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A loud sigh was heard while the brunette dabbed her forehead with the silk clothe. It was so damn hot today, and the damn dress she was wearing didn't help anything. All the layers, and the thickness of it wasn't helping anything; the corset that pulling everything together was a bitch! But, Lana had to Wear it; her drama teacher had given her the role as 'queen' in the town's Renaissance fair. Lana's long dark hair was laying down her back with pieces braided and pulled back, while a pearl hairband was on her head. She didn't know how the women back in the 16th century wore these things all the time.

She would place her 'crown' upon her hair once the fair officially began. Right now all the actors were arriving, while a few people walked around to check things out ahead of time. Lana on the other hand sat under a shade tree on a small bench, fan in her hand while she fanned herself over and over trying to cool off. It was only the beginning of the day and she was already sweating up a damn storm. This was Lana's first time being a part of the fair. For so many years Lana had come to the fair as 'guest' but now she was a part of it all and she'd gotten the role of 'queen' why wasn't she happier? Why wasn't she jumping for joy?

Maybe if it wasn't so blasted hot, and her dress didn't have so many layers to it she would be a happier. Truth be told she would rather be in her cool apartment, with the AC up, curled up with her dog and watching Game of Thrones… A marathon had been on all weekend and she had to miss it all because of rehearsal for this fair. She had seen all the episodes more times than she could count but she still liked watching them over and over again. It broke her heart when King Robert died; he was a drunken and whoring king. Yes. But, Lana did like Robert in a strange way.

It wasn't personality, or looks… No! But, something she couldn't put her finger on… With that thought her mind started to wonder to Jaime Lannister, and the Queen. They were both beautiful with Lannister looks on their side. But, Lana never liked the two. Sure, first time Lana saw Jaime on the show she got weak in the knees a bit. Thought he might be some 'Knight in Shining Armor' or something but that soon changed when she saw just how evil those two were.

Lana was a bit embarrassed to admit it, but she had a crush on the Stark bastard; Jon Snow. Just a little one mind you, but still a crush at that. With that thought she had to force her mind back to reality. She wasn't at home, she wasn't going to be home until later that night so she might as well suck it up and stop daydreaming. She'd pulled herself from her daydreams just in time to catch Mr. Anderson; her drama teacher that gave her this part in the fair coming her way.

"Miss. Knightdale, the fair is about to start… Are you about ready?" Mr. Anderson asked her as he looked down at the dark haired woman.

"Uh, yes… I am, how long before it begins? I would like to have a little walk before its starts." Lana said while standing, pulling her green skirts of her dress with her so she didn't trip.

Lana watched as Mr. Anderson glanced down at his wrist watch; here she thought he told the students and her not to bring any modern day things. 'That way you can get a feel of life back in this day.' She remembered his words. She very much doubted that they had wrist watches back then… But she pushed that thought aside when she heard him speak.

"Yes… but make your walk quick Miss. Knightdale." Mr. Anderson patted her shoulder then walked off back to the fair.

Didn't have to tell Lana twice she pulled the skirts of her green dress that almost matched her eyes, so she wouldn't trip and started on her walk. While walking Lana placed one of her hands on her stomach while the other ran up to the necklace that rested around her neck; she wore it all the time since her mother had given it to her. It was a pretty simple necklace; with a silver chain, what looked like a diamond in the middle, and dangling from the middle from a small chain was a wolf charm. It almost reminded her of something that the Starks might have; from what her mother said it was a family heirloom that was passed down to all the women in the family.

She let her fingers play with the charm of the wolf while she walked, her greenish blue eyes trailed up to the sky. It was such a lovely day, just too damn hot. If only it was about ten degrees lower it would be just right. With her hand still resting on the charm dangling from her necklace she pulled out her clothe and dabbed her face, neck, chest, and the bit of her cleavage that was showing to get rid of the thin sweat that layered her skin. The walk was so refreshing and nice letting her hand drop from her breasts that she'd been dabbing she pulled up her skirts when she saw a path leading into the woods.

'Just a little walk in the woods… Just to cool me off. No harm right? Mr. Anderson will call me once it's time to come back.' She told herself in her head. That was enough to push her to venture into the woods. Both of her hands were now gritting and pulling on her skirts a bit hard so her ankles were revealed as she stepped over twigs and rocks as not to rip or snag her skirts. It felt rather nice in the shade of the woods; the woods had a cool and damp feeling to them, more than likely because of the rain that had the day before still lingering in the trees. Lana could feel her shoulders relaxing while her hot skin started to cool. Lana was quickly loosing track of time, and enjoying her walk through the woods. It wasn't until she heard the faint sound of someone calling her name that she realized just how far she'd ventured into the forest.

"Lana… Lana… where are you?" she heard from a far distance away.

"Shit…" She muttered gritting the fabric of her skirts tight in her grit. "I got carried away now I am far from the fair sight…" She growled turning around to try and get back to the fair as fast as she could.

While she was moving through the woods she heard something to her left. Stopping suddenly she looked around; her heard was beating wildly in her chest.

"H-Hello…?" She called looking around. "Who's there?" She asked.

Out of nowhere something jumped from the woods in a flash running across the path. It looked like a huge wolf; the animal had taken her by surprise and caused her to fall back hitting her head hard on the ground, knocking her out instantly.

"My lady…" A voice called out it sounded so far away. "My lady are you alright?"

"My lady." Another voice joined the other, the second voice was more deep and older than the first.

With force Lana fluttered her eyes open; the felt to heavy she almost didn't want to open them. When her eye landed on the figure looking over her she blinked confused. Who was these men? It wasn't just two figures leaning over her, it was four men looking down at her with concern and curious faces.

"My lady, can you stand? Are you alright?" The oldest of the four asked reaching his hand out for her to take.

"What is your name, my lady?" The man standing beside the oldest man asked. She could tell they were related; perhaps father and son?

What was her name? That thought floated in her mind for a long moment until finally it hit her; Lana, her name was Lana. But, that's all she could remember. How did she get here? Who were her parents? Where had she been heading? Nothing. Even though she didn't know these men or where she was something in her still trusted them. Slowly but gently she placed her hand in the man's larger one while he helped her to her feet.

"M-My name is Lana…" she answered wrapping her arms around herself as she shivered.

Her surroundings were covered in a small layer of snow; the men were clothed in many layers and fur.

"I can not remember anything by my name." Lana spoke softly while one of the men placed their fur over her shoulders to help warm her up.

"You poor little darling… We shall take you back with us. To Winterfell." The oldest man told Lana with a warm and inviting smile on his lips.

The man that had placed the fur over her shoulders walked her to his horse and helped her up onto the saddle then got on behind her. His warm body that was against hers sent shivers down her back; his arms resting on either side of her holding the reins.

"My names Jon Snow." The man said hotly against her ear siding yet another warm shiver down her back.

"Lovely to meet you Jon Snow." She smiled up at him as the rode with the other three towards this place called Winterfell.