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The blonde woman lay motionless with blood piling around her staining the luxurious carpet. The letter K was drawn out on the coffee table in blood. I carefully stepped around the coffee table to examine the woman closely. She was lying on her side, almost in a fetus position wearing a red cocktail dress and high heels that hid the blood stain pretty well. There was a white handkerchief tied around her mouth, I could still smell the chloroform off of it. I stood up,

"Well she comes into her house after a party and someone chloroforms her then stabs her and leaves after marking the scene with a signature," I summed up. Malcolm nodded.

"That makes sense, the doctors place the time of death around 11 to 12 last night and the maid verifies that the victim went to a party last night. The victim's name was Ashley by the way."

"Can I talk to the maid?"

"Sure, she's a bit distressed though, and doesn't speak English that well" he led the way to the kitchen where a middle aged woman was sitting. The poor woman looked so scared. I smiled at her and asked kindly,

"Can I ask you some questions?"

The woman nodded.

"Okay, when did you get here today, can you describe what happened?"

"I get here 7 o'clock. I come in normal and go make coffee for Miss. Then I go to clean living room, and Miss is on floor dead!" sensing another breakout I quickly calmed the woman and ask her instead,

"What about last night?"

"Last night I clean little then go home early, Miss going to party."

"Did she do that often?"

"Yes, Miss like parties, she go a lot."

"Did she have a boyfriend or someone she went to parties with often?"

"She go with friends, no boyfriend, but lot of men who she go to party with."

"Do you know their names?"

She nodded and I asked Malcolm to note down all the necessary information. As he did that I looked around for anything else that might help me solve the case. There were many pictures and I could see the dead woman smiling in all of them surrounded by friends. There was something off though. I turned back to the maid,

"Did Ashley dye her hair?"

The maid nodded, "Yes, she had brown hair but she change to yellow."

"When was this?"

"About two month back."

I turned my head as the front door opened and Captain Gregson walked in, followed by another man. The stranger was tall, and athletic with dark raven black hair. He had beautiful sea green eyes filled with mirth, he was handsome. I shifted my gaze to the Captain,

"Hello sir."

"Chase this Detective Jackson." The man- Detective Jackson grinned at me.

"He will be working with you on this case."

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