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Special THANKS goes out to Mike Yamiolkoski and Thomas Mikkelsen for their patience and assistance in beta reading this story!

April 2002.
Location: Lawndale High classroom.  Time: morning.
Quinn enters the room and approaches Mr. O'Neill prior to the start of class.

Quinn:                Hi, Mr. O'Neill.  I wanted to give you my assignment.

Mr. O'Neill:                Thanks, um, Lawndale High student.  I'm sure I'll be able to get right on grading it.

Quinn:                It's for the time capsule, remember?

Mr. O'Neill:                Oh… oh, yes!  Now I remember.  Wasn't that supposed to be turned in several months ago?

Quinn:                Not according to what I read on Ms. Li's bulletin. I had until the end of the school year.

Mr. O'Neill:                Well, thanks.

Quinn leaves, a happy expression on her face.

April 2002. A week later.
Location: Lawndale High hallway.  Time: morning.
Daria walks up to Quinn at her locker.  Surprisingly, no one else is nearby.

Daria:                Here.  You need to sign this.

Quinn:                Forget it.  I'm not signing anything without having mom read it first.  I'm not getting caught like last time.

Daria:                Funny, Quinn.  It's your assignment for the time capsule.

Quinn:                (nervous) You… you didn't read it, did you?

Daria:                What? Me read your work?  For no pay?

Quinn:                Whew, that's a relief. Hey, how did this get typed?

Daria:                Mr. O'Neill had me do it. Fortunately, all I had to do was type it and not read it.

Quinn:                Whew, that's a relief.

Daria:                I couldn't believe you put that bit in about not having freckles when we both know…

Quinn:                You did read it!

Daria:                Hello?!  I had to type it.  You think it was easy for me?

Quinn:                Oh, I can't believe you read it.  My life's over!

Daria:                Actually, I think it's only beginning.

Quinn:                Sniff What?

Daria:                It's a good story, Quinn.

Quinn:                You think so?

Daria:                I know so.  Did you feel good writing it?

Quinn:                You know, I did.  It helped me put some things in perspective.  Thanks, Daria.  You didn't, you know…

Daria:                What?  Put conditioner in my hair?  Try out for the cheerleading squad?

Quinn:                You know.  Show this to anyone?

Daria:                Quinn, you have my solemn oath that I did not show this to anyone.

Quinn:                Whew.  That's a relief.

Jane:                Hey, campers, what's shaking?  Oh, that would be some facial…

Quinn:                She's read it?!

Daria:                Quinn, I'd like to point out that technically, Jane isn't an "anyone," she's a "someone."

Jane:                I prefer "Anonymous Contributor" myself.

Daria:                What are you talking about?

Jane:                Does it matter?

Daria:                Not really.

Quinn:                Oh, the humanity!

My Future – a.k.a. Pretty Things

By Quinn Morgendorffer

Once upon a time there was a really cute redhead.  She lived in a world… a world…  a world.

Crap.  This isn't going where I thought it would.  It hasn't gone anywhere yet.  I might've been able to write it a year ago or even last spring.  But, not now.

Fine.  I have to create a story.  Here's a story.

Once upon a time there lived a cute girl with natural red hair.  Not color-in-a-bottle like some people hinted, but someone with natural red hair.  Sometimes highlighted, but the entire picture wasn't from a bottle.  She lived in a mundane town filled with other mundane people who seemed more interested in football or dates or fashion than they should have been.  These were the popular people in town who immediately knew that the redhead was one of them and invited her to join.

She did.

Over time she learned a thing or two: when it was okay to take a quick snooze during a date (always during an action movie the guy wanted to go to), what moisturizer went with what fabric, what math principles were best used when figuring the tip at dinner, who was a friend vs. who was an acquaintance, and what bottles of highlight colors to avoid.  There were a few other things she figured out while attending her high school but some of those swear words were just too coarse to list in this story.

Unless the redheaded girl thought about Ms. Li, the high school principal.  But this isn't that kind of story.  True, the redhead never had any particular animosity toward Ms. Li, but that wasn't to say friction did not exist, especially when she was forced into writing assignments and she didn't have any good dirt on her sister to coerce her into doing it for her.

The redheaded girl grew up seemingly overnight.  One day she was concerned about who would take her out Friday night, how she could coordinate multiple dates if it came to it, and even what to wear.  The next day she blinked and saw reality for what it was.

She was in mundane-ville.  And it was boring.  She saw the future and it scared her.  Did she want to end up like the cheerleaders at school who graduated from the 12th grade and into motherhood at about the same time, missing out on whatever else there was in the world?  Was she prepared to end up working the counter at a clothing store just so she could get discounts for clothes she would only wear once – and have to kowtow to a new breed of fashion-elect?  Or did she even want to face a life of answering phones for a company she'd rather be in charge of just because she didn't go to college?

She didn't think so.

She looked around some more.  All the signs were there.  The previous senior class graduated 210 students.  Only a third of them went on to college.  Of that, 41 were back before the winter break as either being expelled (for excessive partying) or just being too ill-prepared to leave home.  She recognized people she went to school with now working as grease monkeys at Grease Monkey, or slurpee jocks at 7-Eleven's, but the worst she noticed was Paul.  A local of Lawndale all his life, he seemed on the fast track.  He drove nice cars, came from a nice upper-middle class family and caught her eye the year before.  They had gone out on a date to Chez Pierre, a ritzy French restaurant where they seemed to know his name and gave him the red carpet treatment.  Now he was working at the restaurant, and was even working his fake French accent to get people to go with the chef's specials that was bought out the back of a truck in the middle of the night vs. something a whole lot better and tastier.

It all made her think.

Not the kind of thinking that hurt the head, but the kind to actually see the world for what it was.

What did she want out of life?

Who did she want with her for the rest of her life?

What would truly make her happy? 

Was anything she was currently involved in really important in the long run? 
(Excluding certain compacts of freckle-covering mascara, of course.)

Did she really want high school to be the high point of her existence?

Surprisingly to herself and to most people, her sister included, she came up with an answer.

And so the story of the cute redhead girl ended.

And the story of the cute redheaded woman began.

The woman's story is being written as we speak.  What I'm going to do and where I'm going from here are my own thoughts.  My own desires.  My own hopes.  Maybe you'll hear of me.  Maybe you won't.

But I'm content with my decision.  It's time to go.

The end


LOCATION: Lawndale High, History 363

Nick:                Anne did the work on the story.  I did the research on the author.  Anne, what do you think of the story?

Anne:                Well… it's kind of hard to say.

Kara:                In what way?

Anne:                I've listened to and read all the stories in the time capsule.  There are some really good ones and some that are mediocre.  But the thing is, they were all stories – even Jodie's was a story after a fashion once I recognized it for what it was.  Quinn's work was supposed to be a story.  Only it wasn't.  I had the impression that this was more of a page from a diary than a story.

Nick:                Did you like it though?

Anne:                Truthfully, I wish it had more tofu, more sustenance.  But I'm kind of glad it didn't with all the work I did this semester helping everyone else with their stories.

Nick:                Discussion anyone?  Bob, what about you?

Bob:                I have to agree.  This isn't a story.

Nick:                But did you like it?

Bob:                Sure.  Short and to the point.  It means we're getting out of class early today.

Class laughter.

Nick:                Maybe.  And I have to say, Anne that I agree with you.  This isn't really a story.

Kara:                But it was still enjoyable.

Nick:                I never said it wasn't.  But why do you like it, Kara?

Kara:                This story discussed a pivotal point in the author's life.  A key factor of when she quit being a girl and started thinking like a woman.

Rose:                I agree.

Nick:                Anyone else?  Diana?

Diana:                So it was a key point in her life.  Big deal.  I thought the assignment was to write a story for the time capsule.

Nick:                Didn't she?

Diana:                You tell me.  All I got out of this was a collection of rambling thoughts used in a cohesive pattern.

Ben:                I got a story out of it.  It helped knowing what the other stories in the capsule were as they shed some background information on the authors but reading between the lines, I did see a story of a girl who tried to fit in, was successful, and then gave it up as fitting in wasn't the right thing to do.

Bridget:                Right thing to do for everyone or for her?

Austin:                For her.  I saw what Ben was talking about.

Colin:                Skipping this rousing in-depth expose of a one-page story which is certainly keeping me awake, what about you, Nick?

Nick:                Restate the question, Colin.  You're too vague.

Colin:                Where is Quinn Morgendorffer now?

Nick:                Truth be told, I had no idea where she was.  For someone who was so obviously eager for attention in high school, she sure didn't seek it out as an adult.  So I set up some search programs at the beginning of the semester and found that she went into the AmeriCorps after graduating in 2003 and went to work in northern California.  Strangely enough, some whacked-out governor decided the best way to raise capital for California was to lease out cheap workers worldwide, and within two years she was drafted into the Peace Corps and sent to Africa.  Soon after that it was as if she dropped off the face of the planet.

Colin:                So you didn't find her.

Nick:                I didn't say that.  As I've tried to point out with several of you in one-on-one discussions, when you can't find your assignment, follow the money.  My dad used to say that and it's still a good philosophy to follow.  I did this.  I figured if she were dead, there would be some sort of marker.  But I didn't find any listing of one – nor could I locate any sort of payoff by the Peace Corps if she'd met a terrible end.

Colin:                So?

Nick:                So she was listed as receiving a stipend from them until 2009.  She had gone to Somolia, Africa.  That was easy enough to find out.  Using the Somolian embassy's webpage, I requested additional searches on her.  I found her listed only once in a newspaper article.  Apparently she was in the hospital from having been injured by a land mine.  The article indicated that she was expected to make to make a full recovery.  This was in 2009, about a month before the final payment from the Peace Corps was made into her account.

Colin:                So you hit another dead end?

Anne:                Jeez, Colin, you want to tell this or let Nick do it?

Nick:                She didn't die.  That was a given.  I managed to locate an old record in an airline database of her departure from Somolia with a destination of NYC.  Figuring she was still injured I researched hospital records and found her listed at a rehab location for outpatient physical therapy.  She was there for about three months before Quinn Morgendorffer disappeared for good.

A few seconds of quiet as everyone looks at Colin.

Colin:                What?  I didn't interrupt.

Nick:                Just giving you an opportunity.  Anyway, all of a sudden Quinn Morgendorffer went away.  Yet upon further inspection I noticed that the hospital records indicated 15 patients under physical therapy but when Quinn vanished, that number was left unchanged for another few months.  I just had a gut feeling she was still there so I ran a pirate query against their records and found a new name added in on the same day Quinn left.  It was a woman matching the same physical ailments Quinn had.  I got lucky and found a graphic of her, downloaded it – and it was the same person.  Quinn had changed her name to Laura Loudtown.  Laura was her middle name.

Rose:                Why'd she change her name?

Nick:                Best guess was to stem the onslaught of mail she was getting.  Apparently the local news ran a series of stories on her during a slow month and the center started getting deluged with mail, spam, and marriage offers.  I'm thinking she changed it just to avoid the media attention while completing her rehab.

Bob:                Okay, if Colin's not going to say it, I will.  You've got to be kidding me.  Loudtown?

Nick:                That's what's in the records.

Amy:                Why Loudtown?

Nick:                I think it was a jab towards her mother's maiden name of Barksdale.  Anyhoo, I found references to her new name again over the next few years as she went to a college and in her senior year she disappeared again.  This time I couldn't get through their security parameters and was unable to follow-up on her through GW's alumni association.  So I tried a new avenue.  Figuring she wasn't on the run from the law or anything, I checked the SSI website.  Sure enough, when she changed her name initially, she got some updated Social Security identification.  On a hunch, I went through the Freedom of Information site and requested info on that ID number and found that she was still listed as a student during her entire senior year at GW and when she had changed her name again, this time kept her new ID number unchanged.  This was typical as the reason she changed her name was that she got married.

Bob:                Please don't tell me her new name is Laura Hollaralot.

Colin:                Or Laura Screamville.

Bob:                Or Laura Shoutburg.

Colin:                Or Laura Whisperglenn.

Nick:                I'm sure I won't have to, fellas.  You see, she graduated with her BA and went on to a grad school where she received her masters.  Then about 32-years ago she moved back to Lawndale with her husband and two kids.  They bought a house and she got a job.  Her current name is… Mrs. Laura Whitmore.

A loud gasp from the class as they all look at Mrs. Whitmore.

Colin:                I'm going to flunk for sure.  I know it.

Bob:                This is all your fault, Colin.  You and your jokes about her name.

Mrs. Whitmore:                Boys, boys.  Don't accuse each other but we do need to have a financial discussion.  As for you, Nicolas.  Smiles  How did you know?

Nick:                You dropped clues now and then.  But the biggest indication was when you talked about Jamie White.

Mrs. Whitmore:                How so?

Nick:                You knew the details surrounding his death.  True, there was a newspaper article about him locally that could have accounted for the details.  Yet he died 47-years ago.  And you didn't move to Lawndale until 32-years ago.  That's a 15-year gap in local knowledge.  But you knew the details.  I started asking myself how could you have known that.

Mrs. Whitmore:                It made national news.

Nick:                Partially.  I checked.  The circumstances surrounding his death did but his involvement was a passing sentence.  And you still knew the details.  You knew he had a wife and a daughter.

Mrs. Whitmore:                Again, that was national news.

Nick:                True.  But you knew that Slashin' White was his daughter.

Mrs. Whitmore:                We work at the same place, you know.  We do talk to one another.

Nick:                I'd thought of that.  But you still dropped subtle clues to other authors.  That's when it all clicked in my mind and I thought to do a search on you.  Call it a gut feeling.

Mrs. Whitmore:                Well done.  I think you and your gut get an "A". 

Aaron:                But what did she leave in the time capsule?

Naomi:                C'mon, Nick, don't hold out on us now.  What is it?

Nick:                Anne?  Why don't you tell them what it is.

Anne:                It's a Rand McNally 1998 Road Map.

Bridget:                That's it?  I don't get it.  Why a road map?

Anne:                That's what I thought.  I went through it page by page and only found one area marked.  It's near town.  Some park.  And on the page someone wrote …uh… okay, here it is… "Mmmmmm.  Glitter berries".

Nick:                What does that mean?

Anne:                I have no idea.

Nick:                Mrs. Whitmore?  Care to shed some light on this?

Mrs. Whitmore:                No comment.

Bob:                Glitter berries… I've heard that somewhere before.  Weren't they a hallucino…

Mrs. Whitmore:                My, look at the time.  Okay, class, we'll go over grade bids next week.  Bob, Colin, go home before I change my mind.  Nick, I need to see you after class.  Dismissed.

The students all leave, except Nick.  In moments, they are gone and the door shuts.  Mrs. Whitmore and Nick go to her office in the adjoining room.

Mrs. Whitmore:                I wanted to ask you a question in private, Nicholas.

Nick:                Shoot.

Mrs. Whitmore:                What was your impression of all the stories?  About this entire project?

Nick:                Am I being graded on my answer?

Mrs. Whitmore:                Now what makes you ask that?

Nick:                Because I've known you for years.

Mrs. Whitmore:                (Smiles) No, you're not being graded. 

Nick:                Then I'll skip the political answer and tell you how I feel.  I actually enjoyed everything we saw and read.  It really made me a believer in the cyclical theory – where everything old is new again.  The problems you faced in school are the same we have now.

But there was one thing that struck me the most.  It was when I reviewed the detail on each author. I went through the yearbook in addition to the Li archives.  I had to go through several more yearbooks to get what I was looking for.  I was looking for captions regarding all the authors.  I read the normal passages – who was most likely to succeed, most likely to do this, do that, etc. and I was amazed at how everyone turned out based on people's projections.

Granted, Kevin's was "Most likely to end up as a traumatized science experiment," but most of the others were listed as doing great and wonderful things – but not in the areas they eventually went.  Everyone was successful… in their own fashion.  Basically, high school helped shape their lives, but didn't define everyone's lives.  Yourself included.  And I found that interesting.

Mrs. Whitmore:                Daria? What do you think?

Daria's face shows on a now-unmasked plasma PC/blackboard screen along with a cascade of other former classmates laid out in a grid fashion.  They are having their own reunion.

Daria:                He shows promise, sis.

Jane:                You're right, Daria.  He's a cutie.

Daria:                I didn't say anything about him being a cutie.

Jane:                So?  When's that stopped me from putting words in your mouth before?

Mrs. Whitmore:                That's enough, you two or I'm going to reverse charge this call to your accounts.

Jane:                Got it.

Nick:                I take it they've been watching our classroom discussions?

Mrs. Whitmore:                They've only been live as of today.  All other discussions were zipped and zapped to their accounts last week for review.

Sandi:                We only reached consensus yesterday when and how to meet.

Nick:                Then why didn't we have a discussion during class?

Mrs. Whitmore:                We will.  What else did you expect me to pull during finals week?

Joey:                Anybody want to buy some insurance?

Jeffy:                Shut up!

Nick:                Why do I have a bad feeling about finals week?

Jodie:                You mean you usually have good feelings about taking finals?

Trent:                That's sick, dude.

Mrs. Whitmore:                So, Nick, what do you think we should do during our final exam?

Nick:                You know, I was thinking about this the other week.  What would we do?  Take a test over all the material we reviewed?  I don't think so.  Instead, I think we ought to have a pizza party and hand out A's to everyone who comes.

Mrs. Whitmore:                (pause) Who bribed you?

Nick:                A few people in the class, but Bob was the point man.  However, I only took it if he included two riders.

Mrs. Whitmore:                Which are?

Nick:                One: it's non-refundable in case you didn't go along with it.  And two, that he had to pay for the pizza's if you did.

Mrs. Whitmore:                For the entire class?

Nick:                Actually, I worded the contract so it reflected the entire school.

Daria:                He's evil.  Just plain evil.

Jane:                I like him.  He's a keeper, Quinn!

Mrs. Whitmore:                It's "Laura," Jane.  You know that.

Charles:                I vote you give Nicholas an "A" without any finals to worry about.  You want me to hack your system and do it?

Stacy:                I could always give a royal proclamation so the State Department would force LHS into giving him an "A".

Sandi:                I'm sure I could get a grassroots effort going to do the same thing.

Joey:                So, does anybody now want to buy some insurance?

Jeffy:                Shut up!

Mrs. Whitmore:                I'm sure that won't be necessary.  I'm sure he'll be getting his "A" along with everyone else who shows up to school that day and partakes in free pizza.

Nick:                You're going to take Bob up on his bribe?

Mrs. Whitmore:                Sure.  It's not everyday I can make a pizza shop's month by ordering 2,000 pizzas.

Nick:                But, the entire student body is only 2,000 people big.

Mrs. Whitmore:                No sense everyone can't have their own pizza is there?

Jane:                She's evil.  Just plain evil.

Daria:                That's my sister!

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The Characters of future students are entirely fictionalized and only sounds like the names of other fan fiction authors whose work I have read and enjoyed.  Just wait until I start putting in other author's nam… er, that is, it's all a coincidence I tell you.  A coincidence!   To those of you who may be offended, remember: this is a cartoon. This is not and could never be real.  Or could it?  I leave questions like that to philosophers, or to OTR drivers who have experienced significant sleep deprivation.

Okay, okay, I admit it!  It's not a coincidence I tell you!  It's not!  I can't keep the deception up anymore!  The pressure of using real names is getting to me.  Even if I had to make some of those names up!

Author's End Notes

This is the last of this series. I had originally thought of bringing all the surviving Daria characters together for a longer talk to the class as a finale, but couldn't get past the thought of Jeffy and Joey still hitting on an aged Quinn. So, enough was enough. It's time to move on to other things.

The genesis of this entire series actually began with a conversation I had with Nemo Blank. I enjoyed reading his story, "Blast From The Past," and had contacted him. We corresponded and eventually he sent me a few plotlines he'd developed but hadn't done anything with (and wasn't going to do anything with them either). He wondered what would happen if someone else got them – where would that person take them? Well, this entire series is the answer to that. The original "Time Capsule" was actually one of those plotlines, which I grabbed only a small portion of as I wanted a vehicle for the rest of the stories I was thinking of and that's how the series came about. As is, Trent's story, "The Snatch!" was based almost exclusively on one of Nemo's plots. I did want to mention the one big reason I liked Nemo's "Blast From The Past" story was that if you changed the names of all the characters and stuck it in a different location, the story is still just as powerful in its own right.

I am very glad that Thomas Mikkelsen and Nemo agreed to be my beta readers at the outset. They helped substantially! And when Mike Yamiolkoski beta read the last few stories, he improved them immensely!

If you have never read any of Thomas' work, you should for he has an uncanny ability to tell a story almost entirely by dialog. He does not rely on massive descriptions to carry the story. It's not an easy thing to do, and he does it exceptionally well. And the fact he writes comedy is a plus in my book anytime.

And if you have not read any of Mike's work, then you are really missing out on some great stories. Mike has a great ability to tell you a story that brings you into it from the beginning. It is a consistent trait of his and not many people can do that either. Mike is a detailed storyteller and takes care to research what he writes.

Some of the goals I set for myself were to write each story in a different character's voice. I feel I really accomplished that with most of the stories. Not all, but most.

The summer of 2002 was somewhat difficult for me health wise, and as a consequence the writing slowed down significantly. Long story short: Chemo – been there, done that. Recovery – going slow. Outlook – DAMN GOOD!

As expected, I did use real authors names in the creation of these future reviews. Here's how I broke it down (in case you are looking to see if your name is included or not):

The Time Capsule Author List


Actual Author Association:

Story reviewed:


This is a composite of authors I like, notably:
Napalm Krigbaum,
Mike Yamiolkoski,
Eric Noss, and
Jon Kilner.



Mr. Anonymous



Larissa Simpson of L&B



Barry Soloman



Thomas Mikkelsen



Rajchel aka Medea42



Ben Yee



Nicole Young



John Takis



Elizabeth Thaler



Geoff Roberts






Yui Daoren



Arctic Rose



Kara Wild



Dan Suni



Mike Quinn



Naomi Mattera/ Erin/ Shallow15



Aaron Soloman






Bridget Simpson of L&B



Colin Finan



Kemical Reaxion



Austin Covello



John Berry






Crazy Nutso



Diane Long



Nemo Blank





Not all stories I read of the nearly 2000 I found I liked for the same reason. Some I liked because they were very funny. Some were well written. Some made me think about the subject matter. But one thing was certain: they were all good.

I first started reading stories on Crazy Nutso's website (which has since been removed). This led to finding other websites. If you get a chance, check them out. These websites include Kemical Reaxion's () and Martin Pollard's site (www.outpost-daria.com) which has hundreds and hundreds of stories.

As some of you have no doubt figured out, I referenced stories previously written by the above authors in Daria's story. The following are the stories I liked by the author, which I wanted to mention one more time:

Aaron Soloman

Daria in Oz. After ten years of exile in Oz, Daria and Quinn find themselves in a suspicious recreation of the MGM musical.

Arctic Rose

Of Relationships & Realizations. Years in the future, Daria & Trent's marriage is having problems, when she runs into an old friend...

Austin Covello

Fifteen Minutes of Frame. Jane gets her own exhibition room at a museum, but on one condition: She has to speak in public! Ms. Defoe turns it into a field trip. Meanwhile, Daria finds out that Beavis and Butt-Head are using a likeness of her on their new TV show. Can she sue?

Barry Soloman

The Way Things Ought To Be. Daria discovers just how true the phrase "be careful what you wish for" is when she suddenly finds herself back in Highland... and having traded places with Quinn! (Beavis and Butt-Head/The Twilight Zone/Daria) – or use Death Of A Rabbit (Upchuck overhears something and thinks pregnancy??)

Ben Yee

Visions. Daria learns the price of love. Short tear-jerker. Daria gets a vision of the future.

Bridget Simpson of L&B

Upchuck's Last Stand. The school is hit by a 'tragic' loss...

Colin Finan

UnCONventional. LawnCON only comes around once a year. For Daria and crew, that is one time too many.

Crazy Nutso

The Magical Mystik Spiral Tour. Mystik Spiral is about to embark on a world tour! It's a story too big for 1 fanfic, but it has to start somewhere. And that's here! What would happen if Mystik Spiral went on tour... along with many of your favorites from Lawndale High? Find out!

Dan Suni

A Lousy Deal. The nurse at Lawndale High discovers a few cases of head lice, and thanks to Ms. Li, Daria and Jane and Jodie end up with an unwanted job when there is a lice-outbreak at school and get roped into giving a lice lecture at Lawndale High. But how will the Fashion Club handle this crisis...?

Diane Long

It's My Party and I'll Cry but Not in Front of You. Daria shares a little of her pain with Jane. It's Daria's birthday, but she's not in a party mood. Jane finds out why Daria is how she is, and Daria learns about friendship. When Jane tries to get Daria to celebrate her birthday, she gets much more than she bargained for!

Elizabeth Thaler

The Last Supper. Two very odd dinners prove that some people just shouldn't get to know each other better.

Eric Noss (Mr. Maddog)

This Must Be Paradise In 2010, a 28-year old Daria returns to Lawndale for a high school reunion, only to relive the past and blow everyone away. Justice is served.

Geoff Roberts

Gnome Improvement. Jake goes nuts looking for the garden gnome he hugged in "Jake Of Hearts" when it goes missing.

John Berry

Bond, Jake's Bond. Jake finds, to his dismay that he really doesn't know his girls at all, so he decides to take Daria and Quinn on a road trip in an attempt to bond with them. Naturally, things don't turn out quite the way he expected.

John Takis

Band Aid. When Daria and Jane join band to get out of gym class, they expected a break from corruption. Boy, were they wrong. With Quinn and Co. involved, the school in chaos, and a rich grant up for grabs, Daria finds herself wrapped up in a showdown between politics and greed.

Jon Kilner

The More Things Change... Daria is hurt when her latest accomplishment goes unnoticed by her parents. But she is not so alone as she thinks. You may be surprised to find out who rallies to her support.

Kara Wild

A Desperately Needed Ending (to Depth Takes a Holiday). It's the ending that puts the whole sorry mess that was "Depth Takes a Holiday" into perspective by saying: IT WAS ONLY A DREAM!!! And wait'll you see: the reality was even worse... Every fanfic writer (including me!) tries to explain what Depth Takes a Holiday was all about.

Kemical Reaxion

On Guard. It's career day at Lawndale High. And everyone must follow around someone... Quinn gets to be a dummy, Daria is forced to work as a crossing guard, and Jane get stuck...but you'll have to read it.

Larissa Simpson of L&B

Lack of Concentration Camp.

Mike Quinn

Race to the Finish. Fed up with the current administration, Helen decides to run for mayor, but finds herself unprepared -- at first -- for the battle she's about to face against the long-time incumbent.

Mike Yamiolkoski

Quinnderella Daria and Jane tell an old fairy tale with a new twist

Mr. Anonymous

The AD series. Daria's niece, Quinn – who eventually becomes her daughter.

Naomi Mattera/


The Daria Chronicles: Good-bye Lawndale. Daria begins attending college at Willmore University. Some familiar faces join her, with a couple of new ones thrown in for good measure.

Napalm Krigbaum

Daria: The Move The long awaited live action Daria movie.

Nemo Blank

Blast From The Past. Someone's action in the past, effects Daria in the present, putting her future at risk. Daria gets thrown into a madhouse.

Nicole Young

Sister-In-Law. A Lane/Morgendorffer family reunion, 9 years from now.


Mirror, Mirror. After a day of dealing with Upchuck's come-ons and an all-night marathon of classic Star Trek and really bad pizza, Daria wakes up to find herself in an alternate universe, one where everyone she knows is brutal, sadistic, and cruel. How did she get there? How will she get home? Will this change her mind about getting revenge on Upchuck, or will she get even better ideas? And, most importantly, will she want to give up having Quinn as her personal slave? (Okay, dumb question.) If this sounds like a crossover between Daria and the classic Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror," you're absolutely correct. Don't let that scare you away, though; it's a hoot!

Rajchel aka Medea42

Bait and Switch. Daria is forced to go on a date with Kevin.


Zit-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. Quinn freaks out when she has a pimple problem. Stacy freaks out when she misinterprets Daria and Jane's conversation and has the entire school believing that Quinn is dying.

Thomas Mikkelsen

It's A Wonderful Life, Not. Daria gets to see the world without her in it Daria meets her guardian angel, who shows her how the world would look without her. Unfortunately, the angel is a complete jerk. Soon, Daria's life is in danger.


Exit Upstage Left. Quinn & Daria's cousin Lara from NY comes to stay with the Morgandorffers and go to school at "Llllawndale High." Quinn worries that Lauren will threaten her popularity, and Daria and Jane get a big surprise when they meet her.


The Last Journey Home. Twenty years into the future, a family tragedy brings Daria home from halfway around the world.

Yui Daoren

Life's Meandering. The Morgendorffer's relocate... and the locals don't care for them at all. Life's good - then it takes some bad turns for Daria, with positive consequences.

Put in an Honorable mention area. In it are:

Barry Alderman

Death Of A Rabbit After being overheard, Daria finds herself the subject of rumors.

Brother Grimace

The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow… Daria has yet another surreal encounter after the events of CB's DANGEROUS LIAISONS. Daria and a mysterious stranger take a surreal journey to discover the truth about her...


The Missing Link Episode 501 - When Link goes missing, will Daria be able to track him down before the worst occurs?

Anastasia Hunt a.k.a. Madame Anastasia a.k.a. Evil Kitty 75

The Diaries of Quinn Morgendorffer Quinn starts keeping a diary her junior year.

Bobby Birks

Attack of the 50 Foot Butt Beavis and Butt-Head devise a diabolical plan; Daria and Jane go to a gig with Helpful Corn and encounter disaster; and Mulder and Scully find their way to Lawndale in this delightfully discombobulated spooooky story. (Beavis and Butt-Head/The X-Files/Daria)

Brian Taylor

Through A Closet Darkly Watch the fireworks as Daria and Jane find themselves in a brave new world...


Untouchable Muse In the future, Daria returns home to Lawndale, to confront Trent... sort of.

Funky Wombat

The Quest For The Holy Cow Daria & co. seem to revisit a lot of what we first saw in The Quest For The Holy Grail (Monty Python).

Galen Hardesty a.k.a, Lawndale Stalker

The Whole Truth A sequel to Renfield's 'Diary Dearest,' Daria tries to recover from the events of that fic.

Love Gordon

Behind The Pom-Poms: The Brittany Taylor Story Is Brittany Taylor really the girl we know and love? Find out in this intriguing tale.

M Man

Chocolate Girl: The *Other* Legend Of The Mall The "missing segment" from the episode "Legends of the Mall."


Thanks, but no Thanks-giving It's Thanksgiving, and Jake and Helen have the sudden realization that they're ineffective parents. So, in an quick-fix attempt of parent-child bonding, they whisk Daria and Quinn away to a private resort for the holiday, and end up dragging Jane and Trent along for the ride. Meanwhile, the Fashion Club enters the school Thanksgiving pageant... for all the wrong reasons, of course. Will Daria finally have a reason to be thankful? Will Stacy finally get a little payback? Find out!


Daria Walkers The kids of Highland High walk for charity. Based on the Beavis and Butt-Head episode "Walkathon," with extra scenes featuring the Morgendorffer family.


Seeing Things Through Jane decides to give Allison a second chance. Caution: Contains spoilers for 'Is It Fall Yet?'

Ruthless Bunny a.k.a. Ruth Lys Margolis

Jane Muyo (No Need for Jane) What if Daria and Jane didn't meet in Esteem class? What would Daria have done?


Halloween Daria The title says a lot. This fic has no point, it just is. It's also my first Daria fic, so please, no flames

Shallow15 a.k.a. Erin Mills

The Daria Chronicles: Good-bye Lawndale Daria begins attending college at Willmore University. Some familiar faces join her, with a couple of new ones thrown in for good measure.


At The End A glimpse of a funeral. A quiet observation.

Steve Galloway

Revelations What would happen if Daria and Quinn found out that they had a thought-of-dead full-blooded older brother? Would things turn out for the better... or for the worse? A sprawling 15-part epic.


Survivor For a school news segment, six randomly chosen students of Lawndale High have to participate in a "Survivor"-like game. Daria finds herself being one of those randomly chosen and is marooned in the gym for three days with five other survivors. Who will emerge the victor?