"Dum spiro spero"

Silence. Silence surrounded him like a blanket, the eerie halls filled only with the sound of his light footsteps. There didn't seem to be a soul in sight, not even the occasional rat that plagued rapture. Even the roaches seemed to steer clear of this hallway.

-This is wrong. - He thought to himself, slowly reaching for his wrench. Something was in this dark corridor, and he wanted nothing to do with it. The hairs on his neck stood up slowly, as a cold chill shot down his spine. He knew something was behind him, but his gut told him to continue moving, and not look back. And that was one feeling Zekiev never questioned.

He crept slowly, the hairs on his neck never falling. It was a cold feeling, but Zekiev kept on his way through the hallway, never stopping to turn around.

-The doors are right there!- he rejoiced in his mind, relieved to be so close to the exit, and out of this terrible passageway. He grasped the handle, turning it as quiet as he could, and pushed on the heavy door. It creaked quietly, revealing a dirty looking entryway, with a large golden spherical object bobbing in the water.

-The bathysphere! - He shouted in his mind, finally reaching his destination. As he crossed the threshold of the large double doors, the cold intensified, crossing his chest, as if he were being hugged.

-Goodbye- he heard, as he twisted around quickly, only to see the open doors, leading into the dark hallway.

"Bye…" he caught himself muttering, as he stared into the hallway, a confused look plastered on his face. His thoughts were broken by the static of the radio on his hip, and the sound of a female's voice.

"Zekiev, Come in!" The voice said worriedly, as he answered the call.

"Sorry, I must have had the radio turned down or something…anyways, I'm at the bathysphere, what now lady?" he asked, still slightly dazed.

"Well, for starters, get in it." She said, as he climbed into the decently sized transport. Rapture had them all over the place, except for the surface. Those were shut down by Ryan due to citizens trying to leave, and now it would be a wonder if they would ever work again.

"Now, when you get to the next building, I'll have to go quiet again, but I promise I will explain everything when you get to me. I know I told you I would explain here, but there is no time, and I need to move. Meet me at the 13th muse pub, it's halfway through the next building, and be careful!" she finished, the static from her end going silent. Zekiev sighed quietly and pulled the lever that would seal the bathysphere and take him to the next building. He hated these things, but they were quiet, and probably the safest part of Rapture. The boy relaxed, as it would take him at least an hour to travel, since the building he had left was unusually far away from the rest of Rapture. After cleaning and changing his bandages, he rested his head against the back of the sphere, quickly falling into a much-needed slumber.

"Ugh…" the young girl sighed, placing the radio back to her side. She hated when she broke a promise, especially when it was someone who was risking his life just to find out what was going on. "I'll tell him everything as soon as we meet at the Pub." She reassured herself, hoping he could make it. She knew she could get there with stealth alone, but those halls were full of splicers, and the closest resistance hold was the 13th muse pub, located smack dab in the middle of splicer country.

-Why did they think that was a good idea? That was such a terrible idea! - She thought angrily, remembering when the resistance leaders ignored her protests to sheltering themselves in the middle of a bunch of psychopaths. But nobody would listen.

"Well, I guess it's my last choice." She said to herself quietly, packing her things and turning her radio volume to zero. It was time to move out, and the adrenaline was already rushing through her veins. She kneeled down to tie her converses, tightening the shoes to her feet, in case she had to run away from crazed mutants, or worse, an angry Big Daddy.

"T-time to go." The girl said, the confidence in her voice wavering. And with that, Athena opened the large wooden door, and began on her short, but perilous, journey.

Zekiev yawned quietly, stretching his arms and legs out inside the spacious bathysphere; it was the best sleep he had gotten for some time.

"Well, time to get this show on the road." He said quietly to himself, pulling the lever next to the door, releasing the pressure in a low hiss, and swinging the heavy golden slab of metal up slowly. "Let's go." He said, a smirk appearing on his face as he readied his heavy wrench, knowing the splicers would be attracted to the sound of an arriving bathysphere.

He was ready for a fight, and made his way slowly to the answers he sought.

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