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The Youkai Games


In the year 2156 Tokyo has become a ruined and apocalyptic city. It has been broken up into 4 main districts and another larger district known as the Imperial Empire District. Each district is watched over by a Youkai Lord who control and maintain their Districts. They are the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western Lords. While the Imperial Emperor in turn rules over all the lords, however it is not a mutual partnership and The Emperor was not always in charge and Tokyo was no always split

It is said that the Emperor had gotten a hold of a strange new power that allowed to take out the formerl Lords of the Lands hundreds of years ago. This power has prevented the current lords from banding together and taking back control.

The Youkai Games as it had been come to be called consisted of two members to be chosen from each of the districts, where they will fight and find their way through a series of traps and settings within a large chosen area. They will fight and fight until only one candidate is left standing earning victory for their district.

The district represented by the winner would earn bragging rights as well as special privaleges and honor from the Emperor. That district would inturn also have rights over the other three district.

This year marks the 175th Youkai Games and The Districts will discover that this time around the Imperial Empire has different plans. Though fate may also have it's own plans for two of the chosen candidates.

In a large palace at the center of the Imperial Empire the Emperor sits contemplating the plans for this years 175th Youkai Games. Every year before a member of one of the districts had own but this time he wanted to throw something in that would make it even more difficult for the contenders. Something that they would never expect or see coming. The question was what, what could he do other than the normal tricks and obstacles they used each year. What would make the districts see that he was still in charge of their lives.

Then it hit him, something that they wouldn't expect, something that would let him show his power over them. He stood from his chair grabbing the plans and headed for the conference room while comandibg a servant he came across to alert his advisors to meet with him imediately.

When he entered the conference chambers he found his two advisors there already, "Naraku, Akuma, I have decided to change thinga around for 175th Youkai Games." He tossed the plans in front of the too, one a dark haired dark eye looking man that most of the women of empire would give anything to spend the night with. The other black haired with red highlights and dark red eyes that looked like pools of blood.

Naraku the dark haired man chuckled as he looked over the plans, "well well that would most definetely throw them for a loop." The other man, Akuma picked up the plans looking over them carefully and calculating. Naraku raised an eyebrow at him, "is it not to your liking?"

"On the contrary my dear Naraku I find it to most intriging," Akuma replied before taking a pen and begining to write. "But why stop there, why not go a little farther." He stepped back as both Naraku and the Emperor look what was written.

Naraku raised an eyebrow again, "you're suggesting we over extend our power even more, do you not suspect that it might cause the Lords to uprise against the Empire?"

"They will be too afraid too, especialy if we put my idea into action, it will show that not even the lords and their families are safe from our power," Akuma said cruelly before his eyes widen in a fake shock, " I mean, your power, my emperor."

The Emperor thought on it as his hand pulled through the swirly beard on his chin, thst made it look as if his chin had a tail though none dated to say so. Naraku looked at the Emperor as Akuma mentalky smirked knowing what the answer would be.

"Very well, I also find the idea most intriging, have it taken care of at once," The Emperor commanded, Akums bowed and extied the room at once to carry out the plans.

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