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The small group of men and Lana rode for what seemed like forever for the dark haired girl. Lana had felt things turning and tossing inside her she didn't even know she had; her long hair blew gently against her shoulders. Lana could feel Jon Snow's warm body against her back; sure, his body was covered in many, many layers of clothes she could still feel his abs and chest against her back. His arms were on either side of her while he held the reigns of the horse; his biceps brushing against her upper arms now and again. Lana just kept her hands on her lap one hand on top the other. Lana didn't hate this feeling of Jon's body parts brushing her; she wouldn't say she liked it either it was a strange feeling to say the least.

Lana felt something strange all of a sudden; she felt eyes staring at her and Jon but she didn't want to turn around and look to see if anyone was following them or looking at her. The oldest man of the group who also seemed to be the leader of them was ahead of them, with a man that looked like the lord in ways was following up behind the lord. Jon and Lana were in the middle of the group; behind the lord's son. Lastly, the man that kind of looked like he didn't belong there was at the rear. This made Lana wonder if it was him staring at them, or was it someone else?

At any case Lana was sure she was over thinking this, trying to make something out of nothing. No, she didn't need to be thinking about some feeling she was getting… She needed to figure out just why she was here… If she lived around here, if she wasn't from around here… Her mind was blank and she hated this feeling! Only knowing her name… It felt strange, like a piece of her soul was missing. Well, in a way it was, wasn't it?

Lana closed her eyes trying to relax her mind and focus on something, anything to help her remember. After about five minutes of riding with her eyes closed she still had nothing; not a thing came back to her.

"Are you okay, my lady?" Jon asked her his voice deep his breath hot against her cold ears.

Lana's eyes popped open being caught by surprise; her head turning to look at the man behind her. Green eyes met dark ones. It was very strange, she felt like she knew the man but clearly he didn't know her. As a matter a fact all the men she felt like she knew, but none of them knew her. If they knew her they wouldn't have asked what her name was when they found her in the forest, right? At the moment Lana was confused beyond belief… So many questions were circling her head she was starting to get lightheaded.

"Uh, fine… I'm fine." Lana answered Jon's question flashing a convincing smile.

Jon said nothing else after she answered he turned his head up to stare ahead. Lana on the other hand was trying not to think about her cloudy past to much; she was sure that things would come back to in due time. Now, she only had to convince her brain to listen and stop the endless thoughts and questions. Lana pulled the heavy furred cloak closer to her body when a sudden chill blew through the air she didn't like this cold very much. It chilled her down to her bones even with the thick cloak pulled close to her body; was it possible that she really wasn't from this land? Clearly, if she was from this land then wouldn't she be used to the cold? Uh, there she went thinking again she really needed to turn her brain off! At that thought the strong voice of the one leading them boomed out from ahead.

"We are approaching Winterfell!" His loud voice and sudden outburst had caused Lana to jump slight; her head popping up to look ahead.

Ahead she could see large walls that seemed to be surrounding a kingdom? Was it a kingdom? Lana couldn't really tell from this far away, but it felt like she had seen this place before. Winterfell wasn't it? The whole place seemed to have this gloomy look around it; hell, who was she kidding, the whole place had that gloomy dark look and feeling about it. At the same time though, it had a strange inviting feeling to it. It was hard to explain to be honest.

The whole ride from where she'd woken up at to here had been quiet for the most part. The lord that was leading the small group of men and his son were chatting between each other quietly, but Jon and the one that followed in the back, as well as her were quiet for the most part. Not that she didn't like this quiet ride it was strangely refreshing. To say the least. The quietness of the ride was nice, but the ride itself wasn't; she was ready to get off this horse. Parts she didn't even know she had were being rubbed raw, and bounced around; the brunette was just ready to be off this horse.

The rest of the ride went pretty much the same way; quiet for the most part, and parts of Lana's getting rubbed raw. When the finally arrived at the walls that surrounded the kingdom Lana's feeling like she knew this place was stronger than ever. As the doors to Winterfell opened and the horses started to walk through the threshold Lana felt this strange energy rush over her. These images suddenly flashed in her mind. She saw the men that had found her with these puppies (or so she thought) in their arms; she saw them take the pups to the castle and giving them to four children: two boys and two girls. She also saw an army of people coming to Winterfell, and a man with a crown greeting the lord and who she was guessing was his family in front of the castle. The last image that flashed in her head was the image of these two blond adults in a tower, and a child finding the two; the man had grabbed the boy by the collar and pushed him from the tower window letting him fall.

Lana was suddenly brought from the scenes that flashed through her mind with a gasp when she felt someone tapping her leg gently and calling her name.

"My lady… Lady Lana…" She could tell that it was Jon. She hadn't realized that she had her eyes closed when she was seeing these scenes; that was until her eyes opened and she was looking down at Jon who was standing before her beside his horse and flashing a worried look her way. "Are you okay, my lady?"

"Oh, yes I am fine… I must have dozed off." Lana flashed yet another reassuring smile his way.

Jon said nothing more and simply grabbed her around the waist and helped her off the horse. Once her feet were safely on the ground again she felt like she could literally kiss the ground. But, Lana had a feeling if she did that then she would get strange looks. Instead once Jon stepped away from her she ran her hands over her skirts to straighten them out, and tightened the cloak around her neck fixing it so it was covering most of her green gown. Of course Lana still have this strange feeling lingering inside her after seeing those images, or were they flashbacks? Was it possible she had actually been here with a man that looked to be a king? The scenes she had seen didn't help her out at all, if anything that just confused her even more! She felt like she could actually pull out her brown curls right now she felt so frustrated.

Lana's green eyes searched her surroundings, this place really did look gray and depressing but at the same time it looked welcoming as well.

"Welcome to Winterfell Lana." The man that had been leading them back told her while he placed his hand on the small of her back leading her toward the entrance to the castle.

"Thank you…" She trailed off realizing he'd never actually introduced himself to her.

"Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell." Ned flashed a kind smile that seemed to warm up her insides even though she felt like her fingers were about to freeze off.

"Lord Stark, thank you." Lana smiled back at the Lord while they walked slowly closer to the entrance into the castle.

"As for now my dear you are a guest in our home, I shall talk to my wife to see what we shall do next. I remember you saying that you don't remember anything about yourself but your name, correct?" he asked.

"Yes, that's correct." Lana answered quickly with a nod of her head; she decided that it was best that she didn't speak about the scenes she had seen in her mind until she knew more about these people and this place.

"For now I shall talk with my wife, perhaps you can stay here until you remember more." Lord Stark offered; making it clear that he had to talk about it with Lady Stark first.

"That would be lovely… If your wife agrees." Lana revealed that she understood where he was going with what he was telling her.

"Good, well I shall go speak to her right away. I am sure one of the boys can show you around." Ned placed a light kiss on her knuckles then walked off in the castle.

Now she was all alone; standing in the middle of the courtyard her hands resting against her front, one on top the other. If there was a moment that she felt out place it was now; not knowing what to do or where to go she stood there her green irises just scanning the area in pure wonder. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a girl with long brown hair pulled into braids; even from afar she could see the dirt that was all over her face. The girl was peaking around one of the castle walls at her eyes full of wonder. The moment Lana saw the girl she had a feeling of like for this girl. Her feet started to guide her slowly toward the girl; when she spotted Lana coming closer she pulled herself back trying to hide.

"Hello…" Lana said kindly to the girl; still away from her some bit she decided to stop to see if the girl would talk back to her.

The girl pushed her head around the corn again staring at her big blue eyes looked curious as to who she was. Lana could completely understand; some strange woman coming back with her father of course she would want to know who she was.

"Hello." The girl answered after a quiet moment.

"I'm Lana… What's yours?" Lana asked with a kind smile; the easiest thing to do was to start talking to the girl and show that she could trust Lana.

"Arya… my name is Arya." The girl known as Arya answered, "Why are you here?" she asked curiously.

With a silent sigh Lana stepped closer to Arya and sat down on one of the benches that was close to them patting the cold stone next to her the girl came and sat down beside her. Once she was sat down Lana told her all about waking up with no memory of who she was or her past: only her name; as well as Ned, Rob, Jon, and Theon finding her and taking her back. Once Lana was finished with her story she looked over at Arya and saw that her eyes were wide.

"Wow, so you have no memory of how you got here? What you were doing before you fainted or anything?" Arya was certainly a curious girl; she liked that though.

Lana simply nodded her head twice as a reply. Before Arya could ask her any more questions they were pulled from their talk by Lord Stark's voice booming out over the courtyard calling for Lana.

"Lana! Would you please come here?" Ned called.

When Lana looked up she saw a woman by his side that she was certain was his wife. Lana patted Arya's hand giving her a smile. "We can finish talking later, hopefully."

Arya nodded eagerly with a big smile on her face. Lana then stood gathering the thick cloak and her skirts into her hands and headed across the empty courtyard to the lord and lady waiting for her. Lana just hoped that everything was going to be okay.

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