Harry Potter the Visored

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It was nighttime in Karakura town when a rental car pulled up to a curb and a young boy around six years old was shoved out onto the sidewalk. The people in the car ignored the boy's cries and drove off, leaving him alone in an empty street.

The boy, who's name was Harry Potter, walked through the streets, wondering what he did to be abandoned like this.


It was supposed to be a typical day for young Harry Potter. He woke up early to prepare his relatives' breakfast and get started on his chores, but he found them all packed for a trip.

"Boy, we're all going on a trip," said Harry's uncle, Vernon Dursley.

Vernon was a large man that resembled a walrus and was quite round. His wife, Petunia was the opposite of him and was quite thin and sort of resembled a giraffe. Their son was almost as big as his father and was spoiled so much, he would probably be fatter than him. Usually they didn't care for Harry and force him to do hard chores around the house.

"I'll be sure to take care of the chores," said Harry

"You're coming with us," said Vernon, "I don't trust you alone in my house."

Harry was surprised at this. He would have run to start packing, but he really had nothing to pack so he followed his relatives out the door and into the car.


After that, they had driven to an airport and taken a direct flight to Tokyo and driven a rental car to a small town named Karakura. Once there, he was kicked out of the car with nothing but the clothes on his back.

Harry sniffled as he wandered the streets and because of this, didn't see where he was going and walked right into a girl carrying a bag of groceries.

"Hey watch it," said the girl in Japanese. She wore a red jogging suit over a white shirt and yellow slippers and had blond hair tied up in two spiky pigtails with the bangs held by three clips.

"I'm sorry," said Harry in English, "I didn't mean to hit you."

"You're not from around here are you?" said the girl in English, "Who are you? Where are your parents, kid?"

"They died," said Harry sadly, "they were in a car crash."

"You mean you're an orphan?" said the girl, "You're obviously English, so how did you find your way to Karakura?"

"My Uncle and Aunt took me on a trip," sniffled Harry, "when we got here, they just left me and drove off."

"I'm sorry about that," said the girl. She couldn't stay angry at him after hearing that, "Hey, you must be hungry. Why don't you follow me and we'll get you some food."

"Alright," sniffed Harry.

"By the way," said the girl, "my name's Hiyori Sarugaki. What's yours?"

"My name's Harry Potter."


Hiyori led Harry through the back roads of Karakura town until they reached some old abandoned buildings, one of which seemed to be shrouded in an orange haze. As Harry tried to make out the building behind the haze, Hiyori walked up to it. Suddenly the haze opened in front of her and she led Harry into a large warehouse that looked a bit run down. Once inside Harry looked around and saw seven people watching him.

"Who's the kid, Hiyori?" a muscular man with short white hair wearing a purple tank top and wraps on his hands asked in Japanese.

"His name is Harry Potter," said Hiyori, "Apparently he's an orphan and his Aunt and Uncle abandoned him here under the pretense of a family outing."

"Why'd you bring him here?" asked a girl wearing glasses and a sailor fuku and reading an adult manga.

Hiyori blushed, "I felt sorry for the kid. I figured we could at least give him a good meal."

"Hiyori," said a man with a blond bowl cut, "what would we do with him afterwards? He's seen too much already and we can't just turn him loose."

"Why not keep him?" asked a green haired girl wearing a white jumpsuit, goggles, and an orange scarf.

"Mashiro, he's not a pet," said Kensei.

"Acually," said a blond man wearing a fancy oublack suit over a white shirt with ruffles, "that doesn't sound like a bad idea."

"You can't be serious, Rose," said the one with the blond bowl cut.

"I don't mean keeping him as a pet, Shinji" said Rose, "but the kid is all alone with no one to turn to. Why not let him stay here and take care of him?"

"Are you talking about giving him a family?" asked the girl in the sailor fuku, "He's a normal kid. Is that a good idea, considering what we are?"

"No," said a large man with pink hair with a black crossbone design wearing a green suit, meditating in a corner, "this child is not normal."

"What are you saying Hachi?" asked Shinji.

Hachi opened his eyes, "He is filled with an energy similar to reitatsu. It flows from his core and circulates through his being. I believe that he would be able see us in our natural forms. Perhaps he could benefit from having us raise him in a loving environment."

"Why not?" asked a man with a large star shaped afro wearing a green outfit and sunglasses, "Seems like the right thing to do."

"Well," said Hiyori, "let's ask him."

She turned to Harry, who had been looking around the warehouse, unable to understand the Japanese conversation, "Harry, we've been talking and we want to know if you want to live here with us?" she asked in english.

"You mean it?" asked harry with hope in his voice that melted the hearts of the others.

"Sure kid," said Shinji as he walked up, "we'll be your new family from this day on. The name's Shinji Hirako."

"The name's Love Aikawa," said the man with the Afro, "nice to meet you."

"My name is Rōjūrō Ōtoribashi, but please call me Rose," said the man with the ruffled shirt, "I hope you enjoy your time with us."

"Kensei Muguruma," said the white haired man gruffly.

"My name is Mashiro Kuna," said Mashiro happily.

"I am Hachigen Ushōda," said Hachi with a bow, "if you wish, you may call me Hachi."

"I'm Lisa Yadōmaru," said the girl in the sailor fuku, "I hope we have a lot of fun."

Harry smiled, "My name is Harry Potter."

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