Short AN here. This happens after the exorcists have returned from retrieving the Ark. I hope you enjoy the story ^-^ This will be NeAllen and D. Gray-man does not belong to me! Happy reading!

Its all over...Allen thought horrifically. My life is destroyed...Allen dragged his body against the cold, brick wall. He coughed up a puddle of blood. Am I going to die? Does it even matter anymore? Allen looked down at his arm. The jewel that was once embedded into it was gone. It had been brutally removed from his hand. Blood was gushing everywhere, and it wasn't just from his hand. He turned into an alleyway and collapsed to his knees, coughing up blood. Coughing led to throwing up and, sooner than later, the world around him became fuzzy. I failed...

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Allen cursed under his breath. "Awe, are you not happy to see me, Shounen?" Allen looked up and glared at him. He was quite appalled by the blood that colored his mouth.

"Go...away..." Allen grumbled. Tyki smirked.

"What? And pass up this chance to destroy your Innocence that should've happened so long ago?" Allen bitterly laughed.

"You had your chance." He's acting strange...Tyki thought, his eyes traveling around his body. There were cuts, bruises, and gashes everywhere. His eyes landed on Allen's left hand, which had a hole drilled straight through his palm. He's got to be in some major pain right now. "Go...ahead..." Allen whispered.

"Hm?" Tyki hummed.

"Just end it already..." Allen coughed up more blood.

"Sorry, I can't end you just yet." Allen was silent, Tyki could tell he was waiting for him to kill him. "Why are you so persistent on dying?" Tyki asked.

"I's's gone..." Allen hoarsely muttered.

"What's gone?" Tyki asked even though he already knew the answer to that question.

"My Innocence." Allen whispered pitifully. Tyki snorted, he could always be talking about some other Innocence. "So what if you're not a virgin anymore, that really doesn't-"

"You idiot..." Allen scowled but Tyki could still see a blush appear on his flustered face. Hey, he was just trying to lighten the mood... "You know what I meant..." Tyki sighed.

"Life isn't all about being an exorcist, you know."

"What else life was as an exorcist and if I go back...they'll..." Allen shook his head, he couldn't even say it. He would be guaranteed an enemy for sure. He didn't have the Innocence to help out and he already had the Noah in him. He would be useless for help to them. The only reason they ever guaranteed him as a friend was because he had precious Innocence.

"Then don't go back. Live your life as you want it until Neah appears."

"Idiot. I wanted to be an exorcist! Please...just take it away...make it go away...please..." Allen pleaded regrettably.

"Begging for mercy now? I thought you had more dignity than that." Allen didn't answer and Tyki sighed. "As you wish." Allen closed his eye and relaxed. He felt a small pain to the back of his neck and blacked out.

"What did you do to my Allen-chan?!" That voice sure was familiar to him. Allen slowly opened his eyes and watched in slight amusement as Road bashed Tyki with a teddy bear. He looked at Tyki, puzzled, and Tyki looked back at him. Allen looked at Road as she turned around and quickly closed his eyes, hoping she didn't see them open. "Oh my poor Allen~!"

"You just care for Neah's wellbeing, don't you?" Tyki asked.

"I'm bored~!" Road changed the subject. Tyki rolled his eyes.

"Go play with Lero or something." He shooed her away.

"Okay~! But we're playing dress up later~!" Tyki groaned, causing Road to giggle and run out the door. She slammed it behind her. Tyki let out a long groan. Allen's thoughts drifted to the questions roaming around his mind. Where was he? Why was Tyki and Road here? Why did he feel so numb? What happened to cause him to be in bed? A large bed at that...where was he again?

"Where am I?" Allen winced at how pathetic he sounded. Tyki either didn't notice or pretended not to. Instead, he stuck to playing with a particularly curly lock of his hair.

"You're at the Millennium Manor." What is that? Allen's thoughts drifted back to the previous events before he woke up. The Akuma, the brick wall, the alley...Tyki.

"Why am I still alive?" Tyki sighed at Allen's serious question.

"Well I'm not exactly allowed to kill you. You are the shell for Neah after all." Tyki muttered.

"I I just have to wait until he takes over? And then just disappear? I wonder what will happen to my soul..." Allen wondered aloud.

"Shounen-" Tyki started, but Allen continued on his rant.

"Will I disappear into nothingness?"


"Will I go to heaven, or hell?" He wondered.

"Shounen!" Tyki snapped, trying to get Allen's attention.

"Maybe I'll just roam the earth listlessly..."

"Allen!" Allen looked over, hearing his name be called.

"Why did you need a living body for The 14th's memories? Maybe he'll just take over my soul. I wonder what will happen to me?" Tyki sighed. "Does the Earl know I'm here?" Tyki nodded. "Neah, huh?" Allen closed his eyes and messed with the hole in his left hand, which was covered by a bandage.


Allen heard a voice inside his head and opened his eyes, only to see that he was in a different room.

"Tyki? Where..." Allen looked around the pure white room and saw a mirror. " I?"

"You're in your mind." Allen deadpanned.

"Huh? My mind?" Allen looked around the white space and noticed a small pool of water. He walked over and looked inside. He was currently thinking about everyone at the Order. He saw his own memories floating around in small images in the pool. He looked around. "Where are you? Who are you, my conscience?"

"I could be." The voice chuckled.

"Where are you? Who are you?" Allen stood up from the small pool and walked over to the mirror. He looked inside to see it was a two way mirror and there was someone in it. It was definitely a Noah. He had tanned gray skin like the Noah's, not to mention the golden colored eyes. He had smooth black hair that reaches half past his ears. His smile was familiar to reminded him of Mana. Allen placed his hand on the mirror. "14th?" The Noah rolled his eyes.

"Neah. Call me Neah." Allen stared at Neah for a long time. He looked a lot like Mana except his hair was shorter and he was...well, a Noah. He also had a mischievous look in his eye. Allen sighed an placed his head on the unbreakable glass.

"'re the one who's going to take over me, huh?" Neah's smile turned upside down. "14th..." Allen whispered. "You can see everything and hear everything I think, huh?" Neah nodded. "I hate you."

"You and I both know that isn't true."

"You're wrong. That pool is deeper than it looks. Deep down, I really hate you." Neah frowned. Allen let the tears fall. Neah knew him and everything he did, hell, he even knew how Allen felt. " can see everything I do, everything I feel..."

"What's so bad about that?" Neah asked innocent as a Noah could be...

"Everything. I feel like I have no privacy because of you. Mana loved you more than anything...even more than me..." Allen sank to his knees, sobbing. He didn't care how pitiful he looked. He'd admit that he was strong, he knew he was, but all the stress from 'being' the 14th was piling up on him and he just couldn't take it anymore. "He didn't care about me, he only cared about you...all I was, was some abandoned kid on the road...I meant nothing to him. I was only someone who could bring you back. If you came back before, I would be abandoned matter how much I loved him, he would never feel the same..."

"Your friends care about you." Neah said quietly.

"I can't see them, so it doesn't even matter. It's okay though now. I don't have a life anymore anyways..." Allen wiped away his eyes. Crying in front of the pathetic. Then again, he's already begged for mercy, what dignity does he have left? He closed his eyes again, seeing Neah's frowning face disappear into darkness. Allen opened his eyes again to see Tyki snoozing in a chair next to the bed. Allen stared blankly ahead at the ceiling. What was he supposed to do now? He was in the enemy's hands...were they really even his enemies now? He felt lonely. He wished he could just turn back time and spend a little more time with everyone. Even Kanda would be nice consent to his feeling of loneliness.

I'm sorry...

For what?

For all that I've done, I didn't mean to do all this to you...

Allen let out a sigh.

Its okay, I guess Fate and I never were on the same coin anyways.

Don't give up on living.

If I did that, then you wouldn't be here.

I'm not going to take over you...

Allen sat straight up in his bed.


"Huh-what? Oh Allen, you're awake-whoa..." In Tyki's eyes, Allen's skin was as dark as a Noah's and his eyes were wide and golden. It almost looked as if he was concentrating on something.

You cannot tell the others of this, okay? I'm just lending you some of my Noah power. This Holy War is about to get really serious. The Akuma are starting to regain their own will and they're starting to swarm. You saw what that Akuma did with your Innocence, didn't you? You need to tell the Earl to stop making Akuma or it could be the destruction of us all.

He won't listen to me!

You're right...but he will listen to me.

...what are you scheming?

"Hello, earth to Allen! Are you okay?" Tyki asked.

Nothing, I will talk to you later about it. Right now, I just need to rest. can sleep? In my mind?

Yeah, weird right?


Oh, and before I go...Tyki woke up.

Allen's concentration was broken and his colors faded back to normal. He looked at Tyki, who was inches away from his face.

"Good morning." Allen greeted uncertainly. Why was he so close to my face? Allen wondered as Tyki drew back away from him.

"That was weird..." He mumbled.

"What was weird?"

"You looked like a Noah there for a few seconds and you wouldn't respond to me."

"Really? Huh..." Allen wondered what he looked like when he was a Noah. His hair was would that look against dark skin?

"Are you hungry?"

"What?" Allen snapped back to attention.

"I haven't really eaten in a few were out for a week."

"Wh-what?! Then how did I eat?!"

"We fed you? You ate unconsciously which is quite a talent actually." Tyki complimented with amusement.

"Oh. Sorry for the inconvenience." Allen sighed an rubbed his eye.

"That's are you hungry? We're all about to eat at the table if you wanna join." Allen's stomach churned at the thought of eating happily together with his ex-enemies. They probably didn't really like him all too well. Tyki laughed. "Don't worry, they won't bite...well they won't bite you...I don't think..."

"Um..." Allen muttered. Tyki smiled and ruffled his hair.

"It'll be're not really an exorcist anymore..." Allen opened his mouth and then closed it.

"Yeah..." Allen looked down at the clothes he was wearing...which weren't his. They must've changed me too...Allen blushed at the thought.

"Um." All he was wearing was a long white button up shirt...why can't I talk to him? We're not enemies anymore!

"Right well, I didn't have any clothes that would fit you and the rest of us really don't fancy sharing our clothing. The only one whose clothes you would fit would be Road's and I'm sure you don't want to wear her clothes. While you were sleeping we washed your clothes but...I really didn't know what to do with your uniform. I don't think you'd want to wear it to the table if you know what I mean." Allen nodded sullenly. Tyki laid his clothes on the bed and made his way over to the door. He leaned against the doorway. "I'll be waiting right outside the door. Just knock when you're done." Allen nodded. Tyki closed the door and waited patiently for Allen to finish dressing. He saw the twins make their way down the halls toward him, pointing guns at each others' heads. They saw Tyki and headed over.

"Tyki! Thank god we found ya! Care to tell us who the exorcist is?" Devit asked.

"What?" Tyki asked.

"The Millennium Count said that we have an exorcist with us and that Neah is in his memories and such. Who is it?! No one will tell us!"

"Who is it, who is it?!" Jasdero nodded his head dumbly. Tyki smirked.

"I guess you'll just have to find out during dinner." He replied smugly.

"Awe, you're no fun!" Devit said childishly.

"No fun!" Jasdero repeated. Devit looked at the door Tyki was leaning up against.

"He's in there, isn't he!?" Devit asked.

"He's getting dressed, respect his privacy will you? He's already got a Noah in his head watching everything he does." Tyki informed, sighing.

"Since when were you the one for privacy?" Tyki simply chuckled at Devit's question.

"You do have a point there. Why haven't you two heard anything about him? He's been here all week." Tyki said.

"He has? Oh, well...we were trying to look for that Cross guy...he's disappeared from the Order." Devit grumbled.

"Really? Well good riddance is what I say-" There were a few light knocks on the door. Tyki stood up straight and opened the door. Jasdero and Devit's jaws dropped. Devit was the first to recover. He shoved an accusing finger in Allen's face.

"It's you!" He shouted quite too loudly for Allen's taste.

"It's him, it's him!" Jasdero said obviously.

"It's me." Allen confirmed. He was actually feeling really nervous about eating with everyone. I have a bad feeling about this...Allen gulped and hesitantly followed Tyki as the twins pestered him about 'Debt'.

"Come on, exorcist, tell us how much money you've paid in debt!" Allen mumbled something they couldn't hear. "Speak louder!" Allen rubbed his aching ear.

"You guys talk too much." Allen growled.

Ahahahahahahaha! Look at their faces!

Neah? I thought you went to sleep!

Well, I was going to...but this is my perfect chance to tell the Millennium Count about the Akuma's strange behavior!

I thought I told you already, he won't listen to me.

But he will listen to me.

"Whoa, he's totally out of it..." Devit waved a hand in front of Allen's face. Allen smacked it away.

"Quit it." He grumbled. These two really annoyed him sometimes...but that could just be because they wanted him to pay petty debts.

"Oh, you heard me! I thought you spaced out there for a minute." Allen weakly glared at the raven haired Noah. They stopped at two large wooden doors. Allen's stomach started doing front flips. This really wasn't good...what if they really did try and kill him?!

Don't worry about it, Allen, you'll be fine and if it comes to it, I'll help out.

How do you propose you'll do that?

Just trust me on this. They may be a little odd...but they know that I'm inside you-

-That sounds weird-

-So I doubt they'll try and hurt you.

"Allen~! Are you coming to eat dinner with us~!? My father's coming too!" Road nearly tackled Allen. He was able to side-step her in time though.

"Fa...ther?" He questioned.

Um...maybe this might actually be a bit difficult. Heh, you see, Sheryl is really protective of her so...don't fuck up.

Thanks, I appreciate your advice. Allen thought sarcastically.


"Don't just stand there! Let's go inside!" Road giggled and grabbed Allen's left hand, causing him to yank it back.

"Ow!" He scowled at her. Road blinked and picked his hand back up.

"What's wrong with your-" She started to ask but Allen quickly cut her off. He didn't want any of the Noah to know about how embarrassing it was to have lost his Innocence...that he was basically really weak right now and that they could kill him in a second if they wanted to. He wasn't weak.

"N-nothing! I'm fine!" He assured. Road's face broke out into a wide grin.

"Awe~! Is Allen-chan shy~?" She teased.

"What?" Allen mumbled. Road grabbed his right hand this time and dragged him through the double doors. They made quite a racket and the Noah's already inside were staring at him. He felt Tyki grab onto his left wrist (thankfully) and pull him back. Road turned her head and glared at the offending Noah.

"Tyki?" She asked a bit more harshly than Allen would have expected her to. Tyki smirked.

"What if I want to sit by Shounen?" He asked.

"No way! Allen is mine!" Road claimed, engulfing him in a bone-cracking hug.

"Can't...breathe..." Allen said hoarsely. Now he knew how Lavi felt now when Kanda was grabbing onto his shirt that one time in the Ark. Both Tyki and Allen caught the over-protective glares of a certain long haired Noah with a monocle. Tyki removed Allen from Road's grasp.

"Road, you've got to learn to share!" Tyki tried talking childishly. It really didn't suit him in Allen's opinion. Allen could feel Neah chuckling in his head...which felt really he was vibrating or something...

"Guys..." Allen muttered quietly.

Neah, what do I do?!

Uh...I dunno...

You're very useful!

There was a loud noise that sounded like someone was clearing their throat. Both Road and Tyki jumped.

"It was nice of you to join us, exorcist." Allen flinched. The Millennium Earl. Allen was frozen to his spot, what was he supposed to say? "Or, should exorcist not be the word for it?" Allen hid his left arm behind him and gave the Earl a hard look. "Why don't you come sit next to me." Allen stiffened.

I'm so dead!

No wait, this is a good thing. Go on, go sit next to him!

Are you crazy?!

Just a tad bit.


Just go!

There was one other occupant at the table who had white hair. He was a Noah too of course and he seemed to be staring at Allen with mild interest. Allen noticed his staring and flickered his eyes at him for a moment. His amount of curiousness sort of started to creep Allen out. Couldn't he just sit there like a normal person without staring at him? He already had enough problems on his plate with seating arrangements.

I don't know...

"There's no need to be shy~!" The Millennium Earl sang.

"Stop standing there like an idiot and sit next to the Millennium Count!" Skinn, a burly man that was thought to be dead by Kanda, shouted at him while throwing a plate. Allen dropped on his knees to dodge it.

Nice dodge!

Can you please be serious?!

"Skinn, we do not treat our guests brutally. Please, come and sit." The Millennium Earl was being awfully nice...I should keep my guard up...Allen awkwardly shuffled over, all eyes were on him as he sat in the seat next to the Earl.

Okay...can I die now?

Hahahaha! You're just too cute Allen. Just don't worry alright?

I'm worrying!

Well stop!

Why was this a good idea again? Neah chuckled, which made Allen's head feel all funny. Please don't laugh, it feels weird.

Sorry, I couldn't help but notice that everyone was staring at you and you just don't seem to notice a thing!

Allen blinked and his eyes returned to its cloudy gray. Only everyone around him had noticed that his eyes turned gold. He didn't notice at all. Allen didn't stare back, but kept his gaze to the floor. Why did they all find it so interesting to stare at him? Was he really that interesting? Did his presence really bother them that much? Allen gripped the edges of his chair.

"You must be hungry, go ahead and eat." The Earl reassured him.

I think my stomach's too busy being an acrobat right now...Allen heard silent chuckling from the white haired Noah. Neah chuckled too, even though Allen told him not to. What's so funny?

That white haired one is Wisely and he can read thoughts.

Kill me now...

Just then Allen suddenly acclaimed a head splitting head ache. He winced and held his head in his hands.

"Ow..." He grumbled.

"Something the matter...Allen?" Tyki asked. All the Noah stared as his skin started to turn dark and his eyes flashed gold.

"...Neah." Some of them mumbled together. A sigh came from the now tan skinned boy. It didn't sound like him at all.

"I hate to take over, Allen, but there's something I must discuss with Adam." Now Neah said. The Earl's eyes widened as well as everyone else's. hurts...

I know, I'm sorry. This will be quick, I promise.

"I have only revealed myself for one reason so don't go thinking I'm staying like this." He snapped at them. doesn't hurt you like this does it?

"No, it doesn't. Anyways, Earl, I've come out to ask you to stop making Akuma and no, not to benefit the exorcists, there's a different reason to it." Neah started unwinding the bandage on Allen's hand. After he unwound it all up, he showed the hole that went straight through. There were several gasps and Road gnawed on her lip. "They're starting to become immune to the Innocence and this doesn't benefit you. They are starting to steal the Innocence and swallow them to make them more powerful. Along with that, they regain control of their own thoughts and actions, not as your weapons. I suggest that all of you put your differences aside and pair up with the exorcists. If not, our lives will go to ruin." They all stared, wide-eyed, at him.

"Neah, how do you know about this?" The Earl asked slowly, the usual playfulness in his tone was now gone. It was the first time that Allen had heard him actually being serious...other than the time he stabbed Tyki with his sword...

"I saw it all in Allen's head, of course." Neah tapped on Allen's temple. "I can lend him power anytime I want so don't even think about hurting him, got it?!" He growled. Everyone slightly nodded their heads...except for Earl. Neah sent a suspicious look towards the Earl before retiring. Again, the head splitting pain came back and caused Allen's head to feel like it was slowly exploding.

"Ugh..." Allen didn't even want to look up at all the stares. They all kept Wisely in their line of vision since he was the only one who could read minds.

I feel like I'm going to throw up...and I didn't even eat anything!

I'm sorry! Want me to kiss it and make it better?

What the heck? How is that even possible?

Its really not. Both Wisely and Allen sweat dropped.

"I think Allen would like to retire." Wisely said as he picked at his food with his fork. Tyki stood up and walked over to Allen, offering to escort him out. After all, this manor was quite large and, knowing Allen, he would probably end up getting lost. Allen swallowed nervously and quickly followed Tyki out of the dining room. Tyki didn't speak at all so neither did Allen.

This is awkward. Look what you did Neah!

But I just wanted to help!

I know...Allen sighed as he opened the door to his temporary room. He walked over and sat on the edge of his bed. I kinda wish that there was never any Akuma to begin with and none of this would have happened. It's childish thinking...but maybe all of us, the Order an the Noahs could've became friends.

I don't think it's childish...

I wish I could see my friends...Allen brought his knees to his chest glumly. I don't even think they'd want to see me now though...what am I supposed to do now? I don't think they will let me leave to help out in the war either.

Well if the Noah do team up with the exorcists, I think they'll let you.

So then...where do I go from here?