Harry Potter the Visored

Chapter 50

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"Zanpakuto Talking"

"Mental Talking/Parseltongue"



"Hollow/wraith/horcrux Talking"

The first thing Harry noticed was that the ground was surprisingly comfortable considering it had been raining during the match. The ground was surprisingly soft and comfortable and there was some sort of sheet pulled over him, and the overhead light was really bothering him…wait. Frowning, Harry forced his eyes open and tried to sit up, realizing that he was lying in the Hospital Wing as he fumbled for his glasses.

"Hey, he's waking up!"

Looking around as Harry's vision came into focus, Harry saw that several of the Visored, namely Shinji, Rose, and Hiyori, were sitting by his bedside, with Hiyori being the one that had just spoken.

"Easy kiddo," said Shinji as Harry tried to get up, "you've been out for a few days now."

"What…happened?" groaned Harry as Hiyori passed him a glass of water that he held in a trembling grip.

"You got into an accident at your Quidditch match," said Shinji, "something about an attack that caused you to fall from your broom. Luckily the teachers managed to catch you with a spell to soften your landing, but the impact still left you with a concussion. What happened out there kiddo?"

"It was the Dementors," said Harry as he began to remember the incident, "they attacked the match and when they saw me, they focused their power on me, overwhelming me."

"You've fought these things before?" asked Rose with a raised eyebrow, "You haven't mentioned this to us."

"Well," said Harry nervously, "they guard the Wizarding Prison Azkaban and have been dispatched to the school to search for an escaped convict. They attacked the train to Hogwarts and on reflex, I hurt one with my Zanpakuto. Ever since, they seem to target me as if trying to destroy a threat."

"And you haven't brought this up before why?" asked Hiyori angrily.

"Because I didn't want you to think that it would be safer for me to leave," said Harry, "I have friends here. Friends I can talk openly with. People I really care about..."

"Regardless…" began Hiyori, but a stern hand on her shoulder made her stop.

Turning, she saw Shinji giving her a look that said to let it go, causing her to sigh and step back.

"Harry," said Shinji, "we're not going to pull you away from your friends, but you have to tell us about these kinds of things. We worry about you and want to know that you're safe. Promise us that you'll call us about things like this."

"I promise," said Harry as he bowed his head, "I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it," said Shinji, "so long as you've learned your lesson."

"Still," said Rose, "these Dementor things sound quite serious. You say they seem to be targeting you specifically?"

"Yeah," said Harry, "they seem to see me as a threat ever since I found out Zanpakuto can hurt them."

"That does seem logical," said Rose, "many beasts would instinctually hold beings that could threaten their existence as enemies. Though I do not see the wisdom in placing such creatures around a school."

"Well they cannot be tricked or influenced," said Hiyori, surprising everyone, "they seek out strong positive emotions and feed on them, meaning that so long as the Ministry provides them with that sustenance, they make the perfect jailors."

A beat passed as everyone looked at her in shock, causing the blond to blush and look to the side embarrassedly, "I was bored alright! Harry's books were kind of interesting."

"Riiiight," drawled Shinji, forcing Rose to have to restrain Hiyori so she wouldn't assault the taller Visored.

"In any case," said Rose as he held the struggling Hiyori in a full nelson, "Be sure to let us know about these things. We'll definitely speak with Urahara about these Dementors. Perhaps he'll be able to come up with a more permanent solution to their attacks."

"Speaking of the attack," said Harry, "do you know what happened to my broom? I passed out while riding it, so I was hoping it survived."

The Visored shared a look and Shinji turned to Harry, "Well, that's a bit complicated. From what we heard, when those creatures attacked, you ended up falling from your broom."

"I kind of remember that," mused Harry, "but what happened?"

"Well," said Shinji, "your broom flew off and was clipped by a Bludger before colliding with the stands. It was in pretty bad shape when they recovered it, but Urahara was confident that he could have it repaired, so we sent it to him via Amaterasu. He promised he'd get it back to you in no time."

"That's a relief," said Harry as he leaned back in the hospital cot.

"Rest up kiddo," said Shinji, "we'll look more into those Dementor things in the meantime and check back."

"Don't forget to visit during the Holidays," said Hiyori, "Norberta has been getting rather restless without your company. I think she misses you scratching her head."

"I'll definitely be back for Christmas," said Harry, "tell the others that I miss them."

"We'll do so," said Rose as the three Visored stood from their chairs, "remember to keep in touch. We worry about you and, with all that's been going on the past three years, our worries seem to be justified, so it does us good to know that you're alright."

"I'll try to call more often," said Harry, "I promise.

The Visored gave their youngest member a final hug before getting up and heading to make their trip back to Karakura, leaving Harry to lie back on the hospital cot as Madame Pomfrey walked up with a Dreamless Sleep potion for him to take.


The Matron kept Harry in the Hospital Wing for another week, during which Hufflepuff was forced to face off against Ravenclaw and, due to the lack of the young Visored's expert Chaser skills, the team was knocked out of the running for the Quidditch Cup. To Harry's surprise, Urahara had not sent him back his Nimbus during that time, but instead sent him a message via Amaterasu that said that he'd explain why during the Christmas Holidays.

Suffice it to say, Harry was eagerly looking forward to getting back home, as he disliked flying around on the rickety school brooms after getting used to flying around using his Nimbus 2000, and he was eager to spend some quality time with his family again. After being released from Madame Pomfrey's care, he returned to his normal life, spending a final Hogsmeade weekend with them, shopping for gifts for the Visored like he always did.

And soon enough, the Yuletide season was upon them.

Sorry for the short chapter, but this is mainly a buildup for the next Christmas special, during which I have some plans for deviations from canon that will be quite interesting in my opinion. Look forward to it.