"I could give you a massage?" Jamie asked tentatively. The idea of touching Jack after all that had occurred already was a little unsettling. He didn't want to turn gay, and he was still feeling disappointed after the entire ordeal with Pippa. Jack flipped onto his stomach.

"Go for it," his muffled voice replied.

Jamie shifted towards the frost spirit on the bed, propping himself up to lean over the bare skin of Jack's back. What the fuck was he thinking offering a massage? After the events earlier that day this was just plain awkward. And Jack… sweet innocent Jack….


Jamie felt like the worst kind of person.

He hesitantly moved his hands to Jack, letting them fall on the soft skin gently. Jack's breath caught the minute Jamie touched his skin; oh Moon how he wanted Jamie to touch him more. His head was still spinning from his tumble earlier, and having the teenager touch him was making him feel even more lightheaded.

Jamie felt his own breath hitch as well; Jack's skin was smooth and chilly, like touching a piece of fine china. He gulped, his heart beating rapidly as he began to run his hands gently over Jack's back in a barely there caress that made the frost spirit gasp.

"Jamie…" Jack breathed out when he felt a pair of strong hands begin to knead his shoulders in soothing circular motions. He couldn't contain the soft moan that left his lips as Jamie loosened a knot of tense muscle in his shoulder that Jack hadn't known was there.

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you've been repressing yourself this week." Jamie said softly, his voice rough from the silence that had previously descended. Jack blushed and hid his face in the covers of Jamie's mattress. It was so embarrassing. He was unintentionally repressing himself because he couldn't masturbate with cold hands. And he kept messing around with Jamie. Fuck.

Jamie dragged the backs of his blunt fingernails down Jack's back lightly, making the guardian squirm and shiver with delight. His hands mapped out the vertebrae of Jack's spine with an almost loving touch; so slowly that Jack began to whine from a lack of sufficient contact.

"Why… does this feel so good?" Jack asked breathlessly as Jamie began to dig his fingertips into the soft skin of the guardian's lower back that made Jack gasp and squirm. He ghosted his hands over the frost spirit's lower back before moving down to the boy's legs. Jamie could not deny that Jack's squirming was beginning to make him feel a little bit breathless. The innocence in his movements was driving Jamie insane; did the guardian even know what he was doing to him?

Fuck. No.

He had just been on a date with Pippa. This was definitely not turning him on. Not a bit.

Jack arched into the bed like a cat as Jamie kneaded into the backs of his thighs, releasing a soft sigh of contentment before sinking back to rest on the bed.


Just for a second, being gay for Jack Frost didn't seem so bad. What with the boy being so close to him and not really even human; it surely wasn't the end of the world if they just fooled around a little more? Besides, he had Pippa and that still made him straight. Enjoying Jack's responsiveness wasn't gay… Anyone would find the guardian attractive when he arched his back like that. Even Claude had mentioned that Jack was cute one time. Of course he had meant it in an endearing way, but that was really beside the point.

And then there was the strange fluttery feeling he felt around the boy, as though all the weight of the world had been lifted off his shoulders. The awful date with Pippa seemed so long ago; his thoughts only consumed with concern for Jack and determination to make the boy feel better. And there might have been some selfish motivations involved as well…

A low moan from Jack suddenly brought Jamie out of the confines of his mind, finally looking down to see his own hands positioned dangerously close to Jack's ass. From his position over the frost spirit, Jamie could see the fluff of Jack's hair as he buried his face in the pillow below, clearly trying to contain his moans of pleasure. He couldn't help himself: Jamie squeezed the flesh just below Jack's ass and was rewarded with a whimper of pleasure. Fucking hell.

This was not supposed to turn so incredibly sexual, he thought to himself. High little gasps were falling from Jack's mouth, and Jamie was absolutely one hundred percent sure that it was the sexiest thing he had ever heard. It scared him to find himself in uncharted territory; suddenly overwhelmed by lust and self-hate and even worse: fear of rejection.

Jack was his friend and his guardian, and he could make ice shoot from his fingertips. He was simply not boyfriend material. Of course that was if Jamie could get over the gay thing: he liked tits! He had Pippa… He… Jack whined as Jamie paused his administrations.

No. He liked Jack. He liked the way the boy worried for his health and always wanted to play. He liked how wide his eyes had gotten the earlier when he had kissed him. He liked talking to Jack. He liked that someone wanted to listen to him. He liked watching Jack unravel on the bed beneath him and—

"Jamie?" Jack had managed to flip onto his back so that he could look up at the teenager with wide eyes. "Are you okay? Did I… I did something wrong, didn't I." Jack's head fell in resignation. No no no. This wasn't supposed to happen. Jamie was the one in the wrong, suddenly lusting after the characterization of winter. He had to fix this. Had to tell Jack… to tell Jack that he..

"Jack." Jamie said urgently. "Jack. Look at me." Jack peered through his bangs to look up at Jamie's handsome face. The teenager was blushing and fidgeting, but there was no unkindness or anger in his face as he stared at Jack intensely.

"Before I… Before I start this, I'm just gonna tell you I'm not gay." Jamie said slowly. Jack looked at him inquisitively. He was not expecting this. Just a second ago Jamie was massaging him and now… well. This was a surprise. Jack sat up.

"I- I… don't know much about romance," Jamie began again, "Or sex. Or anything really that has to do with relationships between humans… And I know I've really fucked up everything between us by kissing you and then rubbing myself all over you and just… yeah. Um." Jamie paused and took a deep breath. "The thing is, I'm really sorry… and I just…"

Here it was. The moment of truth. Time to tell Jack that he might have a crush on him. That he might be Jack-sexual. Jack's eyes were wide and hopeful. He just needed to say… say he was in lo—

And then… the confidence he had gathered earlier simply dissipated. Jamie fumbled.

"I just.. I need you- I mean...fuck. I need your help still… with Pippa."

It came out in a rush, and Jamie wished he could take back the words the minute he said them as he watched Jack's face fall in disappointment. Jack broke eye contact, looking down at his criss-crossed legs resignedly.

"Yeah. Sure." he said.

"I can still… I can still help you. You know. With the manly lessons… if you want." Jamie suggested sheepishly. God he had fucked up. He should have just told Jack that he liked him. Now the boy's stature was deflated and brimming with disappointment. Jack looked up at him.

"Well. I'm not sure if that'd be wise. I believe touching me would be considered "gay" by your standards at this point." Jack's voice was cold, stinging Jamie as his own words were thrown back at him like a whip to the face.

"Oh! Um. Yeah. Sure." Jamie said awkwardly. What could he possibly say to make this better at this point?

"Are you feeling okay now?" he asked Jack softly. The boy looked at him with wide surprised eyes and then nodded dismissively.

"Yeah. Totally good now. Just a little bump on my head. I don't suppose my sweatshirt is around…" Jack's eyes scanned the room before spotting the thing right beside him. He pulled it over his head, the bare flesh of his torso disappearing beneath the soft blue fabric. "Ah. Well. Should I go?" Jack asked in a stilted voice. Jamie looked anywhere but at Jack's face. He nodded.

"I guess. Um. Sorry about earlier. I mean— for hitting you. And… overstepping my boundaries." Jack regarded Jamie for a few lingering moments and then turned around to face the window.

It looked cold outside, not that Jack minded. His staff was resting in the corner of the room just waiting for him to pick it up and fly away into the wintry landscape. He took a step towards his staff and—

For the second time that night, a strong hand gripped his bicep and held him firmly in place, preventing him from leaving.

"Jamie—" And suddenly Jack was spun around to face Jamie with wide blue eyes. Jamie was panting harshly, having obviously moved quite quickly to catch Jack. His chest was still bare; his lower half covered only by the white towel that was now riding quite low on his narrow hips…

"Jack." Jamie panted harshly as he moved his hands to grip both of the frost spirit's shoulders tightly. "I…don't go… I…" Jamie was at a loss for words. What had he planned on saying? If he revealed what he was feeling Jack would despise him. Why couldn't Jack just read his mind, get this over and done with. Words made everything too hard to express—

"You what?" Jack snapped. Jamie sent him a pleading look.

"I need you to stay. I think I… I… you.. me… I like…" Jamie fumbled for words that wouldn't sound gay. Jack looked shocked and then… hopeful.

And suddenly, Jamie found himself with an armful of Jack Frost, their faces mere inches apart and their bodies pressed flush together.

And then Jack kissed him.

It was nothing like that night they had practiced on each other. Before it had been hot and needy, fast and desperate and primal. Instead this kiss was slow and tentative; suddenly every kiss before dulled in comparison to this one, this stuttering awkward kiss that somehow lit Jamie up— because it was from Jack for him. Not for practice. Not for an outlet for frustration. For Jamie.

And when Jack finally pulled away, Jamie whimpered at the loss— he didn't want this to end so soon, didn't want him to leave, didn't want to have to open his eyes and face the reality that he was probably most likely gay for Jack Frost. So he didn't.

He simply kept his eyes shut and waited. The silence that came was chilling, and for a second Jamie might have thought Jack had left if he hadn't felt the press of his freezing hands still on the naked skin of his neck.

"Jamie." Jack whispered nervously. Jamie refused to open his eyes.

"Jamie." Jack repeated more forcefully, as though the volume of his voice might will Jamie's eyelids open. Jack reached his hands to clasp Jamie's strong face gently, and then proceeded to try and pry his eyelids open with his thumbs. Jamie couldn't help the giggle that spilled forth in response to the frost spirit's childlike behavior. He slowly opened his eyes and was met with the sight of Jack's own bright ones staring back at his with mischief.

It was odd seeing Jack act playful again. The past few days Jack had been a nervous, neurotic mess; afraid to step a toe out of line and rock the boat. Jamie laughed.

However it was short lived as the memory of his spontaneous kiss came back to Jack soon after, his face filling with dread and shame— as though he had ruined everything.

"Jamie I'm sorry. I'm awful. I need to go!" Jack was frantic struggling to untangle himself from Jamie and get out of the room as fast as he could. But Jamie was having none of that. He crushed the boy back against his chest and tugged him in for another soul-sucking kiss that finally made the spirit relax in his arms.

Their lips moved frantically against one another's, aggressive and passionate— all the tension pouring into a hot clash of mouths that turned Jack into a boneless heap.

"Jamie," Jack gasped as he finally pulled away to catch a breath. The teenager ran hand roughly through the boy's hair whilst he nipped at Jack's jaw line, frantic, desperate for more more more.

Jack couldn't contain the moan that escaped him when Jamie sucked at the juncture between his neck and shoulder— the feeling was unbearable, his body hot all over as Jamie continued to ravish his neck with wet open-mouthed kisses that drove him crazy. After leaving a particularly nice red mark on Jack's neck, Jamie pulled away to admire his work.

Jack Frost looked completely and utterly debauched. His hair mussed, cheeks flushed and chest heaving with desire. His eyes were wide eyed with wonder and wild with desire— two looks that suited the frost spirit quite well(in Jamie's opinion). Jamie glanced at the boy's red kiss-bitten lips, and decided he could no longer stand staring at Jack because he needed to take.

He poured the force of his desire into another hot kiss that elicited a tiny whimper from Jack as he playfully coaxed the boy's mouth open with his tongue. The frost spirit tasted fresh, his mouth pliant under Jamie's as he explored it thoroughly, releasing soft moans whenever the teenager paused to tangle their tongues together.

And then suddenly Jack's hands were everywhere, running up the bare skin of Jamie's back and then across his shoulders and then threading through his auburn hair. He squeezed Jamie's arms tightly in his small porcelain hands, gasping as Jamie favored his neck once more over his mouth. He tilted his head to allow the teenager better access to his neck, crying out when Jamie took up his offer and peppered his neck with sharp little nips.

"Fuck." Jamie cursed in between kisses, "You are so…" Jamie yanked Jack up onto his hips from his position where he was standing, and the guardian gladly obliged in wrapping his legs around the teenager's waste tightly— all the while never breaking the kiss. Jack suddenly became dangerously aware of the towel wrapped around Jamie's hips that was threatening to fall off as Jack perched on him. A sharp thrust of hips against his own made it clear Jamie didn't seem to mind his own lack of clothing, and Jack released the teenager's lips to bury his face in his neck and just moan as Jamie's hips ground against his own.

"Jamie… it feels… so hot.." Jack cried into Jamie's shoulder, his arms clawing desperately at the teenagers back, scrabbling for purchase on anything he could hold onto to try and save himself from just drowning in the pleasure of it all. Jamie laughed as he walked the hot mess of a frost spirit over to his bed. He threw Jack onto the bed and wasted no time in climbing over him.

"This… this all.. all this stuff isn't for practice, right?" Jack's voice was quiet and sheepish. Jamie looked down at him incredulously before his face softened.

"It's not for practice," he assured him. And then he leaned down and stole a sweet kiss from the guardian. It was amazing how a single touch had such an effect on Jack—- Jamie soon found this out as he trailed a hand down the side of the boy's neck and received a violent full-body shiver. Jack's responses were so pure and honest Jamie couldn't help but feel hot and bothered himself. The innocence of it all lent to Jamie's confidence, and the sudden realization that he could guide Jack through it for the first time filled him with excitement.

Jack's eyes were squeezed shut when Jamie removed his sweatshirt slowly, revealing for the second time that evening the bare skin of the frost guardian's chest. Jamie inhaled sharply at the sight of the boy spread out before him. Right in that moment his thin chest seemed more attractive than any busty girl Jamie had ever seen, and it honestly surprised the teenager to not miss boobs at all. But this was Jack.

The minute the sweatshirt came off, time seemed to slow. Before, it had been a rush of emotion, pure instinct fueling their every move. Jamie was now becoming more and more aware of the position he was in— practically molesting Jack Frost on his bed. And boy did Jack Frost look like he was having a good time of it, if the tent in his canvas trousers was anything to go by. And then Jamie realized they had never gotten this far before. And he panicked.

What the hell was he supposed to do next?

Technically speaking, he was just as inept as Jack; a virgin without experience prior to a few days ago. Jamie pulled away from Jack abruptly and stared, wide eyed and nervous. Jack's eyes were still closed. He was waiting. Waiting for Jamie to do something.

One blue eye peered out from underneath a lid to scope the scene as if to ask, "Why is it taking so damn long?". Jack looked at Jamie. Jamie looked at Jack.

"I… what should I do next?" Jamie asked, exasperated. Jack blushed.

"How should I know? You're the porn expert. Besides I can't even masturbate properly." Jack looked at Jamie expectantly. The evening suddenly took a bitter turn, thoughts of the make-out session abandoned in favor of argumentation.

"Oh for the love of God! How many times do I have to tell you that all guys do it! There is no shame in it Jack. But you think you're so high and mighty cause you're a Guardian of Childhood— but I know! I thought maybe since we were… doing this stuff… not for practice anymore you would finally admit to it, but nooo. Gotta be above me all the time don't you!?" Jamie huffed and clambered off of Jack to pout at the edge of the bed.

"No… I seriously can't." Jack intoned again, raising himself onto his forearms to get a better look at Jamie's broad back. It was still damp from the shower, his half-dry hair contrasting sharply with the pale tan of his skin.

Jamie snorted, "Okay. Sure."

"I'll show you if you don't believe me." Jack said seriously. Jamie turned around at this.

"You're gonna show me… that you can't masturbate…?" Jamie asked skeptically. Jack gulped and nodded. It had been embarrassing enough earlier… but in front of Jamie? What had he been thinking by suggesting such a thing. But it was better than being a liar. Maybe Jamie might take pity on him…

Jack untied the strings at the waist of his trousers and pulled out his dick rather unceremoniously. Jamie jumped off the bed slightly, not expecting things to progress so quickly. Jack's face turned a furious shade of red when he realized that Jamie was openly staring at him. Jamie looked up at the guardian's face expectantly as if to say, "I'm waiting,". Jack took in a deep breath and looked Jamie straight in the eye as he began to pump his shaft with his right hand in steady strokes.

It was Jamie's turn to blush as Jack failed to break eye contact. It was so dirty… well that is until Jamie realized exactly what Jack meant by not being able to masturbate. Instead of coaxing his orgasm to completion, Jack's steady stroking seemed to have the opposite effect, his icy hands willing it away within a matter of minutes.

Jamie stared incredulously at Jack, not sure whether to comfort him, laugh at him or pounce him. Jack hung his head.

"See?" he said, "I tried earlier. While you were gone. I couldn't… it… just…" he looked up, his eyes watery with humiliation. Jamie's heart sank.

"No no no no shhh it's fine. It's not your fault," Jamie dragged Jack across the bed into his arms and held him, "I'm sorry. I should've just believed you. It's my fault for pushing you." Jamie tried to soothe the boy in his arms. Jack wrapped his arms around Jamie's neck, and their soft skins pressed against each other intimately— for a moment Jamie completely forgot about the embarrassing ordeal with the masturbating. Jamie decided it was the best feeling in world to have a half-naked Jack Frost in your arms. Jack definitely agreed based on his sigh of contentment into Jamie's neck.

They stayed like that for a few minutes, just holding each other and reveling in the warmth of another's bare skin against their own. When Jack shifted against him gently to find a more comfortable position, Jamie had a small revelation.

"Jack," he whispered into the frost spirit's hair. Jack pulled away so they were face to face.

"What?" he asked softly. Jamie pointed down in between them.

"You have a boner again," Jamie laughed, "I suppose we should figure out if it's possible to make you finish…" he trailed off, looking down a Jack; eyes dancing with mischief.

The frost spirit blushed a vivid shade of pink as Jamie's hands trailed from his hips to trace the skin above the edge of his trousers. His cock was still out of his pants, lying flush against his stomach and begging for attention from the male sitting across from him. He gasped as Jamie's hand came dangerously close to touching him, whining with disappointment as it drifted up his chest instead.

Jamie gently brushed his finger over one of Jack's pink nipples, resulting in a broken moan from the overwhelmed guardian.


"Jamie it feels weird…" Jack gasped as Jamie continued to roll the bud between sure fingers. Jamie knew girls liked this(porn told him so), but none of the girls in those videos had acted this desperate or this turned on. Jack squirmed under Jamie's insistent touches, not sure if he wanted to pull away from or lean into the touch.

"You like this?" Jamie breathed hotly into Jack's ear, and then took the lobe in his mouth and nipped and sucked it. Jack cried out wantonly, begging for nonsensical things as Jamie began to assault his neck once more, hands all the while tracing lower down the spirit's body.

"Yes! I can't… too good.. too much," Jack gasped at Jamie as the teenager's hands rans up and down his sides, exploring the smooth expanse of skin there. Jamie flipped Jack around in his lap so the boy's back pressed against his chest and resumed his previous attack on the sweet skin of the guardian's neck.

"Fuck." Jamie moaned as Jack squirmed in his lap, grinding down into his lap with a precision that surely must have been intentional. His hands clasped firmly on Jack's hips, holding him down as he ground up into the cleft of the frost spirit's ass cheeks.

"Jamie! Oh Moon, oh Moon, oh Moon," Jack groaned as he was undulated into by the male below him. It was too overwhelming, all these sensations at once, and Jack found himself harder than he'd ever been before, his cock twitching against his stomach and dripping with pearly liquid. Jamie seemed to notice this as well, and in a split second had grasped the guardian's shaft in a warm caress. The reaction from Jack was immediate; he all but sobbed at the warmth of the teenager's hand. It was so good, so much better than his cold hands, so much better than grinding against the mattress or Jamie's own erection.

Jamie tugged with firm strokes that had Jack absolutely writhing on top of him uncontrollably within a matter of seconds. God it was hot watching Jack just lose it like this; his hands clenching on Jamie's forearms, head tossed back to fall on Jamie's shoulder as he gasped and mewled at the overwhelming heat around his cock.

Jamie continued to grind up into Jack's ass, maintaining a consistent rhythm with his stroking that was turning Jack into a puddle of goo.

"So hot… Jamie I feel really—! I- I…" Jack moaned against the teenager as his lower abdomen tightened with an unfurling pleasure that made him feel lightheaded and all he could focus on was Jamie so good so good Jamie oh Moon so good.

Jamie moved under him in desperately seeking friction against Jack's rear and God it felt so good to just let go and press against Jack like he'd wanted to since they'd started all this.

"Jack… I'm gonna—" and Jamie was hit by a sudden and familiar wave of euphoria as his orgasm washed over him in pulsing waves. He collapsed afterwards, leaning his head onto the lithe back of the frost spirit as his right hand lazily stroked Jack to completion.

"That's it. Just let go.." Jamie soothed as he continued to pleasure the writhing boy. He came with a cry, throwing his head back in ecstasy at the overwhelmingly hot feeling of it all. He could feel Jamie's smirk pressed against his shoulder blades as he came down from his high; his shallow breathing becoming steady and his cock softening and his body relaxing completely in Jamie's arms. They could clean up later. For now, they could simply enjoy one another's presence.

"Jack… I like you. More than a friend kind of like," Jamie said plainly. All previous inhibitions out the window as they bathed in the afterglow of their activities.

"I know." said Jack.

"Fuck," Jamie cursed. Jack turned around in the boy's arms and looked at him inquisitively. Jamie's eyes were wide with terror.

"What am I going to tell Pippa?"

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