aid grins and laughter as memories of times past seemed to float around the table more so than ever. The most popular of which being what in the hell happened when Vegeta and Goku fought Alexial. The same story of the grand battles flowed from the two Sayains...well mainly Goku as they spoke of the grand melee in the voids of time.

"The worse part was being trapped in time, it was a horrible experience..."

"Well why didn't you just take the gloves off?" Bra said coolly as she cut in.

They all looked at a teenage Bra who only blinked with the brightest of eyes and the strongest sass of any of the Briefs clan. Vegeta looked over at his daughter with an open jaw.


"Well daddy, if the gloves forced you to remain trapped in that realm, then why didn't you just take them off and toss them to the side?"

"Because we would have been absorbed by time..." Goku stated with the humblest of voices he could muster, still trying to see Bra's logic.

"But Uncle Kakarot you already beat her, and if time went back to normal, you'd have been frozen for all of five minutes. Then bam, you like totally would not have had to deal with any of that soul searching BS."

The child was right, that would have been the most sufficient solution, and nobody even thought to try until...well now. She just smiled pilling more rice in her bowl before grabbing her chopsticks with a giggle.

"But it's cool daddy, you guys are here now ne!?"

The two full blooded Sayains only looked at each other with twitching eyebrows and sweat drops. Bulma chuckled to her self chopping a piece of fried beef in her mouth with her eating utensil as if to say "that's my girl". Goku rubbed a hand across the back of his head, sheepishly grinning to the best of his abilities.

"Guess your right Bra."

Vegeta scoffed again looking to Goku as the conversations began to start again. Goku and Vegeta only looked at each other for a short period seeming to block out the loud commotion stated up by Mr. Satan's grand "fight" with Buu. They all booed at him as he pointed to the group of friends and family.

"Ah how the hell would you know you weren't there!!"

Vegeta motioned to Goku with his head before calmly standing from the bench and pacing off. Goku wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, exiting in a similar fashion. The entire table had not noticed the missing pair that faded into obscurity due to the enjoyment of the conversation.

"Well let's just ask Goku and Vegeta then shall we! Hey Go...ku?"

Tein's statement was cut short as they all looked around not sure of there whereabouts.


The wind blew slightly on the gorgeous mountain range as Goku stood looking into it's majestic beauty dressed in his custom orange fighting ghee. The dust kicked up wildly as the scene was set there once again.

"Do you remember this place Vegeta?"

Goku turned to him allowing his hair to blow off set to the left, rustling heavily in the gusty mountain winds. Goku's stance was wide as he clutched his fist to his side. His elbows were slightly bent as they extended just short of his upper thighs. And just above him on a different toadstool of rocks stood the Sayain Prince, dressed with Alexia's gloves and self altered uniform grinning arrogantly as he wrapped his tail around his waist. His arms were crossed with a wide vertical based stance as he chuckled deeply.

"How could I forget Kakarot...this is how it started."

They stood in the highlands of the grand battle almost 20 years ago. And it was on that day Vegeta would take his first defeat. On that day they would set off a chain of events that would eventually lead them here again. And both of them were thankful as they stood in the fighting stances of so long ago. Goku bowed to him as if asking for a dance.

"Shall we commence your Highness?"

Vegeta slightly nodded his head in a gesture fit for a king as they both turned Super Sayain instantly attacking each other fiercely with the widest of grins. They were the last two Sayains of pure blood fighting for sheer pleasure, fueled by memories. It was a sparring match of grand proportions but this time the scales were even. For on that day 12 years ago they became equals. No more Goku over Vegeta, and no more Vegeta over Goku. The demons of the past that haunted Vegeta for so long had vanished into the night air. His self loathing, his insecurities....they vanished on that day. And with Alexial's defeat he gained more than just a simple victory over his foe, but over himself. Vegeta found his true worth, and you know what, it felt pretty damn good as they changed into level 3 status batting away each others attacks sending Goku streaking towards the setting sun. Vegeta smiled following after with a grunt, disappearing towards the sun's magnificent blaze in the style of true Sayains, locked in battle.


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